Is Miley Cyrus worried that Liam Hemsworth & Jennifer Lawrence will hook up?

The tabloids can’t make up their minds this week about what’s going on with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s relationship. OK! seems to think they’re getting engaged, and now this week’s issue of In Touch has a story all about how Miley Cyrus is doing anything she can to hold onto Liam. Of course, I agree with Kaiser’s take on last week’s Star story (about Miley’s camp wanting her to dump Liam for being a pothead) that Miley and Liam are probably very happy together. For now.

Still, I can see why Miley might have a nagging pit at the bottom of her stomach over Liam’s impending volley towards superstardom once The Hunger Games hits theaters next Friday. I already predicted that their relationship would be one to watch once this happens, and In Touch maintains that Miley has gone into overdrive over the past several months by throwing Liam a blowout birthday party (complete with p3nis cake) and losing weight (15 pounds dropped in a matter of weeks) to keep Liam interested. In Touch also regurgitates a quote from Liam’s Details interview — “When you’re filming with someone … you’re not human if you don’t feel something” — that was actually a comment that Liam made about how he and Miley hooked up while filming The Last Song. The semi-logical conclusion here is that Miley may be worried about Liam developing feelings for co-star Jennifer Lawrence, and the fact that they text each other hasn’t helped matters:

Miley Cyrus’ worst fear was becoming a harsh reality. While cudding up to her boyfriend of nearly three years, Hunger Games hunk Liam Hemsworth, the former teen queen couldn’t help but notice that her man’s hands were clutching his phone. “Miley saw that he was texting his co-star, Jennifer Lawrence,” a friend of the 19-year-old tells In Touch. “She was livid!”

While it would have annoyed Miley to see Liam, 22, texting any woman late at night, the jealous star’s blood boiled to learn that he was chatting with the beautiful, talented Jennifer. “Miley is threatened by Jennifer’s career and confidence,” the friend explains. And it’s hardly surprising: Miley’s latest film, The Last Song, tanked at the box office, while Jennifer’s role in the 2010 drama Winter’s Bone scored her an Oscar nomination. “Jennifer has replaed her as Hollywood’s It Girl,” says the friend. “And now Miley’s terrified that she’ll replace her as Liam’s girlfriend, too.”

Unfortunately for Miley, the scenario is all too likely. After filming their roles as young lovers in the sure-to-be hit film The Hunger Games, Liam and Jennifer, 21, became very, very close. “Jennifer’s an incredible person and ridiculously talented,” Liam recently gushed to In Touch. And with the sequel, Catching Fire, already slated to begin filming this fall, their relationship will have another Miley-free opportunity to blossom.

Now, a desperate Miley is grasping at straws to keep Liam interested. “She’s telling him she wants to have his baby,” the friend reveals. “Miley is not going to let him go so easily!”

[From In Touch, print edition, March 26, 2012]

Well I don’t think anyone has ever called Miley “Hollywood’s It Girl.” She was a Disney princess, and they’re seldom expected to last long after leaving the roost. I can see why Miley would be nervous and might be projecting her fear onto Jennifer since she and Liam became close friends while filming Hunger Games — JLaw even taught him how to catch a crawdad! But I doubt there’s anything there at all beyond a platonic, work-type connection. For one thing, Jennifer’s been dating Nicholas Hoult since early 2011 after they got close while shooting X-Men: First Class. Maybe Miley is really worried merely because she met Liam on set, and JLaw isn’t adverse to meeting boyfriends at work, but in this case, Miley shouldn’t sweat Jennifer at all.

However, I do think that Miley and Liam will eventually break up. Maybe it won’t happen before the second Hunger Games movie comes out, but I am doubtful that their relationship will endure through all three four movies of the franchise. Like I’ve said before, it will be interesting to see if this couple can weather the storm since their roles have reversed since the beginning of the relationship. Miley was the bigger star before, but now Liam is about to get really, really huge.

Still, I can buy that Miley really is nervous about Jennifer. Why else would Miley have worn such “look at me” dress for the world premiere of Hunger Games, which she really should’ve treated as Liam’s big moment?

