Katie Holmes & Suri enjoy a real playdate; Katie could ‘blow Scientology wide open’

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Another day, another huge info dump on the Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise divorce situation. There’s a lot of stuff here, and I’m going to try and move through it as quickly as possible with a tabloid roundup at the end of this post. Ready?

First up — these photos of Katie, who is clearly enjoying her newfound freedom quite a bit, and now Suri is sharing in the wealth. After that ice-cream trip from a few evenings ago, Katie set up a playdate with a few of her new-old, non-Scientologist friends, and the ladies took their kids out for lunch and to the Children’s Museum in New York City. Look, Suri has friends! Real ones, not Scientologists. And they’re age-appropriate friends too. I’m overjoyed for the kiddo, who reportedly described the outing as “the best day ever,” according to Us Weekly:

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Since filing for divorce from Tom Cruise on June 28, Katie Holmes has been focusing her attention on their daughter, Suri Cruise, 6. The mother-daughter duo stepped out together Thursday with Holmes’ two friends and their two children for a lunch date at Alice’s Tea Cup in NYC.

Once they made it inside the whimsical restaurant after being swarmed by photographers, Holmes was able to relax. A witness tells Us Weekly the 33-year-old actress enjoyed french fries and ketchup at the kid-friendly restaurant — which offers fairy wings for children to wear during their meal. Suri played dress-up and shopped at the gift store before leaving.

Holmes made Suri’s day by buying her a star wand, book and feather headband. “Suri was extremely happy,” an onlooker told Us. “She was looking at everything behind the counter and literally said, ‘This is the best day ever!'”

Earlier in the day, Holmes and Suri visited the Children’s Museum of the Arts in Manhattan. The Jack and Jill star has stayed quiet on her split from Cruise, 50, after five years of marriage, but seems rather unaffected and has been keeping busy in the Big Apple.

[From Us Weekly]

Yay, Suri enjoyed the hell out of herself with some actual playmates! This is such a marked change from how Suri spent last summer, and the happy mommy-daughter day is tempered only by news that Katie will be bringing Holmes & Yang to Fashion Week for the very first time this September to premiere the Spring 2013 line. Maybe without Tom’s influence, the line won’t be so busted? Let’s not hold our breath on that one.

In other news, Tom’s camp is now attempting to spin the reason for the divorce by telling TMZ that Katie was, like, totally into Scientology and that her people are only leaking anti-CO$ news to hurt Tom. Because he’s just so sensitive, you see. There’s also a newly revealed photo from TMZ that claims to show Tom and Katie’s last supper as a couple in Iceland on June 16. She looks miserable; he looks clueless.

Meanwhile, the Hollywood Reporter has published a four-page article that contains a wealth of information — primarily concerning the CO$ angle of this story — including claims that “Katie was monitored as if she lived under the Stasi,” which gives credence to our story from last August that Katie’s world was full of surveillance and control. The article also discloses how critics of the CO$ are marvelling at Katie’s bold moves in the divorce thus far with remarks like “Katie could blow Scientology wide open,” “what Katie is doing is going to drive a wedge in a door that Scientology was trying to keep closed,” and “Katie ambushed Tom Cruise and in so doing outwitted some of the most controlling people on Earth.” There’s a lot of good stuff in the article (and I do suggest reading the whole thing), including more about Rupert Murdoch’s impact on the discussion as a whole, but I’m excerpting my favorite part, which is a statement from Jenna Miscavige Hill (the niece of CO$ head David Miscavige), who voices her support for Katie as well:

Holmes appears more aggressive and fearless than those who have taken steps to distance themselves from the church or have “blown” — Scientology parlance for leaving the church — according to one-time key members of the church who have left, many after years of soul searching, and endured what they claim was often harassment, intimidation and being cut off from their families.

Even Jenna Miscavige Hill, David Miscavige’s niece, who left the church in 2005, issued a statement Tuesday in support of Holmes and any concern she has over her daughter’s involvement in the church.

“My experience in growing up in Scientology is that it is both mentally and at times physically abusive,” Jenna said. “I was allowed to see my parents only once a week at best — sometimes not for years. We got a lousy education from unqualified teachers, forced labor, long hours, forced confessions, being held in rooms, not to mention the mental anguish of trying to figure out all of the conflicting information they force upon you as a young child. … As a mother myself, I offer my support to Katie and wish for her all the strength she will need to do what is best for her and her daughter.”

[From Hollywood Reporter]

The article also features many important points from ex-high-ranking Scientologist Marty Rathbun, who claims that he witnessed Isabella and Connor Cruise being turned against Nicole Kidman by Tommy Davis, head of the Celebrity Centre. Rathbun claims that those poor children were scheduled for daily sessions with Davis, who repeatedly told them Nicole was a sociopath, and the staff at the Cruise household were also instructed to help out with this nasty chore as well. How despicable.

Now onto this week’s tabloids. As expected, the Holmes-Cruise divorce was center stage in all three major publications this week, but they’re all at a disadvantage over the daily-updated entertainment blogs and websites. A few interesting tidbits can be shaken out though:

* Star takes the stance of describing how controlling Tom was as a husband and how “Katie first saw Tom’s control as love — but that changed.” Star also says that Katie has been unhappy “for the longest time” with no one to vent towards because “Tom had taken to having their home phones and her cell phone and email monitored.” Katie also supposedly decided last Christmas that she wanted out of the marriage, and she was able to manage some quiet meetings with her lawyer as well as — surprise — Sandra Bullock, who is all too familiar with getting out of a bad marriage.

* The Enquirer discusses how “Katie was fed up with the sham marriage” and felt alone while Tom was always away. She was also tired of Tom boasting about their amazing closeness as a family (i.e., what she felt was “his web of lies“) when, in reality, he was never around. Katie was also allegedly very upset about recent on-set photos of Tom with his Oblivion co-star, Olga Kurylenko; the tabloid also regurgitates the story about Katie being devastated over that W mag shoot wherein (a disinterested) Tom frolicked with two blondes. Whatever.

* In Touch plays the “poor Tom” card a little bit by saying that the actor “really thought he and Katie would grow old together” but that Tom is also very “angry” and plans to “fight” Katie’s demand for full legal custody. Katie, meanwhile, wants Suri to start first grade this fall instead of having Scientology-based homeschooling. In an amusing tidbit, IT also claims that Katie grew increasingly weary of Tom being gone for weeks and then swooping in for weekend-long photo ops as part of the tail end of a movie’s promotion. I can’t say I blame Katie at all for getting tired of that nonsense.

Now for more photos of Suri With Friends! Aside from the intrusive paps, Suri looked to be enjoying the act of interacting with children her own age.

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. brin says:

    This really is amazing to watch, never underestimate a woman who wants to take her life back (and her daughter’s)!

    • RocketMerry says:

      Amazing and reassuring, indeed.
      Katie is getting Suri’s life back to normality and childhood, which is great, and she’s doing it sort of publicly so it will help in the divorce. Which is double great.

      Also, “could blow $cientology right open”: AWESOME! Do it Katie! Do it!

      • flourpot says:

        flipflops! yay!
        a pretty braid to keep the hair out of her face! yay!
        playdate! yay!


    • Liv says:

      Seriously, Suri seems much more like a normal kid in the last couple of days than in the last six years! Good for her. I hope she can visit a regular school and have normal friends! And I keep saying, get the girl some pants! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • hmm says:

      it helps that she has the MONEY!
      my mom definitely wanted to take her life back and leave my dad for DECADES but couldn’t afford to be on her own.
      TO THIS DAY my mother is stuck in a horrible marriage because she can’t afford divorce/living on her own!

      • jazzmin says:

        There is always a choice, I don’t know your mother but it sounds like your mother is afraid to try it on her own. Fear stops her from living her life, not your dad.

      • flan says:

        More proof you should always stay financially independent.


    • JudyK says:

      Katie looks SO HAPPY…finally. And it’s obvious she’s a good mother.

  2. Anna says:

    I sooo hope Suri will be ok with all this and Katie get custody of the little child.

  3. Tillie says:

    No way, Suri interacting with other children, YAY ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice to see them out and about.

    (I know it’s super stupid and unfair, but when I look at Suri, all I can think about is that hilarious Burnbook)

    • jesstar says:

      LOL! Me too. I’m just as surprised she’s wearing flip flops as I am that she’s hanging out with other kids.

    • mary simon says:

      OMG – Suri associating with other children? I hope they’ve been sec-checked. They could be supressives!

    • Hautie says:

      I love that Burnbook!

      And I also love those turquoise sneakers, with the lime green laces! I wonder if those come in my size?

    • sarahtonin says:

      Yeah that whole ‘Suri the fashionista’ thing was offensive. I bet Tom’s PR people started that and the world blindly followed. We all know he expects his girls to look a certain way, dress a certain way etc, so of course he’d want his daughter in dresses and proper shoes.

      We’ve never seen her in jeans and flip flops or anything normal before. Great to see her finally being out with people her own age and dressing like a child.

  4. Mich says:

    Not only is Suri interacting with others the way she should but so is Katie. The difference is amazing. Katie, doing normal Mommy Days that the rest of us moms take for granted as par for the course.

    I love the line about swooping in for photo op weekends. The man would literally do the Price is Right product girl sweeping hand routine to show his human possessions off. It was revolting and skeevy.

  5. Amy says:

    Good for Katie! There is no better way for Suri to learn how to be a kid than to spend time with other kids – kids who haven’t had the same kind of fishbowl existence she has up until now. And here’s hoping that 98 percent of her play dates occur where there are no professionally-operated cameras.

  6. amoi says:

    if we all knew what katie was signing up for, why didn’t she? there were no secrets about who and what Tom is. i guess im just wondering why everyone is being so delicate with her, the poor katie…if this were anyone else people would be so full of we told you so’s, that’s what you get, she’s not a good actress anyway, you signed up for it, etc etc…i kind of think it’s because she’s sorta homely and that makes her endearing. if she was gorgeous the mudslinging would be going both ways.

    • Mich says:

      @ amoi

      This keeps being put out there on this site and then soundly shot down. As someone said so beautifully yesterday, don’t even start with that crap.

      • amoi says:

        what crap? i’m kind of confused. i am asking a serious question here and im not in the “know” about whats been discussed in this comment section. why would someon e willingly marry and conceive a child with someone who is in a cult and previously alienated children from their mother…what’s to be shot down? she’s a grown up and shares 50% of the blame. she’s not a hero, she’s finally being a mother.

      • Bad Irene says:

        I agree that it is crap the line of thinking that she knew what she was getting into. In my opinion Katie was in a very abusive environment and marriage. As such both Tom and the members of the CO$ started out as charming and caring people only to slowly reveal their true natures as manipulating and controlling. She is lucky she has such a strong supportive family that are helping her and Suri to get out.

        And to those who say she married him for the career bump and his money I say after all that she has had to endure she has earned it.

      • Mich says:

        @ amoi

        You seem to know more than you let on.

        Just in case you are on the inside, know that things are blowing up, an entire mission just blew and COB is most likely freaking out. Stay safe. Keep your stats up. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself and those you love.

      • mel says:

        @amoi – I agree with you 100% – so its not a stupid question. I am so happy she decided to put her daughter first and get out of her marriage with Cruise. I am sure she was madly in love and looked beyond all the crazy that Cruise has to offer – but STILL – I have often wondered why she got married and had a child with someone involved in such a horrid cult – not to mention someone who kept children away from their mother. While I applaud Katie Holmes I’m not TEAM KATIE.

      • Ali says:

        @ Mich I am really sick of you attacking anyone who remotly disagrees with your poor Katie view. I don’t view Katie as a victim and guess what I’m not with the C0$. She CHOOSE to marry and have a child with him then she choose to leave him. Not a hero. Everyone can have an opinion. And yes women who really are in bad relationships even if they are ‘love bombed’ are responsible for what happens. As a woman I am sick of people making excuses. Deal with life and move on.

