Katie Holmes gets revenge on Tom by looking good, enrolls Suri in new school

Katie Holmes

Now we continue the tale of Tom Cruise spoiling daughter Suri to death by taking her to Disney World instead of those boring old museums that Katie Holmes has been frequenting. The tale has grown into a much darker one than Tom merely strolling through the Magical Kingdom wearing his lifts, and if you so dare, you can see photos of a shirtless Tom (happy trail and all) high-fiving fellow swimmers while frolicking with Suri at the Blizzard Beach water park. So transparent, that Tom.

Meanwhile, it looks like Katie is ready to get down to business since Suri will be beginning the school year in just a few weeks. While it was reported that Katie had enrolled Suri in a very prestigious Catholic school in NYC, that’s apparently not the case. Instead, Suri will attend “The World School,” which boasts worldwide campuses and allows its students to continue their studies around the globe:

Katie Holmes has enrolled her daughter Suri at an exclusive “world” school with campuses dotted around the globe. The brand new $40,000 a year Avenues is to open 20 campuses on five continents, enabling students to switch between schools without disrupting their education.

Aimed at the children of the jetsetting elite “The World School” enables pupils to follow their parents around the globe without being tied to school vacation schedules. The six-year-old will be based at the school’s flagship New York campus, just a few blocks from the luxury apartment she shares with Katie.

A source told Life & Style magazine: “Katie has eagerly been telling Suri all about the lunchrooms, basketball courts and different activities Avenues offers. Suri’s really excited about it.” The imposing school building will have a rooftop playground, along with a main gym that includes full-size basketball and volleyball courts.

Suri had been expected to attend an exclusive Catholic school but her mother’s choice has certain advantages. The website boasts that it is a step better than “national” schools such as Britain’s Eton. With campuses planned for China, India, Africa, Europe, the Americas and Australia Suri will certainly be able to study around the globe.

Along with high academic standards the school claims it will also teach pupils life skills, an advantage to children as sheltered as Suri. “Avenues will embrace practical matters so often ignored by academic institutions,” it says. “Students will become comfortable with a variety of life skills, including practical matters such as time management and technological competency.”

[From Daily Mail

This seems like an odd choice for Katie since she's seemingly intent on providing Suri with a Catholic upbringing. Perhaps Katie thinks that the next Holmes & Yang line will really take off, and she'll have a big reason to travel. Who knows.

Meanwhile, the tabloids have cooled their heels on the TomKat divorce this week with the lone holdout being Star, which talks about how Katie is looking oh-so-sexy lately as revenge against Tom's controlling ways. Yes, I can imagine how losing the midget would perk one up on all sorts of levels, and now that she's enjoying her newfound freedom, Katie's even been wearing leather pants, which lends credence to the March report that she was looking frumpy on purpose to spite Tom, or maybe she was just so depressed that she couldn't muster up the strength to care about her appearance during her last months of marriage.

Katie Holmes

Strolling through Midtown Manhattan on a recent Saturday afternoon, Katie Holmes turned heads for all the right reasons. Clad in a short, formfitting dress and flirty flats, the smiling, newly confident star was a far cry from the sad, mousy-looking creature she became during her marriage to Tom Cruise, 50. "She definitely looks different -- and better," an eyewitness says of 33-year-old Katie. "She seems more alive and vibrant, and healthier."

Though Katie lost a significant amount of weight from stress in the days surrounding her June 29 divorce filing, she treated herself to a full makeover after the July 9 settlement -- and celebrated her freedom by reclaiming her sexy, single style. And for katie, getting her true self back is the sweetest form of revenge. "Tom always insisted she dress and appear demure and not play up her sexuality too much," explains a friend. "Now, she's ready to break free and show the world what she's all about."

"She's going to do whateer it takes to look her best," the friend says of the actress, who went from hot girl next door to carefully done-up trophy wife to neglected, dowdy mom during five years of marriage. "This makeover was just the start."

And already, it's done wonders for her mood. "Katie's so much happier now," a pal adds. "Every day, she's getting more and more of her old self back."

