Tom Cruise says he works harder than soldiers in Afghanistan (update)

Tom Cruise

What’s one good thing about having no new photos of Tom Cruise with Suri? I get to dig up some old-school Tomkat pictures. Remember this phase where Katie seemed utterly delighted at her recently reprogrammed state? I’m so glad she woke up. On Friday we discussed how Tom’s unflattering deposition in the “abandoned by daddy” lawsuit wasn’t doing him any favors in the image department.

I think Tom’s an arrogant piece of work in general, but I think he’s an idiot for waging this $50 million lawsuit with a demand for a jury trial. As we’ve seen in the past, Tom is incapable of giving an unscripted interview without going off the rails. He can play around and shoot water guns with Jimmy Fallon and take a pie to the face just fine. Put him in a serious talk where he asked to defend his beliefs or actions, and he falls apart. Putting him on the stand in front of his “peers” (which don’t exist) will be as disastrous as him sticking a finger into Matt Lauer’s face.

Here’s another major reason why this lawsuit is a mistake. Tom and Katie managed to quickly settle their divorce without a public battle. With this suit, the discovery phase is revealing everything that Tom tried to avoid by letting Katie have full custody of Suri. Radar Online reveals the very private email battle that was being waged instead. Tiny Tom was really upset about how the public took Katie’s side after her surprise filing, and he was indeed in crisis mode. He blamed her design partner, Jeanne Yang, for leaking information to the press. Tom also accused Katie of calling the paps every time she wanted to leave her apartment.

Katie didn’t need to call the paps because they were camped outside her Chelsea apartment for weeks. Was she supposed to never go anywhere at all? No one could blame her for making trips to Whole Foods. It was the first time in several years she’d been allowed to go wherever she wanted! We knew from the start how Tom accused Katie of “play[ing] the media,” and these emails only confirm as much. To Tom, it doesn’t matter that he played his own game by socializing with tabloid reporters. Yet Tom saw fit to eviscerate Katie in these emails for (maybe) doing the same thing.

This ongoing deposition talk has turned into a war between various outlets over who can be quickest to release the most outrageous Tom quotes. So far Radar has been winning, but TMZ scored a big win by releasing Tom’s statements about how his job is equally “brutal” to that of a deployed soldier in Afghanistan. As if Tom running and looking like he has to crap his pants has anything in common with fighting in an actual war, right? You don’t know the history of Tom Cruise:

Tom Cruise not only thinks he trains harder than Olympic athletes, he believes his job as a professional actor is as grueling as fighting the war in Afghanistan — this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

As we reported, Cruise recently sat for a deposition in his $50 million libel suit against a magazine publisher that claimed he abandoned daughter Suri — and his quotes are GOLD.

First, the Middle East — Tom says his location shoots are just like serving a tour in Afghanistan, “That’s what it feels like. And certainly on this last movie, it was brutal. It was brutal.”

As for his physical training, Tom said, “There is difficult physical stamina and preparation. Sometimes I’ve spent months, a year, and sometimes two years preparing for a single film.” But the kicker, he adds, “A sprinter for the Olympics, they only have to run two races a day. When I’m shooting, I could potentially have to run 30, 40 races a day, day after day.”

But it’s not all grenades and triathlons … Tom says he’s only flown commercial ONCE in the last 4 years … and that was because he had no choice.

[From TMZ]

Seriously. Let’s start off with the easier profession to talk about — world class sprinters. These guys run so hard they burn through their glycogen stores in two 800 meter races. They run faster than Tom could ever dream (even with the help of Xenu). Tom is probably running at an 8:00-8:30 minute pace (for a few yards at a time) while a camera crew is pacing him. The more offensive statement is Tom saying his profession is as “brutal” as being on a live battlefield. Anyone knows that soldiers authentically fear for their lives, and the danger doesn’t end with some guy yelling, “Cut!” There are no craft services in Afghanistan. No stunt doubles. No massive, multi-million dollar paychecks. Tom is so, so arrogant.

Naturally Tom’s lawyer, Bert Fields, is on the warpath (ha!) over these leaked quotes. Fields ran to People and claimed these reports were “a gross distortion of the record.” Fields said Tom was only joking, and an unreleased video would show that Tom “meant no offense” and was laughing while he made these offensive statements. Uh … what? Tom should have realized that making these statements in any form (joking or not) would look really bad on a transcript. Here’s another reason Tom would look like an jerk on the stand in an actual trial — jurors would be seriously creeped out by Tom giggling, “LOL, war.”

