Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring is “not that huge” and “understated”

Jennifer Aniston Ring Watch is still upon us. I wonder if the tabloids are going to really go for it, and try to force Aniston to show off her ring before she’s ready. In the meantime, she keeps hiding her left hand out in public, that is, when she’s not showing off her prop wedding band when she’s on the North Carolina set of We’re The Millers. All while Justin Theroux quietly enjoys his life in New York City, acting like “the happiest guy in the world.” Obviously. I would say that JustJen wants us to leave them alone… but they don’t. They want to draw it out. Jennifer wants to show us her ring. She just wants to draw out the suspense for a while.

Well, that WAS my theory, but Us Weekly kind of blew my theory in their JustJen story this week. According to Us Weekly’s sources, Jennifer has totally been showing off her new ring to people in North Carolina, but an eyewitness describes it as “not that huge” and “pretty”. Hm…

Size doesn’t matter to Jennifer Aniston. The actress, 43, has been proudly flaunting the understated ring her fiancé, Justin Theroux, designed and proposed with on August 10.

“She’s been very happy and girlie about it,” explains an insider on the Wilmington, NC set of We’re the Millers. The bling is “pretty,” adds the insider, “but not that huge.”

Not that low-maintenance Aniston needs a big bauble as proof of Justin’s love: she believes their 16-month relationship is blessed by the stars!

“Jen is really into astrology,” says a second pal. “Justin is a Leo, which she thinks is a good match for her.”

For Aniston, an independent Aquarius, the loyal Leo, 41, “is the rock she needs in her life,” adds the friend. Her risk-loving Sagittarius ex-husband, Brad Pitt, “did not match with her in that sense.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

My new theory involves Justin going AWOL and actually designing the ring… a ring he could afford. A ring that is smaller than Jennifer was expecting. A ring that that is smaller than The Leg’s! Which might be why Jennifer is hesitant to debut it publicly? Note: I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with a smaller diamond. At all. Although I adore looking at the giant, ice-skating rink diamonds, I appreciate practicality too, as well as the personal touch. Jennifer is a small woman with small hands – a giant rock might look out of place on her hands. I have a 3-carat sapphire ring that I love to wear, and honestly… 3 carats is big enough for me! So no judgment from me… although I do wonder if Jennifer is judging Justin’s taste.

As for the astrology aspect of the story… I don’t know much about the other signs. I’m a Virgo, I just know about my own sign and what goes with Virgo. I’m horrible with Aries and Gemini – they’re not logical and practical enough for me! My mom’s a Leo (as is Barak Obama and Bill Clinton), so I tend to like Justin more now that I realize that he’s a Leo. I’m not even sure I’ve even had an Aquarian friend or that I’ve ever dated an Aquarian, so I can’t speak to Jennifer and her sign.

PS… I just looked it up… Michael Fassbender is an Aries! How have I never realized that before? God, he and I will never work out in the long run. We’ll only have a brief, torrid affair in which we fight like dogs (and make up the same way).

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Naye in VA says:

    Can I just rant a little bit? I’ve been seeing (if you can call it that) an aquarian and hes a total flake. It’s driving my inner lioness up the friggin wall. Done!
    Whew that felt better. Especially now i know that Fassdong and I belong together.

    I think Jen will appreciate the effort he put into the ring. She seems like that kind of girl. But the wait is total PR.

    • Leen says:

      Haha tell me about it. I’ve been with an Aquarian and I’m a Scorpio so my passion and intensity is waaaaay too overwhelming for the airy signs. Also they are such flakes and detached sometimes which drives me insane!

      • Naye in VA says:

        He texts a lot and is usually available to talk on the phone, and I may catch see him 20 min at lunch, but he’s been telling me he isn’t ready for a relationship just yet even though he likes me a lot, and I’m like okay cool, but ummm can I at least see you b/t the hours of 5-10? He pursued me. I don’t need a damn pen pal!
        I could make heads or tails of this if he was hitting me up for a booty call, but he doesn’t even do that!
        It’s not rocket science. You see people you like. Either he’s dumb or he thinks I’m dumb.
        I probably am.
        I haven’t dated in like 5 years.

        I’m so fed up at this point, all I want are his sexy drawers. But I ain’t cheap *sigh.

      • Leen says:

        Oh dear I know what you mean. I got along great with him, and we were together for a long time but it took ages for anything to really ‘happen’ in the intimacy department despite the fact that we both liked each other a lot! And it’s a weird transition as well sort of like okay I see now we’re together, we didn’t really have any ‘talks’ of where are we going and so on. And he admitted that my passion/intensity kind of scared him off for a bit. Aquarians are a bit strange when it comes to intimacy department but they make great friends.
        He will come around eventually, they all do ;)

    • Veruca says:

      I’m an Aquarian and tried to live with a Leo for 11 years. Yeah… not so much. Great friends. Lovers? Eh… no.

      I won’t make excuses. I’ve lots of Aquarian friends, and we’ve come to the conclusion that we’re some kind of alien. The things we do make perfect sense to us, it’s the rest of the world who just doesn’t get it.

      However, I confess that we are difficult when it comes to intimacy.

      So, on behalf of the Aquarian sign, I deeply apologize for any neurosis. It’s probably our fault. We’ll just never see it that way.


  2. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Whatever weekend brad movie premiere is when we will see this pretty but understated ring

  3. Emma says:

    I am an Aries and I am plenty logical and practical, thank you very much…

    • hoya_chick says:

      Ditto Emma. Me too. I’m the most practical and logical person I know. So much so that I don’t put that much weight into the ‘stars.’ Since when is Jennifer low maintenance? Lol.

      No comment on the ring.

      • Helen says:

        Same here. As an Aries, I am sometimes told I’m too practical & logical, as if it were a bad thing. Kaiser, you never met the *right* Aries.

        Either way, lots of the astrology stuff is bull, if you ask me, which I know you didn’t. :)

      • rose says:

        compatibility between different signs varies for same gender vs opposite gender. so you may not get along with a female of a particular sign but you may be perfectly compatible romantically to a man of that sign…well, this is supposedly. I’m an Aries too and have been dating a sagittarius for the last 2 years and we get along like a house on fire…in a good way. it’s been a great relationship. according to astrology, we are one of the best matches for each other as a female Aries with a male Sagittarius. so maybe there is some truth to this stuff :)

    • Naye in VA says:

      I thought practical was a mark of the Aries. My ex-fiance is an Aries, and he always gave me the opposite opinion of mine, just to keep the convo healthy.
      In fact I can say we’re best friends now, because he is the most unbiased person to speak with (although he did manage to think himself out of our relationship). I think I love you guys lol

    • GrnMtGirl says:

      My Husband of 28 years is an Aries and is about as Logical & Practical as they come. My Mom is a Virgo and while she is very Logical I don’t find her to be very practical. Not only that, but she thinks my Husband is an A$$-hole. Whatever…He works for me (a Sag).

