Radar: Lindsay Lohan has gained 5 lbs in the week that she’s been off Adderall

Last weekend we heard that doctors at the Betty Ford Clinic had taken away Lindsay Lohan’s Adderall after a thorough examination. The doctors believed that LL had been misdiagnosed with ADHD and that she would be fine without her Adderall, and they believed she had been abusing it for the side effects for years – Adderall helps people lose weight (or keep weight off). Well, Lindsay’s reaction to this turn of events has been crack drama, of course. She will crack squawk and crack hissy until someone listens. She’s threatening to “leave” Betty Ford because apparently she thinks a court-ordered 90-day rehab sentence is optional. And now comes the worst news ever… she’s gained a few pounds! CRACK DRAMA.

Since Lindsay Lohan‘s Adderall was taken away from her last week by doctors at the Betty Ford Clinic, the troubled actress has gained five pounds and is complaining that she can’t stop eating, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

The 26-year-old starlet has been “extremely emotional this past week and is finding comfort in food. Lindsay can’t stop eating, and has gained five pounds because she has such poor eating habits. She has been exercising, but she just doesn’t have a lot of energy because she is no longer taking Adderall, which is a psychostimulant medication that contains amphetamine. She has been talking to a nutritionist at Betty Ford about eating healthier,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.

As we previously reported, LiLo revealed her Adderall use in a recent interview with Piers Morgan on the Daily Mail saying, “I have severe ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I can’t stand still. So I take Adderall (a prescription drug) for that, it calms me. I know people who take it to stay up, or girls who take it to supposedly stay slim because it kills your appetite. But I eat all the time. I just take it to stay calm. It works well for me.”

Board certified addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky has voiced his concerns in the past over to Radar over Adderall use and addiction saying, “I have had lots of experience with Adderall. There seems to be problematic issues related to Adderall, addicts seem to do okay on Adderall short-term, but as time goes on, the drug becomes an issue.”

Making the situation even harder for Lohan, “is the food at Betty Ford is really, really good. Meals are elaborate affairs, featuring lots of delicious desserts. Lindsay just can’t say no to the food. She is complaining that the new medications doctors prescribed, which isn’t amphetamine based, aren’t working. She is just making herself miserable,” the insider revealed.

Lohan was ordered by the courts to remain in a locked-down rehab facility for 90-days as part of a plea deal in her lying-to-cops case involving a car accident in Santa Monica, CA. last summer. She entered Betty Ford earlier this month.

[From Radar]

My armchair diagnosis is that Lindsay is eating so much not just because she’s off Adderall, but because she’s off alcohol. Her body is used to consuming unlimited amounts of empty liquor calories and now she’s bingeing on real food, and her body doesn’t know how to handle it. I went through a similar phase when I gave up alcohol a few years ago – I did it for diet reasons, but I found I still craved something sugary in the evening, when I usually had a drink.

Anyway, Superhero Michael Lohan (special superhero power: kicking vaginas) is riding to the rescue! Radar spoke to Michael and he said, “I am going to go to California and I want to meet with Lindsay’s attorney Shawn and the City Attorney to talk about her transferring to the Lukens Institute. It is ridiculous for Lindsay to spend 90 days at Betty Ford. They are a 30-day program place. There is no reason for her to repeat the same program for three months.” Blah. The Betty Ford already said that they were tailoring a 90-day program especially for LL so she wouldn’t just do the same 30-day program 3 times.

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  1. Ai says:

    While she is a mess to say the least, I really do hate these kind of stories that she gained weight during the rehab etc. it is one of the factor that contributed to her getting addicted to drugs to control her weight etc.

    • The Wizz says:

      +2 infancy I remember a numerous amount of comments relating to this on previous posts before she went into rehab!

      • db says:

        How exactly do we know that she has gained weight? Nurses being paid to violate HIPAA (not likely after the last interaction) or Michael trying to shill a rehab for money. That family will find a way to sell stories.

      • jwoolman says:

        Db- she can talk on the phone and use the Internet for certain time periods. She tells mom or dad and they sell the story to the tabloids. Probably mom if the source isn’t named, her dad seems to like to attach his name to his mouth. Nobody on staff is selling it. And visitors would hardly know if she gained five pounds… Lindsay would have to tell someone.

    • LadyL says:

      They clinic has other patients and they have visitors. Don’t assume it’s the staff. They have real jobs on the line. I don’t think most would risk it just for some extra cash.

    • Meredith says:

      I used to work with recovering alcoholics who were in rehab. I was a waitress there. These people inhaled food and would hoard all the milk cartons at their table. Yes, they put on weight but it was because they were malnourished when they were abusing alcohol (or drugs). So she was probably not eating so much before and now she has real food. It’s that simple.