Update: Fields also stated, “Tom is a staunch supporter of our troops and does not feel that making a movie is even remotely comparable to fighting in Afghanistan and said so in plain English.” Maybe so. TMZ sensationalized Tom’s quotes and misrepresented the essence of his words. Tom still said dumb stuff, but here’s some contextual reference with more deposition quotes (courtesy of Jake Tapper of CNN):

“Now your counsel has publicly equated your absence from Suri for these extended periods of time as being analogous to someone fighting in Afghanistan,” opposing counsel asks him. “Are you aware of that?”

“I didn’t hear the Afghanistan,” Cruise replies. “That’s what it feels like and certainly on this last movie it was brutal. it was brutal.”

“Do you believe that the situations are the same?” Cruise is asked.

“Oh come on,” Cruise says, “you know, we’re making a movie.”

[From CNN]

Tom was saying “it feels like” he was fighting in a war while filming his latest alien invasion flick but knows he was only “making a movie.” He still sounds disrespectful and delusional. If he says this stuff in a depo, the trial should be interesting.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & In Touch

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  1. Froggy says:

    Disgusting ridiculous garbage to read on Veteran’s Day. TC is more and more ridiculous every day.
    Thank a Veteran today!

    • springingforward says:

      Sooooooo I was on the Tom is an idiot and ingrate for comparing his work to fighting in Afghanistan, but the above quotes put it in a reviewable context.
      Isn’t Tom saying that the extended absences from his daughter felt like being away at war?
      The comparison wasn’t to fighting a war, but the heartache from missing your family for long periods of time?
      I believe that he is narcissistic beyond reason and certainly cannot empathize with a soldier’s plight at war.
      However, I am reevaluating my initial conclusions on the level of his arrogance based on these actual quotes from the deposition.

      My gratitude to all the soldiers who are fighting to keep our nation safe and free.

      • Decloo says:

        Yes. I was just about to make the same comment. Clearly he was talking about being away from family for a long time, not being in combat. I think it’s pretty shameful to twist his words and make him look like even more of a douchebag than he already is. The man is insufferable but jumping on this comment is not fair.

      • jj says:

        I doubt he has much interest in Suri as he is not the biological father anyway.
        The poor child was good to provide happy family pictures and a good PR prop for Katie after the divorce. Katie knew what she was getting into with marrying TC when she had her father cook up a 6 folder prenup agreement. Their marriage was nothing but a 5 year contract.

      • Melissa says:

        Don’t care. He IS a douchebag. Being away from family for a movie is NOTHING like being away to fight a war.

        * His family can go visit him.
        * He can call at any time without restriction.
        * His family isn’t worried sick that there’s going to be a knock on the door with uniformed officers and a chaplain delivering devastating news.

        No. Not the same AT ALL.

    • fancyamazon says:

      I thanked many veterans today. Tom Cruise is a pile of garbage.

  2. Eve says:

    I’m kinda rooting for an actual trial because THAT. WOULD. BE. EPIC. It’d be so embarrassing for him — and provide me with so much schadenfreude.

    I know, I know, that would cost taxpayers’ money, but wouldn’t be amazing to watch him and his “church” (by association) crumble?

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      Oh my, yes. 🙂

      I remember the old days when eveeeeeeryone was in love with TC. He had such a well crafted image. And now it gets all splodey.

      • LAK says:

        He can thank Pat Kingsley for that image. He’s image has never recovered since firing her after the Nicole divorce.

      • ennie says:

        And I think that he was a believer in his cult, but whir he was with Nicole he was not so crazy as with Misscabbage. I bet he benefited from it and its free workers, like with the field plowed with flowers in Colorado for their wedding, but he was not second in command or appearance.
        he got crazier after the divorce.

      • Meredith says:

        Pat Kingsley must have been a genius because I remember Tom’s image then. It was great and he was a well-loved celebrity. Then he fired Pat and hired his sister to be his agent/PR person. And it just unravelled from there. It is like a cautionary tale of what happens when an actor seriously underestimates how much genius their PR person is rolling out on a daily basis. Maybe Zenu and the gang got jealous of the control that Pat Kingsley had over Tom and convinced Tom to dump him. Bad move, Tom.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Just so, Lak and Meredith.