    • spinner says:

      As no one is just an Aries & looking at only the sign of Aries…courageous, impulsive, jumps into things head-first. They love a good debate (argument)
      Fire sign…inclined to “just do it.”
      Ruled by Mars. (put the hand grenade down)

  4. keats says:

    I am a gemini and I don’t know what it means! :/

  5. DanaG says:

    Jennifer played this game when she was engaged to Brad and it went on for months. I seem to remember her lying outright and saying it was just a friendship ring not an engagement ring. I expect she will flash as some stage to try and get some press when Brad is getting some press. Notice that Leg’s didn’t play this game, mind you she got a huge rock! I’m a scorpio and I wouldn’t get on with Jen at all.

  6. marie says:

    I’m a Virgo, my mom’s a Leo and I’m still not too fond of hipster Justin. I don’t dislike him, I’m just meh about him..

    There’s nothing wrong with a smaller ring though..

  7. truthSF says:

    I know too many Aquarius females and I’ve been burned by my so called female friends. They always came off seeming nice, but had an underlying devious streak to them, at least the girls I know. So, as a Leo, I don’t know about male/female aquarius compatibility, but no on female/female’s one.

  8. Imelda says:

    @ Emma – me too with maybe a bit of fire thrown in for good measure.
    Sometimes I dont get other people’s logic cos I think I’m the logical and practical one!

  9. Jacq says:

    “low-maintenance Aniston…” Pffffft! Is this a plant by her people so that we aren’t let-down when we see the ring?

  10. Ally says:

    And I’m Aquarian and offended by your comments;)

    Personally I dislike big jewellery, big can look tacky.

    • spinner says:

      @ Ally…Aquariuns are wonderful!! They see the big picture. They have the ability to step back & see things objectively. Also, they are quite the humanitarians. You would have to have your natal chart done as to the placement of your other planets & house order.

  11. Moby says:

    This ring will only come out when Brad has his next movie permire not before then.

  12. diana says:

    Good for her.
    Makes perfect sense if she wants to keep atleast this part of her life private, not opening up the ring comparison competition.
    I never believe this astrology stuff. Cos I hate to prejudge people based on imaginary signs.

  13. Erinn says:

    God, they should never had made it seem like she got a giant ring if she didn’t. And if she’s ashamed of the ring she got… maybe she shouldn’t be getting married.

    My boyfriend and I picked out a ring a couple weeks ago (still haven’t gotten it- he’s big on surprises) and it’s under a half carat. We’re just out of school, and only have been working for a little while, and trying to save for a house. I never expected any ginormous diamond. It’s just not practical. I also have tiny fingers. The ring shows up really nice, and it’s a good quality ring.

    He could have gotten me a tiny little fleck of a diamond and I wouldn’t have been ashamed. It’s not about the ring, it’s about the symbol to me. I can’t imagine how emasculating it’d be to have your fiance ashamed of the ring you got her within your means.

  14. Mel says:

    I’m a libra so I’m pretty much on the fence or the devils advocate to find balance in this crazy place called life. As for this story. Eh. I dont think Jennifer cares.

  15. Agnes says:

    I don’t see her as someone satisfied with anything but a huge, flashy ring. I don’t know what that tabloid is talking about, but she’s the last person who comes off as “low-maintenance”. Unless that’s the new image she’s trying on.

    And OF COURSE that dumbass believes in astrology. Haha.

  16. potatopeel says:

    Aquarians – water sign
    Leo – fire sign

    Do not work together. Fire and Water.

  17. Trillian says:

    Don’t believe in astrology … we geminis are sceptics anyway.

  18. eny says:

    Here we go again. After Jolie-Pitts engagements there was a story how much Angelina hates her ring. Now we have the same with Aniston.

  19. Liberty says:


    JA: Well, thank you so much, I’m excited. Yes, it is a nice ring.

    JT: Design-wise, as the designer, it encapsulates everything I feel. The smoothness, for her yoga-tamed body; the diamonds, for the clarity and strength that have existed between us the last two years – one year – and a half – one –

    JA: — um, the precious metal because he is an iron warrior to me, a real street-savvy hero, not like that Achilles character in his leather skirt who’s gone before the movie ends, like how did that girl feel, he left her with her world burning down, what was she supposed to do then? You know she ended up sleeping with any horny Spartan to prove someone B/high C wanted her, and it got to be a habit, like -

    JT: …er, note the intricate side pattern of pave jeweled gunfire that represents the unstoppable rebellious forward motion we planned for our life since we were in that bar with Ben in Kaua’i – I mean, at a diner during Wanderlust – realizing that we were what each other needed in this surrealistic concept called Time.

    JA: — of course, we didn’t realize it until a year later, after we had been nothing more than on-set book club friends who shared a basic fondness for pulled pork, trinkets of gold, and vodka. We’re like your viewers that way–on location in bed just smoking and watching QVC, laughing at life – in our own rooms of course.

    JT: — QVC inspires me. So, uh, as soon as I saw it, designed it, I said this was the ring she would be proud to wear for me as soon as she was done filming and had time for the shoot with PEOPLE. What? That’s, all together, nearly four carats, adding it all up, of intimately bedazzled wow, ok? It took me hours. I scarred my thumb with a pencil. That’s a real design injury. Touch it, go on.

    JA: Four carats? I hadn’t noticed. Because I am so in love, I am not noticing trivial details like that.

    JT: I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t cockblock her hair.

    JA: To me it is as down to earth as the WalMart band I just wore in character. I mean, thank god it’s real, like ocean water, or air, or tanning, not a 14 carat monstrosity like you know, some kind of overdone musical love tumor, right? Keep it simple for me, I always say! Ask anyone on this list. Here.

    JT: That is just who she is: a woman who can only be called simple. I like that. As a Leo, I tend to prefer to be the only scene-stealer in my two pivotal relationships.