      • Margo says:

        As a recovering addict, myself…my choice of drugs was pain pills…which started by abusing cocaine, basically because I needed to come down…I lost a LOT of weight. In my warped mind, I loved being so thin. When I went to rehab – getting off everything and doing the program right – I gained back about 10lbs. I wasn’t really eating all that much. I was just EATING. It was shocking to me. It was rather quick, too. That was a sign to everyone that I was actually getting sober and healthy. And you know, she probably DOESN’T have ADHD. Probably never did and was prob misdiagnosed to stay thin. I know a lot of girls that get a script to focus on their studies or to stay thin. For her to get sober, she needs to be off everything. I mean, everything. Not just do buffet style. If she is truly ADHD, try homeopathic remedies, yoga, perchance?! If she is not willing, she is not ready to embrace sobriety. If her father also said that he’s gonna get her to a place where they allow Ritalin or whatever she’s on, he’s not being honest w her issues. I had to come to terms w the fact that I could never be given anything that remotely mimicked opiates. It’s too much for me. It will put me right off the wagon again. Period. I’m not strong More to the point, would you? You know what he said to me? He asked me to go out w him and I kindly and gently turned him down and he seriously tried to slut shame me and then said that – it’s cool, I’d only fuck you and never talk to you again, anyways. Then proceeded to harass me for a good hour after that. So BAD that I threatened his job. In a legal way. Because that’s my style. I mean, who’s stupid enough to send you incriminating text messages that threaten you??? Because you won’t date them?! And I HONESTLY liked him as a friend. That just proves that he’s an immature POS. So that’s why he deserves his ass to be beat. So that’s why I asked if you’re offering. But, I think keeping him in perpetual fear of me is a little better! Lol.. I’m still not. After being sober for 13 months. And going to rehab 3x’s. pathetic and sad for me, but it is the truth and I am no victim. I did this entirely to myself.

    • Little darling says:

      Thanks. My first thought as well. “News” being that this poor girl gained five pounds.

      No. She’s not “poor girl” but she certainly doesn’t need a story about five effin pounds. Lets hope she gains weight, stays clean and stops being a menace to society!

      • Gizmerelda says:

        When I first read the stories about Linnocent NEEDING her adderall in rehab because she “can’t keep still, can’t function without etc…” I was prepared to (dubiously) give her the benefit of the doubt- I don’t have first hand experience of the medication, I do have a medical based qualification that would lead me to an informed response of “hhhmmmmmmmnnmm” seems to me though, someone who can’t stay still without pills would be dropping weight when said medication is withdrawn, not gaining it…. And don’t get me started on the rant that if she suffered so much before her final diagnosis and needing adderal then why we’re her ONLY good movies before then????

    • wiffie says:

      So she took it because she couldn’t stand still, but now off it, she has no energy. Hmmmm. Methinks she never had ADHD or she would be bouncing off the walls about now…

  2. Nikollet says:

    I’m not a Lindsay fan at all, and firmly believe she needs a kick up the ***. But I don’t think we should comment on her weight. She needs to get off all these substances she’s on, and if the media is making fun of her weight gain its only going to encourage her to get back onto the Adderall when she gets out.

    She’s already a total mess, let’s not contribute to it.

    • jenjen says:

      100% agreed. Everyone’s weight can fluctuate by 3-4lbs daily anyway, regardless of drug use. The media needs to quit this sh*t already. You rarely hear about male celebrities’ weight issues, ffs…

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Completely agree. She’s enough of a mess without bringing her weight into it.

      People often gain weight during rehab-it really isn’t uncommon. Her focus should be on getting healthier and that should include (eventually) eating healthier but right now gaining weight should be the least of her worries.

      Cake is still better than crack yo.

      • gg says:

        I agree and I think it’s pretty irresponsible for Betty Ford to put all these “delicious desserts” in front of addicts. Clearly they will most likely turn to food addiction in a hurry.

        Really, they should be teaching them how to eat low fat, low calorie to help them not turn into giant food addicts. If you eat desserts on a regular basis, chances are extremely high you will have an overweight problem if you have a normal metabolism. They shouldn’t even go there. Desserts are BAD.

      • Nina W says:

        I disagree gg, I think good food is something that can entice an addict back to an interest in healthier appetites. On top of which boredom has to be a big issue in rehab and meals should be something you look forward to and a distraction. I’m not suggesting it all be unhealthy junk food, not at all, but I can see where good food can help rehab. Nobody should criticize anyone in recovery for putting on a few pounds. It’s likely to happen, Adderall or no.

    • Lady D says:

      So just ignoring the media is not an option?

      • Nikollet says:

        Of course it is. I’m not a a celeb obviously, but I can imagine even for the strongest, most confident person it would still take strength to try not to let taunts about image hurt them.