      • Anne de Vries says:

        @ Ali

        Deal with life and move on.

        Isn’t that what she’s doing?

      • blonde on the dock says:

        amoi: I agree with you as well. We dont know what went on in this marriage.

      • bluhare says:

        Why not, mich? Starting with that crap is what we do here.

        But here’s hoping Surly Cruise goes back to being Suri Cruise.

      • Mich says:

        Et tu Bluhare?

    • Aussie girl says:

      Looks have nothing to do with it! Tom & CO$ are to blame!

    • Luckie says:

      Ummm, we like her and she has taken on two of the most powerful, Tom Cruise and Scientology. Katie shines from within now!

    • kay says:

      It’s always easier to see from the outside. Remember, he was love bombing her, along with lies and manipulations.

      They are good at what they do to get members, to get people to do what they want. With all the attention, the glamour of it being Tom Cruise! whom she had a crush forever anyway, she was ripe for it, poor girl.

      • RocketMerry says:

        Yep, NEVER underestimate the power of a crush. I would judge and bitch about my mates jumping in really stupidly bad relationships. Then MY crush asked me out.
        Don’t even get me started on the things that beast did. AND I totally knew, in the back of my mind, he was trouble, but I just believed every single word he said because the fact is, we are ALL that gullible, in the end (at least the first time).

        So, go Katie! I kind of understand what was going on here. Plus, you know… there’s the matter of when she auditioned at the co$ centre and disappeared for three whole weeks. Brain washing, anyone?

      • Anne de Vries says:


        She certainly came across as heavily mind altered at the time. Remember this?


        That’s not just a crush. That’s somebody who has been calculatedly swept off her feet with love bombing, no time to stop and reflect, and Co$’ particular brand of reality-altering, mind influencing techniques.

      • RocketMerry says:


        I know, right?! Can you imagine, what those crazies did to her for 21 friggin’ days?

        I wrote this before, but it bears repeating. She used to be in daily contact with her family and friends; no one heard from her or saw her for three weeks, then she came back, fired everyone in her team, cut all family contacts and started worshipping Tommy like a brain washed zombie. Something ain’t right here.

      • erika says:

        it’s the power of an ABUSIVE husband.

        TC is textbook abusive, it may not ever come through in a slap to the face, but in CONTROL methods…
        .. controlling the communication (surveillance on phones/email? Creepy!!!)
        …dictating her work projects
        …dictating how she dresses
        …dictating where they live
        …dictating on wellfare of Suri

        TC is a …dictator!

        but really, he’s an abusive husband, with a lot of power. and it can take years for women to overcome the “but he loves me so much” reasoning.

        The fact that she’s coming out with force is incredible, she’s over the hypnosis of “but he loves me so much”

        TC gonna find it hard to find another woman who’ll put up with that

    • Liv says:

      COME ON! You can say she could have know what her marriage would be all about, but that’s all. You can’t blame her that they spied on her, tried to brainwash her and treated her like a machine. That’s their fault!

      You know, when you ask little kids who’s fault it is, when a man convinces a child to go with him, they usually say it’s the child’s fault. Don’t make the same mistake.

    • tmbg says:

      Because people make mistakes. She was a mere 26 when she married him. When I look back at how naive I was even at that age and remember how love can really blind you at times, I understand why she fell for him. At the time I was thinking, “Why?” but I wasn’t in her shoes, being dazzled by a famous movie star that she probably idolized after she watched Top Gun or something. Maybe she thought she could change him and get the culties to back off. That’s a common thing when you’re in love too – thinking you can change the other person.

      I’d say she’s learned a great deal and in the future, will be cautious who she brings into her life. It’s one of those hard life lessons that stinks, but she’ll be the wiser for it.

      I’m 100% on her side.

      • TG says:

        Agree with you and all the other sane people on here. She made her mistake and we have criticized her for the last 7 years, rightfully so, but she has wizened up in a way none of us could have imagined and I am not going to bash her for getting away from those dangerous freaks. I am still in awe of her for her daring and bold escape and that her parents have supported her in this. I know someone who is now dead (thanks to her husband) who tried a similar escape but he killed her right before she could make the complete escape with their daughter. She did the secret cell phone stuff, setting up an apartment in another city, etc. He had monitored her every move, monitored internet and phone calls and visited her at work every day. Of course he got rid of all the evidence before the police showed up. Also, his first wife 20 years before was lucky enough to escape him using covert operations. If you don’t know anyone, or been in it yourself or able to think compassionately about this situation you will NEVER understand. And it is very hard to prove that someone is controlling, because everything that we normal people would see as proof can be interpreted in a different way. Also, they can make you think you are paranoid about everything.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      Amoi, I really don’t know. If you know active long term scientologists, I do admit they give off WEIRD vibes right away. It is hard for me to believe she had no idea.

      I think she with her catholic upbringing and strong family thought she could resist the crazy. I. Don’t think you can if you are toms wife. It took over and once you start getting worked on by them it is very diffiCULT to get out. Trust me my family members were not nutso before cos, just since joining. You get a very strange sense of I don’t want to be around these people anymore.

      The fair weather treatment, when they aren’t selling you on cos, is patently bizarre. Back when it was going on, I couldn’t figure out the strange conversations. After all these years and reading, I do.

      I remember her parents being skeptical, but she was in love with the idea of Tom and went for it. Was I imagining it or was tommy on jay Leno last night?

      With all this coming out I’ve been trying to do searches for my family. Can’t find them anywhere and the girl has been married so many times I don’t know what her last name would be.

      Even though I do believe Katie knew Tom worshiped a cult, how could you not? I think she thought she could deal. I wish her dad had put his foot down then.

      Where IS tommy Davis and why does Suri look more and more like him? I hope not because Anne Archer raised a little demon.

      Sorry for the rant, but as someone with firsthand experience, I find it hard to believe that a Scientologist does not ping your weirdo meter exponentially. BTW, I am not attacking Katie, obviously I am on her side. My family got sucked in, but not by Tommygirl, no stars to woo them.

      M and D, runnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
      I know OSA is reading and I don’t want to get them in trouble, but I want them to know we love them and will help them, so will your father. Break free for good!

      Sorry to rant, I just have personal and intimate knowledge of the cult. I even got an “assist” once to my dismay from the mistress, now wife, now ex wife. Something so weird I will never forget it.

      She can stay there.

      • Aussie girl says:

        Wow! You really do have a first hand insight into this cult. I’m sorry for what you have suffered with your family. But also thank you for your insight. Stay strong xox

      • Green_Eyes says:

        I am so sorry that you lost family members to this Cult. That is so sad. I hope one day they will see the truth before it’s too late.

        As for Kate, I am glad she saw the light. Though had her dad stepped in before I don’t think it would have mattered much. She was in love w/ her childhood crush & had that been made tabu…it only makes a young impressionable person turn to that person more. Speaking from experience…lesson I had to learn. WOW Surinam even has her hair out of her face & she does look so much happier. Katie does also..with them all the best & a long life together lw/o the cult or interference when all the divorce mess is over…

    • mercy says:

      “why would someone willingly marry and conceive a child with someone who is in a cult and previously alienated children from their mother?”

      I’ve wondered about this too, along with “Why now, on the eve of her new clothing line coming out?” If it keeps being put out there, it’s because it’s a legit question. It doesn’t take anything away from the creepy cult reputation of Scientology or its disciples like Cruise to ask questions. If anything it keeps the heat on her to spill the beans. I would love nothing more than for Katie to come clean about what really goes on in the CoS. I will be very disappointed if this turns out to be anything close to a publicity stunt that goes nowhere and ends with her taking a payout to keep quiet, as she has for the previous five years.

      • Green_Eyes says:

        For one I don’t see Katie’s parents playing into a publicity stunt. That’s a little too far fetched to try to get a clothing line launched. Especially when ole Tom wants her to be meek and mild. Successful line & go back to Tom… Not happening.

      • CC says:

        Most people approach this in the “I won’t let that happen” and “hoping for the best” (but tending to forget the “but expect the worst” part of the saying) and then get overwhelmed.

        Especially in this case where he’s far, FAR more powerful than she is. And had a huge sect of weirdos at his disposal, the extent of which I’m sure she only learned later on.

    • Nic says:

      That’s such a meaningless criticism. NOBODY knows exactly what they’re getting into when they get married.

      • anon says:

        This is so true. ITA If we could only see the end in the beginning, no one would ever make a bad decision. Hindsight is always 20/20

      • NerdMomma says:

        Yes, thank you! I divorced an alcoholic. Should I have known when I married him that he was an alcoholic? I don’t know. Were the signs there? I didn’t see them. He got worse over the years, but in the first couple of years we were in love and everything was great. I had children with him, too.

        Love makes you blind!!

    • Cam S says:

      @ amoi
      I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY. It seems if you have a contrasting opinion on this site, then you are WRONG. I think Scientology should be illegal! But, I’ll be darned if Ima get behind the “Poor Katie” band wagon. I actively followed their courtship, it was fascinating to see her being “groomed” for the cult. She lapped it up alright. I remember her saying how she had been “audited” and found it a wonderful experience.
      They were just dating at that point, but she chose to stay and participate. Now this is the man she chose to have a child with, she made her bed. NO sympathy for Katie, just little Suri

      • april says:

        I agree. It gets annoying when people don’t take responsibility for their own actions and play the victim card. I don’t blame Katie for getting out but give me a break, she had a lot to do with getting into this mess. I’m glad she’s getting out of a sham marriage. She has a beautiful daughter, she will get a lot of child support/alimony, she’s lucky to have a dad that’s a lawyer.

      • flan says:

        To be fair, they must have given her a good auditing experience.

        Probably they played relaxing music with incense burning, while they talked about her talents, subtly making her seem wonderful to them.

        I don’t think they went all out immediately with the blackmail stuff, especially with someone as famous as her.

    • k says:

      Well, if you ask Enty on CDAN, he will say it was all a contract. I tend to think it was a bit of infatuation + contract.

    • Zvonk says:

      Kate was love bombed by cruise from the outset. Any misgivings she may have had about scientology would have been addressed as “they’re all lies by ex members who are crazy” and “you know what the press is like, they make up shit to sell copy”. They will have shown her a PG rated version of scientology and convinced her that this was the “truth”.

      This “church” of scientology is quite practiced in their methods of indoctrination and it’s not hard to see that it would have been quite easy for them to put Katie’s fears to rest. You only need to look at the amount of members they’ve managed to accumulate.

      I’d like to add that most of us know people who enter bad relationships and those of us on the outside can tell from the outset that it’ll be disastrous, but the person getting involved doesn’t have a clue. That’s because it far more difficult for the person who’s getting into the relationship to stand back and be objective. Some of us have found ourselves in that very position, and can’t believe we were so stupid to ignore friend’s warnings. But at the time, we truly didn’t see what was really going on. Everyone who jumps in and accuses Katie of knowing full well what she was getting into seems to completely forget the narrowed vision that new relationships can produce.

      Kate has finally seen what the rest of us could see years ago. She should be applauded for exiting in such a level headed and organised way.

    • Mich says:

      @ Ali

      Can you please site references where I have been ‘poor Katie’? Because while I sympathize with her situation, I am on record as being far more ‘I hate what Sea Orgs are living with’.

      p.s. She didn’t “CHOOSE” she “CHOSE”…or so you say.