    JA: — anyway you’ve seen that as an A-plus-lister, I’m not the kind who has to have a giant enormous engagement ring strapped on my hand right away to prove to the world a man can stand me because I’ve trapped him like an exhausted herding dog in some giant locked corral of filthy needy babies with their inbred satanic beauty-destroying agenda. I view it intellectually, really, as some basic useful token like through the eyes of my most recent movie character, a fake wife. But of course, like, this unobtrusive, quiet, really almost silent ring is even more meaningful. Its humble-type looks caught my eye the very moment I opened the Fed Ex box and –

    JT: — er, I put – wrapped it — in a Fed Ex Box – when I handed it to her, totally in person. A, uh, joke between us – ha! ha! — my babe? —

    JA: — oh – that’s right! my scrumptious nickel-clutching-unless-it’s-a-helmet hesitant whippet of love…. uh, he handed it to me, as a joke, about our er, out-of-the-box super bicoastal passion, entwined in our raw, realistic-style, don’t gouge my balls with some too-big psycho ring way —

    JT: — yeah, raw, like, my very massive balls–we always get severe body burns even from 1400-thread-count hotel sheets in our crazy-ass soul-mate exploratory couplings. Sorry, I felt a need to share that, my babe.

    JA: It’s okay, JuJuSmiles, that is what E! is for. So, yeah, it was more than some ring, it was an incredibly hot, personal surprise-here’s-your-ring thing, that completely represented how we feel we got here to this point.

    JT: Yeah, like – she’s the Fed, and I’m the Ex.

    JA: GOD DAMN IT, JUICY!! Sorry, Huvie, sorry folks, give me a minute, we’ll do it again, someone get me more f—–g lip gloss. Maybe you are right about print.

  20. evyn says:

    “…cockblock her hair.”

  21. Alexis says:

    Astrology is stupid. Also, who cares about ring size? It’s tacky to have a gigantic diamond on your hand…think Avril Lavigne and the Nickelback douche.

    • Aussie girl says:

      I so don’t want to think of avril & that nickel back dude. Where have I been in the last 6 mths . she was breaking/making up with brody Jennier for what i knew. As for star signs I’m alittle , meh on that. All I know is that Jen & Justin seem pretty chillaxed. And that ring size wouldn’t faze them. I Personally think that in la la land & Ott ring is cringe worthy & %100 of the time an understated la la land ring would be over the top in our mere mortals real world. So meh.

  22. Imelda says:

    Liberty – pleeaassee do one of these on LeAnn Rimes, so much raw material to draw from (maybe too much, lol)
    Alas it may take up the better part of your day!

  23. sharron, team GB says:

    pretty but not that huge = it’s smaller than I would have liked, especially given HER ring, but if I say it’s pretty I can win the ‘I’m normal, honest’ vote.

  24. TheOriginalTiffany says:

    Who needs a big rock when you have VELCRO WEDGES?
    Her life is complete. Don’t mess it up with ring talk!

    I’m a band girl myself, hard to work in a hospital and tack up horses with a honker on.

  25. Opa says:

    OMG…her nose, chin, non-existant lips in that first pic! She looks like Miss. Piggy/A potato head. UGLY

    Her publicist has somehow convinced people she is beautiful when that first pic proves just how homely she is without her photoshop & expert lighting.

    So many beautiful women in Hollywood, she is not one though.

    • Josephina says:

      OH, no you didn’t!!

      What?! Miss Piggy looks pretty exotic next to Aniston…

      Wait for it… the JenHens will say her eyes, lips, nose, hair and chin have been transformed due to her “being in character” as a fake-wife who is really a hooker.

      Which one is it? Dressing as a stripper/hooker who was really a fake-wife (reality) or dressing as a housewife who is really a stripper/hooker (current role).

      Eh, doesn’t matter, I’m not seeing this movie.

      • Contrived says:


        (or was that just the sound of her taking off her velcro wedges…)

        I’m constantly amazed that after multiple nose jobs, fillers, never eating carbs, yoga w/personal expert, personal chef, personal hair expert….and yet she remains this homely.

        “low maintenance”???? positively absurd.

        now she even needs a body double? In her straight to VOD newest crap installment. I can’t even imagine how stupid this movie is going to be. her movies have progressively got worse and worse over the yrs.She belongs on TV in Spain.

    • Linda says:

      I do, and what’s that saying again? Oh beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But the real issue is why a grown up person( am assuming you are an adult) would call someone’s face busted. That’s so eight grade.

  26. G says:

    Cancer here.

    We’re not Jen fans but we do think that an engagement ring ought to be a token of one’s love need not become a opportunity for public commentary and derision.

    Cancers are sure it’s lovely and yet, if Justin is a Leo we kind of suspect it might be showy as well, but it’ not our business and we’re not judging if it is/isn’t.

  27. ki09 says:

    She sure is lucky Heidi Bivens is not famous with a publicist like Huvane! Heidi could start her own pity party with the media and gain years and years of sympathy.

    No one in the media even mentions his partner of 14 years, who he was still with in APRIL of 2011. Same time Jen was with Justin.

    Photographic proof.

    • Not that it matters says:

      Exactly. It says April 25th. Jennifer & Justin were outted in early may and his previous mother in law said he told her the jennifer aniston rumor was all a big misunderstanding.

      • Gossip Rawker says:

        So Memorial day weekend is now in early May? Since when? I’m pretty sure its late May. And again, late May comes AFTER April 25th. Wishing it weren’t so doesn’t make it anymore true.

        And other than a vague quote from Heidi’s mother about how he and Aniston were friends, where did Heidi’s mother actually say anything incriminating? Can you post a link to these quotes from Heidi’s mom?

    • Gossip Rawker says:

      I’m confused. How does April 2011 come BEFORE May 2011? Maybe you should look up the definition of overlap.

      Here’s an example of one.

      Jolie: “I can’t wait to show the kids the movie where mommy and daddy fell in love.”

      I hope she leaves out the fact that Daddy was still living with and married to another woman at the time.

      Honestly, I don’t get this obsession. For YEARS people excused Pitt and Jolie’s overlap, but NOW Jen’s supposed overlap is a big deal? And again, April comes BEFORE May, not the other way around.

      • Contrived says:

        1)I agree about it not being a full overlap right there, but it still is so close and really along the same lines of what aniston whined about all those yrs ago when it happened to her—not classy like Heidi’s been.

        2)I do think most are showing the irony of how her fans completely ignore virtually the same circumstance in reverse.