        Cruise and Kingsley were more than the world’s biggest movie star and Tinsel Town’s most powerful flack. In the terrain of celebrity image control, they were the Lewis and Clark explorers who charted the path that other stars quickly followed.

        The loss of Publicist Goddess Pat Kingsly, Hollywood’s original “‘Suppress Agent”, marked the beginning of the end of America’s love affair with Tom Cruise.

    • blue marie says:

      I’m torn. I don’t want to pay for it but the level of entertainment is worth a few bucks.

    • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

      Me too, Eve. Me too. As happy as I was that Katie Holmes got away so easily, I was hoping that the divorce proceedings would expose (and hopefully bring down) the CoS’s shady existence.

    • TG says:

      @Eve- best use of the word epic in awhile. Yes, please let this go to trial. Watching tiny tom come unhinged is awesome. His antics during trial would be icing on the cake. Still can’t get over how much I just love that he got his *ss handed to him by Katie. Don’t think he is over it either. lol

    • LakeMom says:

      That’s all I want for Christmas this year.

    • holly hobby says:

      As a taxpayer, I wholeheartedly want to see this go to jury trial. Too bad I don’t live where the case is, I would gladly serve on that jury too! The first time I would find jury duty enjoyable!

  3. An says:

    And so the downfall begins…

    • Liv says:

      It’s like watching an accident. You know it will happen. Can’t believe how crazy he is! Seriously, who says things like that? Probably Chris Brown, ugh!

  4. OriginallyBlue says:

    He’s so arrogant and creepy, he should have a jury trial. I don’t think the Church will let him if it ends up embarrassing them.

  5. Lindy79 says:

    Its funny that he’s now trying to backtrack now and saying that you can hear him and the lawyers laughing, implying he was kidding.

    Either way, give that in that CoS video he claimed he would be the best person to be around in the event of an accident (1.15 in the video)…I really wouldn’t put it past him to think he’s equal to a soldier or an athlete. This is a man who CoS have hailed as some sort of god figure for 20+ years. He’s severely delusional. I urge everyone to watch this, it never gets old.

    I’m amazed he hasn’t sued Cougar Town for “Tom Cruise Run!”

    • gg says:

      This should be required watching. +1

      • Lindy79 says:

        Personally I’d rather have a trained paramedic or doctor help me in the event of an accident, not Tom bloody Cruise running at me like a crazy T-1000 and using his magical Thetan powers to cure me.

      • Eve says:

        “Either way, give that in that CoS video ,he claimed he would be the best person to be around in the event of an accident (1.15 in the video)…”

        Holy mother of…I hadn’t notice that!!!

    • frisbeejada says:

      tried to look at it, the CO$ have removed it for copywrite infringement – at least in my country – pity

  6. MrsB says:

    If he was joking, I find that almost just as offensive. I see nothing funny about the people risking their lives to protect ours, especially since I have a lot of friends and family who are veterans including my own husband. Shows how out of touch he and his team are with reality.

    • shump says:

      I mean, yes, he’s a dick. But he’s not THAT dick, and he’s not that stupid.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Thanks for posting this, Shump. Not a fan of his anymore, but I’m really glad he didn’t say those things. And shame on whoever concocted that offensive story, and on the media for fanning the flames!

      • MrsB says:

        Yes thank you @shump that is good to know. I still think he’s delusional, but I’m glad he’s not that delusional!!

    • L says:

      He’s wackadoo-but even he’s not that wackadoo.

  7. Elisabeth says:

    I’m not completely convinced he’s an earthling

    • Eve says:

      Well, then you’re in agreement with him as he believes he comes from another galaxy (he believes he’s a Thetan — Thetans come from another galaxy, they were brought to earth by Xenu and “implanted” in humans).

  8. MrsBPitt says:

    Tom has serious mental health issues. I truly believe that what he does in the movies, is how he thinks he is in real life. Like, the characters he plays in movies are not characters, but extensions of himself. That he could really save the world, if he had too. I don’t think he even knows how to be Tom Cruise, regular person. Even in interviews, I always feel like he is just acting, that he wouldn’t know a true, honest-to-God feeling, if it hit him over the head!

    • Mayamae says:


      I agree that Tom lives his life like he’s a character in a movie. I remember when he was greeting a crowd of fans and some guy started squirting a water gun in his face. First he broke into a huge grin, then he slowly realized what had happened and kind of chewed the guy out. It was so bizarre how long it took him to react like a normal human being.