        But for someone vulnerable like Lindsay, this task would be a whole other thing. I don’t know the stats, but the rate of clean addicts returning to drugs is really high, so she’s susceptible to ‘falling off the wagon’. Imagine she actually has a successful rehab (and I’m not saying she will) and comes out to find people talking about her weight gain, which she may be struggling to lose. It’s very likely she could find herself reaching for the drug again.

  3. Jenny says:

    I don’t know how accurate this report is, but if true it makes me LOL. I’m glad the new, non-amphetamine drugs aren’t working for her because she is gaining weight. Explains what she was really on the aderrall for.

  4. Val says:

    I was watching an old rerun of SNL where she was hosting and she looked so happy and healthy. I really hope she gets better.

  5. Lulu.T.O. says:

    I can actually see Michael’s point. Anyway, gaining weight is part of the process of getting off stimulants. Her poor body is starving for real nutrition after years of empty alcohol calories. At least she is (apparently) talking with a nutritionist to try and cope. She had lost quite a bit of weight suddenly before she went in, so I can’t imagine the end result is anything too drastic. 5 pounds in a week is water weight anyway. If she’s worried about that, she should limit her processed carbohydrate intake.

    • Lulu.T.O. says:

      Hmm, I just wanted to add that I agree with the above posters that such headlines are one of the reasons she is likely so panicked about the weight gain. She needs to be left alone to heal. If she gains 20 lbs, who gives a f*ck really?! But then I guess she has been making a living off her body for the past few years, so it’s only naturally she wants to stay appealing for her johns. Ugh.

    • ol cranky says:

      Michael’s point about BF only being a 30-day program would have made sense if it weren’t hohan’s people who demanded she be permitted to do her rehab there. Remember, the cracken first demanded to do her rehab in NY and when that was approved and she realized they’d wean her off Adderall she waited until the last minute to allegedly check in to an unlicensed Cali facility that hadn’t been approved then go running to BF and beg for that program to be approved. She had 6 weeks from the time of her sentencing to when she had to check in to an approved facility and now that her favorite drug has been taken away, she’s finally found an appropriate program. I don’t feel sorry for her. She and orange oprah make me sick and I hope that when this entitled brat hurts someone severely, the person she injures is either herself or Dina so nobody falls victim to this BS

  6. brin says:

    Food is your friend Crackie, just don’t over-indulge like you do everything else.

  7. janie says:

    I knew a few days of silence re: our favorite trouble maker would end. Is this the first time she is actually sober in rehab? I hope it works! Michael needs to leave her alone. I’m sure the Prosecutor is anxiously awaiting his arrival!

  8. Rianic says:

    I figure it’s the combo of whatever she was taking BESIDES Adderall, not smoking, and maybe eating ACTUAL food.

    • Rianic says:

      Adding – if the report is true. And, weight would actually look good on her. Soften her up

    • Lauren says:

      No, actually if these reports are true… It’s the Adderall 100% Adderall is in all truth an AMAZING prescription drug. Took it until I was 22 and done with school (I was tested every other year all the way through since I was a kid for ADD) and was sad to give it up when school was done but I was having pretty bad heart palpitations because of it. If every American took Adderall, we’d be a thinner more efficient nation :) all kidding aside… If they took her off of it, this story is dead on true. It’s incredibly hard to learn to have to discipline yourself after getting off Adderall because you have lot the need to do it before and it can take a very long time, all you want to do is eat, you have no control.

    • erika says:

      i’m not crying for argentina…..

      good. plump up some more my crackie chicken. I have NO soft spots for the lilo at all. Sorry folks, one too many times for me to hear all about her crack-magic.

      if gaining FIVE pds (lord, I’ve gained/bloated a small Peruvian village since I’m PMSing right now!!!)is life or death for you…what can i say. After all her bs***t this year I hope she gains 200 and she can’t ever fit into a designer size piece of clothing that she steals from a set, another person, an Intl’ millionairre pimp or a loaner got by charlie sheen…

      maybe she can find some vodka flavored lollipops or gum while she works through the cravings.

    • Dutch says:

      The not smoking is probably also a factor. After not being pummeled by nicotine and tar for a couple of weeks her taste buds are waking back up and food tastes like it hasn’t been dragged though a dirty ashtray first.

  9. poppy says:

    hate to defend old cracky but how low does radar have to stoop for hits?
    bitch is in rehab, NEEDS to be in rehab -probably for more reasons anyone can guess. stfu @ her weight.
    if she’s in lockdown, how would they know? unless someone at BFC is shooting their mouth off (illegal/HIPAA). not ok

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    Y’all are just wrong for making me snort my coffee at this hour!!!

  11. gloaming says:

    She’s so vain I don’t think she’d allow herself to gain too much weight. She’ll just use other methods like purging to lose it.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Rumour is that the whole “Adderall thing” started in a “thin-off” with SamRo.