        3)I can see your point about Angie making the comment, however timing is a big factor here. She made that comment not at the time but 5 or so yrs after le divorce and how many relationships later for jen? like 4 or so.

        personally, I find most people don’t care that much about their Ex’s relationship that many yrs down the line(especially when that Ex has a whole new life and family)most have moved on and see things more objectively at that point and how things have worked out for the better.

        4)For me, I think Aniston did the same thing Angie did. I don’t think they stole the man away.
        I think the men were both missing things in their lives and met a new woman that was willing to offer those things.

        Angie: a family
        Jen: fame/ability to get things green lit himself.

        in both situations the original woman in the relationship was not going to ever be able to provide what those men wanted and therefore they both seemed to immediately jump ship.

        a)It looked like Brad did at least try to not be seen with angie right away(out of respect alnog with the press statement) but the africa thing got out and that was that.

        b)JT on the other hand went full on with her/ but I don’t blame him for that, that was pure Jenhuv.

      • Gossip Rawker says:

        @ contrived

        1. I’m not sure I ever got the feeling that Aniston whined about Angie, even though this is a popular myth that people have thrown around for years, especially on this site. All Aniston ever said was that she chose to “believe her husband that there was no cheating” and that she met Jolie once for 30 seconds. And then years later remarked that thought it was uncool to make the mommy and daddy comment. Beyond that Jen has NEVER commented on Angie or cheating so I don’t get where Aniston “whined about it all those years” even comes from other than fan fiction. Where did she whine about it? When? Do you have some links?

        b. Perhaps Heidi has been “classy” because she knows there was no overlap and to try and say otherwise might have been a problem. We don’t know this woman or anything about her. All we know is that it took 8 years for her and Theroux to move in together so they had much bigger problems than Aniston.

        2. Doesn’t this go both ways? Jolie/Pitt fans are making a HUGE deal out of something they downplayed for years. People were on these sites basically saying it was OK for Brad to cheat because he wanted a dozen kids. Then don’t marry a woman who says in interviews she only want one or two.

        3. Just because Angie waited five years to brag about falling in love with a married man doesn’t make it any better. Especially when you spend all that time denying it and even trot out your mother and how she was cheated on to defend yourself.

        4. I think it’s pretty gross to assume Theroux is using Aniston for fame or money. He has been in the business for years. If that was his intention I’m pretty sure he could have gotten his hooks into Cameron Diaz when they made Charlie’s Angels or some other famous woman along the way. Not to mention Theroux famously turned down a role on “Friends” to avoid the fame and has spoken over the years about not wanting to be a leading man because he couldn’t handle the pressure of trying to carry a movie by himself. He seems to enjoy life behind the scenes more. And since he and Aniston have been together you see a lot less of her. They disappear for months at a time. If he wanted the fame we’d see more of them, not less. Beside, Theroux was actually pretty successful BEFORE Aniston came along. Aside from creating half the characters and co-writing Tropic Thunder, he is attached to write/direct Zoolander 2. Not to mention he created and will star in and direct a show on HBO, a deal that was made BEFORE Aniston.

        He may be more famous now, but he was doing great without her and everyone in the industry already knew who he was. The only thing Aniston has brought him is people now attack him and act like he never accomplished anything without her. How is that a win for him? Is it so crazy to think he might actually love Aniston?

        a. Of course, Brad had to wait to be seen with Jolie. His ENTIRE CAREER was on the line and he had spent a year denying they were anything but friends. More than half his fans are women. If he was seen as cheating on America’s favorite friend he would have been toast image wise. That’s why they waited and rolled out their relationship at an orphanage surrounded by starving orphans. Talk about a grotesque PR move.

        b. The obsession with Jen’s publicist never ceases to amaze me. People actually blamed him for staging the timing to announce the death of Aniston’s dog just to upstage Brad at the Cannes film festival. Aniston bought an apartment in New York. She bought it under a trust named after her dog. The media found out about it and started asking about the dog. That is how the information came out when it did. Aniston can’t even leave her house anywhere near on of the kid’s birthday without being accused of a publicity stunt. And I’m not making that up. People on this site have gone on and on about how there was an Aniston sighting and Shiloh’s birthday was a few days ago and these things MUST be connected. That is some crazy birther type of conspiracy there.

      • Kim says:

        The quote was mommy and daddy fall in love and then try to kill each other .Heidi Bivins moved out at the end of May.Very telling Aniston never denied dating a man with a live in girlfriend, yet her rep denied she was on a baby food diet.Very interesting that 70% of the comments here dont even mention Aniston ring or engagement.I guess astrology is more interesting

      • Contrived says:

        very good point kim!

        Angie saying that was meant to be about the characters in reference to how kids would see the movie.

      • Contrived says:

        1.Not a myth. A fact. You are missing major interviews. She whined about the break up (and quite a while after it happened.)and was very tacky—not like Heidi’s been.

        simple answer is to just read how salacious this is, having her friends even chiming in. I’ve never in my life seen another classy actor do something this pathetic.

        b) Why do you say “We don’t know this woman or anything about her” and then continue to speculate? it weakens your argument.

        Again, the point is the irony of her fans running to defend them when they had a witch hunt going on for the last 8yrs over BP/AJ.

        2.) like I said a lot of that is to be ironic. I can’t speak for the others. personally, we saw a lot more with BP/JA marrige, so there was more to speculate on…her constantly filming movies, having a golden opportunity to be preg on friends and not doing it. Him constantly saying he wanted a baby NOW! them never seeing each-other in their first yr of marriage, calling it a “conjigal visit” when she went to malta. Re: one would have sufficed in those 7yrs. your opinion. in mine timing is everything. also read kim, she nailed it.

        4.No he couldn’t get any other celeb, no one is the “poor jen” of hollywood. She is the only one with an equal need for PR. Cam just plays the field, she’s not looking for a long lasting relationship.

        You’re proving my point here:
        “Not to mention Theroux famously turned down a role on “Friends” to avoid the fame and has spoken over the years about not wanting to be a leading man because he couldn’t handle the pressure of trying to carry a movie by himself.”

        Now he’s out and about going on Ellen???? He tried to go the integral way. Now’s he’s sold his sole to Huvane for the next 3-5ys.

        “He seems to enjoy life behind the scenes more”.

        Ellen? flashing a piece sign for paps?

        They disappear?? europe anyone? running to the set when the rumor of break up is out there?public announcement of engagement?

        for the love of gawwwd…yes he had his successes. but he was an unknown, he was not papped or talk about, now we are taalking aobut him???WHY IS THAT??? gee I wonder…come on!