      Tom is the worst kind of combination of being completely insular as all huge celebrities are, and being completely detached from reality as the best CO$ are.

      Also he has a very distorted view of the military. I saw an interview (possibly the crazy CO$ one) in which he acts humble and talks about his contribution is small compared to the Sea Org, who are the military of the group. It was odd because it also can be interpreted as him realizing these people sign thousand year contracts and work like dogs for little pay. At the time I thought he was just deluded in thinking CO$ has an active military.

    • Andrea says:

      I agree complete.

    • frisbeejada says:

      wondering if it’s a form of high functioning Aspergers that naturally the CO$ would not recognise or admit to, after all they ‘cured’ him of his Dyslexia because they wouldn’t want one of their superior ‘Thetan’ leader types to be in anyway – in their eyes only – defective (These are people who believe psychiatry is a modern evil as well) – they really are a mad bunch of buggers.

      • Melissa says:

        Nope. Douchebaggery doesn’t make you autistic. I have seen nothing from him that even remotely suggests Aspergers.

  9. Kiddo says:

    He is delusional, but for that, I blame CoS. He probably is genuinely convinced that he is out saving the world, like a soldier. Aren’t all the CoS level monikers related to navy-type names?

    • gg says:

      Yes. They do that to inflate themselves further and also because they have to fight popular opinion so they think military positions validate their reasons to defend their insane requirements.

      Little do they realize it’s even less hip than being in the Kiss Army.

      I see your 11 comment – and I still back it up. He is seriously delusional, with or without the soldier comment.

  10. Thiajoka says:

    That idiotic remark about Afghanistan is going to bite him in the ass big time. Conservative, Liberal, Centrist–none in America want some rich, privileged movie star comparing what he does to the troops who put themselves in danger for our country. I predict this is the decline of Tom Cruise’s career.

    Okay, this didn’t happen, apparently. So, no, even Cruise isn’t that idiotic. I’m glad, if you want to know the truth. Here’s the link:

  11. 3CATS says:

    Ok, this has already been debunked. The lawyer asked him about this comparison and I believe his reply was “come on, this is a movie”. See Jake Tapper, CNN.
    You can place a lot of blame on this person for a lot of things but this oversimplification does no one any good.
    I would much prefer to stick to actual facts about the COS labor he using in his home, the disconnection policies, what I believe is Scientology fraudulent us of tax exempt status.
    The list just goes on regarding actual acts that should be brought to light.

    • mia girl says:

      I agree that there is enough to come down on Cruise and CO$ about… And yet I don’t think he should be let off the hook from in this situation.

      The lawyer for the defendant asked him about the comparison because his own lawyers made the very extreme comparison in the press. Saying that if you held TC accountable for abandonment you would have to hold all actors accountable as well as mothers and fathers in the armed forces stationed overseas. For me that alone is self important and a gross overstatement.

      “Now your counsel has publicly equated your absence from Suri for these extended periods of time as being analogous to someone fighting in Afghanistan,” opposing counsel asks him. “Are you aware of that?”

      “I didn’t hear the Afghanistan,” Cruise replies. “That’s what it feels like and certainly on this last movie it was brutal. it was brutal.”

      “Do you believe that the situations are the same?” Cruise is asked.

      “Oh come on,” Cruise says, “you know, we’re making a movie.”

      So while he does not think filming a movie is like being at war (this is debunked) he and his people do think his absence from his daughter is comparable. They are the ones that started this whole line of defense. Gross.

      • Eve says:

        That’s how I interpreted it as well.

      • 3CATS says:

        Mia & Eve,
        I agree with the assessment of the lawyer byplay. TC never even read the actual article. Bert Fields did not serve him well by filing this suit. The sycophants that now surround him are as out of touch with reality as he is
        Someone up thread already said it.
        He never should have fired Pat K. She tamped down the crazy.

      • Lindy79 says:

        The difference between the two situations is that people fighting for their country can’t fly their family in or fly home for a day to see their families. Cruise can and chooses not to, so his lawyer comparing them as a way to justify him not making an effort to see his child is quite offensive not to mention ridiculous.

    • Mayamae says:


      I agree with you. Tom may deserve to be misquoted, and he may have said crazy things in the past that equate to this thought, but now that this story is getting somewhat debunked, he’s racking up sympathy points and firing up the nutty CO$. It may make it that much harder to tell a legitimate story of how bizarre he is.