Here’s Jennifer and Liam along with Josh Hutcherson in Seattle on 3/10 during their Hunger Games mall tour.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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    • Blake says:

      Pretty sure that Miley isn’t as famous as she used to be. Rich? Sure. After this movie comes out, JLaw will be EVERYWHERE and Miley will keep doing what she’s been doing for the past couple of years – nothing.

      • TruthTella says:

        It was actually HER decision to take time out from her career not because she was lacking offers. She’s working on her new album and has signed on for a bunch of films so she’ll be everywhere in 2012.
        Anyway why does it have to be a competition? It seems a lot of people have a pretty low opinion on Liam to think that just because he gets a big role he’s going to suddenly ditch his girlfriend and run off with somebody else.

    • P says:

      This site is so biased, Miley may be crazy and not a good example of a classy girl but she’s obviously beautiful, much more than Jennifer. Stop being biased, just because Miley made some stupid choices. I’m no fan of her but come on, you’re picking on the way she dressed for the premiere, this was a fairly nice dress and if she doesn’t wear it now, when is she going to, when she’s 50? I really think she looked nice and is actually trying to match her boyfriend’s new career. Who would even feel threatened by Jennifer? An “it” girl with a franchise, seriously. She should be ashamed of her it status, isn’t it what she claims.

      • angie says:

        Hum. Jennifer is an academy nominated actress and is the lead star of a hotly anticipated franchise. She won the lead role in Serena, Angelina Jolie was once linked to the “Serena” adaptation. And she beats a lot of young actresses for the next David O Russell’s movie. Olivier Stone offered her the lead female role in Savages (before Blake Lively) without even auditioning her for the part. And Jodie Foster loves her. Whereas Miley’s next movie is the horrible looking LOL where she plays a bratty teenager.

        I don’t hate Miley Cyrus, but she is not in the same league with Lawrence.
        Miley was a disney princess (and another product of the disney company)with limited acting talent and famewhores parents. She is a gossip favorite which doesn’t exactly made her a movie star. She is more like Hilary Duff (a disney starlet who didn’t really have a successful career after her disney show).

        It seems like Liam really care about her, so I don’t think if she really has something to worry about.
        But a lot of actors and actresses are insecure; so when they are less popular, it’s not easy for them. This site is not biased about Miley (Kaiser even defends Miley) I also can see why Miley would be a little worried about Jennifer as she will have the long and more interesting acting career, and she is also a really pretty girl with a great body.

        And Miley’s dress was not bad but it wasn’t really appropriate either: because it wasn’t HER movie premiere. Jennifer is the star of the night, it’s her big moment to shine. And to wear a long and sexy dress, it’s like you try to steal the spotlight when you are just the girlfried of one of the star (so you came to support him and not to take the attention away from him). I don’t think it was her goal at all, she just doesn’t seem like the type of girl who understand these things. Miley has never been known for her subtlety.
        But I do think Miley and Liam are cute together. And it was adorable how excited she was for him.

  1. brin says:

    They are cute together but don’t think they will last….too young.

  2. T.C. says:

    Liam looks better standing next to Jennifer Lawrence than his pic with Miley. Don’t know if Jennifer is his type of girl though so Miley needs to quit worrying. Live your life girl.

  3. says:

    The more I see him, the hotter I find him.

  4. elvyn says:

    Oh no why are they trying to make a Twilight 2.0? You know when Kristen was with Michael A. and the twi-hard wanted her to cheated on/dumped him for Robert.
    Please, let this young ones live peaceffully their life. They don’t deserve this kind of f–kery.

  5. TruthTella says:

    I don’t get why people think Miley is “less famous” atm, probably because she’s taken the non Disney route of taking some time away from the spotlight instead of saturating every available outlet.
    In fact she’s just as in demand as ever, she just wrapped a successful tour, is working on a new album and has signed on for a few films.
    No doubt Liam will get more famous than he is but i doubt he’ll be more famous than her for an extended period of time.
    Either way they’re a cute couple and into each other so i hope they do last, also i don’t think that outfit is “look at me” she’s just dressing how she dresses, I don’t know anybody in real life who tells there gf to dress subdued because it’s THEIR event lol

  6. mr stinky fishface says:

    Its funny because Josh not Liam plays her main love interest…sure there is a “triangle” but really not to the whole Edward vs. Jacob extent.