        And for the record: it is crazy to think that he just loves her. his whole behavior has changed over night. he went from being a nobody to Ellen? You don’t go on Ellen unless you want F-A-M-E.

        a.) FACT CHECK ALERT: “That’s why they waited and rolled out their relationship at an orphanage surrounded by starving orphans”

        where do you get this stuff??? honestly, I don’t know what you are talking about.

        I’m not going to go into all the ways they first were spotted and out as a couple—JJ set much!

        I am not interested in defending BP, I simply said AT LEAST HE TRIED TO LAY LOW. you say because of his career, I say for both.

        Jen on the other hand was already dating VV and denying it so she could milk the victim thing more.(Kendra reminded me TY)

        b. I’m sure it’s true. Since when do you hear about a death of a clebs dog—and there you go right when BP/AJ go to Cannes!(if you would just look at the long litany of times that she pops up in the news and the timing of the brange’s births,movies, now engagement…you’d see how insanely weird it is that she goes dark and then suddenly announces things—through her PUBLICIST!

        There is no conspiracy, a conspiracy is something that actually needs to be looked into and is not RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!

        (sorry for the yelling, not directed at you. haha. I’m not at the ocean so this will have to serve me.)

        man, that was a long post to respond to whew…

      • Lilac says:

        Lol, nice try, but no dice. The FULL quote was: “They haven’t seen a lot of our films yet, because they are a little young, but I’m looking forward to them one day discovering Mr and Mrs Smith,’ she smiles. ‘They’re going to have a great laugh – to see when their parents actually met, and watch them fall in love and try to kill each other.” ( Ergo, its obvious she was talking about the characters of John and Jane Smith, falling in love, getting married, and trying to kill each other (their characters were professional assassins trying to kill each other). There was no affair between Brad and Angelina, that hoax was exposed a long time ago, so there was no overlap. For years, you Jen fans went on and on about the now debunked ‘overlap’ between Brad and Angelina, but you are suddenly quiet and full of excuses when it comes to Justin and Jen’s PROVEN overlap. That is pure hypocrisy.

      • Sal says:

        Lol, nice try, but no dice. The FULL quote was: “They haven’t seen a lot of our films yet, because they are a little young, but I’m looking forward to them one day discovering Mr and Mrs Smith,’ she smiles. ‘They’re going to have a great laugh – to see when their parents actually met, and watch them fall in love and try to kill each other.” ( Ergo, its obvious she was talking about the characters of John and Jane Smith, falling in love, getting married, and trying to kill each other (their characters were professional assassins trying to kill each other). There was no affair between Brad and Angelina, that hoax was exposed a long time ago, so there was no overlap. For years, you Jen fans went on and on about the now debunked ‘overlap’ between Brad and Angelina, but you are suddenly quiet and full of excuses when it comes to Justin and Jen’s PROVEN overlap. That is pure hypocrisy.

        As far as Aniston milking the attention: Oh come ON! That you can even say that lie with a straight face Gossip Rawker, is ludicrous. There has not been an interview since 2005 where Aniston has NOT referenced her marriage or divorce in some way. Even the media have picked up on her milking her divorce and riding on it for 8 years. It was even a topic on two Jen fan groups, so even her OWN FANS, noticed it! Every interview she has done since 2005, she has referenced her marriage or divorce. Saying opposite, is just outright lying. She is no Sandra Bullock (who was ACTUALLY cheated on) who has remained classy and silent and didn’t do an interview in Vanity Fair where she manipulatively cried on cue the second the VF reporter entered the room. If you think anyone is gong to believe your delusional lie, especially when the EVIDENCE of her own interviews is OVERWHELMING, not to mention her hiring Handler to be an attack dog, you really are beyond delusional. Aniston is a conniving, crafty and manipulative liar who has milked her divorce and ridden into Hollywood on the back of it and fuelled the ‘Team Aniston’ thing. Aniston is classless and has no dignity or self respect. When she saw she could dupe abnd brainwash people into believing an affair happened (after initially saying it didn’t) and boost her popularity like that, she didn’t care who she threw under a bus (Brad, Angelina, innocent children) to get what she wanted. She is evil and a master manipulator. You couldn’t find a media outlet that hasn’t commented on her milking the divorce. Sandra Bullock, she aint!

      • Sal says:

        I meant to quote Lilac and agree with their post.

  28. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’m an astronomer, not as astrologist (a lover, not a fighter), and I still think she is so bland. But baby’s got bank.

  29. Mac says:

    Isn’t the real beauty in what the ring symbolizes?

    As long as it looks nice, is conflict-free and set Justin back approximately 3 months take home I’m confident that Jennifer is a happy girl.

  30. Go Figure! says:

    What is that on her upper lip?

  31. A Fan says:

    When people say “I am an Aquarius (or whatever)”, they are referring to the sign their Sun is in. There is FAR more to a person’s birth chart than that, and two people’s compatibility goes far beyond their sun signs. There’s no way you can compare two sun signs and say yes, we’re good together or no, we’re not – and then use that to prove astrology’s worth. For starters, look at moon signs, ascendants, north/south nodes…then the rest of the planets…then how the planets ‘interact’ with each other…and, like I said, that’s just to start. It’s a complex, deep, and fascinating study for anyone interested in self-awareness.

  32. Lexie88 says:

    Isn’t she supposed to be the guest on Ellens first show of the season? Maybe she is waiting to give Ellen the first look

  33. Gossip Rawker says:

    Why are people so obsessed with Jen’s ring? I thought women were supposed to be more progressive than that. The woman is working on a movie. Obviously she wouldn’t be wearing it on set. I’m sure it’s a nice ring. I’m sure Jen likes it. And I’m sure she’s happy knowing it’s not the third or fourth engagement ring Theroux has given to a woman like almost all the other men in Hollywood.

    Why does she need to show it to the world? So people can all sit around and judge it and compare it to the other ring? And let’s face it, that’s why the tabloids and anonymous commenters are dying to see it anyway. To do the comparison.

    I’m glad she didn’t do the pap walk like Jolie or Kardashian and I’m happy she didn’t do the weird Avril Levine thing by posing on the cover of some magazine with it. That cover btw, was absolutely hilarious. Canada must be so proud.:)

    Jen will show the ring when she’s good and ready. My hope is that if she does do it any time soon it will be on the Friday going into Labor day weekend so all the gossip writers have to cancel their vacations. But whenever she reveals it, it’s pretty certain the Jen haters will diss it no matter what. If she showed it right away she would have been attacked for showing it right away and using it for PR. If she waits too long she’ll be attacked for trying to hide something or maximizing PR. Either way she’ll be attacked. I’m as certain of that as I am that the sun will come up tomorrow.

