Kris & Bruce Jenner ‘have been separated for months,’ haven’t had sex in ‘years’

Kris Jenner and her husband of 22 years, Olympian Bruce Jenner, have been rumored to be on the verge of splitting for almost two years at this point. We’ve seen very few photos of the two together, Kris’ daughter Khloe has admitted that her stepdad lives in another house, and stories of their imminent divorce pop up every few months. In February, Kris denied that she would divorce Bruce, but she didn’t have much to say about whether their marriage was on the rocks. According to In Touch [via Radar Online] that’s very much the case. Kris and Bruce are all but over, they haven’t had sex in years and they’re only together for business purposes.

Kris and Bruce Jenner have been living separate lives lately but their relationship has hit a new low with a report claiming that their loveless marriage is over and dropping the bombshell news that they haven’t had sex with each other in years and she isn’t wearing her ring.

The matriarch of the Kardashian family is being hit from all sides lately – her daughter Khloe Kardashian’s very public battle with Lamar Odom and Kim’s rocky relationship with Kanye West are all coming to a head and now her own marriage seems to be effectively ended.

“They’ve had problems for a long time and have been separated for months,” a source close to the couple told In Touch magazine.

“They haven’t slept together in years and pretty much just have a business relationship at this point. Their marriage is over.”

While daughter Khloe has been flashing her giant rock as her marriage with Lamar crumbles, Kris has been spotted without her own sparkler recently.

“There were also promos for her talk show [Kris] that she wouldn’t approved because she realized she wasn’t wearing her ring in them” the source told the magazine.

“She made sure they never saw the light of day.”

According to the report, Kris’ fame seeking is the cause of their demise.

“He is so sick of the Kardashian machine and Kris’ antics. He knows she’s making him look foolish,” a source close to the Olympic athlete told the magazine.

“This is a man who was called the best U.S. athlete of all time. But he’s so broken down. It’s like Kris has sucked the life out of him.”

[From In Touch via Radar Online]

In the print edition of In Touch they add some more quotes that are worth mentioning. Their insider said “they don’t do anything together unless it’s filmed. It’s all fake for the show.” They also add the detail that Kris had a “rumored affair with trainer Gunnar Peterson in 2012.” ORLY? That’s the first time I’m hearing of that “rumored affair.” It sounds like some promotional rumor that PMK cooked up to increase her profile.

Given how long we’ve heard these stories, I doubt that a divorce is going to happen anytime time. Kris and Bruce may hate each other, but they don’t want to go through a messy divorce. They know what a spectacle it would be. It sounds like they’ve reached some sort of understanding for the time being. Plus, I doubt Kris wants Bruce to get his hands on half her earnings. He may be a wealthy man in his own right, but if they divorce he has a right to half of what she’s earned during their marriage. She’d rather live a facade than give up millions.

These are the last photos of Bruce and Kris together I could find. They’re shown in Greece in April filming scenes for their show. Kris is also shown inb a leopard-print dress on 8-27-13. Note that she’s wearing a different band on her ring finger. In the photo with the red dress (from 8-20-13) she has on her regular engagement/wedding ring. Photo credit: and FameFlynet

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  1. Yellowshaba says:

    The man should run. And fast. Go have a normal life and take his two young daughters. With him, get them out too.

    • Emily says:

      I used to think Bruce Jenner was too good for Kris Jenner also. Until I read an article that was like a biography, and saw that he is a dirt bag also. He was married to and had two kids with a woman while he was training to compete in the Olympics. This woman worked multiple jobs to PAY FOR his training and so that he could dedicate all of his time to training. As soon as success came knocking, he dumped her for a beauty queen, and became an absentee dad to his children with his first wife. He had two more children with his new wife, and when that marriage failed as well, he was again an absentee father to them, too (Brandon and Brody). His role as this “wonderful doting father” is new found.

      They are two peas in a pod. They deserve each other.

  2. Cindy says:

    When I use to watch that Kardashian show I really wished that he had spoke up as a man and grew a pair. I mean the way they would walk all over him and ignore him he might as well wore a dress.

  3. Lulu86 says:

    is it just my computer or is the top image absolutely massive?

  4. Lulu86 says:

    Its very clear why her daughters have no respect for their men(maybe Kim with Kanye). She is the example and the way they treat and talk to Bruce is a disgrace.

  5. Josephine says:

    These two have wasted their lives. They are a sad example of what self-delusion and self-involvement get you in the end. I’m especially sad for him.

    And an old lady doing a pouty face is pathetic.

  6. Jane says:

    Of course they didn’t have sex in years. Who would want to be in the same room let alone the same bed as Kris?

  7. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    The Kobra Kueen is getting a little bottom heavy now ain’t she…hence the full skirts they hide that fact.
    Tell me something You’all seem to have the funniest weather out in California …Hottest part of the summer ya’ll are running around in jackets and sweaters on minute and next to nothing the next….and here I thought you could at least believe the weather man on Weather Channel ….LOL

    • hazeldazel says:

      that’s because here, they crank the AC to sub-artic conditions so whenever you go inside you’re freezing.