    • blah says:

      I seriously had no clue how batsh-t Scientology is until that video of Tom with the thousand yard stare spewing CoS rhetoric came out, which was some time after him and Holmes got involved. I should also note that around the time Holmes and Cruise got involved, I randomly befriended a Scientologist who managed to convince me that it’s not “Tom Cruise cult nonsense” but an organization committed to helping people and making them feel better. This person didn’t seem pushy or psycho about it in the slightest, and until I began researching the cult on my own I believed it and was even going to attend a Scientology hosted event with them. It frightens me bc I was going to go for the sake of being social, but could have easily been drawn in.

      My point is that it’s very, very easy to be drawn into the whole scheme by somebody who’s engaging and charismatic enough, and who makes you feel as though it’s going to compensate for everything your life is lacking. I maintain that the Scientologist I knew is and always will be a lovely but misguided person despite the fact they’re contributing to an evil scam and promoting it. Perhaps Katie thought the same of Tom.

    • Anne de Vries says:

      I’m just going to leave this link here:


      Does that read like somebody who was in a clear state of mind entering this relationship?

    • kg says:

      I think people tend to forget how early on in their relationship she got pregnant with Suri. (I say this because I have to remind myself of this all the time.)

      I think she was happy being a mom, and thought the tabloids and public just didn’t know Tom the way she did. I read somewhere that her parents weren’t happy about it, but realized that if she were ever going to try to get sole custody of Suri, that she would need to go through with the marriage and the guaranteed pre-nup money so she could afford to challenge him – which is why they didn’t protest and got the pre-nup structured the way they did, as an exit strategy. I am kind of convinced Martin Holmes is some sort of genius super lawyer as a result of this mess.

      • Tara says:

        I agree. Her parents voiced their objections then protected her in the best way they knew how once they realized she had made her decision … And the equation changed with a baby on the way. The way Scientology was sold to her was that it could simply complement and coexist with other belief systems such as Catholicism. From what I read, scientologists tend to deny their more heavy handed tactics designed to route anything and anyone not aligned with them… Making Scientology much more an invasive weed than the pleasant flower it’s sold as. A lot of belief systems, even with their historical abuses, have populations with much looser practices, eg most Catholics. I went to catholic school for twelve years; it would strain credulity that anyone would stalk me to bring my devoutly agnostic self back into the fold. With Katie’s catholic background, she probably chose to believe Tom and the handlers that the stories about Scientology abuses were lies, hyperbole or misrepresentations. I attribute the change in her expression over the years to her personal exposure to Scientology repressive tactics… Including the growing realization that the woman who brokered her marriage, Shelly miscaviage, cannot possibly be “on vacation” or “busy” for five years. Katie may have been a little slow about this realization, but stone cold stupid she’s not.

    • Mich says:

      ignore. a misplaced post ๐Ÿ™

    • irishserra says:

      @amoi: Ever been immature and “in love?” It happens to the best of ’em…

  7. Jackie O says:

    its nice to see pics of them doing normal stuff.

    tom needs to take note. his life only consists of CO$, making bad movies at an obsessive rate, and photo ops.

    he is such a FREAK.

  8. Thea says:

    I really hope she pulls this off. There was big scientology news last night that Herb Jentzer, who is way up the COS ladder hasnt been seen for years also, and that his 27 yr old son has died. The mother was marked suppressive and just found out or what have you. There needs to be a movie made about this right here, seriously. But not a Lifetime movie. I am glad she staying out in public at least we can see she is okay. I bet TC is raging.

    • Mich says:

      I read that story this morning and it is too sad for words.


      Village Voice has just posted a new story! “SCIENTOLOGY CRUMBLING: An Entire Church Mission Defects as David Miscavige Faces Leadership Crisis”

      Can we be honest? What fascinates us all about this story isn’t the celebrity angle, it is the Cult of Criminal Activity and Abuse and Joey Potter’s brave escape from its clutches.

      Personally, I love, love, love the number of smart, funny and insightful people (women!) applying their thoughts to these threads. It is why CB became and will always be my fave!

      • Aussie girl says:

        I totes agree ๐Ÿ™‚

      • apsutter says:

        I completely agree about CB. This was one of the first celeb sites that I started following religiously and the comment section spoiled me!!! The comments are usually the best part about this site. Imagine my disappointment when I found other cool sites (Mary Sue, Neatorama) and learned that most sites dont have a thriving community of awesome posters. Thank God for all you awesome gals who make my day, everyday.

      • erika says:

        me too! the only site i’ll even bother to think commenting on. I actually read all the comments too.

        I like the articles because they’re so well written,like a psychological analysis mixed with criminal detection as to why our celebs our so ‘F*****d up!they have nowhere to hide on celebitchy!

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      I read it too. Been trying to find my relatives and am readig every last bit of stuff I can.

      VV and the St. Pete times have great coverage as do some of the docs and the books.

      Lots of funny deaths and missing peeps in cos, huh? Can you say that about any other religion?

      • Aussie girl says:

        Again I can’t even fathome what you have been through. This just makes my blood boil even more @ this cult. They have set up shop here in Australia even saw a billboard in Melbourne! They must stop before they ruin more families & lives before its to late.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        @Aussiegirl, go back and read some of the threads and scan for my picture, read my posts. It’s too much to rehash every time but everyone should read them.

        Being close to the inside and having family members kidnapped and brainwashed gives me a different perspective. I don’t want to be too crazy and name names because each time they try to blow to my mothers, the black cars show up and take them away. It’s now been a few years that we are SPs. My family is in the sea org, used to be rich and now makes no money and scrubs floors with toothbrushes. TRUTH

    • tmbg says:

      I wonder if they just bump people off when they don’t need them anymore. I’d imagine that’s what they do if they suspect someone’s going to go AWOL.

      I read graphic novels and ironically one of them I just started reading revolves around a cult that has developed a deadly virus they want to release on the world. I think the CO$’s deadly virus are those stupid stands they set up at malls trying to recruit new sheep.

      They’re worse than the Mafia!

      • Aussie girl says:

        Will do @ TheOriginal xox. Again thanks for sharing your insight I know this must be painful for u

      • Anne de Vries says:

        They don’t bump them off, they hide them in a hole somewhere on a well-guarded base. Wish I was kidding..

      • Eve says:

        Far out they set up stands at malls? That’s crazy, I’m from Australia too and in Sydney they have a Scientology centre, I haven’t seen it recently but a couple of years ago it was all boarded up and looked abandoned/in the middle of renovations, but I got the sense it wasn’t as empty or abandoned as they wanted people to think.

      • sarahtonin says:

        eve: They always had a big presence in Melbourne’s CBD, handing out flyers for ‘free personality tests’ and giving away Dianetics books. They had the big sign up at Punt Rd so EVERYONE saw it. At one stage, when I was a teenager, you couldn’t go to the CBD without being approached. We all know who they are.

      • HelenaHandbasket says:

        @Eve I’m an Aussie too living in the middle of nowhere in the Northern Territory. Last year when the show came through, lo and behold there was a Scientology stall. I couldn’t believe that they had made it out this far! Nobody was interested at all luckily.

    • Esmom says:

      Oh geez, that makes me thing of J Travolta’s son who passed away. I always thought it was criminal that he couldn’t receive proper intervention for his autism since the Sci bots wouldn’t even acknowledge his disorder. Could they have possibly had anything to do with his death? ๐Ÿ™

      • jwoolman says:

        Autism wasn’t the killer- the boy had a drug-resistant form of epilepsy, which is really tough. Many petit and grand mal seizures even if trying to reduce them with powerful drugs. Short term and long term memory gets fried. They apparently were trying various drug treatments previously (I think they avoided naming his disorders properly in public to avoid Co$ problems). But sometimes the side effects are so bad that it’s a trade-off between length of life and quality of life. Also sometimes you have to go drug-free just to give the body a chance to recover from the side effects. They obviously tried to maximize the chance that someone would be able to intervene quickly in case of seizure, but at some point teenagers want a little privacy. And sometimes nothing can be done- life expectancy is often short. Travolta’s son apparently had a bad seizure and also fell as a result. His parents must have realized the odds were high that his life would be short, but it was still devastating. They did the best they could. I doubt that they allowed too much interference from Co$ in this matter but rather quietly skirted the rules, pretending he had some other disease to explain the treatments.

    • TG says:

      Apparantly there is a movie about the Co$ coming out soon with Philip Seymour Hoffman but they were too chicken sh*t to actually state that it is about them. Someone with more movie knowledge will know more than me. I was disappointed to watch Anderson Cooper’s segment last night on the Co$, he didn’t really explore too deeply and they didn’t even mention Miscavige by name. It was just a soft piece, we need the news people to get serious about this cult. Makes me lose a little respect for Cooper.

    • Stig says:

      There is a movie coming out in the fall called The Master and it is said to be based on the beginning of Scientology. I cannot wait for this. The trailers released promise a great movie.

    • Stig says:

      There is a movie coming out in the fall called The Master and it is said to be based on the beginning of Scientology. The trailers released promise a great movie.

    • gg says:

      There doesn’t need to be a movie about all the disappearing people and crimes – there needs to be INDICTMENTS and FEDERAL COURT CASE which investigates the colossal crimes of the cult. It’s all way overdue. Way, way overdue.

      • busy ramone says:

        THANK YOU

      • sarahtonin says:

        They nearly got a senate inquiry here in 2009 but it didn’t get enough votes. Hard to believe unless there’s more shills in parliament than we realise.

  9. Aussie girl says:

    Suri with friends! A real play date! I love it! She is still shy from all those paps that must have grown like gremlins sprayed with water lately. As far as the BS that Tom keeps spitting out well this has only just begun & is just the start of the shit there going to dribble out. Tom must be going crazy! Think his gone from totall control to none! Oh & I LOVED ruperts comments On twitter!

  10. tmbg says:

    That’s the way it should be! Kudos to Katie for getting her life on track and introducing Suri to normal kid activities. It’s not too late to save Suri from getting messed up if she has primary custody and can keep her away from the cult.

  11. NYC_girl says:

    Suri looks so pretty with her hair braided!

  12. Esmom says:

    Katie was in Jack & Jill? I guess I didn’t realize just how far she had fallen, lol.

    Enquirer’s line about Katie being” tired of Tom boasting about their amazing closeness as a family,” rings true to me. I don’t think he’s evil, just completely, utterly clueless about reality.

    • Mac says:

      Anyone that considers people as property and derives satisfaction from inflicting emotional anguish is disturbed.

      On the other hand Sandra Bullock deserves credit for having the courage to lend her support to Katie early on.

  13. Lizzie K says:

    I totally believe Tom is angry, and I think he may be experiencing some frustration and stress for the first time in a very long time at a situation that is totally out of his control. He was just like the rest of us and totally underestimated Katie. I love seeing her play him like a drum. Go Katie!

    • Dana says:

      I bet he is angry because he has nearly no public support and when he does try to get some sympathy, it is met with ridicule. Katie has not made one mistake since filing and the support for her is overwhelming.

  14. wilkiecollins says:

    I haven’t read this post yet, long time reader almost first time poster. But what I find most fasinating about it is the appearance of the sci-bots. They are not that bad here most likely because they are not feed but it supports all the information coming out about the sci-cult. This story has me hooked and this is the best website, read it every day.

    • Mich says:

      I’m finding myself wanting to lovebomb you now ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • wilkiecollins says:

        @Mich Will I be forced to were a joker grin when you lovebomb me, if so I running like Katie. lol

      • Mich says:

        ๐Ÿ™‚ Please, whatever you do, don’t! Just say no to the blinded by love on a motorcycle grin!