      • gloaming says:

        I hadn’t heard that. But it’s just another illustration of how dumb she is.

      • jwoolman says:

        I doubt that it started with Sam, who has other reasons for being thin (I think she has rheumatoid arthritis or something requiring pain management and also may just be naturally thin). That rumor about a thin-off doesn’t match up with the fact that Lindsay actually looked happy and healthier when she was with Sam until Lindsay started her usual crazy behavior again, most likely due to getting back more into drugs and booze. Sam was a stabilizing influence. My suspicion has always been that Lindsay’s mother Dina got her on Adderall in her teens to keep her thin.

  12. Faye says:

    Not to worry, I’m sure she’ll lose it all when she gets out and back on her usual chemical diet.

  13. DanaG says:

    Someone is clearly leaking stuff and it’s probably team Lindsay trying to get some sympathy. Not going to happen she can diet and exercise like everybody else. She needs to stick it out and give her body time to adjust to being free of all the crap she has been putting into it. She could lose whatever weight she gains later on in the stay she is in for three months and has a nutritionist. Of course taking the drugs is much easier then actually healthy eating. Can’t see the Prosecution just sitting back and giving in again they had 45 days to find somewhere then they did then they skipped then they finally showed up at Betty Ford I also don’t see any real doctor ok a drug that is so addictive and isn’t needed. Hey she can still smoke!

  14. aims says:

    I think this is good for her. I’ve heard of a lot of rehab centers taking people off adderall because it’s addictive, and it’s a stimulant. I bet she’s an absolute nightmare right now. She’s not getting her way and she’s detoxing. I bet she’s throwing all sorts of drama like a two year old. My sympathies to the staff that has to deal with her.

  15. Brown says:

    I always thought the thing about Adderall being abused for weight loss was overreaction. My sister now takes Adderall, no prescription, and though she would never admit this… I believe it’s to keep her thin.

    Similarly, my roommate from college was overweight and depressed when we graduated. She lost about 50lbs in 6 months, and I am almost positive it has been by abusing Adderall. Side note: she is still depressed.

    • KB says:

      If I were you, I would definitely keep an eye on your sister.

      When Adderall isn’t medically necessary, it seems to usually start out as a study or weight loss drug and then it often spirals out of control into a full blown psychological dependence. At that point, all the great things it did initially for you (higher grades, weight loss) are the things it starts to destroy (sleep deprived, terrible skin, socially withdrawn.)

      That’s one scenario that I’ve seen unfold over a few months to a few years of someone taking the drug. It is concerning when a person is regularly taking something they aren’t prescribed. In the case of Adderall addicts, the next step is usually them claiming they need it for ADD (even if the condition was never an issue before) and they find a doctor who will give it to them.

      What’s really troublesome about Adderall addiction is by the time a person’s behavior begins to noticeably change, they’re usually already too far gone to talk any sense into. Of course, that’s worst case scenario (Lindsay Lohan.)

  16. Jackson says:

    So, if LL claims she has severe ADHD and can’t sit still, shouldn’t she be burning up all those extra food calories by being restless and fidgety without her meds? She should be channeling all of her ADHD energy into exercise, not eating. But, again, she is a liar. She doesn’t need the Adderall for ADHD and everyone knows it. I remain completely shocked that she hasn’t bolted, served her three minutes in jail and be back to self-medicating by now

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      “she should be channeling all her ADHD energy into exercise”

      I hear what you’re saying but I don’t think that’s how ADHD works. From my friends that suffer from severe ADHD, I know that they can’t just harness and redirect that excess energy. It’s not something you can control like that really.

      • BobbieFisher says:

        That’s actually incorrect. ADHD sufferers are very active no matter what, they cannot sit still. My friend from college actually had it and was trying to get off adderall that she was taking because she didn’t like the “calming” effect. When she went off the adderall she dropped weight like crazy, kept fidgeting, couldn’t sit still and didn’t want to eat. The problem was she really did need the drug to concentrate and was accurately diagnosed with ADHD. Eventually they put her on a different drug for ADHD and it was the right dosage and she stopped her hyperactivity and gained weight (enough that she was a normal weight) and the drug was less harsh on her system. So the original poster is correct. Lindsay should be losing more weight off the drug, NOT gaining weight – and that proves she does not have ADHD.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        What? No…my comment had nothing to do with whether she would lose weight on or off the drug. Please re-read. My comment was simply a reply to the statement “she should be channeling all her ADHD energy into exercise”.

        My point was that excess energy derived from ADHD is very difficult to re-direct into one specific activity. People who suffer from ADHD frequently jump from task to task and have trouble focusing on one activity at a time. Exercise requires a level of concentration and dedication that can be quite difficult for people who suffer from hyperactivity/ADHD.

