Jana Kramer had an affair with her married DWTS dance partner

Are Jana Kramer’s days as a professional victim numbered? For so long, she’s been milking the fact that she routinely went back to her philandering husband, Mike Caussian. Of course she was able to exploit Mike’s indiscretions on their podcast, in which they dispensed marital advice based on their experiences. This led to their self-help book. The common thread through all of it was that Jana was wronged by Mike, Jana needed to heal, Jana had trust issues as a result and – and this is an important one – Jana was right. She had no idea what she was getting into when she pulled her crap with her now ex-beau, Ian Schinelli. Ian’s got game, man. And Jana’s playbook. So every time she tries to make him out to be the bad guy in their breakup, Ian cuts her off at the pass. And this latest accusation is going to be a hard one for Jana to spin. Her entire schtick is the wronged lover. Even though she confessed that while Mike was in rehab for sex addiction, she’d had “flirts and flings” on DWTS, she justified that she’d done nothing wrong by some Jana-logic. However, Ian is now spilling that no, she flat out slept with her partner, Gleb Savchenko and at least one other guy. And, that Gleb and Jana’s affair was responsible for destroying Gleb’s marriage.

More than dance partners. Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko hooked up while filming season 23 of Dancing With the Stars, multiple sources exclusively tell Us Weekly.

The One Tree Hill alum, 38, and the professional dancer, also 38, worked together in 2016. While she was separated from now ex-husband Mike Caussin as he sought treatment for sex addiction at the time, Savchenko was married to Elena Samodanova.

When Savchenko and Samodanova, who share two daughters, announced their split in November 2020, she alleged that her spouse was unfaithful during their union — which he denied at the time. “It’s no secret that Gleb has had affairs with former dance partners — and who knows who else,” her rep claimed in December 2020. (Kramer and Savchenko’s reps had no comment on the affair allegations.)

Kramer and Caussin went on to reconcile and renewed their vows in December 2017. The duo, who share daughter Jolie, 5, and son Jace, 3, split for good in April 2021 when he allegedly cheated on her again. The “Story” singer went on to date Ian Schinelli for six months, calling it quits in April.

“Jana has admitted to me that she slept with two guys while Mike was in rehab. She slept with Gleb,” Schinelli claimed to Us. “She justified it saying, ‘We were legally separated.’”

The former Navy Seal continued: “She even tried to meet up with Gleb while we were dating. He was doing a show in Nashville and she asked me if it was OK if she met up with him. I said, ‘As long as there was nothing there anymore,’ and she said, ‘No.’ She never went and said it was out of respect for me.”

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From a gossip perspective, bless Ian and his petty little heart. Jana thought she was safe as long as she could tar her beaus with the cheating brush. But she miscalculated this time. The actual cheating didn’t even involve her. She implied Ian had cheated on her but after a history of telling us exactly what the guy did wrong, she obviously had nothing. I know Gleb wife’s cited more than one affair in their divorce but, again, Jana made a career out of being destroyed because she was cheated on and she did the same to another woman. It’s not a great shade for a self-help guru.

But here’s the unfortunate side of the this: Ian won’t stop Jana by playing her at her own game. He’s only playing into her victim fantasy. She’ll twist this before finding an angle to exonerate herself. Then she’ll regain the narrative and make it seem like she’s being bullied. And pretty soon, we’ll get IG posts of Jana and her kids at sunset with long captions about learning to trust again, finding a path to strength and pushing the bad behind. Next thing you know, she’ll post some poor bastard, grinning behind her as she looks wistfully off camera and writes about how love can find us still. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

On a purely superficial note, Gleb Savchenko is hot. While I’m done with Jana’s bs façade, I understand what she was thinking there.

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  1. J. Ferber says:

    I actually don’t know anything about this woman, except that I see she surrounds herself with beautiful men. The rest of the drama is beyond me, but I sure do appreciate looking at pretty men during this most difficult time in our country and world. That’s my take. Thanks for the pics.

