Rob Kardashian finds solace in booze & escorts while mourning Rita Ora breakup

Rob Kardashian

These are photos of Rob Kardashian and Lamar Odom out on the town last weekend while hitting the clubs. Rob looks to be his usual annoying self while wearing all black (it’s so slimming) to keep up the ruse of his self-proclaimed 7 pounds per week weight loss after he gained 40 pounds in 2 months after a very dramatic breakup with Rita Ora. Mind you, I’m not making fun of Rob because he gained weight during the winter of his douchey discontent. I’m just saying that if he’s anything like his sister Kim (and he is, minus the inexplicable success), he might have a problem with numbers. Also, he seems to be annoying Lamar quite a bit by shoving his hands in the dude’s face. How annoying.

However, I’m wondering if Rob was already drunk before he started clubbing that night because there’s a new story in this week’s Star that claims Rob is still really upset over losing Rita, and he’s drowning his sorrows in liquor and call girls. That sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Rob Kardashian Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom Rob Kardashian

Still reeling from his break up with Rita Ora, broken hearted Rob Kardashian has been finding comfort at the bottom of a bottle and in the company of a call girl, according to a bombshell new report in Star magazine.

The sexy blonde escort shared her story – and texts between her and Kardashian – exclusively with Star, giving a full critique of Rob’s bedroom skills along with her account of his heavy boozing and partying.

Not surprisingly, the Kardashian family is said to be concerned about the 26-year-old’s carousing, which is reportedly spiraling out of control.

“Rob is a complete mess. He drinks like a fish, starting in the afternoon and going all night long,” a source tells Star. “Even worse, he’s hooking up with paid escorts, and his business is tanking.”

Mom Kris Jenner and sister Khloe Kardashian have tried to talk sense into Rob since his recent boozy birthday night with Lamar Odom at Hollywood’s Greystone Manor, but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears, according to Star.

The reality star got his heart broken late last year after learning that Ora had cheated on him, although she claimed she never thought of them as being in a relationship or as “boyfriend, girlfriend.”

The romantic rebuttal reportedly sent Rob over the edge, sparking a cycle of drinking and sexcapades, as well as a 40 pound weight gain which he is now desperately trying to lose by joining rapper The Game in his “60 Days of Fitness” exercise plan.

[From Radar Online]

I have no problem with believing that Rob would hire escorts in an effort to forget how his woman done him wrong. Such a tactic probably makes him feel powerful, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he spends half the time moaning about Rita instead of doing the sexy. As for “Rob’s bedroom skills,” I hope Star doesn’t go into any huge detail when the full story arrives. Gross.

On another note, I think that Rob’s woes over his “business tanking” should be a red flag that perhaps designing socks (and socks only) is not the key to the professional universe. What a shocker.

Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, Fame/Flynet, and WENN

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  1. Kaye says:

    “Winter of his douchey discontent” Hahahahahaha, this (times a thousand.)

    • smith says:

      I was coming to applaud the same brilliant turn of phrase – well done Bedhead.

      I’m sorry to say this but he is a classic waste of space. I dislike the whole lot of them, but this sad manchild just doesn’t seem to have a life. He even approached Sock-gate (his one claim to fame, other than gaining weight) with a half-hearted, disinterested yawn.

      He needs to nut up and get himself together.

    • littlestar says:

      I came here to comment on that too – best one liner I have read in a long time! So awesome. I’m going to use it now (with credit to Bedhead, of course).

  2. GoldenState says:

    Why are we supposed to feel badly for Rob when he cheated on one of his first serious girlfriends?! How does it feel, buddy?

  3. A says:

    He’s such a toddler. Grow a pair, Rob.

  4. brin says:

    Things are really bad when you’re an embarassment to the Kardashians.

  5. EscapedConvent says:

    Hahahaha! Is Kris Jenner really holding up those silly socks & looking thrilled about it?!

    • Ally8 says:

      Hey, she’s a pimp, but she’s working it.

      He can’t even promote the project handed to him on a silver platter after all his whining. In fact, he piles on weight at a time when he should be the spokesmodel for this venture. Who looks at this and thinks, “I want the socks that guy is wearing!”

      Whether he loses the pounds or not, he IS the biggest loser.

  6. gillie says:

    that photo with his mom? totally revealing as a group of grifters.

  7. SydneySpy says:

    Since the story alluded to his attraction to hookers, I thought the broad in the red dress was one. Thanks for setting me straight.

    • Ally8 says:

      That was a hilariously polite bit of phrasing in the article: “hooking up with paid escorts.”

      Also known as: “paying women to have sex with him.” Maybe if he films it, he can join the family business.