        As far as her going on or off her meds or diagnosing whether she has ADHD or not-I’ll leave that up to the medical professionals.

      • Cirque28 says:

        @BobbieFisher: Everyone is an individual. Just because your friend from college reacted in a certain way that doesn’t mean everyone does or will. Also, you’re putting everything under the ADHD umbrella, but in ADD, there is no hyperactivity component. Adderall is prescribed for both ADHD and ADD.

  17. BobbieFisher says:

    Okay – this proves without a doubt that Lohan does NOT have ADHD. If she had ADHD and was off her meds, she would be bouncing off the walls, with too much energy. The drug Adderall calms people with ADHD and once it’s taken away, people become more active, not less. Because Adderall has a contrary reaction to hyperactive people, but normal people react to it with more hyperactivity – so the fact that she’s laying around, probably sleeping her ass off and gaining weight is proof positive that she doesn’t need adderall and has been abusing it (like we all knew) for years. God, she’s such a crack cretin.

    • Lulu.T.O. says:

      That’s actually not true. I have ADHD – went througha 3 hour battery of tests. And I lose weight if my Ritalin dose is too high. So I have to be careful about taking it.

    • KB says:

      Her extreme emotional response to being denied the drug is proof she’s addicted to it. It’s not that distressing to people with ADD/ADHD to not take their medication. Everyone I’ve ever known that actually had ADD/ADHD would skip it on weekends, forget to take it, forget to refill it, share it with friends, etc.

      Hopefully she stays put and 90 days is enough for her to do some genuine reflecting.

  18. BobbieFisher says:

    Also Michael, that despicable man, is getting kickbacks from the Lukkens Institute. Just one more way for him to make money off his daughter. And what gall it takes to criticize the Betty Ford Clinic. Sometimes, my fantasy is one day one of his abuse victims would bash his thick skull in. He is the most amoral and hypocritical numbskull on the planet.

    • Ruyana says:

      I agree. It’s easy to see who taught the Cracken her grifting skills.

    • Petee says:

      You are so right.I can’t believe my best friend said she thinks he has her best intention’s.I was like what?He is such a good dad he tapes her phone call’s and sell’s them to the highest bider.And now he is promoting this rehab.He probably promised he could get her there and get some sort of money for it while they get free publicity.This man is deplorable!Total waste of space.I hate to tell you Mr.Lohan they do have 90 day program’s.I know because I was in for 30 day’s and there were other girl’s and woman there that had been there for 90 day’s so he need’s to shut his big bazzoo.Also I gained wight there too.Their food is to die for.No Joke.That cafeteria was something else!The soft serve ice cream was a real treat.Also all the dorm’s are socked with refrigerator’s with yogurt,string cheese apples,banana’s and orange’s.No caffeine is something they also stress.So it is very easy to gain weight there.I don’t think I am giving away to much.I would never talk about the other patient’s.I liked it there it helped me a lot.You would gain weight too if you had three square meal’s a day and the menu was alway’s different.

  19. Launicaangelina says:

    The suggestion that they’re having Lindsey go through a thirty day treatment program three times is ridiculous! A good treatment program is individualized. Each person is different and will have different needs met. Also, the program will be adjusted as needed as they progress through the program. So Lindsey should receive a customized 90 day program if that’s what they determined.

    Also, I think it’s really messed up that her weight gain is making the news. It should be all about recovery – not weight gain. I know it’s Lindsey but every addict is dealing with so much during treatment, the last thing they need is commentary on their weight.

  20. Mar says:

    I have friends that take adderall just to stay thin

  21. serena says:

    I just hope she won’t win this and will stay at Betty Ford with no alcohol and adderall.

  22. Jag says:

    AA meetings keep candy out for people because one of the easiest ways to get off of alcohol is to give the brain sugar instead. She would be craving sugar just from stopping drinking. Add to that the Adderall not hyping her up, and of course she’s going to gain a little weight. I hope that Betty Ford has more than just a dietitian to talk with because the only one I’ve ever seen had absolutely NO experience with working with sugar addiction or food addictions. She needs that kind of support as well so that she doesn’t develop an eating disorder. Maybe this time she’ll really get healthy… I won’t hold my breath, though.

  23. Dedrie says:

    Just eating regular healthy meals will do that.. It’s not like she can exercise.. oh wait..

  24. Truthful says:

    Michael is scum, let’s not forget that.

    I do hope the media does not make fun of her being overweight, but Lindsay needs a year long program to be honest.

    I’m so glad I chose exercise and good food choices, at one time I was going to go the adderall route but my doctor did not fall for it–she gave me a side eye and said “uh no, we are going to make better food chocies and NO you do not have ADHD.”