      Also, in California (along the coast) even if it’s 90 during the day the cool offshore breezes come in around 4:30. Evenings are generally chilly.

  8. Feebee says:

    The red dress and iPhone photo sums it up for me. I’m surprised he didn’t run ages ago. If they can work out this sort of fakery surely they can work out a divorce without mess.

    Actually the straw that broke the relationship was probably better captured in the first jet ski photo. Bruce having to fish out Kim’s lost wig… that’s it.

  9. Christin says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve watched the show, but the episodes I did watch portrayed him as a man-child having no backbone. He’d be treated terribly, then someone would call out Kris, then she’d fake cry…same story next time.

    As long as he’s willing to beg for extra allowance, it will probably continue.

  10. pao la says:

    Who would want to have sex with THAT!
    (You pick the name, it works for both of them)

  11. QQ says:

    Wtf Isnt Gunnar Peterson Discreetly Gay FFS?!!! These people need to at least come up with feasible stuff

  12. Dawn says:

    Whaaaat? I mean this show is sooo reaaal this mussst be a mistake! Or so it goes for those who believe what they see on this show. This doesn’t come as any big surprise to anyone who has a bit of life experience. You can’t treat anyone the way that she does and expect them to love you forever or in Kris’s case once the money is gone. She along with her daughters are among the most vile human beings on the face of the earth. All that matters to these people are money and fame. And I don’t believe that Bruce is a cross dresses either. They love to kick their own when their down. They are simply put fakes, phonies and liars and will do anything for ca$h. Yuk.

  13. janie says:

    And the walls come tumbling down… 15 min have nearly expired! Couldn’t happen to a nastier bunch of women! It kills me the way Bruce is treated! Kris.. Karma is circling your door!

  14. NewWester says:

    “they haven’t had sex with each other in years” From that line I get the feeling In Touch/Radar Online have some dirt they are sitting on for now. Kris Jenner has a reputation for cheating throughout her last marriage and now this rumor of her and Gunnar Peterson. But I wonder who Bruce might be entertaining at the beach house?

  15. OutoftheLoop says:

    “They’re only together for business purposes.”

    Somehow I think Bruce would get more gigs and make more money if he finally ditched the Pimp Queen. Without her interference he might be invited to do more sports coverage (as in the Olympics), talk shows, celebrity golf tournaments, etc.

  16. MademoiselleRose says:

    I don’t believe the affair. Who the hell would want to do that with her, gross. I watched a few eps a few years ago and was appalled how badly they treated Bruce. The man had no rights whatsoever in his own home. And they seemed to think they’re a close, loving family when I’ve never seen anything more dysfunctional. They’re delusional. I bet, with his own house now, Bruce is as happy as a clam, wishing he did it years ago.

  17. TG says:

    Even if the show is fake they are calling it real so we have the right to judge them based on the show. I used to like Bruce but now it has been revealed that the 2 Jenner girls had never been on vacation with their Jenner brothers. Why would Bruce never go on vacation with his real family? Why is he only vacationing with his step-family and that horrid wife of his? Makes me think that he did pretty much abandon the Jenner children in order to be with the Kartrashian Klan. That is gross to me. So that means even Bruce is obsessed with the prized pig Kimmy. Last night on the show PMK was upset because Kendall was spending time with her Jenner brothers. What a disgusting pig. This family is just as bad as KHate Gosslin.

  18. lisa says:

    bruce’s first wife paid his way while he trained. after he became a superstar, he dumped her. he also asked her to abort their 2nd kid. (she didnt). he reaped what he sowed imo.

    • mayamae says:

      I am so sick of this man being painted a martyr. Just because Kris is despicable, Bruce is not automatically a saint. He has two previous failed marriages. He’s been a questionable parent to his four oldest children. He’s watched Kris’ machinations for years, and still failed to protect his two youngest children.

      I think Bruce gets the benefit of the doubt, and he certainly doesn’t deserve it. If anything, he enables Kris and then plays the martyr. He couldn’t end his Olympic career quick enough to become a fame whore.

      I watched the show once years ago. Khloe was asked to pose naked for PETA, and basically Bruce let her know that he thought she was too fat. The only way he’s considered a good guy, is if you’re using a sliding scale.

  19. Nicolette says:

    “This is a man who was called the best U.S. athlete of all time. But he’s so broken down. It’s like Kris has sucked the life out of him.”

    I think she sucks the life out of anyone that gets close enough to her. Getting away from her clutches will be the best thing he’s done in a long time, and he’ll probably be wondering why he waited so long.

  20. Alexandria says:

    Is Bruce snatching up Kim’s hair extensions out of the ocean?

  21. maxine7 says:

    You know it is crazy when the best marriage on the show is kourtney and Scott d.

  22. ctkat1 says:

    Kardashian empire is krumbling…they have contracts with E! for the next two (?) years, but it will be over soon.