      • 3CATS says:

        Yes, that was somewhat of the point I was trying to make. He didn’t say it, his lawyer said it, he has CNN defending him now.
        Now when something real comes out, maybe someone that was forced to work in his house for $50.00 a week, will anyone believe them?
        Or will it be “Oh, another Tom Cruise story”?

  12. Vanderhootchie says:

    Tom Cruise says… LOL! Tom Cruise is a deluded whackjob. Keep putting your foot in it, Tom 😀

  13. Hannah says:

    “Put him in a serious talk where he asked to defend his beliefs or actions, and he falls apart.” So true! When’s the last time Tom has done a proper interview, with Charlie Rose or someone similiar?
    But then again he doesn’t do movies that merit a serious conversation.

  14. Frida_K says:

    He’s a jackass.

  15. amelia says:

    Having just come from the Silence in the Square this morning, this makes my blood boil.
    I can’t even. The squaddies I was speaking to would crush him in the hardiness stakes.

  16. Jules says:

    Narcissism anyone? Deep in the closet, superhero projectile imaging, fakey fakerson.

  17. rkintn says:

    What’s that I hear? Oh! Only Tom Cruise hammering the last nail in his coffin…well, for me anyway. As a veteran and a mom of a soldier, this is beyond offensive. Me and my family will no longer be watching any more TC movies. I’m sure withholding our little bit of money won’t hurt him any, but I refuse to help him one little bit. Good luck, Tom, you’re gonna need it.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      I share your outrage, but see the link up thread….he didn’t say those things. But someone took his words and twisted them into this “story”, and I think that is even more offensive.

      • Lady D says:

        Agreed, Shannon. Whoever started that vicious rumour deserves to be sued. That was beyond ignorant. I find TC despicable and think he deserves every bit of misery he gets, but that was really low. Mostly because the sentiment would hurt and outrage so many.

  18. Cody says:

    Every time I read something about this arrogant jerk it reminds of why I stopped watching his movies.

  19. drea says:

    It’s bizarre how ensconced guys like Tom are in their own little bubble. When you let them out into the world, they’re so detached from reality.

  20. melior says:

    Every time he opens his mouth to give an interview I imagine his publicist running, waving his hands in the air and yelling : ‘ Stoooppp!’ I guess his team of handlers do their best to contain him but THAT amount of crazy is bound to spill over at one time or another.

  21. Londongal says:

    If I was Katie I’d be fucking delighted. She’s said *nothing* and eventually, given enough rope, Tom’s popmposity has allowed him to hang himself. Utter lunatic.

  22. Kristen says:

    Crazy Tom Cruise is the best Tom Cruise.

  23. Commonsense says:

    STFU, just STFU Tom.

  24. JudyK says:

    Is there some way we can deport him.

  25. LadySlippers says:

    The problem with his ‘Afghanistan comment’ was (he did NOT actually make a comparison between war and his job — in fact he said his job was brutal but it’s still just a movie) it’s in a long line of other whacky & kooky statements. And since it is something he *might* say, people buy it, which is just as damaging to him because don’t care enough anymore to find out the truth.

    Tom needs someone who knows what the f**k their doing PR wise and get them on board fast. As does CoS. If he/they don’t, Tom will be looking at his movie career through the rear view mirror cuz he ain’t what he used to be — in SO SO many ways.

    • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

      Bingo. It’s not that he didn’t say those statements, it’s that we can all see him saying something that insensitive that should make his PR people worry.

    • Eve says:

      “The problem with his ‘Afghanistan comment’ was (he did NOT actually make a comparison between war and his job — in fact he said his job was brutal but it’s still just a movie) it’s in a long line of other whacky & kooky statements. And since it is something he *might* say, people buy it, which is just as damaging to him because don’t care enough anymore to find out the truth.”


      By the way, please read Mia girl’s comment upthread, I think she’s spot on.

      • LadySlippers says:

        Eve, I agree, Mia is spot on.

        I think Tom is LONG overdue a reality check. He’s gotten away with some nasty sh!t for far too long (after I saw how he treated Nicole and wouldn’t let their children see their mother — I started disliking him. The sofa incident and everything after just cemented my thoughts). And his downfall will be hard and it ain’t gonna be pretty either. And CoS will go down right with him since he’s their poster boy. I think we’ll see one or two more big defections in the next year or so.