  15. DanaG says:

    Suri may even get to have some real actual friends! Have we ever seen pictures of her with children before? I guess Tom wouldn’t want her mingling with the non scientology kids wouldn’t want her to have her own mind. I think it is good that Katie is going out and about and doing normal fun things with Suri. Katie is looking so much more relaxed and I bet behind the scenes things are happening. So far she and her father seem to have had all their ducks in a row I hope that continues. Tom has already started his campaign. Not that I think it’s going to do him any good. No one feels sorry for him and everyone remembers he did the same thing and even worse to Nicole. I do hope the judge does things the right way I can imagine that Katie wouldn’t want Tom to be able to have Suri for days at a time that is how he and his people managed to turn the other kids off Nicole. It’s going to be very difficult keeping Suri away from scientology because Tom is Scientology. I am waiting for Tom’s team to start the mudslinging and they will for sure.

    • Elizabeth says:

      UR right. Everyone remembers what happened to Nicole Kidman and how she totally lost her kids in the divorce. Joint custody, my ass! I wonder if the court in NY will take jurisdiction because of this. The judge won’t say so but he/she will do it and give some bogus reason for taking jurisdiction even though Katie barely meets the residency requirements. He/she will “interpret” the law “broadly” and take jurisdiction. Would be interesting.

    • mercy says:

      I hope she gets full custody and he is only allowed supervised visitation, and I hope she calls Nicole in to testify about how Tom and CoS alienated their children from her. I would also like Katie to acknowledge that by giving Tom cover, she helped him run roughshod over Nicole.

      • mayamae says:

        Yes and yes! I support Katie but she was complicit to some extent with alienating Nicole’s kids – in my opinion.

  16. Eleonor says:

    I think this divorce is going to be an epic mess like we haven’t seen in years, since Princess Diana divorced from Prince Charles for example.
    Katie is playing the pr very well, I bet Tom must be furious jumping all over the couches.
    All the statements from the ex-scienologists which confirm that Nicole was cut off from the life of her children are terrible.

    • Esmom says:

      LMAO at the idea of an angry Tom jumping furiously all over the couches. He’s truly become a laughingstock, hasn’t he?

      • Eleonor says:

        Yes, and If I think how Tom used to be HUGE (and hot) in the ’80s I really can’t understand what happened to him.

    • Raven says:

      Does anyone wonder whether she and Nicole have spoken since Katie filed for divorce? Nicole might be able to contribute a lot since she apparently made a lot of mistakes in her divorce. Or maybe they spoke before Katie filed.

  17. AnneOriginal says:

    Yesterday I was reading “People” that came out before the split was announced. There was an interview with Tom, and he mentions Katie or “Kate” in practically every answer he gave.

    I hope Suri can escape the clutches of the cult.

  18. Jacq says:

    I think that Katie is making these daily photo ops to show both the stark contrast to her time with Tom, as well as to prevent someone from doing anything to them (ie: some crazy Scientology kidnapping).
    I hope that she has a career resurgence. I really think Tom had a hand in putting her in such shitty films to stymie her career on purpose.

  19. dorothy says:

    This is the first time Iv’e seen Suri with other children. Finally some normalcy in this childs life. So glad you woke up Katie.

    • Eleonor says:

      Yeah it’s so refreshing, Suri doing children stuff, with real children and not scientologists.

    • Elise says:

      I think the women with her are her sister(s) and their kids (Suri’s cousins). Sending Suri to a real school this fall for 1st grade will do her a world of good in every way! I hope that’s what Katie is planning. It would also help her custody case if Suri is settled into a school routine, right?

      • stop the madness says:

        i was wondering if they’re related. does anyone know?

        i’m happy for katie and suri. they seem much healthier and happier now.

      • Esmom says:

        I love how the slightly older girl seems to be protective of Suri, so sweet.

      • Happymom says:

        I think they must be relatives. I can’t imagine saying to new friends: “Hey, want to walk with us and our body guards and 200 papparazzi snapping our pics and yelling our names and asking questions. Oh-and the COS might start harassing you because you’re now friends with us. Meet you at 10!”

      • RHONYC says:

        i was thinking EXACTLY the same thing!

        i’m thinking those are the elder Holmes sisters and Katie’s niece & nephew (they both look like Suri).

        notice Katie’s diesel shoulder’s & arms!

        girlfriend looks like she’s been doin’ pushups by the 100s. she’s got 2 tickets to the gun show, her sis’ 4 backup & is ready for war!

        ‘We are fa-mi-ly! I got all my sis-tas with me’!

        yeah, uh-huh! lol ๐Ÿ˜€

      • stop the madness says:

        good point. it would be a little much to ask someone you just met. i’m glad suri has her own support system. so cute.

  20. Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

    After reading everything on here about the CO$ they sound like a bunch of BMFs. Maybe I should join uo so they can sort out a few people for me.

    Kidding. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. lilah says:

    go katie

  22. Aria says:

    I see “life” in Katie. The hair, the skin, the body, the face are glowing!!!
    It’s like having the old Joey Potter (?) back!!!

    This is going to be THE DIVORCE of the decade, for sure.

  23. Liane says:

    Suri: “โ€œthe best day ever,โ€ — that broke my heart just a little. Poor previously isolated girl. Keep up the good work, Katie!

  24. Aria says:

    Wait! Do you remember Suri’s birthday photos from last year? She spent it with adults by a pool instead of kids. It was so sad.

  25. normades says:

    Suri going to 1st grade in a REAL school! Yeah!

  26. Mich says:

    So many of of us have read up on this cult and how it cruelly isolates its members/servants/minions. Given what we know about CO$ trolls and the reality of their daily life, what do we do when we see them here? Ignore, lambast, engage in debate or show them a loving outside world? There is definitely a core group of posters on these threads. Is CB group think in order?

    • Aria says:


    • OriginalTiffany says:

      There are actually instructions about how to deal with them.

      Just ignore. Amoi, for instance shows OSA signs. Remember these kids are not taught in regular schools, they have terrible sentence structure, weird comas, semicolons, etc.

      You can kind of tell. Ignore. They are zombies doing their jobs so they don’t get thrown in the hole. My family members are in the sea org, which is why I am so scared to name names. Who knows what would happen?

      • Mich says:

        Normally I would be all for ignore but the org is teetering and we have actual access to the trolls because CO$ has chosen CB as a site worth engaging. Maybe it is time to change the game and feed them info that they are kept from instead of acerbically shutting them down and out?

        Honestly, I have no idea about the best way to handle. My soul bristles at treating them badly because I see them as victims in need of a safe impression of the outside world.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        See that’s the rub. The people trolling are billion year members who face severe punishment if they don’t do what they are told and if they don’t meet their numbers.
        While the higher ups get all my vitriol, I feel sorry for the minions. That’s why I ignore. Somewhere they too have a family who will hurt when their cult member gets into trouble. I don’t want to get them in trouble.

        The big guns and cult itself I will cut to the quick as I have for years. I just know what happens to members that are suspected of wrongdoing.

      • Mich says:

        I wish there was an easy answer. It is all very heartbreaking.

      • sarahtonin says:

        I noticed that too about how to pick out their posts. I wanted to comment on it but feared calling someone illiterate would violate code of conduct rules.

        They don’t use the Shift key, so no capitals at the start of sentences, in fact, hardly any punctuation at all and they are obviously sympathetic to Tom. I figured it was because they don’t have time for an education when they are too busy running around in circles catching alien spirits in butterfly nets.

    • Anne de Vries says:

      I tend to go with a combination of compassion and thought-provoking.

      There’s somebody in Clearwater who uses a sign that says ‘If you changed your mind, how would you leave the Sea Org?’ – I think that’s brilliant. It’s an uncomfortable question, and less easy for people to dismiss than ‘extreme’ negative opinions which I tend to think get sort of auto-filtered by scientology mental imprinting.

      • mayamae says:

        That guy is on youtube. You see the CO$ following right on him, covering his sign with umbrellas, etc. I’m not sure if that’s Anonymous. You can tell by the sound of their voice’s if they’re wearing the mask, but some places prohibit masks and Anonymous has to risk showing their faces.

      • Anne de Vries says:

        Could be an ex or an ally. *shrug* I tend to go with the definition that everybody who doesn’t attach their name to their activism more or less falls under Anonymous if they want to.

        Doesn’t matter though – it’s an excellent question to ask those on the inside, and I like his asking “what’s so bad about my sign?” too. Because if there was a simple answer to ‘how would you leave’ then there would be no problem with that sign.

  27. Rory says:

    That poor child really hates being papped, doesn’t she?

    • Maria says:

      Yeah.. It’s no wonder why Katie carries her so often. Suri is probably scared about the papz. Even little kids aren’t out of limits.




    • jwoolman says:

      One of the Gosselin kids hated the cameras so much that he went ballistic over school pictures. He was okay with the regular camera crew he knew, however. In pap videos and still pictures, you could see and hear how distressed he was. His awful mom just yelled at him for it, but his dad would just quietly pick him up like Katie does with Suri, let him hide his face from the paps, and dad would safely carry him through it. The kid was about Suri’s age. In these pictures, you can see Suri is using her stuffed animal and blanket to hide while walking, while the other kids are just looking at the cameras, not afraid but not exactly thrilled. So Katie has definitely been doing the right thing carrying the kid so much.

      If Katie has been under surveillance by Co$ or Tom all this time, it might explain why Suri wasn’t seen playing with other kids even in playgrounds. Katie might even have been told to keep her away from non-Co$ kids. Interesting that she right away has Suri playing with other kids in the playroom of the new apartment building and is very publicly out and about with related children and Suri. Suri might do just fine now that she’s able to be around kids her own age all the time. The real trick will be how to keep Tom from undoing it all during visitation.

  28. mln76 says:

    I couldn’t be more impressed with Katie Oh and Alice’s Tea Cup is such a great place for adults and kids!!!

  29. Liz says:

    As Lainey said Katie is totally Harry Potter!! Go Katie go!!

  30. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    I don’t know why, with all the stuff that’s come out about the abuse and physical assaults, parental alienation, etc. about CO$ in recent years, the police aren’t investigating. Those are crimes!

    I really hope Katie brings this mockery of a church down and TC with it! So sick of TC and the Travolta’s lies about how their marriages are so perfect and everything is wonderful all due to CO$. From what I’ve read it’s truly evil and I think Katie is totally right getting her daughter away.

    I’d be frightened to let my child be with TC and those people overnight as [pwell…look at all the brainwashing they did with the other kids about Nicole. I’m sure Tom will promise that he would never do that, but I’ll bet he said the same thing about Nicole. He keeps his hands clean, but he knows exactly what is going on. That he would allow people to alienate his older kids from a mother who loved them? That is horrible. Guaranteed he’d do the same to Katie. It’s clear that CO$ directs those in the church not to have any contact with those who have left, so I don’t know how he could truthfully say he’d be okay with real joint custody or even visitation. I can see it now…”Oh Suri doesn’t want to do see Nicole” blahblah. They’ll make it all on the kid!

    Go Katie!

    • CC says:

      They’re all scared of them. As someone pointed out, CO$ are like the mafia. Remember those “operation freakout” crap?

      Trying to criminally frame/get them committed to an asylum for the insane someone for “daring” to go against them?


    • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

      I wonder why there are not multiple levels of state & federal investigations. RICO, child labor law violations, kidnapping, false imprisonment? Just do NOT get it. This is what we have government.

    • LeeLoo says:

      When Obama became elected, he made revoking Scientology’s tax exemption status a priority. However, I think that he worried about becoming Bill Clinton and getting the justice department involved. I’ve said it before, but the last thing anyone wants to have happen is for $cientology to turn into another Waco/David Koresh or a Jonestown/Jim Jones type of ordeal. From a political standpoint, Jones town lost the election for Gerald Ford and Waco lost Bill Clinton congress. If you alienate Scientologists they will just further retreat and something drastic will happen. The potential for so many innocent men, women and children to die if it turns into a fire fight is very VERY high. The United States government understandably does not want to be responsible for the potential high loss of human life. I think this is one of those issues that Obama will make good on provided he is reelected.