  2. shanaynay says:

    Girls got some major issues. She needs to take a break from dating, and work on herself first.

  3. Harla says:

    Whoever colored her hair, in the seated photo with Gleb, did a terrible job! That’s all I’ve got.

  4. Crowhood says:

    Girl wash your face or whatever.

  5. SIde Eye says:

    She’s exhausting. I don’t know anything about her other than her relationship drama posted on CB. I used to have a friend like this when I was young. Always the victim. So much relationship drama. This former friend had a hand in breaking up two marriages (this is when I started to distance myself I initially didn’t know this about her) and more recently she did this long post on FB about how the father of her 1st kid is a jerk for not paying child support. Someone I don’t know responded “but was he a jerk when you were dating him and he was married with 2 kids? Was he a jerk then? Or just now?” And she ended up deleting the post entirely because it didn’t fit with her perpetual victim narrative. Anyway Jenna reminds me so much of that chick I left behind and I’m so glad I did. No more 1 A.M. phone calls crying me a river, blubbering so hard I would initially think someone died. Being friends with a person like this is exhausting. The description of how she moves forward at the end which is absolutely spot on and hilarious BTW. Well done Hecate.

  6. ChillinginDC says:

    HAHAHA! This is reminding me of when Taylor Swift tried to go over Calvin Harris and he flat out was like girl please try me. LMAO. He’s like the only ex that she has not tried to mess with too much.

  7. KBeth says:

    She is so messy.

  8. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    I love reading about this messy-ass person on this site specifically. She’s met her petty match. 😂

  9. Malificent says:

    This is definitely a situation of “Just shut up and sing!’ Stop making a cottage industry out of your personal life. Unless the other party os genuinely abusive, and you need to go public as a PSA like FKA Twigs did, there is no reason to be discussing your relationships. Certainly not with someone you only dated for 6 months.

  10. Katie says:

    Hectate! I tend to think of Hectate as the upbeat one – finding the good in subjects and reporting on sweet stories. However, this is hardcore. “Next thing you know, she’ll post some poor bastard, grinning behind her as she looks wistfully off camera and writes about how love can find us still. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.” It’s a devastating take down not only of Jana Kramer herself but also the culture that eats this nonsense up.

  11. Stef says:

    Women like her are the worst: constant victim mentality with no self awareness or concern for the destruction left in her wake. She’s a beautiful woman made ugly by her personality and whiney exploitation of the men in her life.

    That said, she does chooses hot dudes. That’s the only nice thing I have to say today.

  12. TeeMajor says:

    She lovesssss drama, its always something w/her. I can sooo see her w/the “sunset instagram post” and some cheesy long post about love finding her unexpectedly, while she was healing etc.

  13. luna17 says:

    Not surprised at all! She needs to do some deep therapy and work on herself and focus on her kids. My sympathy for her dried up a long time ago and now I feel very justified in that.

    • Green Desert says:

      Same. I have a lot of sympathy for the extreme abuse she experienced in her first marriage (before Mike Caussin), full stop. AND, she clearly has some deep-seated issues. Hopefully she takes that seriously and can find a good therapist.

  14. JRenee says:

    There are some things that I would probably never tell another soul. Obviously she really can’t keep her mouth closed about anything. She tried yo portray herself as always the wronged person, apparently not. Wow

  15. HeyKay says:

    OK, I don’t give 2 damns how “hot” anybody is Married is Married. Off limits!

    Yes, IRL, I am the pregnant wife whose husband (at the time) cheated on me with a female he worked with (who was also married with children).

    I divorced him as soon as I learned what he had been up to.

    5 children, 4 adults, 2 marriages all put thru hell because “The One”
    In my case, he and his adultery committing partner lasted less than2 years together.
    Picking up the pieces, raising a child alone, etc has taken me 20+ years.
    He is now on marriage #4.

  16. Janice says:

    That’s so awful. Special place on hell for women who screw over other women like this

  17. Bisynaptic says:

    He looks oily.