        I’d love to see Tom get his crap together but I fear he’s too far gone for that ever to be a reality. This suit and how he’s handling it supports that. As does how he treats his all his children.

  26. NewWester says:

    Considering he did that movie”Born on the Fourth of July” You would think he would not make such comments. It makes one think maybe it is in Suri’s best interest Tom limits his time with her. He is pathetic

  27. Abby says:

    disgusted. Did he REALLY say that about soldiers? seriously?

  28. Rabia says:

    I read the Jake Tapper piece, and it doesn’t really change anything for me. He still said, “That’s what it feels like” when the comparison to Afghanistan was made. And then he went on to make the ridiculous comparison with sprint running.

    Basically, these quotes make it clear that he has no idea how to speak in a measured, controlled manner. This was a deposition. He had to know that every word he uttered would be on record. To me, it speaks volumes about his arrogance and how out of touch with reality he is.

    • dorothy says:

      The guy dropped out of school. Of course he doesn’t know the proper way to speak.

      • ennie says:

        some people get an education even when they are out of school. they read, they mingle with important people who to learn from, they travel…
        but some of these celebs are surrounded by yes men and women. I cannot imagine how hard they kiss his behind and stunt /stunted his growth. (not only in his case, there are more examples, the cyrus girl, Leo , although in his case the stunt growth could be ore emotional than intellectual), etc.

  29. dorothy says:

    What’s that sound??? His career swirling down the toilet. Bye, bye.

  30. lisa2 says:

    Well he didn’t say what he was accused of saying. And it is sad that people that attacked him over it can’t admit they were wrong. or if they do they counter it with.. ok but..

    I’m not a big Tom fan and really have only seen a few of his movies. Non in theater, but people really need to stop attacking celebs based on some outtakes of a interview. Things get twisted. If I hear it from their mouth game on.. but wait til the full thing is out.

  31. Ginger says:

    WOW! And on Veterans Day no less. This is really, really bad timing for him! My family is a military family. I was just posting on Facebook this morning how proud I am of my husband, both of my brothers and my late Grandfather for their service. Both of my brothers served in the Middle East as well so Tom can bite me!

  32. Garrett says:

    Why would he say that? Is he that stupid?

  33. Jaded says:

    He’s sitting on the edge of a precipice right now. If he keeps spouting asinine comments like this and launching baseless lawsuits so he can give Co$ money, some ugly stuff is going to come out. There are a lot of people out there, including Katie, who have some serious dirt on him and out of some misguided sense of respect or threat of retaliation have kept schtum. But he can’t keep his stupid mouth shut over his (lack of) parenting expertise and how difficult his career is. He doesn’t have to work that hard making idiotic movie after movie, he just doesn’t know how to exist in the real world without being in some super-hero role or pretending his so-called loony-toon, slave-driving cult religion is saving the world.

  34. Dimebox says:

    I just watched on television as Taps was played at Arlington National Cemetery in a Veterans Day ceremony. So, all I can think is that no, Tom Cruise doesn’t get to even jokingly compare himself to a member of our military just because he plays dress-up in his movies. And really, just how “brutal” could filming have been before he returned to his five star hotel?

    To all active and retired military members and their families, I send my sincere gratitude for your service.

  35. palermo says:

    HA, I do believe he said it and now they are trying to rewrite history. My husband is a veteran, and Tom Cruise can go straight to hell

  36. lucy2 says:

    All this effort and hissy-fitting to fight the damage to his image is only doing MORE damage to his image. But I think his ego and yes-men led him to think he’d come off as some great hero in all this. It’s just an epic fail.

  37. Madriani's Girl says:

    I can totally hear him saying sarcastically “Come on. It’s a movie.”. I am never on his side but if this update is true then he didn’t say anything wrong. He was in essence saying to get over it – there is no comparison and he knows it,

  38. logan says:

    Tom Cruise has sh** for brains. That’s all I got.

  39. Green _Eyes says:

    Have never & will never see the huge Tom Cruise appeal as my friends had over the years. I say the money you would spend on a movie for one of his films.. Put it to better use, donate to a local Veterans Shelter or Wounded Warrior Funds. They don’t have Xenu behind them making sure their most basic human needs are met, yet alone expensive perks.

  40. Hautie says:

    The most disturbing fact in this little story for me…. is that Cruise really loved that little girl he had with Katie. He was obviously thrilled with Suri from the start. Then he basically said “bye!”.