    There was an adderall abuser at my job in adminstration, she lost her job–because she was doing crazy stuff but she was slim and trim-she was twitching as they escorted her out of the building.

  25. Bobbi says:

    Linds does need a year long program. She should gain weight! She needs it. I’d carry an extra few pounds around to have a normal lifestyle and be off drugs. I know she’s in HW where her weight is a big issue however, i have seen it happen where former addicts gain lots in rehab but it normally falls off whn the body gets back to normal function, assuming LL body will
    Be functioning normal

  26. drdoolittling says:

    She is just so so dumb. Quote from Radar:“I have severe ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I can’t stand still. So I take Adderall (a prescription drug) for that, it calms me. I know people who take it to stay up, or girls who take it to supposedly stay slim because it kills your appetite. But I eat all the time. I just take it to stay calm. It works well for me.”

    So, wait a minute…If she has true ADD and was using this med as it is intended, wouldn’t that mean she would be bouncing off the walls? She clearly sold this story yet she cannot even keep her own stories straight. The stupidity is blinding.

    • BobbieFisher says:

      Yes, I agree. Lohan doesn’t understand the science of the drug she’s taking. People with true ADD and ADHD take the drug to calm, when they go off it they can’t stop moving and fidgeting and they LOSE weight once they’re off adderall! Not gain weight. The only people who gain weight once they’ve quit adderall are the people who don’t have ADD or ADHD. The drug COUNTERACTS hyperactivity ONLY for ADD sufferers. And the fact that Lohan is eating and gaining weight is because she never had ADHD and her metabolism is slowing down because she abused it for so long. She’s an idiot who is so uneducated she doesn’t understand how the drug works. ALSO BFC gave her an alternative medicine that works for ADD and ADHD – but it’s not as addictive. So she’s still on that med. HAHA! It’s doing nothing for her but slowing her metabolism down even more because she doesn’t have ADD or ADHD. Crackie never took science class. She’s really the dumbest actress of her generation.

      • Minimi says:

        You are so right. That’s why some physicians, when not sure of an ADHD diagnosis, do what is called “therapeutic proof”. They prescribe medication for ADHD for a short period and see the results. This kind of medication will have exactly the opposite effect in those who don’t really suffer from this disorder. Another question is who the hell prescribes this hard medication to her??!

      • Lulu.T.O. says:

        You can still lose weight on ADHD meds, even if you need them (i.e. have legitimate ADHD). It is just one of the side effects. Just because you have one friend who gained weight on it, doesn’t make it a medical fact. Amphetamines are an extremely effective appetite supressant, period, even if you have ADHD. Google it. Your friend gained and lost weight from some reason other than the direct side effects of Adderall.

        Sorry, but the fact that you keep posting this misinformation is annoying me.


  27. phlyfiremama says:

    ADHD treatments aren’t a “calming” treatment, she is getting adderall mixed up with her xanax. It happens. What happens in the TRULY ADD/ADHD brain is that the emotional center of the brain is more reactive than the logical/reasoning area of the brain. This leads to the impulsivity, the failure to KEEP attention and focus for extended periods of time, and other typical behaviours. The ADHD treatments stimulate the logic/reasoning area of the brain, bringing them to the level (or slightly higher) of the emotional part that has been in control, which allows ADD/ADHD people to supress their emotional boredom/reactions and be able to stay on track and stay focused. It IS a stimulant, and can absolutely be abused~especially when there are already recurring chemical addicition issues.

  28. Bread and Circuses says:

    Conspiracy theory time!

    I wonder if Brooke Mueller wanted to go to the same rehab as Lindsay so she could sell stories to the tabloids. The nurses and doctors aren’t supposed to be doing so, after all.

    And Brooke is clearly terrified of losing Charlie Sheen’s child support payments.

    • Relli says:

      Did you see Radar’s newest story about Lindsay denying brooke’s friendship in rehab? It pretty much confirmed that Brooke is a giant famewhore who wants be famous and always has been dying to be an actress. I always assumed as much, but the angle she went in order to gather info on the cracken to sell is an interesting theory especially since we now know she has blown through her divorce settlement money.

  29. Ravensdaughter says:

    Why do think Judy Garland got hooked on speed (then everything else)?. HER stage mother put her on “diet pills” because she thought she was “too fat”….

  30. Lisa says:

    It’s probably water weight, though? I don’t know what happens to your body during withdrawal, I’m just guessing that water retention would be a side effect…

    She isn’t as bony as she was a few years ago. It’s the bad work on her face that is tragic.

  31. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    The last thing she needs is the media scrutinizing whether she is gaining weight or not. She needs to get healthy and off drugs not worry about being made fun of for gaining 5 pounds. I really the tabloids would leave her alone while she is recovering and just let her heal. IMO she isn’t going to get better if she has to worry about the tabloids making fun of her weight gain.