  7. jamie says:

    Good god he’s just so pretty.

    I’m aware this sounds ridiculous but it just seems like he wouldn’t be Jennifer Lawrence’s type. Her current boyfriend makes more sense. That’s the impression I get.

    • SpunkyPR says:

      ^This! Honestly, I wish people would stop comparing this to Twilight. I get the similarities, popular young adult book series, movie with good lucking cast, but let’s not assume that every movie that casts good lucking young people is going to turn into high school where everyone dates within their inner circle.

  8. Shay Kay says:

    The thing is now I have to click on all Miley stories/JLaw stories on the chance that Liam is pictured. So what I am saying is as long as the “breaking story” has pictures than I’m good with it.

  9. someone says:

    typical media…as per usual pitting women against each other… sigh

  10. Nick says:

    I’ve never found Miley cute but she looks really pretty in both dresses. Also Josh is REALLY short! Like damn dude.

  11. Alynn says:

    Miley seems so proud to have Liam as her boyfriend. We can see that she is sooo into him in those pics while Liam’s expression is kinda mehh towards Miley.
    P/s: pardon my english. It’s my second language

  12. cupidityrox says:

    Chipmunk Virus needs to backoff & let nature take it’s course. Two hot people need to get together.. Ala Brad & Angie.. We all know how it ended when Brad dated q married someone he was way prettier than

  13. Rux says:

    I was waiting for this shit to drop. I do not think JLaw is that kind of girl even if Liam was down but I do not think he is that type of guy either.

    You’re right about them eventually breaking up. The Hunger Games is going to be catalyst for this. However, they may shock the shit out of all of us and stay together. Who knows?!

  14. The Original Mia says:

    Oh, brother. Miley isn’t jealous of Jennifer. Liam doesn’t have a wandering eye. And Jennifer seems to be very happy with Nicholas. But keep trying to turn Hunger Games into tabloid fodder.

  15. deb says:

    the second-to-last picture made me double-take a bit. I thought she was Adele. although slimmer and not in black.

  16. Obvious says:

    Everytime you guys write JLaw i think of Jude Law. Can we find her a different nickname????

    Besides that, Miley has everything to fear from Jennifer-except her stealing Liam.

    OOOOO ladies, in a couple hours KROQ will upload their morning podcast, they had the most hilarious KStew impersonator on this morning, mouth breather, hair pulling, eye rolling amazingness, i couldn’t stop laughing.

    They were interviewing her about The Hunger Games, it was great.

  17. Swcs says:

    One we’ve seen Nicholas! And two, Liam gives off the same ‘I’m taken’, laid-back vibe Gabriel Aubrey gave off when he was with Halle (IMO). Fame might tear them apart but for now, miley got nothing to worry about.

  18. buckley says:

    Looks like Peeta is wearing lifts.
    still, what a shrimp!

    • Shannon says:

      I like short guys. I’ve found that a lot of women immediately write them off, even when they have great personalities and are very good looking. Their superficial loss is my gain :) The short guys I’ve dated have been the most genuine, egalitarian, and pleasant gentlemen I’ve had the pleasure to be around.

  19. Venice says:

    Didn’y read anything but the headline. Pure tabloib BS, just like 99% of every “story” they print. If this wasn’t a “story” while they were filming, why the hell would it be now???
    The tabs live on this BS because already the guppies are feeding on this crap. How funny.

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  22. Jessica says:

    I don’t think Miley has anything to worry about… Jennifer Lawrence is dating Nicholas Hoult. Like, calm down.

  23. Mike says:

    Hollywood 101 states that as soon as you hit the big time, you ditch the girlfriend or boyfriend (in some cases both) No way this relationship lasts. When they started going out Miley had all the advantages of fame and money, now Liam is slowly becoming a bigger star with a brighter future. Besides, they are way too young to be serious. Miley can pick up another broke pretty boy (see Madonna)