      • busy ramone says:

        Oh COME ON. If Obama was going to do it, he should have done it at any point in the last 4 years. Don’t make this out to be some bullshit strawman to campaign for his re-election.

        It’s hardly as dramatic as you make it out to be, comparing it to Waco??! LOL

        It only takes a few strokes of a pen which he has indicated by invoking his executive powers several times that he is fully comfortable doing so.

        The real question that should be asked is that given Scientology’s documented past success with infiltrating the American and Canadian governments – are there still Scientologists holding influential positions in the White House and is that the REAL reason why Obama hasn’t revoked their tax-exempt status.

    • sarahtonin says:

      Not to mention CO$ have made a point to infiltrate places of power and influence so they can stop any inquiries from happening in the first place.

  31. Cam S says:

    Why does everyone assume she is divorcing Tom over Scientology? She WILLINGLY participated as I recall. Also, when they were first dating, she had a “shadower”, a Scientologist that followed her every move.

    Hello! Didn’t that clue her in on what was to come? I remember seeing the pics of it in the tabs and it looked sooooo creepy. Literally a lady standing behind her, watching Katie.

    Not a Katie OR Tom fan. Also not a fan of divorce, especially to leave someone over a “religion” that their partner OPENLY expressed and participated in actively. It’s not like he hid his “beliefs” from her. Scientology is a SCAM &amp A CULT, she willingly participated in it with Tom from the very beginning! So the divorce has to be over something else or an accumulation of things imo

    And where the heck is David Miscavige’s wife???
    I’ve been wondering that for YEARS, & now the rest of the tabs are JUST NOW catching on. My ex roomie is a former Scientologist from Clearwater. Left her in the poorhouse after just a few “classes”. I’m not religious, but I can LITERALLY walk down the street and into any Christian church and they will tell me ALL ABOUT Christianity FOR FREE!

    • wilkiecollins says:

      This is America people are free to change their minds, even you!

      • Cam S says:

        @ wilkiecollins
        Yes of course, I understand. She changed her mind (good for her). I just don’t understand all the “poor Katie” and “run Katie” comments. She wasn’t forced into a marriage with a cult member

      • Mich says:

        Are you suggesting that once she finally realized the true scope she should have just shrugged and accepted her and Suri’s fate?

      • CC says:

        +1 to Mich.

        How “dare” people that get into drugs/alcoholism/cigarettes/<> try to change their path.

        Not sure how sarcasm comes across, but you get my point. If anything people should ALWAYS have the right to right a wrong.

    • Anne de Vries says:


      Does that read like somebody who was going into this with open eyes and full awareness?

      If you have an ex roomie who used to be a scientologist then I would assume you have an understanding of how they draw people in – and of the mind altering techniques they have to divorce people from reality and make them more susceptible to control from the cult.

  32. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    It’ll be ironic if this little mouse of a woman brings down the rich and powerful CO$! Gosh, I’d love to see it happen!

  33. Paloma says:

    I don’t think she is interested in taking Scientology down and I think part of the socializing with non- Scientology people is part of rubbing it in Tom’s face. (I would do the same thing).

    • Esmom says:

      Agreed. She just wants to protect her daughter, imo, not be responsible for taking down the whole ship of crazy.

  34. Paloma says:

    After reading this article I feel so mad at Tom. Who does he think he is? Never around, controlling every aspect of Katie’s life …… I can’t stand it! Go Katie go!

  35. Rianic says:

    I think her lawyers should request psychological testing for all parties. Maybe Nicole Kidman’s dad can come do it. Bwahahahahahaha

  36. liteNOTSObrite says:

    I think the case against Scientology is already blown wide open. All that’s lacking is a spokesperson or face to front the cause against it in the same vain Tom was originally used to support the church.

    • k says:

      I agree; there have been enough folks who already testified against the CoS. Perhaps Holmes will be the celebrity figurehead that was lacking. She could join forces with Lisa Marie Presley.

  37. serena says:

    LOL what the heck as Sandra Bullock to do with this?

    • Lucy2 says:

      I thought that was weird too but if it’s true she and Katie have been talking for a while, Sandra should work for the CIA- she sure knows how to keep a secret!

  38. Jayna says:

    Well, as Dr. Phil says, you teach people how to treat you. He dated Penelope Cruz for three years. I’m sure he tried to take over aspects if her life and career. She’s the Independent type to say no from the beginning unless it is help or advice she wants. But they probably ended over her disinterest in Scientology. She and Tom are still friends.

    Katie could have said no to the plane forcefully if he pushed and that would have been
    the end of it. I think she was all too willing a participant in the first two years. Eventually
    she felt stifled, but the pattern was set. It’s why I nor my friends had any use for him or Katie during that beginning period. All that tonguing for the reporters ad nauseum and
    silly gushing. Nichole never acted like that from the get-go, class all the way. Katie was the perfect person to bring out the worst in Tom’s controlling tendencies. They
    were like a perfect storm, charming controlling older man mates with docile younger woman willingly accepting his extreme interest in her life and career. — until one day she woke up.

  39. Trish says:

    Katie is strong carrying Suri,..the poor girl is almost younger than her years with the life she has so far led..her behaviour is almost like a much younger child at times. it also must be difficult to always have photographers around…as long as Katie doesn’t carry her around when she’s bigger than she is… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. Sonia says:

    Scientology aside (which is hard to do in this case) I see a woman, miserable in her marriage, trying to leave it with her child. It doesn’t matter if dad’s beliefs have anything to do with anything, or if mom knew about his beliefs or not. Maybe mom tried it, didn’t like it, and is choosing to leave over it.
    Dad, even though he had custody of his other kids, didn’t raise them, his mom and sister did. One only needs to look at his work schedule for the last 6 years, compared to mom’s work schedule for the past 6 years, and you can see Mom has been a full time mom for most of that time.
    I’m afraid with all the Scientology bullshit thrown in the mix, it turns this into a Katie vs. the cult lawsuit instead of a divorce/custody lawsuit. Replace Scientology with Lutheran church, and it’s not that scandalous. Yes Scientology is the scariest thing I’ve seen, and it needs to be taken into account, but seriously, I don’t think Mom is trying to tear down this cult. She is just trying to get out with her daughter.

    • Jayna says:

      Bingo. A common sense post. All these silly comments that she’s going to be the spokesperson taking down the cult is ludicrous. And it wasn’t just Scientology. She wanted him home more. She didn’t seem to like being on the road like Angie and Brad. She hated his controlling nature. Their marriage has crumbled for many reasons. All she is doing is using all the leverage she has to get primary custody so Suri isn’t on the road and to make sure she isn’t educated and raised as a Scientologist. That’s
      her only interest and getting on with her career, not spending all her energy and time taking down an organization. Katie barely can give a
      good interview. I highly doubt she wil be the voice of the movement to take down this cult. There are articulate high-ranking ex-Scientologists devoted to that and will use this divorce publicity to get more focus on their effort. She just wants to move on with her life, not destroy Tom.

    • Kiyoshigirl says:

      Well said Sonia! Katie is a woman trying to leave a bad marriage with her child. I don’t think it behooves Katie for us to put the onus of bringing down Scientology on her already burdened shoulders. Yes, Scientology rightfully worries us and there are thousands of people who need help to escape their grasp, but Katie is not their mentor. She was in, and now apparently out, of the cult in a short period of time, and frankly most likely sheltered from some of the more disturbing aspects due to her husband’s status in the organization. There are thousands of others who are much more deeply entrenched in the guts of this group. Katie wouldn’t be able to related to their stories because she has not experienced them.

      This is a young woman who simply wants to return to living a normal life…going to the store, out to lunch, grabbing ice cream with her daughter. She’s not out running around town to stick it to Tom or make herself seen so Scientology doesn’t kidnap her and her child. She’s just going about her life, plain and simple. That’s all.

      I think some of this is being blown into far more than it is. Nicole Kidman lost her children to Tom during the height of his Hollywood power and fame. He got away with that. Out side of Scientology, his level of power and fame in the general public has plummeted; however his public exposure has been magnified. He knows he can’t pull the same antics, and so do the people around him.

      I’m all for supporting a single mom going through a tough divorce, but I’m not going to put the weight of bringing down COS on her.

  41. sapphire says:

    Sort of OT and frivolous-anyone know the designer for Katie’s cute flowery shoes the other day?

    Ahem, back on-I get peeved with the whole halo or pitchfork question-I have never yet seen a person make a decision for one reason only. Anyone consider that Katie may have been a smart, modertaely talented girl who was blown away that a super star teenage crush fell for her? And since he was just coming off a two year relationship with Penelope Cruz who is catholic, clearly did not appear bigoted?

    I have less sympathy if her life didn’t turn out the way she planned, a few movies, being a dancer (anyone remember the “Lola” video? Oy!) or designing. So she didn’t really have a talent for any of the above. But general boredom and misery didn’t produce this clearly welll organized breakout. Just a guess but I think some event or issue pertaining to her daughter sparked this. And for that, kudos.

    • Fue McCormick says:

      I don’t think the shoes had flowers on them … I think they were tomatoes. I don’t remember the designer (Lagerfeld, Valentino?)but he/she/it did a whole line with vegetable prints. Joan Rivers was wearing the tomato jacket a few weeks ago on Fashion Police

  42. bagladey says:

    This is great. I read another article somewhere where the neighbours in Katie’s new apartment building said that Katie and Suri were in the building’s kids’ room (playing with other kids!) and that they were “friendly”.

  43. amanda says:

    Oh man, now I just really want to see the fallout from Katie taking Suri to a Catholic church Sunday.

  44. Samantha says:

    She’s actually dressed like a little kid for once. Love it!

  45. Green_Eyes says:

    For those that don’t think Tom could be so evil thru the divorce or in marriage…. BET ya didn’t think he would come off looking like an overgrown in heat silly love sick fool on Oprah either, jumping up and down on her leather couch..but he DID!

    Having ex family members that are bi-polar ..they can be charming, loving, persuading, etc… to no end one minute and the next controlling, obsessed, jealous, manipulative, suspicious, paranoid the next. And since we all know Tom & his crazy Cult’s stance when it comes to mental illness..don’t see Tom taking any meds to level
    out. Don’t know how anyone can live like that, but sadly, there are people that believe it’s not love unless the other ‘cares’ that deeply. Bet Tom thought he was getting an innocent naive Kitten this time….but look out Kat has claws and is protecting her child from a crazy Cult. Tom is way to lost in this cult…they knew what they were doing when they picked him….

  46. eb says:

    Everyone is expecting this to be the flash point that brings down Scientology. I wonder if prominent ex-scientologist, like Lisa Marie Presley or Paul Haggis have been approached for comment. Can you imagine a group of celebrity ex-scientologists navigating the halls of Congress speaking in hearings to get the tax-exempt religious status away from Scientology. Or get the Justice Department to investigate them as a cult. Either of those things could lead to the destruction of the cult. Or all they all too afraid of the blackmail?

    People should be getting together and planning this. Maybe a march in DC of ex-scie family members and the pictures of the loved ones they’ve “lost.”

    Or is this only going to be an issue that stays in gossip columns?

    • LAK says:

      I don’t think you will see Paul Haggis speaking out against scientology.

      He spoke out about the church but not the belief system. His interview concludes on that note.

      ditto that woman from Florida.

      Lisa Marie Presley on the other hand appears to have rejected the church and the belief system.

      Many of the ex-co$ are speaking out against David whathisname because they genuinely, as we do, see that he is a megalomaniac who terrorises them but they all seem to want to remain with the belief system.

      Of course on the otherhand this could be a form of protection ie can’t outright reject the cult for fear of retribution from other members and or being deemed SP if they still have family members therein.

      It does make me wonder though about Tom Cruise.

      He had to have had the qualities within him that co$ successfully pandered to.