  32. moon says:

    You know, all of Hollywood should stop being prescribed stimulants for weight loss. Same goes for the fashion industry. I’m pretty sure Lilo is NOT the only celebrity out there abusing these things to stay hollywood skinny. It’s unhealthy, and cheating!

  33. choppersann 13 says:

    She isn’t going to get better if she has to worry about people making fun of her weight gain? Don’t agree..first step of rehabbing is getting the crap out of your system…second step is learning to deal with life on life’s terms..girl needs to grow up and learn some coping strategies that don’t include substance abuse…if she can’t handle comments over a couple extra pounds how the hell it’s she supposed to handle real bigger stresses in life??

  34. becky says:

    I know this is Lindsay we’re talking about but still, discussing what meds the doctors are taking off or puting her on is crossing the line… it’s personal medical information… come on Radar and WO, I don’t want to have to defend the Cracken again.

  35. heidi says:

    Could explain why Leann Rimes gained back so much weight in such a short time

  36. paranormalgirl says:

    Adderall is a mixture of amphetamine salts that work as a stimulant on the central nervous system. It also works on the pleasure center of the brain, releasing dopamine and serotonin (and norepinephrine), then blocking the reuptake (recycling of the dopamine). This keeps the brain in a constant state of pleasure until the meds wear off. The dopamine is flushed away instead of recycled, keeping smaller amounts of dopamine in each neuron. In order to continue to get that dopamine rush, the user has to take more and more of the meds. Someone who is using Adderal for ADD or ADHD isn’t in it for the dopamine rush necessarily, but for the calming effect the pleasure center stimulation can cause (your mind is tricked into thinking it likes everything and is deriving pleasure from everything, which imparts a sense of calm.)

    • Lady D says:

      Why isn’t Adderal prescribed for depression? I don’t know much about it but it sounds like a godsend for the severely depressed. I have PTSD. Wouldn’t it also stop flashbacks if it works the way you say? I went through trauma a few months ago that kicked my flashbacks into high gear. I was put on Seroquel for them and happy days, it worked. I wonder why Adderal wasn’t an option. I don’t want it just curious.

      • Cirque28 says:

        Well, people have used amphetamines for depression and certain modern antidepressants actually have a stimulant component.

        In World War II, both sides made amphetamines liberally available to their soldiers, because why not take something that raises your mood and your confidence and make you want to skip breakfast in favor of some serious marching? Hitler was on them himself and thought they’d be part of his master race of focused, positive, energetic Germans.

        The problem is that there can be a big price to pay. Eventually. (My personal belief is that there is a wide range in how long it takes for this to happen, if at all.) Your thinking can become distorted, even on small, prescribed doses. Paranoia, anorexia, addiction, insomnia, and heart palpitations can occur. Take a vulnerable brain and enough amphetamines, and psychosis becomes not just possible, but probable. For someone with PTSD, it might help the flashbacks, but the increase in anxiety could quickly become overwhelming.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Adderall is used (off label) for treatment resistant depression. You do build a tolerance to it, though, and it can actually cause depression as well. I’ve never prescribed Adderall for depression, at least not yet.

      • Gabby says:

        I do think it has an antidepressant effect but it’s pretty mild. For an undepressed person, it might elevate their mood a little. But for a depressed person, at least in my experience, Adderall does very little if anything. Perhaps a small boost of motivation and reduction of negative thinking, but it is not an anti-depressant. It is sometimes prescribed if classic anti-depressants have been tried and did not help. People who are ADHD are more prone to depression, but this is thought to be because of prolonged frustration with not attaining their life goals. When psychiatrists get a patient in this situation, they often treat the ADHD first (with stimulants) which may resolve the depression.

  37. Ginger says:

    I’ve been off of alcohol for three years now and I can tell you that it is perfectly normal to crave sugar when you do give it up. Your body is trying to gain equilibrium. I ate tons of jelly beans while in that process. It doesn’t last for long however. I think everyone reacts differently when going off of drugs and alcohol. I actually lost weight. If LL is saying she can’t stop eating, I’m going to attribute it to the fact that she is now off of Adderall. Her body is craving food period. She really needs to eat, to exercise, to attend therapy and be good to herself in general during this process. She may be a mess but I wish her the best and I hope that rehab really works for her this time. I still remember her acting skills and how cute she was prior to her going off the rails.

  38. swack says:

    I don’t believe in bashing anyone for weight gain. But she has a trainer who should be working with her on what she eats and getting exercise amd should utilize that trainer if she doesn’t like the weight gain. Most people gain weight at some time or another. She needs to work it out in her head and have someone help her not freak over it.

  39. UghInsomnia says:

    Gee, 5 whole pounds? I fluctuate more than that every month.

