Katy Perry nearly slips a boob in white lace Temperley: lovely or trashy?

katy perry

Here’s some photos of Katy Perry at last evening’s ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Hollywood. Her hair isn’t bad here, and it looks like the brand-new violet hue has faded a bit with a few (presumed) washings. The dress is Temperly London in white lace, and it’s a gorgeous gown in and of itself. However, this is Katy Perry we’re talking about, so just she had to trash it up a bit by letting the left shoulder strap fall by the wayside and, in the process, risking a major nipple slip. With a rack as big as Katy’s, such a move even risked her entire boob falling out too.

katy perry

Here is the moment when Katy “discovers” that she’s about to go topless in front of the world:

katy perry

I have to wonder whether Katy did this on purpose or if it was merely an accident. We’ve already seen how she often wears dresses that, while lovely, don’t flatter her girls, and it’s truly like she doesn’t know what to do with them. Or are these suspect fashion choices all part of her plan? Personally (and my rack is above average but not as big as Katy’s) I’m always very conscious about any potential wardrobe malfunction and go to great lengths to prevent such an accident from occurring. So I’m sort of wondering exactly how Katy could let that strap dangle without even noticing her error until it was almost too late. Her good-girl-gone-bad image seems too calculated for such a red-carpet appearance to not be entirely mapped out. She totally planned this, right?

katy perry

katy perry

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  1. Cleveland Girl says:

    She is really pretty.

  2. Rita says:

    Looks like a gerbil’s been scratchin’ ’round on that left boob. Best leave them in their cage when you’re dressin’ up.

  3. Psyren says:

    I get this vibe from her, as if she’s tired and just going through the motions lately. She doesn’t seem as pulled together or as invested in these public appearances. I know the rest of the world is getting a bit bored with her, maybe she’s getting bored with herself too.

    • Chellez says:


      it doesn’t help that there’s not much that defines HER. the trying to be like everyone else-lady gaga with outfit choices at awards show; rihanna with hair choices, but all of it, always, looks so try-hard and falls flat. she even wanted her breakup song to be the new anthem, a la adele’s someone like you.

      she’s pretty and has a voice along with success. she shouldn’t come across as such a wack try-hard….

      ETA- oh yeah, she totally staged this! the way that strap TUGS on her arm, she had to feel that discomfort (we all do and know that feeling!). trying to front at the end… she even FAILS at TRYING!!! gah!

    • me says:

      @ Rita I believe Any was talking about her dog not her man lol

  4. KATY says:

    That dress is beautiful and I think Katy is really beautiful, but that pose in the first pic with one strap coming down looks sloppy and trashy!

  5. Tanguerita says:

    no way it was an accident – look at how tight this dress is on the top:she must have forcefully pulled it down. Whoring it out much, Katy?I really used to like this girl, but she seems to have lost her way completely. So pathetic.

  6. Tiffany says:

    I don’t think she is pretty at all. She doesn’t have very good bone structure. Without all of the fake eyelashes and makeup, she isn’t even average looking.

    The dress is really pretty. Too bad she had to make it trashy like that. I just don’t think she has good taste. (Her voice is pretty awful, but she writes decent pop songs. Way better writer than performer!)

  7. Naye in VA says:

    So her shoulder doesnt have nerve endings. because im sure i’d feel that strap digging into my arm

  8. Edith says:

    How can she not wear a bra???

  9. David says:

    she needs to set those puppy’s free

  10. Samigirl says:

    I wonder what happened to her breast? She’s got a huge scratch going down it. She looks wasted to me in the first two pictures.

  11. gg says:

    OH FOR PITY SAKE. Lovely dress with very classy beadwork, which I love(and note the teddybear face on front center), but since it’s criss-crossed in the back to avoid slippage, the dumb broad has gone out of her way to pull the strap over her shoulder intentionally, which totally ruins the entire look of the dress and any class she might have shown that night. Can’t be classy, now, can we? Must fix that right away – yank! SMF. Then, she’s taken a pearl necklace and clumsily tried to wrap it into a bracelet, which it’s too bulky for. What a silly cow.

    The dark hair looks lovely though.

  12. Michele says:

    How could she NOT feel that strap slipping down her arm? Not crazy about that dress on her. She needs more support which that dress does not offer. Her hair looks much better. I wish she would ditch the kooky haircolors altogether, though. She is a pretty girl with very pretty eyes. I just wish she wouldn’t cake on the makeup so thick all the time.

  13. Happy21 says:

    Not an accident. Totally on purpose.

    Love how she tells everyone her boobs are read yet they sit so very nicely in a dress that is not supportive at all in the chest area.

    I must say though I really love the colour she has her hair right now.

  14. Sasha says:

    Hope this transition to the darker colour means that she’s going back to black! Forgot how amazing she used to look with black hair.

    As for the dress – amazing! Beautiful! Don’t really care about the strap incident. If I had breasts as fantastic as hers I’d be letting a strap slip off my shoulder occasionally too….

  15. Kim says:

    This picture REALLY shows how fake her boobs are. The dress is pretty but not for someone with her coloring.