      Take away the co$, you are still left with a controlling, overbearing calculating man with a napoleon complex.

      i think co$ was/is the easiest way to hurt him but should he renounce them, the rest will still be there.

      Have you read this extract from an ex-universal publicity who had to work with him?


      To me that says more about Tom Cruise’s real character than co$ ever will.

      • Lindy says:

        Actually, in the Haggis piece in the New Yorker, there are at least two places where he actually pushes away from the belief system itself, not just the church and its terrible practices.

        The first is described when he first gets to level OTIII and is allowed to read the Xenu materials. He finds he cannot even begin to know what to do with them, and openly says in the article that he thought perhaps it was meant to be a test–if you rejected them you passed the test.

        The second is much later, when he has decided to leave the church and is having conversations with Tommy Davis, Ann Archer at al. and the article openly states that Haggis was never a fervent true believer when it came to the actual doctrines; rather, that it was the practical side of the CO$ “tech” that initially appealed to him.

      • LAK says:

        @Lindy – the ‘tech’ side is what co$ is. Their belief system is essentially a very expensive and extreme self help programme. The doctrines similar to mantras that you get per level you pass.
        They don’t tell their followers about Xenu from the outset or give them the entire set of doctrines, meaning they can’t have a chance to decide that they believe in this Xenu diety until far into the belief system. All other religions give you this information from day one, and then indocrinate you into the belief system. So you do the ‘tech’ side whilst knowing about the diety/full set of doctrines and having made that choice from the outset rather than afterwards when you don’t have the capacity to think clearly.

        The fact that they use the self help sessions for negative things and harrass and intimidate their members, is what many ex-co$ people are speaking out against.

        Paul Haggis explains all of that in great details. I am not saying he believes in the intimidation tactics or the way the church is run. He gives the distinct impression that he was never involved that way. The fact that he didn’t run when they told him about Xenu or even have a proper crisis of religious conscience shows that he adhered to the belief system. He only ran when the practices went against his personal non-religious beliefs.

        It’s the same as a born again fundamentalist of whatever religion who truly believes in diety and doctrines vs someone who believes but isn’t fanatical about it and doesn’t necessarily attend their church every week or every day and can pick and choose which doctrines to live by but not necessarily all of them. I put Paul Haggis in the second category.

        Finally as i said in my post, perhaps that final caveat of still having the co$ belief system despite ex-communicating themselves is self protection from the ones still in it.

  47. Marybel says:

    CDAN says the Cruise camp will begin next week to leak damaging information about Katie to turn the tide. All they are worried about is that damn fake religion.

  48. judyjudy says:

    This story is fascinating and all, but am I the only one not looking forward to reading about it all summer?

    And I agree that Scientology is nutters, but is what they do really worse than what a lot of groups do in the name of organized religion?

    • Happymom says:

      If you are seriously asking that, you need to do more reading on COS.

      • CC says:

        yea, just google the CO$ stuff and operation freakout, for example. That should tell you how much of an “organized religion” they are.

  49. LAK says:

    Without reading the post or comments, can i say that i am disturbed by the top picture. That poor child has been so terrorised by the paps that she can’t just walk without hiding her face.

    I blame both her parents for putting her in this situation. It isn’t as if they couldn’t afford to legally enforce her anonymity.

    • Mich says:

      I don’t know that I agree. Tom definitely seemed to treat outings as a public showing and he was in full control. Katie endured years of ridicule for carrying her child despite the fact that the child seemed to be hiding – from the crush of screaming paps – in her arms.

      I would agree with you if I thought that Katie had any real control of the situation leading up to the divorce filing. Post filing, they are being hunted.

      What is the answer? Never let the child outside?

      • LAK says:

        I have always tried not to read suri threads/stories because it was so obvious from the pictures that the paps were distressing her. I have always thought that carrying her was because of paps not because she was spoiling her. And she didn’t do that nearly enough. Laterly both Kate & TC had taken to carrying her with her face hidden in their necks/shoulders which shows how much she was distressed by the paps.

        The videos are worse because she is hiding her face, she is asking the paps to stop and for the most part Katie would just stand there and not do anything. And the bodyguards doing the same. Perhaps told by the sciloonies not to do anything, but i always found that distressing and i am still finding it distressing.

        Right now Katie is playing the pr game of her life, but i wish she would take Suri out of it. No one is in doubt that she needs to get away from Tom. Suri, on the other hand shouldn’t be papped.

        In Britain you can’t show pics of the kids without parental permission which makes any family pics worthless.

        Didn’t Jackie Kennedy went to court to protect her kids from paps?

        One of the reports says Katie is in a building with an underground car park – or was that another lie to throw off Tom. Couldn’t she use it to get from her building to where ever they are going? They could cover themselves with blankets whilst existing the car park so paps don’t realise they are in the moving cars. That’s how Princess Diana got around if she wanted to slip out from palace without ever present paps following her. She even managed to slip her boyfriends into the palace the same way.

        Katies could also instruct those burly guards to create a wide circle/pathway through the paps from building to cars and always carry suri to the cars. Walking with her just gives paps opportunities. Many dignitaries do this wity their bodyguards which prevents them being jostled. Those pics from Project runway showed that the bodyguards were not doing this. Katie herself was being jostled.

        Whether she likes it or not, they both will be subjects of interest for a very long time, so she can’t walk around NYC as though she is a regular person or even a regular celebrity ex-wife of a movie star. This was true before the divorce too.

        I know all my suggestions are OTT but seeing Suri like that is so distressing.

        I blame TC for using Suri as a pr prop to burnish his nice family man image but i also blame Kate for continuing to distress her like this. Especially as she doesn’t need to visually show that she’s a single mother now? Submission of his diary in court is proof eneough.

      • Mich says:

        I find myself agreeing with everything you say. Poor Suri clearly HATES the paps and I don’t blame her one bit.

        I live in a country where inter-racial families were illegal 18 – 20 years ago and all of my (5) children are adopted and another race. My youngest is now 12 and I can’t even begin to explain the intrusive scrutiny we endured in the first few years we came together as a family. We walked a constant tightrope of how much to be open to curiosity and how much to shelter the babes.

        You do the best you can and learn from mistakes along the way.

        We haven’t seen pics of Katie walking out the front door with Suri lately. Are we sure they aren’t being followed out of their garage?

    • jwoolman says:

      At this time, public exposure is protective. Hard on the kid, but it would be worse if the Co$ gets their hooks into her.

  50. Djinn says:

    Am I the only one that finds the endless pictures of that poor child really creepy. She clearly hates the pap attention and it’s no wonder, she’s a small child and there are strange freaky looking adult men (seriously have you seen paps? Most look like the creature from the black lagoon after a 30 year donut binge) screaming her name and shoving cameras in her face. Surely celeb stories could be reported without the photos of the children or at least not as many of them. Her parents chose their industry but that kid has had every inch of her privacy stolen and sold. It just seems wrong to me.

    • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

      Agree! Even creepier in pic #2 Suri has the identical face of Tommy Davis. Wonder if professional has ever analyzed those two faces using computer? Wonder if this info is secret Katie Weapon? Could she have Ben artificially inseminated with TD while being told it was TC?

      • LAK says:

        I think Suri is TC’s child. You can’t compare him now, with all the surgical enhancements he has made to his face. You need to google pics from very early in his career before the alterations. 1981-83.

        I think Suri mostly looks like Katie. The slanting eyes are probably inherited from TC’s mother.

      • Esmom says:

        I think the “Tommy Davis is Suri’s father” angle is tantalizing because it makes this whole thing even more scandalous, but I highly doubt it’s true. Yes, there may be a coincidental resemblance, but that happens all the time.

        For many years when I was a teen people thought this other girl I worked with was my twin sister but we’re not related. Pure, odd coincidence.

        You can see that Suri resembles Tom and his family, along with Katie, too.

      • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

        @LAK @Esmom you may be right about TC as Dad but then what is yr take on
        1. Mimi Rogers claimed he was shooting with blanks

        2. Why did he & Nicole adopt when she was a young & apparently fertile woman if they were anxious for children?

        3. Suddenly he finally has a bio child but wife 3 chosen after some screening looks very like Tom? Also Cruz did too. Mayb more narcissm but maybe to make parentage spec harder

        Also possible I am remembering old creepy Big Love plot line with all the talk re cults!

      • LAK says:

        @Bored surburban housewife – i can’t believe you are making me defend TC when i very much dislike him the overbearing rumplestilskin he is. Please don’t judge me on this, but know that i type this out with bile in my mouth.

        1. This is what Mimi actually said that’s been re-interpreted to mean that he is sterile.

        Rogers joked in a 1993 Playboy interview that ”Tom was seriously thinking of becoming a monk…he thought he had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument.” Her own instrument, she added, ”needed tuning.”

        2. Kidman has had trouble carrying children to term. The fact that she managed to miscarry on 3 occasions that we know of whilst married to him indicates that he probably isn’t shooting blanks. Her use of surrogates points in that direction even with extenuating circumstances like her age. I’ve never thought 40/41 was too old for babies as i see plenty of first time mothers at that age, plus she has the resources to afford several rounds of IVF. However, the fact that per Mimi, Tom prefers celibacy points to another barely sexual and naturally born childless marriage.

        3. I think that Holmes resemblance was chance rather than design. don’t forget that he also wanted Jessica Alba, Scarjo, Sophia Vergara who are different from Cruz, Mimi and Kidman. I also think it is a coincidence that Tom Davis looks like Suri because he also looks like Holmes and post-surgery TC.

        3b – the young pre-surgery Tom Cruise. They have thrown in one post-surgical picture so you can see the changes to his face.


        4. If we assume that he went to lengths of IVF to ensure that Holmes had a baby, why not use his own sperm? They only need one sperm if done in a petri dish, metaphorically speaking, before putting resultant embryo into Holmes. Most infertile men have low sperm count rather than none at all. TC has the resources for that type of IVF plus he is sufficiently narcissitic enough to ensure that the baby is with his swimmers – unless they switched them out at the clinic and told him otherwise. Plus, Genetics are risky. As much as you can order certain physical attributes at the sperm bank, there is no guarantee that the baby will come out the way you think it will come out ie look mostly like Katie or Tom Davis who happens to resemble post-surgical Cruise or a blend of the two.

      • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

        @LAK — thanks for the insights! More plausibly TC was just naturally weird & that explains everything!. It is not that Co$ MADE him weird it more that he was drawn to it BECAUSE of his strange narcissist control freak tendencies. His early movies made him seem boy next door but as we now have heard from Rob Lowe TC NEVER was that! still think adopting was his idea and was in the nature of a science experiment for him, sad to say. NIcole went along probably never that into it maybe explains some of the stuff she has said in interviews about her post divorce relationship with them.

      • LAK says:

        @bored surburban housewife – you are absolutely right. TC was always, always that. Co$ definitely pandered to those traits in him and probably why he is a true believer. he always said he planned to be the biggest movie star in the world long before co$ came into his life. Can you imagine an entire religion pandering to you and affirming your own self regard and specialness?? That’s why i will be shocked if he ever renounces it.

        In a non toxic way, or at least until we find out otherwise, the Kaballah is doing the same for/to Madonna. She is practically Queen over there. You read about how her circle have to amuse and pander to her or they are gone, and that was before she found the Kaballah, then you find out about the special privileges she apparently gets above all Kaballah devotees. her only saving grace is she’s never been truly lost or insecure that she’s let other people make decisions for her. I think TC probably did have enough of that to let Co$ into his life to extent he has.

    • Jill says:

      also agree.

  51. j says:

    My concern about COS is that instead of the whole cult collapsing, there will simply be a reformation of sorts. Miscavige will be blamed for “poor management” of the organization, and other scis will come forward to decry him. He’ll be a scapegoat, and “real scientologists” will insist on returning to LRH’s ways. Another leader will come forward, promising to fully investigate the abuses of scientology and give them legitimacy as a “religion” blah blah blah.