  40. KK says:

    I was on Adderall for 6 months and by the end I was taking A LOT. When I quit I was a bottomless pit, just camped out in bed eating and eating and eating. I gained like 8 lbs in the first 2-3 weeks, but I’m sure a lot of that was water. Eating a lot in the beginning turned out to be a good thing though because it revved my metabolism back up and within a month after that I was back down to 115 lbs and eating healthy and regularly again.

    tl;dr Initial weight gain is to be expected, it might take longer to lose it if she was on Adderall for longer than me but you can’t stress about it in THE FIRST WEEK.

  41. Miffy says:

    The delusion may have just become contagious here but it’d be nice if this worked. Hollywood loves a comeback and she’d be the biggest one yet. I hope she sticks with it and gets clean and starts making decent films. I’m not exactly emotionally invested here but just saying.

  42. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the rehab has hooked up desserts. It’s recommended in AA to eat candy/ice cream/sugary stuff when having a craving. That said, when my ex was in rehab, there was no chocolate in the vending machine bc it was considered a stimulant. They weren’t allowed caffeine either. & if someone couldn’t sleep, they got sleepy time tea, no meds.

  43. jwoolman says:

    I hope the prosecutor tells Michael that the time window for choosing a suitable rehab has closed shut and is tightly locked and nobody remembers where they put the key… Really, they did her a favor letting her add Betty Ford to the list so late. She can go to Lukens (which must pay him for every mention in the media) far away in Florida after her 90 day sentence is complete. Certainly Michael realizes she needs a lot more than 90 days. He’s been saying for years that she needs at least six months in a residential rehab. Also he’s always claimed that prescription drugs were her big problem, so he must know it’s stupid to give her Adderall.

  44. Shelley says:

    Let me just point out that when she was at her most successful, that is, when was lucky enough to be cast in ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Freaky Friday,’ she was not at all thin. She looked to be at a healthy, normal weight, and I don’t mean Hollywood Normal. She looks horrendous now and gaining at least 15 lbs would do her a world of good, both health- and appearance-wise. However, the last thing she should be doing is ‘returning’ to her non-existent acting career.

    Her ‘talent’ was/is minimal, and her narcissism, arrogance and sense of entitlement render her incapable of actually learning her craft, behaving professionally on-set, and/or accepting small, quality roles in indie films to gain any respect among her peers.

    I wish she was in rehab for a year too, a rehab at which there’s a strong career counsellor who would help her figure out something for her to do to earn a decent living for the next 40 years – although first she’d have to lose the arrogance, and that won’t happen. I care only about one thing: that she not injure or kill someone while behind the wheel.

  45. kmd0113 says:

    I wish people wouldn’t post stories about her weight gain. Even though her track record is the worst in history, these types of stories are not helping. If you watch intervention, most of the addicts put on a little weight in rehab. Their bodies freak out on them. A little part of me is holding out that she will become sober one day, but she has a long road ahead. She needs a major attitude adjustment.

  46. shannon says:

    Withdrawal from amphetamines isn’t much fun (I have ADHD and for various reasons I’ve run out of my meds from time to time) but it’s certainly not like dangerous withdrawals from alcohol or heroine. You’re really tired for a few days and you feel hungry more often. That’s about it. Your body adjusts to it within a week. Cry me a river, Lindsay.

  47. Led Nedwards says:

    “ADHD” is a made-up “disease” dreamed up by pharm companies to sell amphetamines. That’s all it is. She doesn’t take it to “calm” herself, she takes it because it’s a powerful stimulant that enables her to drink more and stay out late.

    • Gabby says:

      This person is incorrect.

      First off, ADHD is not a “disease.” It is a genetic difference that does create challenges for people who have this difference in modern society, where kids are expected to sit still in class for hours, not daydream, always follow rules and always wait their turn.

      The reason the ADHD type of brain has not been selected out of our human gene pool is because these people play functional, important roles in society. Do you like comedy? Your favorite comedian is probably ADHD. Know an entrepreneur that is always thinking outside the box and pushing the limits? Probably ADHD.

      Not everyone who is ADHD takes medication. I don’t. I like my ADHD brain. But had I taken medication while in school I’d have probably gotten better grades. If I took medication I could probably get my bills paid on time, return library books and find my keys in the morning. I choose not to, but I am challenged in modern society.

      ADHD is genetically somehow related to Autism, Aspergers, Bipolar Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder and Schizophrenia, though it is not yet clear how. All these run in families.

  48. Mouse says:

    Most people in her situation would never have been given as many chances to deal with their addiction demons. I really hope she uses this opportunity to get clean, happy, and focused, and also that her disgusting parents are kept far, far away from her. Take a leaf out of Russell Brand’s book hon, you can do this!