    • Mac says:

      Why are people so obsessed with Jen’s ring?

      Obviously because they’re infatuated with everything that Jennifer Aniston does or says.

      Even the speculation as to what Jennifer Aniston might say or do is also quite intriguing.

      • Contrived says:

        H*ll ya! To me, watching a famewh0re embarrass herself by getting engaged(in the tiny 4 month window of her ex’s—when she’s otherwise had 8yrs to do it????haha how is that not endlessly comment worthy.

        And now she won’t show her ring but leaks stories on the size, cut, and that JT designed it—-the major thing BP is known to do!!! haha

        I mean the sheer audacity of it is enough to fuel chatter for days/wks!

        on the flip side, I don’t understand the point of commenting daily about the nothing existence that is her life.

        hair, yoga,cabo,romcom,tequila, norman, brad, cabo,angie, rom com, hair, yoga,guac,tequila, romcom,

        but, to each their own.

      • Linda says:

        That is what fascinates me, they come here day in day out and say she is ugly, bland vapid, boring, uninteresting but can’t seem to stop themselves from posting about her, I just don’t get it. Her posts are guaranteed to get the most comments every time but people swear up and down that they are tired of her. If I was Aniston I would be smiling to myself everyday that people find me that irresistible.

      • Gossip Rawker says:

        I particularly enjoy the imaginary conversation that one of them posted earlier that went on and on and on.

        @ contrived.

        Are you serious? So Jen didn’t marry the first guy she went out with. She played the field and good for her. She never moved in with Vaughn or with Mayer and who knows if she even dated anyone else. According to the tabs the woman has been pregnant a thousand times so excuse me if I don’t believe she would date a gay man like Bradley Cooper. So what if she took her time. Finding love is not easy for anyone, let alone for a person who has the ENTIRE world breathing down her neck and compares every man to Brad Pitt. If anything is weird about the timing it’s actually the other way around.

        Brad and Angie have had EIGHT YEARS to announce an engagement. EIGHT YEARS!!!!!Why did they suddenly pick this year of all the years they have been together? This, the year that Jen moves in with someone, this the year that everyone says she is over Brad? Why did Brad pick now to get engaged? Why not three years ago or two years from now? Why the year that everyone is pretty much saying Jen will be getting married?

        And btw, where is this Brad/Angie wedding we keep hearing so much about? Wasn’t it supposed to happen two weeks ago? And then last weekend? Are we going to be hearing about this wedding every week until Brad’s movie comes out?

      • Contrived says:

        Dead serious. what kind of weird backwards spinning was that?

        like you pointed out, she had all these other guys she’s dated in the past just like how she’s dated JT this yr—-so Brad’s supposed to think “oh this hippster douche is ‘the one’??” let alone care??? by your argument he should have given the ring during the mayer or vaugn relationships. It doesn’t add up by that way of thinking.

        in that senario Brad would have to be prescient about this particular relationship—-that just does not deduce properly.


        Jen along with the world knew that Brad was engaged. Same with JT. That means in this tiny window of 4months that it has been with the imminent wedding rumors at a fever pitch—–they go and wait til a Sunday evening and have their publicists release a statement about their engagement????

        there’s no way around it, they knew about BP’s engagement and wanted to go as public as possible—a la Jessica simpson

        I’m sorry but it can’t get much clearer than that to me.

        if you could be objective you’d be flabbergasted.

        y’all need to stop trying to fit square pegs in round holes.

      • Gossip Rawker says:


        Give it a rest already, Jesus.

        Brad picked a weird time to get engaged. Just like he picked a weird time to suddenly trash his marriage after seven years even though no one even asked him about it.

        So even Brad knew this guy was “the one”.

        But spin all you like. Maybe you can be like that other crazy chick who invents entire conversations Aniston has with people. Nothing weird or dishonest about that, right?

      • Contrived says:

        give it a rest she say whilst commenting. LOL

        And what’s weird about BP getting engaged when he did, again? cuz suddenly he’s to think JT will propose? And his motive for this is? His past behavior that correlates with this whack theory of yours?

        How again did he know JT was the one? and what do you mean by “so..” as if the previous comment denotes that???

        I disregard the last statement as it’s just trash talk and shows once again her fans can get as ugly as her face…and take things way to personally for a gossip site.

    • spinner says:

      @ Gossip Rawker

      I must commend you on your well worded & also well written comments. You truly do Rawk!!

      • Gossip Rawker says:

        Thank you. I’ve been visiting this site for ages. I felt it was time to respond to some of this stuff. I mean, WTF.

      • spinner says:

        @ Gossip Rawker

        You are most welcome. Please keep commenting. Your voice needs to be heard.

      • Sal says:

        Sure of course you would say that. You don’t even have the guts to say you’re an Aniston fan, which we all know. Undercover only works if you take the time to cover your behind by being even-handed, and you never have even tried. What I want to know is, who is Gossip Rawker in her previous incarnation on here that is spewing all these conspiracy theory nonsense and lies on here straight from FF? Wendy? Olivia (we all know she uses a different name for the Aniston posts than the Jolie ones because she never posts anywhere else as ‘Olivia’), ‘Someone’, Canuck? Newbie my a,ss. Aniston’s fans couldn’t do a better job of making Aniston look bad, if they tried.

  34. GrandPoobah says:

    I don’t think she’s the type to want a HUGE diamond. She doesn’t wear a lot of big, chunky jewelry on the regular and doesn’t seem to like big jewels- she never wears big jewelry on red carpets where it’s appropriate.

    I think that might be what they mean by ‘low maintenance’. She’s extremely wealthy but doesn’t seem to like ostentatious purchases (other than flipping homes). She doesn’t have a flashy car, she doesnt show off flashy jewelry, she doesn’t wear obnoxious clothes with labels everywhere.

    Other than taking care of her body (which, bizarrely enough has been turned into something negative-figure that one out), she seems quite low maintenance to me.

    • Mac says:

      I think her only real indulgences are shoes and possibly lodging.

    • Contrived says:

      because she’s maniacal about spinning, yoga…and she has nothing else to talk about.

      hair and yoga/spinning.

      working on your body crosses a line when it becomes a vanity project.

      All the other actresses workout too but she is the only one that can endlessly talk about her workout regime. It’s part of what makes her so vapid.