    This would probably be the worst thing that could happen with COS. It doesn’t need reform or investigating, it needs to be taken down altogether.

  52. Mira says:

    I don’t get it! Can’t Tom see that the common denominator in all his failed marriages and relationships is him? Can’t he question exactly what CO$ has done for him all these years if it can’t help him keep his marriage together? I mean, the least he should know is he should find someone who can commit to CO$ like him. Why find some non-CO$ chick and try to shove CO$ into her head? It doesn’t work for anyone who is very deeply committed to any religion per se, not just the CO$.

    • Viv says:

      Finally somebody said that. I always wondered why those loonies did not just choose a nice and proper Co$ wifey for him instead. Are there no scientologist girls famous enough for him? Why try to convert someone to go with the cray-cray?

      • Anne de Vries says:

        Because they have a thing about converting. Because it would be considered a really big win to take a famous non-sci woman and convert her. And especially a Catholic woman.

  53. wilkiecollins says:

    @cam s I was unable to reply earlier to your post, it just wouldn’t let me. re: “this is american you’re free to change your mind” peole have seen Katie go from a once lively lovely girl to a hollowed out zombie that is why there is an overwhemling amount of support for her.

    • Cam S says:

      Thank you for explaining that to me. I didn’t know people thought she was “zombie- like”. She always seemed boring to me before T.C., so I didn’t ever notice a difference. I appreciate your civility, everyone else seemed to be on the attack ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Jackson says:

    Katie! Suri! No Tom! Yaaayyy!!!

  55. Lucy2 says:

    They both seem much happier. I could see his camp trying to fight back, but I think too many people are aware of Cos now, and his crazy is out there, no turning back.

  56. spitfire says:

    Welcome to our world, Katie and Suri! Finally, KH has seen the light.

  57. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I’d like to see her take down Co$.

    But this is what I think will actually happen: both sides will “talk tough”; then they’ll reach an out-of-court settlement fairly quickly; Katie will get primary custody and a sh!tload of money; Tom will get frequent visitation and a non-disclosure statement from Katie; both sides will claim “victory”; and the case will end with a wimper.

    Just my guess.

    • gg says:

      I’m sure you’re right. But it’s not up to Katie, she is not declaring war on $cientology, and she is not going to take it down.

      No, that is for the authorities to figure out and we hope and pray they will do what’s right. Surely they have enough evidence after so many decades of abuse to strike. Please.

      But what she is doing is shedding a light on how the Cult controls people’s lives and produces crazy within a family that is harmful to children (and everybody else).

  58. LeeLoo says:

    After reading everyone’s comments, I agree that this needs to be more about Katie getting a divorce from a controlling spouse than anything about Scientology.

    Scientology is the bad sh!t but we really do not know how much of a part it played. I think Tom’s controlling behavior played more of a part in this than Scientology. Besides, Katie herself has never made a single mention about Scientology. She allowed others to do the dirty work and insinuate Scientology as a primary cause. I think her primary focus was tying Tom’s hands and leaving it impossible for him to fight her on Suri’s custody.

    But what has happened is that Katie has blown the top off of something everyone has been suspicious about for some time. This just gave everyone an excuse to discuss Scientology. It gave ex-members a chance to talk and it gave people a chance to do their research. On Katie’s part, I’m sure it was dumb luck.

    I don’t think she will be the face of any Anti-scientology movement. I seriously think we are trying to Canonize a woman who realizes she made a huge mistake by marrying an emotionally abusive and controlling man. I have no doubt her primary concern is making sure her daughter is able to stay safe. Let Marty Rathface, Paul Haggis, or hell if Lisa Marie is willing to share the details, let her be that face.

  59. Shi-gatsu says:

    This is so sad for the child, but it will be best for her in the long run. I love this Katie Holmes!

  60. Dany says:

    It’s heartbreaking how this little girl always tries to hide her face, how she clings on to her mother and the desperation you can usually see on her face. She reminds me so much of those poor laboratory animals who are able to step out into the sun or the grass for the first time in their lives when being freed…

    I would LOVE to see her growing up in the country, in a little town where she could have friends, pets, dirty knees and homemade apple pie! ๐Ÿ˜€
    No fear and no mind games anymore.

    I’m deeply impressed by Katie! Right on, girls! ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. hmm says:

    That kid has got to be BORED OUT OF HER LITTLE MIND most of the time!
    I can just see her holed up in Katie’s apartment for hours watching re-runs of Dora the Explorer with piled up juice boxes and cookie crumbs everywhere.
    Get the kid some EXERCISE for christsake!

    • LeeLoo says:

      Uh, if you see the pictures it totally looks like she is getting some exercise. I am betting Suri gets some exercise everyday. Besides, I’m sure she was more bored having to hang out with idiot $cientology adults all of the time. At least Dora is age appropriate and educational.

      I hope you are being sarcastic.

  62. holly hobby says:

    I’m glad someone finally styled baby girl’s hair. See, Suri, how nice you look when your hair isn’t hanging over your face?

    In other news, this divorce is unnerving the Co$ because they are calling their flock to flood the websites and report the comments as “abusive.”


    Really Chairman Midget, do you think this is a realistic way to stop the talk?

  63. grayze says:

    Man oh MAN, I get tired of hearing the “well Katie knew what she was doing when she got into this, so she’s not innocent” line. I’m not inclined to believe she *did* know entirely what she was doing, but let’s assume she did: does that mean she now deserves no empathy, support, or understanding? Does that mean people should wish for her daughter to endure those things and for her to remain in a marriage she obviously wants no part of?

    I just don’t get it. Even if you want to believe that Katie was some money-hungry woman who went into this with her eyes wide open and then had a child…what, is she supposed to be punished now by a lifetime with a cult? Is “knowing what she walked into” that big of a sin, that she now must pay for it eternally by being married to the Midget O’Doom and subjecting her daughter to that life as well?

    Ugh. For my part, I don’t think Katie really had an idea of what was going on entirely, and I think emotionally manipulation and probably a bit of naivete factored into it as well, but even if you believe otherwise…really, what’s so wrong with the fact that she decided to up and leave?

    • Ann Emmess says:

      This. All of this. Great comment, that’s been bugging me so much.

    • Snowpea says:

      grayze – it has become clear to me that the only people who are writing those comments are Co$ minions, doing their bit to defame Katie.

      They say, she knew what she was getting herself into, she used Tom to advance her career, she was a gold digger yada yada.

      I’m yet to see any regulars saying any of those patently ridiculous things.

      By all accounts, Katie is a kind, well brought up, gracious woman who *may* have seen her newly acquired A list status as a happy bonus to her marriage, but there is no doubt in my mind she married Tom for love only.

      And anyhoo, who the fk cares? There are thousands and thousands of webpages devoted to denouncing the Co$ so it seems she’s just protecting herself and her daughter.

      But whatevs. The truth will come out eventually.

  64. Fue McCormick says:

    Suri’s an awfully cute kid …

  65. Tara says:

    Katies parents voiced their objections then protected her in the best way they knew how once they realized she had made her decision … And the equation changed with a baby on the way. The way Scientology was sold to her was that it could simply complement and coexist with other belief systems such as Catholicism. From what I read, scientologists tend to deny their more heavy handed tactics designed to route anything and anyone not aligned with them… Making Scientology much more an invasive weed than the pleasant flower it’s sold as. A lot of belief systems, even with their historical abuses, have populations with much looser practices, eg most Catholics. I went to catholic school for twelve years; it would strain credulity that anyone would stalk me to bring my devoutly agnostic self back into the fold. With Katie’s catholic background, she probably chose to believe Tom and the handlers that the stories about Scientology abuses were lies, hyperbole or misrepresentations. I attribute the change in her expression over the years to her personal exposure to Scientology repressive tactics… Including the growing realization that the woman who brokered her marriage, Shelly miscaviage, cannot possibly be “on vacation” or “busy” for five years. Katie may have been a little slow about this realization, but stone cold stupid she’s not.

  66. apsutter says:

    Suri is just the cutest little kid! Doesn anyone else think that Katie’s career is going to get a big boost from this? She’ll be able to make her own decisions for once and there are a lot of people in H-wood that can’t stand Sci so I’m thinking that all the peeps are arent pro-Cruise will be sympathetic to her.

    • Kim says:

      Tom practically OWNS Hollywood. She will never have a big career now. She may get indie movies but no blockbsuter or Oscar type movies.

      Plus lets be honest she isnt really a good actress anyhow. She is no Nicole or Tom in the acting dept.

      • apsutter says:

        I’ll have to politely disagree with you. Tom is still a HUGE name in Hollywood but thats really just because of his past at this point. The only hit movie he’s had since his marriage began was Mission Impossible and I think he owes that to his crazy stunts and such. I honestly think he’s entering the twilight of his career and his reputation is pretty much shot.

        I completely agree that Katie is nowhere near the caliber of Tom and Nicole but I think she could carve out a nice little career for herself on television. The entertainment business is completely different now than in the past. There are so many different avenues she could go down now in her career. And plus if she could bag a couple good indie flicks that would probably be the best thing that could ever happen to her. Sorry for the rant I just really hope that she can carve out her own little niche and I want Tom to bomb because I’m sick of seeing his manic face everywhere! And Tom always likes to look like Mr. Nice Guy so when this is all said and done I think he’ll try to be cordial to her.

      • LucyOriginal says:

        He is big in Hollywood, but maybe there are producers (etc) that don’t like him and will give her a chance. I hope so, she was good in Dawson’s.
        I don’t think she wants to blow this church, she wants to give the best and proper education to her daughter.

        I do think something huge happened for her to orchestrate all of it or she found out something that scared her. Kudos to her!

        ps: Tom should let it go…

      • ZenB!tch says:

        If Tom Cruise owns Hollywood why do all his movies that are not MI movies tank? CO$ owns Tom Cruise.

        Tom Cruise is a 50 year old man fighting for the last dredges of his career. He hasn’t taken up directing like Clooney and Looney (Mel G) did.

        He and Depp are both on their way out. I thought Pitt was too but he managed to get nominated for an Oscar. He needs to start directing soon too… pull a Redford.

      • LAK says:

        @Apsutter – it will be interesting to see what kind of career she has because unfortunately, many people in Hollywood are scientologists.

        Plus the money people that matter continue to back Tom. It was different the last time. He lost his studio deals and they came out strongly against him. Nothing like that is happeneing now.

        Of course if he gets his response wrong, in light of co$ and the public’s current backing of Katie, he could lose it again.

        Once that happens, he will be completely dead in the water and unable to resurrect his career.

        @Zen Bitch – His career has taken awhile to resurrect after the previous public insanity but the fact that he is mostly making action pics shows that he has made a choice for his career. His action pics do well, other genres not so much. However, i would say that is also tha nature of the beast. Many action/superhero films are outperforming other types of films except Judd Apatow comedies and teen fare like THG or Twilight. I think the person who truly diversified his career is Bruce Willis.

        BTW – TC is also a producer. Not just of his own films but others too. So maybe that is where his career will go full time if the acting one dies off.

      • gg says:

        Rumplestilzkin does NOT “OWN Hollywood”. ๐Ÿ˜† That is beyond ludicrous. He’s scratching and clinging to not be blown right out of Hollywood because of his horrible reputation. Even with all of his cash he is not going to weather the storms that are currently hitting him and will in future be worse.

        The $cilon Cult really, really wants you to think he is that popular now though, which is one of their weak angles being pushed in gossip columns like this.