[From In Touch, print edition, August 13, 2012]

The tabloid also theorizes that Tom has been strategically appearing more rumpled and ragged than usual (instead of his normal “clean-shaven and impeccably dressed” self) in “a calculated attempt to reform his robotic image — and let the world know he’s human.” Good luck with that, Tom. I wouldn’t doubt that Tom’s “people” (i.e., the CO$) would want Tom to project the image of a sympathetic, downtrodden single father (with some newly hatched grey stubble) who wants nothing more than to be with his daughter during expensive, highly-publicized vacations, but the best thing that Tom could do is keep his head down at this point. But of course, he won’t do that.

As for Katie, I’m not convinced that her fashion sense has truly improved since leaving Tom. However, she’s often wearing the best accessory of all these days: A smile.

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News

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  1. samanthalous says:

    She most def has the legs for leather pants, take note Kim.

  2. Little Darling says:

    Gone are the days of robo Kate with the vacant eyes and dull skin. I’m so happy for her and might I even say proud ?

  3. CosmicGirl says:

    No smile on her daughter’s face though!

    • spinner says:

      I know…no smiles while she is with Katie. I looked at pics while she was with Tom & she was smiling ear-to-ear a few times. uh oh…

      • tmbg says:

        Something tells me that with Papa Tom, it’s all good times and the word no is never uttered, whereas Katie seems like she’s trying to instill some discipline in Suri. I think Tom will resort to anything to get partial custody.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        Disneyland Dad syndrome. This is going to take a while. But this time people are watching. It’s a whole new world compared to the Connor and Bella sitch from years before.

        BTW I saw an article about Elron seeing kids not just as tiny reincarnated adults but as a RESOURCE – with some considered “criminals” for acting out. Chilling.

      • Chatcat says:

        Oh for Christ’s sake…What 6 year old wouldn’t smile more when being flown off on vaca to what is essentially fantasy land and most likely doesn’t have to follow any discipline, compared to a more structured and educational like experience?
        ANYBODY that is a parent knows first hand that there is always “the heavy” parent…the one who keeps the structure and disciplines of life first and foremost in mind… and the other is the “fun” parent.

        It just so happens in this scenario, they are famous, obnoxiously wealthy and the “fun” parent is a narcissistic tyrant with little man complex who thinks he is going to the other side via a space ship or some such cultish nonsense.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Yes, Chatcat. Exactly.

      • swack says:

        There are multiple pictures out there with Suri smiling and laughing while she is with Katie. I also agree with Chatcat. Also, I don’t know any 6 year old that smiles 24/7 and Suri is more likely to get photoed not smiling, especially if she is just walking around with mom. There are also pictures out of there of her with Tom and not smiling.

      • jwoolman says:

        The smiles come when she doesn’t see photographers. She probably likes being with both parents, but cameras bother her. She hides her face when she sees them. If they must photograph this child, they should at least stay far away and use a telephoto lens. Geez, if they can do it for Kristin, why not for the beleaguered Suri?

      • Hakura says:

        @Chatcat“It just so happens in this scenario, they are famous, obnoxiously wealthy and the “fun” parent is a narcissistic tyrant with little man complex who thinks he is going to the other side via a space ship or some such cultish nonsense.”

        My first response? “Muahahaaa” So true & frightening that anyone would let someone so scientologist obsessed have time alone with the child, let alone any custody.

    • corny says:

      It must be a nightmare trying to shield her from the paps, poor Suri

  4. The Original Denise says:

    You obviously did not get access to photos of Katie from a couple of days ago looking like a homeless person in a yellow sweater. I don’t care either way, but why is this tagged as “revenge”? She divorced him, not the other way around.

  5. lisa2 says:

    I know my opinion will not be popular, but Suri looked super happy with her father. Almost giddy. I don’t see her that way when she is out with Katie. I’m sure all the pap attention doesn’t help.
    But I have never seen her that happy in a long time.

    I feel very sad for her in all of this. It is so hard on children when they are use to 2 parents for the most part.

    • Embee says:

      I see it too, but I attribute her giddiness to his spoiling and her sullenness to Katie’s drawing boiundaries with her. Besides, Katie is and always has been the “everyday” parent, telling Suri to brush her teeth, etc., while dad shows up once in awhile, manic energy, full of fun and bestowing presents.

