Charlie Sheen is cutting Brooke Mueller off from child support and rehab

Charlie and Brooke on ET in November, 2011

Charlie Sheen is done bankrolling his meth addict ex’s addiction and dependency. Brooke Mueller has been collecting Charlie’s $55,000 a month in child support to date despite the fact that she hasn’t cared for their twin four year-old boys in about a year. Brooke has tried at least twice to have the boys relocated from their court-appointed guardian, Charlie’s other ex Denise Richards, and placed with family members so that Charlie’s money stays in her family. Those attempts were futile, and of course Brooke’s attempt at rehab (she’s in her 21st facility now, no sh*t) was as well. She’s still in treatment, but she recently switched from Betty Ford to an undisclosed facility in California, because she couldn’t hack the chores at Betty Ford. The last we reported on Brooke, she was being called an “unfit mother” by the judge in her custody case. Well Charlie agrees and he’s not even going to pay for Brooke’s cushy rehab, which was probably cheaper than his monthly custody payments.

The gravy train is about to come to a screeching halt in the child support department … at least if Charlie Sheen has his way with Brooke Mueller.

TMZ has learned … Charlie filed legal docs this week … asking a judge to cancel his obligation to pay Brooke $55k a month in child support.

Sources close to Charlie tell TMZ … he thinks it’s absurd he should pay her anything while she’s in rehab, because she doesn’t have the kids — they’re with Denise Richards.

Charlie believes Brooke is using almost all the money for her rehab — something he doesn’t want to pay for. Charlie has paid for several of Brooke’s rehab stints before, and he doesn’t think he owes her that obligation any longer.

Now get this … we’ve learned Charlie has offered to up Denise’s child support while she cares for Bob and Max, but Denise has refused the money.

One final thing. It’s feeling like there’s some bad blood here. We’ve learned Denise recently brought the twins by the set of “Anger Management” to see Charlie at work. You may recall … last XMAS Brooke went nuclear when she heard Denise planned to take her kids by the set, and Denise backed off.

[From TMZ]

Charlie had his massive breakdown a little over two years ago and he’s been a high functioning addict ever since. He may have quit the hard stuff, although it’s doubtful, and he’s admitted that he’s not abstaining. He probably thought that Brooke was fine and functioning until things got so bad that social services had to be called. I guess I’m trying to understand why he kept bankrolling her for so long, but this is a guy who wrote porn stars 30,000 checks to hang out with him for a few days. Brooke was partying with Charlie back then too. It was fine with him until the nannies couldn’t make up for her complete lack of parenting. Plus he’s probably feeling the pinch a little.

Radar has a related story about the lengths that Brooke will have to go through if she ever wants to regain custody of her boys. She has to take parenting classes, attend 12 step meetings and also submit to random drug tests. She’s not going to get custody back. She’ll be lucky if she gets supervised visitation.

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  1. DailyNightly says:

    Having access to that kind of money is what is enabling her to continue this behavior. The best thing would be for him to cut her off financially. You know he will always provide for his kids.

  2. brin says:

    She is an unfit mother, hope Denise continues to care for the boys.

  3. Emily says:

    I don’t usually like to question the love someone has for their child but it’s fairly clear now that her kids are the furthest thing from her mind as she quits yet another rehab.
    The boys are in a stable home now with Denise and their ‘real’ mother only wants them back to continue getting paid for having them. She shouldn’t ever get them back unless the LEGITIMATELY gets sober and makes some serious amends.

  4. A says:

    Good! He realises that he’s just enabling her with the money.

  5. Aussie girl says:

    I find it amusing and crazy that Charlie is referred to as a high functioning addict. It’s like it’s excepted & ok. Does high functioning mean he is high when he functions? 😄

    • gillie says:

      I work with a man who is a “high functioning” alcoholic. He’s lovely, but it means that once he’s off the clock, he’s gonna start drinking heavily. If he has to work late, he gets shaky from lack of alcohol.

    • Mia 4S says:

      I would agree the term sounds crazy but once you’ve experienced it, it’s scary. I got close to someone who was a high functioning addict and for several years, YEARS, I had no idea. Their pathology and ability to hide would challenge you in ways you cannot imagine.

    • Samtha says:

      It’s not that it’s okay, it’s just that it is what it is–he IS a high-functioning addict. At least until he goes too far or gets sober (the latter of which I doubt will happen any time soon).

    • Gin says:

      I’m thoroughly addicted to marijuana but have held down hih pressure jobs working 60+ hours a week for decades.

      I know a Dr who is an opiate addict who functions perfectly well.

      If you can afford your drug habit then many of the associated harms are lessened. Some addicts are selfish arseholes, many more aren’t. In fact the nice lady from down the road or your kids teacher might be one and you don’t know it because they can function perfectly well. People associate addicts with shithouse behaviour because they’re the addicts who you can’t help noticing.

  6. Agnetha says:

    About time. I feel so bad for those little boys. I hope Denise is taking care of herself, saw her on Chelsea Lately the other night and she looked frazzled.

  7. Sabrine says:

    It’s looking more and more like the twins are nothing but a cash cow for Brooke. Drugs and rehab. Why should Charlie keep paying? I hope the Judge agrees.

  8. Eleonor says:

    I am glad the kids are safe and far from her.

  9. Lucy2 says:

    Good- she shouldn’t get that money if she’s not raising the kids, it will just go to drug dealers. Of course that’s probably where it will go if Charlie holds onto it too, but…
    And why should he quit? He’s got his ex to take care of all his kids and responsibilities! He and Brooke are both so gross and never should have attempted parenthood.
    I hope those boys are with Denise throughout their entire childhood.