    Honestly, I think Kim’s 72 day marriage started the kurrent krumble- people started realizing it was all totally fake, and Kris was an evil pimp. The Lamar situation isn’t helping, and now the fact that Bruce has moved out is continuing the snowball effect.

  23. Amy says:

    This is a bit random but related: did anyone see the episode in which Sott and Kourtney decide to make a fake sex tape in which they dress up as Bruce and Kris respectively? Scott wanted to get back at the two for all the years of criticism and disrespect he felt he had got from them. I don’t usually watch the show but it was pretty funny–Rob and Khloe were on hand for the filming and nobody could keep a straight face, especially because Kourtney looked exactly like a young Kris Jenner! When they showed it to Bruce, he thought it was real because they dubbed in Kris and Bruce’s voices.

  24. Marybel says:

    Take the money and RUN BRUCE RUN!!!!

  25. mar says:

    I wish this family would go away.They are a total waste of space.

  26. Jayna says:

    No big news. When she set up the storyline with the second house and Bruce just spending time there, I knew it was Kris setting up a slow lead in to an eventual separation. She and Bruce agreed, especially probably because she wanted none of this to mar her new show and also because it would seem abrupt, so she’s set up a storyline for everyone to follow the slow bit-by-bit growing apart from each other story in the show, so one day it won’t seem a surprise. Kris is no dummy, always calculating how to make it a storyline in her TV show. And Bruce probably agreed to drag it out because he gets his own house and can fake still being with her during filming. He looks so happy out at the beach in his home, able to spread out and do what he wants. It’s why his kids have been brought on more. Kris is setting up a new show for Bruce and them. Always thinking of how to make anything in her life a new show.

    Bruce looks like a drag queen. I get why she wouldn’t want to have sex with him anymore.

  27. GirlyGirl says:

    Honestly, I don’t fault either of them. If I was a man and married to her I’d have a voluntary castration.

  28. HotPockets says:

    I saw Craig Ferguson’s stand up comedy show the other night and half way through his act he brought up something about how before Bruce met Kris, he was in the process of becoming a woman, hence the weird plastic surgery. He wasn’t joking about it either, so regardless of what’s going on in their marriage, it seems like a strange one.

  29. buzz says:

    It must hurt Bruce that Khloe refers to Robert Kardashian as her “real dad” when Bruce really raised her. Bruce basically abandoned Brody and Brandon when they were young to raise the Kardashian kids, and now none of the Kardashian kids regard him as their dad. Further, they frequently publicly insult him. Like Rob saying he has no “father figure” in his life. What? He’s lived with Bruce since he was a toddler! Not much gratitude and very insensitive to his feelings. 22 years and Bruce is still an outsider to the Kardashians.

  30. Lauren says:

    AHHHH thank you for including the photo of Kris taking a selfie. You should include it in every post about Kris. It’s beautiful.

  31. Catspyjamas says:

    Bruce Jenner is no innocent , he is an executive producer on the show, he knows what’s happening . He was even a producer on the show princes of Malibu or something like that which started Brody .. He plays the game well, equally loves the famewhoring and money .. He is just playing a role like the rest of them and he gets to be the victim.. Stating the obvious , everything is an act . It would not surprise me if they have been separated for a long while ..

  32. Alexandra says:

    Bruce is a whiny douche period.

  33. Carolyn says:

    If Bruce really wanted to leave the marriage he would.

    The only episode I ever watched was the one where Bruce gave a motivational speech and took Kourtney and Khloe along. Those two hags did nothing but laugh at his speech and make fun of him. the looks on the guests’ faces at the girls sums up everyone’s disgust and contempt for the Kardashians.

  34. Ally8 says:

    I imagine Kris pressured him to get plastic surgery to look younger and is now mortified by the outcome, not to mention, not attracted to him.

    She’s like the black-haired Vicki G. from Real Housewives, imagining that there’s anything but mooching gigolos out there for her.

  35. Lara says:

    Run. Bloody Run Bruce. This woman is the devil woman herself. Though I think she’s tied to Dina Lohan and whats that 18-year old lil sl*g who married the old guy ‘s mom. 22 years of marriage. Guy needs a medal to put up with the Kardashian shit.

  36. Me says:

    You people do realize this show is scripted, right??? If so, you wouldn’t be commenting on it like it’s real.

  37. Emily says:

    I despise Kris Jenner. I think she is a disgusting human being who is shameless and willing to do absolutely anything at all for money. Of course they haven’t had sex in years. She is a vapid monster.

    She flat out says that Kim is her favorite daughter, she has poor Khloe running around feeling tortured by the fact that Robert Kardashian probably really isn’t her real dad, all because she is and always was a pig. Kourtney clearly has seriously emotional issues and they all seem to come from her shitty childhood thanks to her deadbeat mom. Kim is like one of those pageant children, her mother has been breeding her as a trophy since the day she was born, but maybe the other two aren’t wrong for milking what they can financially. Why not? I can honestly say if she were my mother, we would not have a relationship at all.