      I’m guessing when Suri’s scared or sad it’s Mom she wants, not dad.

      • Jenny says:

        No one really knows how the kid feels. But with Mommy, it is cabs, regular airplane flights, one boring apartment, school and ice cream outings. Nothing special about that. But with daddy, she gets helicopters, private planes, hotel suites and Disneyworld. What kid would not smile at that. Mommy will discipline and make boundaries, daddy, not so much. I feel for the kid to be pulled like this.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      But that’s just it: Suri ISN’T used to two parents. She’s used to Mom doing the everyday shit work and disciplining; and Dad being the usually gone, fun, whisks-me-away-for-fun-trips guy.

      There will come a day, however, when she realises what’s really important.

      • Izzy says:

        This New School sounds like a pretty good idea. With campuses all over the world, there’s no excuse for Suri to have $cientology-style “tutoring” if she’s on-set with Tom. It seems to me like another insurance policy, and smart thing too.

        Karmakaze, anyone?

    • The Original Denise says:

      I totally agree; if people put aside their blind dislike for Cruise, and admit that his kids love him and enjoy spending time with him. It is clear that he thinks the world of that little girl, and leave it at that. I don’t care if this comment is unpopular.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Popular or not: For the sake of his kids, I wholeheartedly hope you are right.

      • Mira says:

        @ODenise – His older kids seem fine for a 17-year old and a 19-year old. No dramas, at least none until now. Everything about Cruise is filtered through the hate-Cruise, crazy-Cruise, creepy-Cruise lens. So this man can do no right. But he brought it upon himself and somehow public memory of him and his acts are stronger than what it is for many others.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “Suri ISN’T used to two parents. She’s used to Mom doing the everyday shit work and disciplining; and Dad being the usually gone, fun, whisks-me-away-for-fun-trips guy.”

        Exactly, Bella, and I don’t think this dynamic is limited to just TomKat. I always feel bad for moms-seems like they always get the sh*t end of the stick with parenting (the disciplinarian, lawmaker, supervisor) and dad gets to be the “fun” parent.

        @OriginalDenise-I’m not sure if Tom’s the best kind of dad for Suri but I agree that he certainly seems to love her. I don’t see the “using her as a pawn” that so many commenters harp on.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        OKitt – A LOT of women end up with the sh-t work of single parenting, while the “Disney Dads” are the ones who let the kids stay up late; eat junk food & drink soda til they puke; and do the “fun weekend stuff.”

        That’s why I told my ex he could only have the kids every other weekend (hey, guess what, man? I work full-time too!) so I could have some “fun weekend” time with them as well. He could also have them one or two days a week, from after school until they had to be back home for bedtime. (That way he got to make them do their homework, etc…as well.)

        Granted, my circumstances were vastly different from Katie’s, but I think some things are the “universal usual” in these situations.

      • G says:


        I’m always perplexed when I hear the opinion that inspite of his CO$ affiliation that Tom really loves his kids and they are doing great. Really?

        Neither of them have an education or seem to be pursuing any higher education and they are both estranged from their mother Nicole Kidman.

        What’s the great part?

      • flan says:

        Smart call, the original bellaluna, to give a few ‘homework days’ as well.

    • Kim says:

      Besides the one picture in water when did she look giddy? That’s the only smiling picture I’ve seen with Tom

    • A- says:

      The reason Suri looks super happy is because she is being tossed in the air in a pool with a wave machine. Any kid would have a huge smile on her face. I don’t think it has anything to do with her dad. If he were doing normal every day things like taking her grocery shopping (as her mom does) she would not look like that.

      • Lauren says:

        My daughter doesn’t smile with me all the time..but she wants to be with me 24-7. I think daughters smile at their Dads because they miss them, want approval & acknowledgement their Father still loves them. I believe Tom loves Suri, but Katie is the loving disciplinarian.

  6. Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

    I think the school choice shows just exactly how smart and far sighted Katie is. In the future, Tom won’t be able to use Suri’s education as a reason she can’t travel with her mom to shoot on location, etc.
    Point: Katie!

  7. Faye says:

    Oh please, she looks exactly the same. The tabloids had a narrative they wanted to support of a “robot katie” so they chose pictures that matched those headlines. Now they have a new storyline of a happy, liberated Katie so they publish pictures that match the new tales they are weaving.