  8. TXCinderella says:

    Kris seriously needs to stop dressing and acting like a twenty-something. I’m always seeing her in clothing inappropriate for her age. She has four grown children and she’s a grandmother for crying out loud. I’m not saying she doesn’t need to look good, but she always seems to be trying to get the spotlight for herself. Fame whore.

  9. Jill says:

    Be useful Rob. Make sex tape. How about a little SM or bondage. Only not golden shower that’s your sister thing.

  10. Chelsea's handler says:

    I’ve never seen someone look so excited over a couple pairs of sox.

  11. Mela says:

    God, he just looks like a frat boy in college still. Dude needs to grow up, and stop clinging to his family for success already.

    • Happymom says:

      Frat boys don’t wear those types of clothes, “jewelry” and aren’t usually covered with tattoos. He looks like a certain type-but it’s not one associated with higher education.

  12. Rhiley says:

    That thing he is wearing looks like my 65 year old mother’s bathsuit coverup (except hers is yellow).

  13. Ellie66 says:

    Who is Rita Ora?

    • Rose says:

      She’s a pop star from the UK. A lot of people call her a Rihanna wannabe bc they have a similar look except Rita can actually sing and she dumps trash instead of inviting it to staaaaaay.

  14. Sweet Dee says:

    Are those ski socks? They look like the socks I wear snowboarding. That’s why I thought they were so excited. “We’re going skiing! See our ski socks?!”

  15. truthful says:

    looks like he borrowed my aunt’s hooded tunic..he looks like a chubby middle aged lady.

    bless his heart

    I’ve said all along that his bloat looks like BOOZE bloat.

  16. Holden says:

    LOL, that picture of him holding up a pair of socks at an event it priceless.

  17. Izzy says:

    He looks completely out of it in those birthday photos. As for his business tanking, I doubt he put in the effort necessary to get a new business off the ground. (Plus, yeah, your line probably needs more than just socks.)

  18. Kelly says:

    I liked him on DAncing with the Stars. He worked hard and seemed to show a glimmer of sanity, and then here we go.

    Get some big boy clothes instead of the fake wannabe crap. Ugh. I hate this look especially on a pudgy white boy

  19. HappyJoyJoy says:

    I like his sweatshirt dress. -sarcasm- Also: Isn’t that Jesus necklace he’s wearing Kanye’s? I swear I’ve seen it on Kanye West before! BOOM!

  20. Beatriz says:

    Escorts and binge-drinking? Somehow I doubt this habit only started with his break up.

  21. maria says:

    Kris needs to look at her family. Before they whored themselves out she had rob finishing college and the youngest girls schools. Now she’s got a dropout daughtrr and a drifter son and I’m sure the youngest will drop out too.

  22. Susie Q says:

    Was he feeling left out of the all the attention whoring? Seems you can’t turn around without seeing this sock designer everywhere lately. Momma Pimp is really pushing for him lately. She is just setting us up for his ‘Krunches with the Kardashians’ video that he will soon be releasing. Blech.

  23. Tania says:

    Thank goodness Mr Kardashian didn’t live to see what his family would become. He must be rolling in his grave. What a bunch of low life’s.

  24. buckley says:

    Nice maternity hoodie!

  25. nikzilla says:

    Wow, he is bloated.

  26. Bridget says:

    I love that picture of Kris and Rob and the socks. It is just so ridiculous!

  27. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Geez, youd think he’d show a little more excitement for his damn brand, huh? I hate to say it but at least “mom”, and I call her that begrudgingly because in my opinion shes almost TOTALLY forgotten her son, at LEAST shes showing a little more excitement for Robs socks. Rob, get your hand out of your pocket, put on a suit, roll up your suit pants a little and SHOW you WEAR your own socks, stand up straight and smile BIG. Jeez, even I could be your damn publicist.
    Scott discisk isent wrong when he keeps telling you to put on a suit and show up on time and act glad to be there when you do.
    If your gonna drop out of college then you better at least get your business right.
    I really fear for Robs future. Unfortunately Im afrraid hes been cast in the roll of “F up little brother.”
    I SO wish his father never passed. Rob really needed him. His mom did him no favors.

  28. GreenMoon says:

    How come nobody has mentioned the fact that Rob is holding a “ONE HITTER” in his hand and looks stoned out of his mind? A one hitter is a ceramic smoking pipe that looks like a cigarette…used to smoke weed….you only get a couple ‘hits’ out of it. That is probably the reason he has gained so much weight! Dude is smoking dope and eating. Plus, he is wearing a big ol’ gold Bob Marley looking charm around his neck.

    • Carly says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing! Are there any other photos/stories of him smoking weed?