  16. Nev says:

    no no no

    how is she gorgeous?

    no way.

  17. Jenna says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that she is attempting to channel a bit of Courtney Love in her ‘transforming into a darker genre’ phase? Because the whole doesn’t fit lace look with disheveled hair just seems to be a Disney version of the cracked out Love.

    Beyond that… she IS a pretty gal, and you have to give her props for taming the pop-star machine that is cranking out the coin for her. Too bad she can’t sing a single note. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to her auto-tuned catchy numbers just like the rest of the world – but when I heard her on a local radio show attempting to sing live with no help, just her voice and a microphone I was shocked. Girl is totally tone-deaf. I knew that pop was mechanized, but have to admit I was stunned at just what the base material those computers had to work with. She is ALL flash, not a jot of substance. But hey, she sells it like a pro.

  18. skuddles says:

    Well now that’s just annoying – no way she can’t feel her strap about to fall down and boobs ready to flop out for all to see. Lady, cinch up your strap and quit acting like a dough-headed, attention-seeking hobag!

  19. benny says:

    My pet peeve: I can’t stand the word “lovely.” It’s like a fake compliment — I can’t think of anything SPECIFIC that is great about this person or outfit, so I’ll cop out and use the generic “lovely.” “It’s lovely.” “She’s lovely.” Meaningless.

    Also, it’s sounds too forced, like I’m a “woman of a certain age” exaggerating my pinky sticking out as I sip my tea. “The tea is lovely.”

    Is there any way we can get a moratorium on the word “lovely”? Thank you.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Your post was lovely.

      Ha ha. But anyway, don’t forget to use a fake British accent like Madonna, if you want to reach the height of pretentiousness: “The tea is lovely. I’m British now. Ain’t I a classy dame?” (while clutching her pearls and fending off the vapors).

  20. danielle says:

    I think she’s beautiful. I like the dress, but I agree that she doesn’t know quite what to do with the girls here. I actually think she looks unsupported, which would mean not fake. She needs to look at how Halle Berry dresses.

  21. Embee says:

    She’s showing off the boob scratch by wearing the dress that way – intentionally. Note how the back is also cut low enough to reveal the floor sex burn mark on her lower back. She’s sending a message (to Russell?) that she’s having wild sex.

    • meeeee says:

      DING DING DING!!! We have a winner!!! Yes! Definitely a screw you Russell message.

      She’s convinced herself that she will get no press now he’s dumped her and boy is she ever still seething that he dumped her. And on New Year’s. Harsh! Did we ever figure out why he dumped her?

  22. Me says:

    She always looked strange but now she just looks sloppy. Shame to waste her beauty like that.

  23. Anguishedcorn says:

    Really, really, really hate that new hair color. I liked the previous color a lot, but this new color looks like a home-dye mishap to me.

    She is really pretty though.

  24. Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

    She’s a clown.

  25. MizzVJJ says:

    My goodness.. A dress this nice doesnt belong on this fake, trashy, classless, dumpster hooker. Yuck.

  26. Claire78 says:

    Someone mentioned her boobs are fake? Are they? They never screamed fake to me, always thought she was pretty blessed and if they are its a good job

  27. DemoCat827 says:

    She does have at least one cat (Kitty Purry). Don’t know who got custody of Krusty. Looks like a cat scratch to me (I’m also a cat mom).

  28. Bek says:

    I love that dress, but I don’t like the fact that Katy made it so trashy. She had her strap like that on purpose. Also, she should leave the daisies at Coachella. That headband does not go with that beautiful dress at all.

  29. ral says:

    Done intentionally. I’m a top-heavy gal and in a dress w/straps that tight in the back, one would feel it. Way to klass it up Katy.

  30. kiyoshigirl says:

    Love the dress! Could you imagine how great it would look on someone like Charlize Theron or Penelope Cruz? Poor Katy just cannot pull it off.

  31. Quinn says:

    With all of the amazing hair stylists at her disposal, and she ends up with hair this poorly colored?? Why does this girl NEVER end up with her hairline properly matching?? Yuck.

  32. Belle says:

    Wow… love the dress! I agree with those who say it doesn’t belong on her though, and she definitely ruined the look by trashing it off the shoulder, obviously on purpose. Even if she had worn the darn thing properly, her hideous hair and plastic make up ruin it anyway. Ugh.

    Hard to believe but maybe she did choose this dress to show off her sex scratches??

    On another note… this type of dress looks fabulous with either short hair, or with long hair pinned up. Why have such a pretty ‘backless’ style dress, and leave hair hanging all over it??

  33. Bobby the K says:

    That is one unattractive woman. The purple isn’t working either.

    Yes, this boob thing is as planned and as deliberate as Janet Jackson’s.

    Another needyforattention hollywood tart.

  34. Meanchick says:

    I like KP, but I don’t like the last pic where she seems to be asking where her ass is.

  35. Aurelia says:

    Yes, glad other peeps know she has had a saline tit job too. They hang too perky for real tits. Are soft, so they are saline. Not rock hard like encapsulated silicone gel.