  10. DanaG says:

    I’m surprised he has been paying her all this time. So yes it should be stopped let Brooke get clean and get a job like everyone else. She won’t get those kids back anytime soon they won’t just let her go a couple of months clean and hand them over. If she is serious which I don’t believe she is for a second it would take a couple of years. But I think those kids are just a paycheck for her and she thinks they are her golden ticket. Keep them with Denise where they are loved and really looked after. Let Brooke pay for her own bills!

  11. janie says:

    I don’t understand the child support either? I don’t think it’s ever been an issue for him & probably wouldn’t be now, if this weren’t her 21st visit. These boys need stability & seem to have it with Denise. This is going to get ugly.

  12. TG says:

    Hope the judge cancels the child support and that druggie loser never sees her kids again. I don’t think parents should get multiple chances to clean up their act.

    • PrettyTarheelFan says:

      When MrBuckeye and I were struggling with fertility issues, we started exploring the fost-adopt program. We both feel strongly that children in foster care deserve loving, stable homes, and we have the financial resources to look for a multiple sibling group and be able to give them a forever home. I was so excited to start the classes-until about 2 or 3 weeks in, when they started getting into the nitty gritty about how many times a child/children could be taken from a parent, and how the best thing is ALWAYS to have the child reunited with his/her family. It broke my heart. Drugs, abuse, neglect, starvation…none of that is a reason to keep a child from their parent if the parent can prove that the situation has been rectified. I wasn’t sure I could do it. Then we got pregnant with BabyTarheel (now ToddlerTarheelBuckeye) and we stopped the process. Now we’re revisiting adoption, but we’re looking at crisis pregnancies through an agency instead of going through fost-adopt. I don’t think it’s fair to TTB to have temporary residents and constant upheaval in his home. I hope when we’re older I will have enough emotional fortitude to go back to fost-adopt because the need is just so immense, but it’s a daunting thought.

      • Bridget says:

        Interesting perspective. We’ve been thinking extensively about fostering to adopt (in a few years, once our littles are just a bit older), and I know that the system emphasizes placementwith the parents.

      • Jenna says:

        First off – congrats on the toddlertarheel! Second – just as a ‘from the other side’ perspective, please be just as careful in the crisis pregnancy adoption option. I was raped in college and at 4-5 months (I got seriously ill and didn’t even dream I could have gotten pregnant) when I discovered I was pregnant I started working with a law firm to find my daughters parents. I was lucky in a weird way, I was able to get through what had happened to me by focus on the thought (after I found the parents) that the ‘stork’ just made a delivery address oops and this WAS their child. But while in the process, I heard a lot of horror stories of girls basically milking the system. The couple I chose had been through the almost completed ‘we have a baby!’ process ~three~ times. Each time, at the last moment, the mother changed her mind. The last did so 2 weeks after they had taken the baby home, and because of the way the laws are – she got the baby. Heartbreak of searching for, finding, taking home, bonding and then being told “Nope, changed my mind, sorry” and a judge shrugging and saying “Well, it IS her biological child, she has the right” is a bitter pill to swallow. If you go that route, get a good lawyer who knows the ropes and… I don’t know how to say this right, but… guard your heart a bit? In my case, at the time, I was able to compartmentalize myself enough to do what was best for my… their daughter. But it is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I did it with support. Even WITH support and knowing it was right, the car ride away my family thought I would die. I held it together in the court room, held it together to the car. But as we drove away and I knew what I was doing, however how right it was, I found myself keening like a dying animal and it took a lot to not run back. Just… guard your heart and make sure you and any bio mom stay on the same page.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Oh, Jenna. What an experience and at such a young age. I mean, I don’t have anything edifying to say, but, keep being the person that you are because you sound to me as though you are a deeply, deeply good person. Be happy.

  13. Sammi says:

    Brooke, like all drug/alcohol addicts, needs to reach “rock bottom” before anything will change. She cannot get to the “bottom” while $55,000 cheques are given to her every month. She really does need to find herself broke, alone, without a house (which Charlie bought for her as well) before there is any chance of her kicking her addiction. Seriously though, I don’t think she has it in her to get better.

  14. Mandy says:

    My FIL is a functioning alcoholic. Has been for many years. It exists, trust me.

  15. bondbabe says:

    He doesn’t sound much better than her. Really?—He can’t raise his OWN children because he’s so f*cked up that his EX-wife is raising them?!! To me, that is absolutely insane (and Denise is a saint). And yet he somehow has people who are still enabling him by giving him a television show, etc….

    Believe me, Brooke deserves what she is getting; but karma still seems to be missing it’s target with Charlie.

  16. Zinjojo says:

    Question: I thought she was a crack addict, not meth….not that one is worse than the other, they’re both horrible, but I was just wondering. Perhaps she’s doing both.

  17. Jennifer12 says:

    Charlie sucks, just not as hard as Brooke. He supports himself and can function for work. It doesn’t make him a good person or father. He should be raising his own kids; he thought he found what he wanted in supreme f-up Brooke, but he needs someone to balance his crazy. The only winners here will be the kids if Charlie and Brooke stay the hell away from them.

  18. the original bellaluna says:

    Well it’s about time! He should have cut her off long ago – Denise has had those boys for a YEAR now.

    Time to cut off Brooke’s money train, STAT.