  8. Miss T says:

    I agree that Suri looked happy with Tom in the swimming pool pics, but I don’t get all this talk about her never smiling with Katie. I’ve seen plenty of photos of her smiling with her mother, at gymnastics class, at the zoo, etc. Both parents obviously love their child. Why do people have turn it into a competition?

    • GrnMtGirl says:

      So True!!!

      Of course she is smiling in the photos with Tom at DW. She is playing in the water. What kid pouts when they are playing at a water park.

      It really creeps me out the way that Tom is always holding her like a baby. My Grandson is 5 and I can’t remember the last time he was held.

  9. Ali says:

    “Katie Holmes gets revenge on Tom by looking good” That’s up to debate! Poor thing is not a natural beauty and even a divorce hasn’t helped.

  10. Jill says:

    She’s letting her grey hairs fly in the last pic. Good for her. :) Color them, don’t color them people look nice either way. But it’s nice to see someone else with a few little greys poking out, too.

  11. The Original Mia says:

    Definitely think this was a strategic move on Katie’s part. Tom can’t use the fact he’s filming in Bulgaria or wherever as an excuse to pull Suri out of school for his visits. This way Suri can stay in school, on a schedule and still see her daddy. Nice counterpoint, Katie!

    Why would’t Suri be smiling when she’s having fun? She’s having fun. If she was stoic and miserable, I would be really worried about her. As is, she’s a normal 6 year old being spoiled by her father.

  12. the original bellaluna says:

    Perhaps it’s an olive branch of sorts, to take into consideration Suri’s education and Tom’s (and maybe her own) work schedule.

    Whatever the case, I don’t think her “reclaiming her former self” has to do with revenge. I think she’s finally out from under Tom Thumb’s thumb, and it shows.

    His efforts at coming off as the doting Disney dad and wronged party are failing. MISERABLY.

    It would be comical if it weren’t so transparent.

  13. moo says:

    I am so glad she’s taking a stand against that little man and his cult! I wish her and Suri nothing but the best for themselves.

  14. Michelle says:

    That was a really cute ending you wrote, Bedhead! I really enjoy your writing. :)

  15. Ann Emmess says:

    Assuming the school itself works out (this sort of edu-business plan can fall apart when it’s actually time to go international) then I think it’s an interesting, smart choice on Katie’s part. It’s probably wise to admit that she and Suri are not going to have a stay-put-for-twelve-years life. And instead of the very sharp shock of the Catholic school’s standards and disciplines, Suri will be among her exceedingly rare peers — kids who are super-privileged and grow up super-fragmented, sharing some of her more exotic challenges.

    I would imagine the school will have more than its share of little monsters, but at least the little monsters can understand each other.

  16. Aussie girl says:

    I admire her for not glamming it up 24/7. She doesn’t look dumpy to me. Just because she doesn’t chose to walk around like sour looking, stick figured, dressed to the nines victora doesn’t make her plain or dumpy. It makes her normal.

  17. dorothy says:

    Good to see her smile again. I applaud her decision to leave the troll.

  18. Julie says:

    I’m not seeing this as a win for Katie or Suri. It looks like a school for very wealthy people. I can see Tom showing up with his wallet and the school letting him do whatever he wants. They’ll know he’s footing the tuition and that is whose ass will get kissed. It reminds me of Harvard and grade inflation. The tricky part is to get in and pay the bill. Education is secondary. Nobody knows what was in the custody agreement and the more time that passes the more I think Katie didn’t do so well.

    • Jayna says:

      She’s an actress in her thirties now with a limited time window. She isn’t a high-demand actress that gets lot of role offers. I think she put her in the school, so she can have a better shot at accepting a role during school year and taking it if Suri’s school is in the area where the filming is.

  19. Julie says:

    Sorry about the typo. Education..the irony of it all.

  20. mandygirl says:

    Why is she wearing sweaters? This summer has been so darn hot! I like fashion, but I’m not going to suffer for it. Get some shorts & a t-shirt on, Katie. Jeez Louise.

  21. Ann Emmess says:

    That, or whoever gets the regular counselor job will develop an expertise pretty quickly.