  67. Kim says:

    Im not a Tom or Katie fan but I think Katie is being very tacky about how she is handling this divorce. All the set up paparrazzi pictures of her this week out and about all smiley (she wasnt smiling in public on purpose for a year now to show us how “miserable” she was) taking Suri out other kids suggesting see now Suri can have a normal life. Tom, for as crazy as he is, is taking the high road here not talking or being photographed out and about all smiley.

    Katie needs to take responsibilty that she rushed into marriage with Tom before knowing him. How did the public know he was wife searching back then a women he could get into scientology and control yet she didnt? come on. She very naively bought into the fantasy, fame & fortune without dating/getting to know Tom. It takes 2.

    • april says:

      I was turned off by the set up paparazzi photos too. I agree. It takes 2. Cruise nor she were blindsided with anything. There were loads of red flags from beginning to end. So as far as I’m concerned it sounds like they had 3 very happy years of marriage, they are blessed with money, talent, and beautiful children. Move on with your lives and don’t bellyache about each other. Hopefully Tom will learn his lesson about controlling women and Katie will choose a more appropriately aged husband who doesn’t practice an extreme religion.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      You said Tom owns Hollywood and you are not a fan? Gee what would you say if you liked him?

      I can’t stand him. I’ve always been open about that.

      I don’t know much about her. Even though I was the target audience for 90s WB I always avoided it.

      I just think she seems to know what she is doing here and he seems a tad shocked and his team a bit clueless. If you believe the posts here and there is no reason not so since they seem well researched – Tom’s team said yesterday that there was no emergency child support hearing but a post today said there is and had specifics.

      I don’t believe he is heartbroken. He seems incapable of any of that kind of emotion to me but I think he or CO$ were not expecting it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFBZ_uAbxS0

      He seems so COLD and robotic. BTW: I thought this video was making fun with the MI theme behind him but CNN says the video came with the theme. It’s not some CO$ hater making fun.

  68. Jaxx says:

    I’m just so amused that Katie really was wearing those awful boots and mismatched clothes to rub it in Tom’s face that she wasn’t to be controlled anymore. How can he say he was blindsided? Everyone else sure isn’t surprised. That she had the guts to actually walk out maybe, but not that she wanted to. She looks really pretty here. Take that, midgetman.

  69. ZenB!tch says:

    Is this the first time Suri has been allowed near other children? I’m serious.

    I always saw pics of Suri and Katie alone. I got an “us against the world” vibe. I thought it was odd but it makes more sense now. Katie probably thought Suri was better off with no friends than $ci-friends.

    I love that getting Suri together with other children was one of the first things on the list.

    I think Katie’s been plotting longer than since Christmas. I think she snapped around then (whenever the depressed unkempt pics started showing up) but I think she’s been planning since she saw what CO$ does to kids.

    • sarahtonin says:

      Zenb!tch, that’s what I wondered too.

      I read that scientologists treat children like adults, which means doing adult things like going to the theatre late at night instead of being up in the daytime and playing in the park with other children.

      Oh hang on, didn’t she spend a PR day with Brangelina’s kids?

  70. erika says:

    What the Hell does Scientology promise for all the pain, brainwashing, alien tactics they use???

    What are people REWARDED with???

    • LAK says:

      Enlightenment. Allegedly.

      • gg says:

        They promise them that they will be masters over “MEST”. Which I guess entails being able to float around in the air and go backwards and forwards in time – I kid you now (thus breaking all the current laws of Matter, Energy, Space and Time = MEST that we peons are living under since we’re not special $cilons with beaucoups cash resources that want to throw it all away to finance Misgavige and his shills).


      • LAK says:

        @gg – i was using sarcasm…..but on a serious note, when you achieve enlightenment, you can transcend the physical and fly and do all kinds of things….but, that’s a discussion for another day and a different topic.

    • Anne de Vries says:

      Maybe you don’t understand how this works. You don’t hear any of the alien weirdness up front. It’s not like a Christian church where they say ‘We believe in god. He’s some info about him. This is how we worship. Want to join? We’ll teach you all about it’

      Scientology presents as a self-help like religion. Things like auditing and some of their courses DO have an effect that can be experienced as positive. (long term it’s kind of like erasing you soul, but a lot of people find confessions cathartic and that’s basically what auditing is)
      But you’re saving the world! Doing important work! And you are so above those outsiders who just don’t understand the importance of what you’re doing and how much it has helped you. You just need to pay for auditing so you can progress, you always need to learn more, but hey, going to university costs money too, right? And you’re dedicated to making the world a better place, right? So study harder, pay more to progress toward enlightment.
      It’s not until you’re on level OT3 that they tell you about Xenu and aliens, and by that time you have invested approx 160 000 dollar, all your friends are scientologists, you have possibily alienated or even disconnected from your friends and family outside the cult. At that point you’re invested so deeply that most people work very very hard to convince themselves that it’s all worth it and all true.

      It’s like a Christian church not telling you about God and Jesus until you’ve invested several years and enough money to buy a house.

    • sarahtonin says:

      Not to mention celebrities tell us it’s totally awesomesauce, they owe their success to it, and the public thinks it must be true because they would never lie to us or promote something evil, right? I reckon many celebrities promote CO$ with a clear conscience because they have an entirely different experience than us mere mortals would. Sure they pay more, (like $1mil+), but they don’t get inhumane punishments like RPF, the overt surveillance, harassment etc, and they certainly don’t have their kids shipped off to sea org, ever. They just get lovebombed (even more than we would), treated like royalty and told how important and special and superhuman they are – their massive egos are pandered to. Instead of imprisonment, forced hard labour, sleeping on the floor and eating slop, they come and go as they please and are treated to the best of everything while being waited on hand and foot by mortal $cilons who work 60+ hr weeks for about $50. (Google Tommy Girl’s SUV, motorbike, aircraft hangar). Anything your heart desires, there’s a whole minion of scilon slaves to get it for you. Ensuring celebrites get good treatment is so they can be effective spokespersons to suck in those who buy their perfumes and clothes and all their merch, because they want a piece of their lifestyle. So when they say it helps them, they aren’t lying, it probably does make them feel really good, and many probably have no idea that the people they sucked into joining are being treated like concentration camp victims, or are so self-absorbed they easily turn a blind eye to it.

      The process is different for them too. They don’t find out about Xenu until you or I would, not until OT3 (as @AdeV said), when they’ve invested enough time and money. Until then, “that’s just absurd!” In fact, many indoctrinated think it’s absurd too but they feel they must learn to accept it, for the sake of their soul and they’ve already done all the past-life regression crap so it’s only a little leap of faith by then. (After they find out, those like Cruise, Alley et al think it’s a secret they must not share, because that information might kill us!! *cough* So they still deny it vehemently and aggressively …for our own good. right? Coincidentally it serves a purpose not to scare away prospective customers, but entertainers are too stupid to realise that). Now they follow a different track there, with different training, one where they dont have to totally lose their minds like we would. They don’t get preconditioned before OT sessions, for instance, which means they won’t start hallucinating like those who get told prior what to expect would. Those who are fantasy prone and preconditioned start hallucinating thetans (alien spirits) everywhere and constantly. They’ll wake up in the middle of the night and see Hitler’s thetan floating around the room etc. These people, hallucinating in their dorms have now cracked. They are textbook psychotic and would be locked up if seen by a psychiatrist. Insidiously, only the right people get to this level of training, the ones who are susceptible to it by being fantasy prone, delusional, dissociative etc. The rest just pump money in but will never hallucinate, so they’ll never pass to a higher level. I actually wonder if many scilons are mentally ill to begin with but not ready to face up to a diagnosis, so the anti-psychiatry stuff resonates with them and they enjoy being amongst those who let them remain in denial. In fact, the crazy is encouraged, as I said above. After all, L Ron was a diagnosed schizophrenic who made all this shit up in the first place to pander to his ego and justify his madness so it makes sense it’s all actually psych stuff. The really sad thing is that this program will completely send these people over the edge, and they have to pay a fortune for the privilege. The lucky ones just end up crazy and broke. The unlucky die in the process, as you well know.

      Anyway, they can’t have people like Tom Cruise talking to Hitler or Napoleon (ha ha) on a movie set but they’ll take his money and fame anyway, so they let them do OTs, but they won’t have that same experience. Instead they just give them stuff to read about it, so they just pass them through without doing their heads in seeing thetans and Xenu and exploding volcanoes. That’s how they get so far through it while the rest of the nutters are left muttering and dribbling on themselves in a corner.

      The reality is that it’s all set up to take advantage of people who are need, celeb or public. It tells them exactly what they want to hear, sucks them in, then holds them hostage. They are told not to read newspapers or watch tv, so they don’t see the BBC exposรฉs or go to xenu.net or ronthenut.org to read about how bad this stuff is. They know how bad it is by then, but they are too indoctrinated to do anything about it. They are conditioned and broken down to just do what they are told. By the time they realise it, (if they still have the mental capacity to), they are completely trapped, as are their kids and grandkids.

      @Anne de Vries: I’m reading about Ls at the moment. That’s really scary stuff (and I thought the OTs were bad). Do you know much about it? I haven’t found much info except for xenu.net and the forum.

      • Anne de Vries says:

        Ls? Not sure what you mean.

        If you want to really get creeped out, look into Black Dianetics. Hubbard designed a few processes that can be used to deliberately unhinge somebody’s mind and drive them crazy. Lovely ‘religion’ huh?

  71. sarahtonin says:

    My 2 cents, and I apologise for its length ….

    I doubt Katie will blow it wide open. Certainly shed some light on their practices and do lots of damage but she won’t bring them down entirely. But because they can’t pull all their standard tricks and f-ckery while we are all paying close attention, she’s guaranteed now that:

    (a) no matter what, Suri won’t be sent to sea org or any labour camp ever because people are watching and asking questions.

    (b) they won’t get v& and dragged off to some compound, because of her high profile. If we don’t see her going to wholefoods to buy milk every day we’ll start asking questions. (I agree with Kaiser in the other story. She’s a clever girl for coming out every day, so we’ll miss her if she doesn’t).

    (c) she probably won’t get harassed like other members at all because it’ll all come out. (The paps are HER surveillance men by proxy).

    (d) she’ll probably get everything she asks for in the settlement, because Tom/CO$ et al will never let it get to the stage where she can start spilling secrets in court.

    They aren’t going pull the same stuff on her that someone private like you or me would be subjected to if we tried to escape. They will make it appear like all that crazy stuff is nonsense and they are reasonable people with good intentions blah blah. It’s all damage control now.

    Finally, what I love most about all this (apart from sticking it to CO$), is that she’s using all the negative stuff, like the media intrusion, his work schedule, CO$ secrecy etc, to her advantage. She really has got herself an awesome team of advisers. Well played Katie, well played.

  72. Elliejo says:

    The power of a charismatic,controlling and manipulative person can’t be underestimated. And when that person is pouring all their energy into wooing you, it can be hard to resist, and easy to overlook what is clear to others. The cult angle is a whole other factor, and Katie was up against that, too. Was she naive? Yes. Should she have listened to people warning her about what she was signing up for? Yes. She shares ownership of her situation, but many others have made the same dumb mistake. Glad she found the strength and had the support to get out when she realized it wasn’t right for her and Suri.

  73. Jasper says:

    I had no idea how big and intense the sea org was until all this. Here is a very detailed page explaining. Check out the links on children. Heart breaking.

  74. LolaB says:

    Where is Katie’s top from? Because I kinda want it.

  75. sharron 'team Suri' says:

    On a Suri-related note….

    I used to be be very disappointed with this young girl, along the lines of thinking she needed a good smack and sent to bed early for (a) being so surly and (b) never walking anywhere.

    However, these pictures show clearly the amount of stress the paps give her – look at the little boy’s incredulity about being surrounded, and now note how she’s not wanting to be carried so much as wanting to hide her face. The body language is so sad.