Ben Affleck on his post-Oscar activities: ‘It’s been a nice time hanging out with my wife’

I was looking through the photos at the Jon Varvatos benefit for Stuart House, which took place at the Varvatos Boutique in LA yesterday. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were both there, they were the big “gets” as Kaiser puts it, and they of course posed separately for the most part. There’s at least one photo of them together, but we don’t have it, it was more of a candid. This is what they’ve done for years and I didn’t think much of it until I realized that they broke their own rule recently! These two posed together at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party after Ben’s big win. So they’ll make exceptions for big occasions, which is nice. Ben is surely very worried about creating another Bennifer 2.0 situation, so he’s talking about his wife as if she’s his co-worker and refusing to be photographed with her for most outings. It makes sense. I jest – sort of.

US Weekly had a brief interview with Ben at the event, and he revealed that he’s been just chilling at home with his wife following his Oscar win. That and getting mad at the paparazzi he used to court. Here’s more:

While the A-list couple were suitably dressed up for the fundraising event in honor of Stuart House, a rape treatment center, Affleck explained to Us Weekly that he’s been reluctant to get out of sweats post-Oscars. “Luckily, I’ve been able to just enjoy my good fortune the last couple of weeks, just sit back and take it in, not do anything, eat ice cream on the couch,” the actor, director and producer, 40, said. “It’s been a nice time, hanging out with my wife, that sort of thing, and we’re enjoying it.”

Affleck added to Us that he’s happy that the busy awards season is behind them. “Now, when I go out and spend my time at events I can choose events like this that have some cause, some benefit other than trying to go after something for my movie,” he explained of promotional duties. Nothing is wrong with that but it’s also important to balance that with this type of activity that feels good.”

[From US Weekly]

Ben is a hustler and he’ll tell you about it. This just reminds me that I’m glad Awards season is over and we can relax a little too.

I really like Garner’s styling here. She looks so pretty, casual and fresh. Her hair is lovely and looks polished without being fuzzy. The outfit leaves something to be desired in that the Fendi dress looks like it could use a belt, the cardigan is somewhat shapeless and those Gucci shoes don’t go with the look at all. Still, this is cute looking and suited for the occasion.

Ben was in some kind of wrinkled jacket. I don’t have a full length photo of him so what’s really standing out for me is his beard – it’s back! We heard that Ben shaved it off at an Oscar party, probably encouraged by Jen who had brought clippers with her in her purse. The last time we saw him he was sporting some sexy stubble, but he hasn’t bothered to shave since. I don’t mind him with a beard, he looks hotter with it usually, but the dude needs a haircut.

Also there we have Nina Dobrev, who is styled to look very young for once. She is wearing a bizarre Elie Saab dress with a striped full skirt and a kind of peek-a-boo lace front. Nina has worn Elie Saab many times on the red carpet and she usually hits it out of the park in that designer. So this is a rare miss.

Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber showed up, looking very matchy and together. We just heard rumors that she was getting wasted and hitting on young guys, but I would bet her husband is pretty much doing the same thing.

Bonus pics of Tiffany Amber Thieeson, her husband Brady Smith, and their daughter, Harper, who turns three in June. These are for Kaiser since she loves Tiffany.

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  1. Gine says:

    I guess now that award season is over he can stop making sure he gets papped with his kids and go back to partying with strippers.

  2. RHONYC says:

    saw Ben in ‘The Town’ over the weekend. he was smokin’ hot in that shiz boy! mama likey. ;-)

  3. Zooyork says:

    Ben’s just saying that for damage control, she probably asked him to say something nice about her and to make it seem like he wants to be around her.
    So obvious!

    • sirsnarksalot says:

      yeah, everything these two do seems scripted. It was to win him an Oscar and to make her not look like a fool for staying with a womanizer.

    • Su says:

      Ben did say his marriage was work and what I see is two actors working it in front of the cameras at a charity event. Ever since Ben’s oscar speech thanking her for working on their marriage followed by the recent marriage in crisis tabloid stories Jen Garner comes across as desperate to convince everyone how happily married she is but the harder she tries the phonier she seems.

      Jen Garner looks like a frump the dress and shoes are awful.

  4. Chordy says:

    How cute are TIffani Theissen and her little daughter?!?! The whole family is adorable!

  5. Spooks says:

    I’ve finally seen Argo. God, it is a movie for Americans made by Americans, isn’t it?

  6. Amy says:

    I wonder if Ben is actually sleeping on the couch after his marriage remark in his Oscar speech? Oh, who am I kidding. Jennifer Garner is such a doormat. Her claim to fame is being Mrs. Ben Affleck and mother to his children. He can run around on her, insult their marriage in a very public forum, and she’s not going anywhere. Ever.

  7. flor says:

    This Award season seemed crazier than other. I’m just glad it ended.

  8. danielle says:

    I love tiffany too! Snd the entire white collar crowd.

  9. Lizzie says:

    Holy crap, Garners outfit is AWFUL! It’s so old looking. Frumpy dress and a CARDIGAN! (nothing wrong with a cardigan, but with this outfit – come on!)
    It’s like a knock-off Stepford wives outfit.

  10. Tessa says:

    People forget that Jen was a bit of a fast and loose player herself. Scott Foley to Michael Vartan, to Ben… all in what, three years?

  11. I don’t care what anyone says, I love Jen & Ben as a couple. I think they seem really happy and normal, and I hope their marriage lasts.

  12. Tessa says:

    I know this will sound nuts to some of you, but I don’t think Cindy Crawford is all that pretty anymore. She’s lost a lot of her facial beauty. She looks a bit masculine and there’s no sparkle in her eyes. She used to have a soft feminine beauty that I don’t really see anymore.

  13. megsie says:

    No snarky comments yet about Tiffany pimping her kid on the red carpert? :D

  14. rebecca says:

    I can’t stand Jennifer’s deliberately bad soccer mom style. She takes these expensive designer clothes and makes them as frumpy as possible.

  15. Hubbahun says:

    Nina is so gorgeous! That face is heaven as is Tiffani’s – lovely. Jen’s face and hair is bliss but that dress – just NO. And yay for the return of Ben’s Beard!! Hotness!

  16. Dutch says:

    In that photo Ben looks like he’s ready to start filming the biopic of NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.

  17. cyndi says:

    I’ve never heard him refer to her by her name in interviews – it’s always “My wife this, my wife that”. Conversely, Jennifer ALWAYS says “Ben”.

  18. skuddles says:

    It’s as though Affleck has sworn an oath to only say the most half-hearted, half-assed things possible about his wife and marriage. I am pretty sure it would literally kill him to say something sincerely heartfelt about her – even just once.

  19. Dea says:

    Jen Garner is the most caniving woman in Hollywood. People who do not see deep how calculated she is, are totally blind I think. Now lets prepare for a 4th pregnancy announcement this year so Ben does not go anywhere.