    I’ve worked with kids from international schools (“my dad’s job moved us to Korea, so here we are”) and they seemed about as content as any.

    The experience that seemed to set kids further apart from regular experience was getting sent to a far-off boarding school (“they travel a lot, and they wanted me to get immersion in English.”) It seems like maybe this model tries to bridge that gap? My folks move around, and I can stick with them and still have some consistency?

    • gg says:

      Interesting. I guess their being tolerant as to different cultures and races would come naturally, and the traveling would make geography class a lot easier. Does a kid like the Jolie-Pitts’ kids have a wider view of the world if they’ve lived for months in Venice, a chateau in France, hung out in Korea and Africa, etc.? Or is it just another place to them? (Jeez, you know — I travel a bit but I’m still jealous of the J-P kids.)

      What I wonder is: surely there are guidelines about how often to uproot the kids and move them again? Also, wouldn’t it be weird having a new teacher thrust upon you every few weeks? I would love to learn more about this school.

  22. Micki says:

    If Tom expected “demure” dressed Katie he got a frumpy one.I think her street style is simly bad.I know that millions go so in the street but for someone who relies on face/body image in her job (acting skills aside)she was a bit over the top dowdy.

  23. DANDILION says:

    So if Tom gets custody visit of Suri for a week or two.. Suri can still attend school almost anywhere he is.. Brilliant move and very balanced life for Suri and for both of of her parents and caretakers to manage.. PLUS!! She gets to play and chat and be around other KIDS! YAY

  24. Lauren says:

    Katie witnessed Tom treating Nicole like Sh*t, and turning their children against her. They called Katie “Mom”. I am surprised that NK did not go insane from the rejection of her children. Katie actively participated in that charade. Katie is not innocent & fragile. I feel KH is just as calculating as Tom.

  25. e.non says:

    these recent photos of suri burying her face to avoid the paps are very sad and troubling. imagine the psychological damage being done to her. with a healthy dose of paranoia, i would think.

    • gg says:

      And maybe anger issues; feeling trapped, unable to communicate you want to be left alone, be listened to when it counts. Makes me sad too. Is it impossible to do something with Suri without their being papps absolutely everywhere? Probably, but it wouldn’t be in California or New York.

  26. Kate says:

    Is it not possible that the school allowed a fake tip-off so as to publicise their startup plans? I mean, they may be insane but they’re also a very famous family. And if Katie wants normal for her child, this ain’t it.

    Also: that Disney trip is embarrassingly obvious. He has all the money in the world, if he wanted, he could take her somewhere private. This has to be the least private place imaginable.

    The irony is there’s a term for useless non-resident dads in the UK: Disney Dad. The kind who never says no and won’t step up to actual parenting. Both mothers and stepmothers use it on parenting forums, and neither with respect.

    • CF98 says:

      That’s what I think as well not to mention the Catholic School was something that Katie never confirmed either. This report is based on something said in Life and Style Magazine. Until KH confirms where Suri goes to school(I doubt she’ll do that anytime soon) I take it with a grain of salt.

  27. Kosmos says:

    Katie is a really good mother. Despite what someone said, she was never really hot looking, mostly the girl next door kind of look. At least she’s not afraid of going without makeup. Even when married to Tom, she looked pretty much down to earth, nothing too flamboyant. When dressed up and wearing makeup, she can stand out. Tom will be the Disneyland Dad and overwhelm Suri with expensive gifts and elaborate outings, spoiling her to death. I do find it unfortunate that Suri has to constantly be papped. This should be illegal.

  28. Bodhi says:

    There are already schools like that, the J-P kids go to one, the Lycee Francais.

  29. Jill says:

    Ugh she still looks drab and run down. And as young as she is she looks so old. Being married to him must have taken a toll on her.

  30. Jag says:

    I think Katie smartly chose the World School so that if Suri ever goes on location with Tom, there will be a “normal” school nearby for her to continue her studies. If there weren’t, them Tom could argue that Co$ homeschooling would have to be offered so that Suri wouldn’t fall behind. Go Katie!

  31. DANDILION says:

    I think she wears the ugly brown tan suede half booties to make Tom cringe..