      • GrandPoobah says:

        Contrived: That actually isn’t at all true if you read her interviews as I’m sure you do. She doesn’t endlessly talk about it, sorry. It’s there for everyone to see.

        Yet another myth created by people who don’t like her. I can’t recall her saying anything about working out this year other than that she gained a few pounds because she quit smoking.

        EDIT: And since you seem to know that she talks ‘endlessly’ about it, has she talked ‘endlessly’ about it this year? Or last year for that matter? Where are these ‘endless’ interviews she gives about her workout regime? I haven’t read them and I’ve read quite a few of her interviews.

        Anyway, you think other actresses dont work out because of vanity? *snort* Why do you think they do it then?

      • Contrived says:

        then you need to watch more and read more iterviews, I don’t think I’ve ever read nor seen one that doesn’t mention her workout regime.

        in this yr lara spencer—check it out.

        re: other actresses re re read the post. I said the difference is that she is the only one who repeatedly talks about it–she never has anything else to talk about and there is never anything else to ask her.

        whenever the interview goes to the personal side other actresses wil have family or charities or funny stories to share but with jen it’s always what she eats and her workout regime. ALWAYS.

      • Gossip Rawker says:

        Talking about your workouts is a great way to run out the clock in an interview so you don’t have to talk about things that are deeply personal to you. A lot of celebrities do this. They tell weird little jokes or elaborate stories that actually go nowhere, just so they don’t have to answer personal questions. Have you not figured this out by now?

        And I applaud any celebrity who doesn’t talk about their charity work in public. All of these people give at least 10% to charity every year because their accountant tells them it’s a great tax write off. That would mean Aniston gives away at least $2-3 million a year even if it’s just for tax purposes. Only some people are douchy enough to try and turn a tax write-off into an act of selflessness.

        And I can only think of two people who are willing to sell off their children’s privacy and pretend its for charity and not as an extension of their celebrity brand. If it really was about charity they could take this money out of their bank account and do whatever they needed to do to protect their children’s privacy, especially when they only gave a third of that money to charity anyway, not the full amount they had promised.

      • Contrived says:

        Thank you for voicing your very insightful opinion.

        good to know you are not into celebs talking about charity. I’d assume anything political too. staying away from topics of substance. good to know.

        I guess that’s why you love jen so much, it all makes perfect sense now.

        (and I’ve never watch a celeb run the clock as you say, actually I see the op ie Rhianna)

        I feel no need to tell you anything further. I disagree with everything you said we have come to a fundamental crossroads as we both are just blocked in conversation now with you liking your celebs one way and me liking and expecting them to be another way.

        Enjoy her movies and yoga hair exercise oriented conversations. to each their own. :)

      • Emma says:

        Sell their children’s privacy? You mean when they set up a safe photoshoot of the first pics of their children to take the novelty off instead of letting paparazzi hound and stalk them to get the first pics. Paparazzi who jump the fence at their children’s schools and paparazzi who broke into the hospital to get pics? Why would they let their children be stalked and paps get money for pics of their kids if they can set up a safe environment and donate the money themselves? Do Loonifers ever take their heads out of their asses?

        Only an idiot has the nerve to hate on celebrities for donating millions of dollars.

      • GrandPoobah says:

        Contrived: As Gossip Rawker said, they all talk about their workouts and other silly things so that they don’t have to talk about their personal lives.

        Frankly it bugs me when they talk about their families. They are entertainers. I only want to know the most superficial things about them so that I can see them as the character in a film/television and not the person.

        “Topics of substance??!!” Haha! Go listen to Neil Degrasse Tyson or Stephen Hawking or Marianne Pearl or read up on Mother Teresa and Emily Stowe and Harriet Tubman for your substance.

        The people in film and on tv are actors and celebrities. Entertainers. They play pretend for a living. Why do you give two tiny rats poops what they say about anything that matters? Why do you give what they say any more weight than anyone else?

        I’d much rather pay attention to the people who dedicate (or dedicated) their LIVES to doing something of substance rather than people who literally live in a superficial world of make believe. Please, do the world a favor and actually listen to people who know what they are talking about. People who have studied and worked and built their lives to mean something. Get your substance from people who are substantive-not entertainers.

        Oh and I looked up the interview with Lara Spencer from February- watched the whole 5 minutes 10 seconds…zero mentions of yoga, spinning, working out, her figure. Absolutely nothing. Zilch. Nada, kaput.

        Got any others from this year? Or last year?

        Sorry, she doesn’t ‘endlessly’ talk about her figure and the proof is out there for everyone to see.

  35. Not that it matters says:

    I’m a virgo. Leo’s are cheaters. Geminies are uncaring jerks, Sagittarians are selfish. I get along best with Aries and cancers.

  36. epiphany says:

    Not really a believer in astrology, but, from an objective point of view, our Sun sign is only a small aspect of who we are. It’s impossible to read an individual’s personality based soley on that. Your raising sign for example – determined by your time of birth – is the personality you exhibit to the outside world, so the way others see you may be very different from the way you see yourself. An Aquarius sun may have Scorpio rising, so they would come across as very intense and focused – not scattered or detached at all. You must have an entire chart done in order to really understand an individual’s personality traits and underlying motivations.

  37. Kendra says:

    This is karma, Justin is using Jennifer the same way Jennifer used Brad. Hurry up with the wedding, Justin don’t let your Cash-cow get away. LOL

    Everyone seems to forget Jennifer was dating Vince Vaughn before her divorce was final, so what does that make her and Vince Vaughn?

    • Gossip Rawker says:

      Why would Theroux need to use her? He has plenty of money and while he may not have been famous to you, he was very well known in the industry and getting the kind of work he apparently wanted, which was behind the scenes work. He’s selling screenplays, he’s set to direct films, he’s creating a show for HBO. And this was all BEFORE he started dating Aniston.

      But let’s go with your, he’s using her theory, but apply it to someone else since I am sure you have the same rules for everyone (LOL)

      Brad has spent his ENTIRE career dating one famous woman after another. More than half his press he has been about the famous wives and girlfriends. This is literally how his career started. In the beginning he was the hot dude with the bit part in Thelma and Louis. But he was better known as Academy award nominee Juliette Lewis’ boyfriend. Theroux is miles ahead of that so are you sure Brad never used anyone?