    How does he just turn that off. And completely ignore a daughter that he spent so much time with. Simply because Katie decided she did not want to live in that wackadoo world of Crazy. Is his ego that destroyed, that Katie escaped?

    It makes one realize that Cruise really is brainwashed. It also proves how that Cult runs its business. And it is just rich how Cruise and his Cult… are all offended that Katie took a page from their own PR book and enlisted the media/tabloids to get her story out.

    And as far as her doing her public walks with Suri after that escape. I always thought Katie did those public walks with the paparazzi, to prove that she was not scared of the Cult. That they could stick it up their poop shoot. She got away. And they couldn’t do squat about it. 🙂

    • portlandjan says:

      In the days after Katie first left, there was a very real danger that Tom, or the Scientologists acting on his behalf, would grab Suri back. Katie’s best defense was to let herself and Suri be seen, often, in public to deter them. And since the paps were following Katie and Suri anyway, I think she decided to use them as an early-warning system. In her place, I would too.

      • Eve says:


        I think she did that out of fear, as a “preemptive defense” against scientocrazies doing her harm because let’s face it: if something bad (anything at all) ever happens to her, they’ll be in really big trouble because people will likely blame them for it.

      • doofus says:

        agree…and when you consider that she had to get a “secret” apartment and use burner phones as hers were “monitored”…it’s a scary situation that she managed to get herself out of.

        and as a few posters have said, I think the ease with which Katie secured custody had to do with Cruise not being the bio-dad.

  41. Anon says:

    Members of COS were never used as slave labor to benefit TC either, right?

  42. Ried10 says:

    God, Katie looks like she’s in her 40’s in that first picture! Also, it looks like Tom is holding up her hand as if to show the world that he did indeed get married…to a woman.

  43. Carolyn says:

    Tom keep talking…it will only make it worse. Truly delusional. All the goodwill garnered from his early stellar career roles has gone. Shame.

    With others secretly hoping it does go to trial and we get to see what he’s really like under pressure, without a script and without everyone having to do what he says. It will be both epic and sad at the same time. I want questions about Scientology to be a key feature. Expose it for what it is.

  44. wow all verity of tom I lve Tom Cruies

  45. Jane says:

    Time to throw your words back in your face, Tom. You’re glib, Tom. You’re glib.

  46. TG says:

    Wonder hoenhenisngoing to feel when Suri’s future stepdad does an interview and tells the world that she calls him dad.

  47. Mairead says:

    Ah buggeration, I could’ve done with an additional reason to dislike this eejit.

  48. mytbean says:

    Cruise was using an exaggerated event to describe his duress during film making… I get that. I’ll describe going to the gym some days as boot camp hell… or some mishmash meal I’ve concocting in the kitchen as gulag goulash. I know, because I’m a friendly person in the good company of chihuahuas and husband that no one would assume I’m being literal and insensitive.

    But Tom is blind and delusional. He has no friends with pull anymore. And because he’s an ego maniac, he thinks his hordes of adoring fans will route for him. I think, at this point, it won’t matter what he says. People are tired of waiting and will force Karma to take this loony-toon down sooner rather than later. His best bet is just to shut up. But he’s Tom Cruise and cannot do that.

  49. Jeremy says:

    He and Jane Fonda should both be publicly executed.

  50. Jana says:

    I met you at a Bistro 20 years ago in West Hollywood, you seemed to be a nice guy. I used to be a rock star for about 15 minutes. I used to follow your movies for all of my life. I used to live across the street from the Scientology Building on Bronson. I reside now in Florida where your buddy John Travolta resides, on occasion. Religions are different things. How are dare you compare yourself to an actual soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan. You are a prick. I KNOW Katie. I went to Margaret O’Brien Modeling School with her when she was a young kid. Trust me, with your attitude, you have NO BUSINESS involved with her life. And Mark Walburg, called you OUT! The thing about Mark is he has not been involved in the industry as long as you have and may have been back in the day…but he makes a good point, because my family have been in the military since the Revolution, and you have the audacity to state your job is harder as an actor. HOW DARE YOU! My family has saved your ASS for you to be ABLE to be a damn actor and makes millions of dollars for what? As Walberg said, sitting in a make-up chair and claiming to be ONE OF THE ONES who have SERVED you! You are pathetic.