      Don’t even get me started on Angelina and how much PR mileage she’s gotten out her marriage to BillyBob and her relationship with Brad. The five years after Tomb Raider were a complete disaster for her career-wise. If it weren’t for Brad none of you would even know who she is because she’d be a relic from the 90′s. She wasn’t even the first or fifth choice for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but a last minute replacement for Nicole Kidman because she had nothing else going on at the time. That’s where her career was at when she hooked up with Brad. The career none of the Brad/Angie fans even want to admit existed.

      • Contrived says:

        Now you have just reveled yourself to be out of you Vulkin mind!

        Yeah, ya got me, brad was never in legends of the fall how did I forget that Juliet lewis was a worshiped hollywood superstar! She was on every cover in the 90s and in every movie, she was the main star in all those movies.

        Brad however, he was a nobody. I didn’t even know his name in the 90s?

        unless someone said “oh of course you know him, he’s juliet lewis’s boyfriend!”


        Re: AJ again you are just killing me with your amazing comments…they are so ased on fact that I’m lost for words…

        AJ who was she? I don’t even remember her in the 90s, she was never an it girl, she didn’t have an oscar and goldenglobe, she was never called the hottest woman alive, she was just that weird actress that BillyBob thorton was with. I never saw her on a magazine cover or in a drama/ big budget/comedy until he came along.

        you are just spot on, really gotta hand it to ya.

        RE: the FAMEWH0RE THAT IS JUSTIN THEROUX read what I said before.

        if he’s so private and wants to stay that way why is he suddenly on Ellen??

        I don’t recall him ever being on the cover of mags ALONE or being the star of a movie or ever even reading or seeing ONE (count them, not even ONE) thing about this guy ANYWHERE.

        95% or more of the world had to google him or get told about him being ‘that guy from charlies angels’

        I’m betting you were one of them.

        But, now he’s on Ellen break dancing and getting microphones in his face about what he thinks???? A screenwriter? someone who directed some low budget movies? suddenly extra wants to know him?

        (scroll down page to the video)

        Since when does a person like him get this kind of attention for their work??? answer: NEVER

        this is ONLY because of his being her Norman replacement.

      • manly says:

        u are a big fat liar.jolie got 3 golden globes b4 oscar b4 brad,now bring ur shit somewhere.

      • Monica says:

        you jen hens repeat the same ish and just love to be schooled..BEFORE Brad Angelina was on the cover of Vogue(Before Aniston fyi and aniston didnt land the cover till she married Brad), Mari Clarie, Rolling Stone 3 TIMES, Cosmopolitan, Esquire’s FIRST sexiest woman alive..Before Brad Angelina worked with Sean Connery, Denzel Washington, Anthony Hopkins,etc..BEFORE Brad Angelina received WORLDWIDE fame for he role as LARA CRAFT, even BBT said Angie becamse more famous than him..BEFORE BRAD she had an Oscar, 3 Back-t0-back Golden Globes, 2 back-to-back SAGS, and an NBR breakthough award..are you seriously saying that in 1994 when Brad won sexiest man alive he was known to America as “Juliette’s boyfriend” you must be out your mind..also at age 24 Angelina accomplished more than Jennifer at age 43, now thats sad

      • Monica says:

        also i swear these jen fans act as if justin is Eric Roth or the Coen brothers OR Sorkin he wrote most of these films with other people and he directed ONE film and it flopped worse than ITLOBH, when jen and justin breakup cant wait to see what the hens will say and yes i don’t think they will last because jen can’t keep a man and the last two ppl she was engaged to dumped her, Tate said she was too high maintenance

      • Josephina says:

        Angie met Brad in 2004.

        By that time, she had already received:

        1 Academy Award
        2 Golden Globe Awards
        3 Screen Actors Guild Awards

        If you check out Angie’s IDMB, you will see that Anige has racked up over 78 nominations in her lifetime AND she is only 36 years old.

        Angie is a mega-watt film star. Brad and Angie’s coupledom put their individual star power in another orbit. They are called the “King and Queen of Hollywood’ for a reason.

  38. Daydreamer says:

    First I just want to say long time lurker, first time poster. Been reading CB for years and I love most of the posters comments even if I dont always agree:) Second, love Liberty’s posts!! Absolutely hilarious!!

    When I saw the write up regarding horoscopes I just had to give my 2 cents. I know several women that share a birthday with JA. I’ll start with the one I used to work for. She was hot and cold, very inconsistent. This alone made her hard to work for because we could never establish firm office policy because she was constantly changing it. Secondly, she could never take responsibility for her miscommunications…it was always our fault…even though she kept changing stuff. Eventually we all saw it.

    Thirdly, she was OBSSESSED with her love life (divorced with 2 kids). She constantly whined about how hard it was for her to find a guy, but she was an attractive woman, and what I began to notice was that she had no problem getting guys, she just went for douches like every single time!! For example, the nice guys who had respect for her and her kids she labelled “boring”. But, the guys who were a) married b) not into her kids or c) only wanted to hit and quit were the ones that she went on incessantly about, sent dirty pics, and stalked on FB etc.,

    She even made up a story about being engaged ( with no ring to speak of). Everyone kept asking her about the ring because she kept telling everyone about her fiancé, and response would be “we’re still trying to find the right one”. Long story short, he dumped after he found out she was going around telling everyone they were engaged. He also said the only reason he was with her (briefly) was because she gave good ahem “face” and still claims to this day that he did not ask her to marry him, he simply said that he would like to get remarried one day.

    She was also very crafty and passive aggressive. If there’s anything to this horoscope stuff, this is how I picture Anuston (typo but oh well) in real life. Not science I know, but interesting to say the least. I mean they had the exact same birthday, just born in different states.

  39. efwcheryl says:

    As an Aries that was married to a Virgo for a short time a very long time ago I can tell you there was absofuckinglutely nothing hot about it

  40. Angel says:

    Wow there are some seriously unstable sounding fans of Aniston posting on this thread. No wonder the extreme Aniston fans are called ‘Loonifers’. Yikes.

    It’s just gossip people no need to get so crazy defending people that you don’t know. Not to mention people taking comments so personally. Wow.

  41. wisegirl says:

    Liberty, you are bringing the fun with your cracklin’ shorts!

    ah,Contrived, you had some slammin’ posts that were a treat to read!
    What I like about you is that you are know your celeb info—makes it harder to have decent debates with them that seem to be reading Star and the Enquirer and should be hangin’ at Femalefirst where its all garbage in and garbage out…:-)

  42. anneesezz says:

    Why do people actually believe she is basing her future husband on his sign? Really?

  43. Laila says:

    The money from Jennifer’s ring was wired from her account. I have proof!