Carrie Prejean admits to sex tape, calls it ‘biggest mistake of my life’

For all you can say about Carrie Prejean, the adjectives “hypocrite,” “self righteous,” and “narcissistic” coming immediately to mind, she sure knows how to promote herself. Prejean is currently shilling her now ironically titled book Still Standing: The Untold Story of My Fight Against Gossip, Hate, and Political Attacks in light of the news that a sex tape has emerged in which she is the only star. Last night Prejean was on uber-tolerant Fox show Hannity and not only did she acknowledge the fact that there was a solo sex tape, she also discussed how she made it. She said she was a teen at the time (hence TMZ passing on publishing it) and recorded it as a present for the boy she was dating, calling it “bad judgment,” “embarrassing” and “humiliating.” She also said “I’m taking total responsibility for it.” As much as I think that Carrie is full of it, she um handled this really well. (I have to admit that some of the stuff she said had me snickering like Beavis and Butthead at the double entendres. I know, I’m mature.)

Fox News isn’t usually a celeb’s go-to place to discuss her sex tape.

But Carrie Prejean has a big ol’ fan in Sean Hannity, so why not?

Calling it the “biggest mistake” of her life, the deposed beauty queen tried to set the record straight about a video she says she shot of herself and sent to a boyfriend when she was a teenager.

“All by myself, I was sending a boyfriend at the time, who I loved and cared about, a video of me,” she said tonight on Hannity.

“Never did I think it would ever come out. But it was bad judgment. It’s embarrassing. It’s humiliating to be talking about this on national TV, if you can imagine. ”

And do you know what Hannity, who wrote the forward for Prejean’s memoir, Still Standing, said?

“It would be really embarrassing if it was me,” he said, doing his best to distract us from Prejean’s error in judgment by planting a far more disturbing idea in our heads.

“When you’re young, you think, This is the one,” Prejean continued explaining the circumstances in which she thought her home-movie experiment might be a good idea. “Never did I think it would come and just slap me right in the face.”

The tape in question was shopped around several months ago with a $10,000 price tage, but site after site turned it down. (Of course, maybe that’s because, according to Prejean, there was no sex in it, and topless pictures of her hit the Internet early this year.)

Its existence didn’t become publicly known until last week, when Prejean and the Miss California USA organization suddenly settled their dueling lawsuits over bad blood and boob-job money.

[From E! Online]

Carrie should have left it at “I was wrong, I made a solo sex tape and I regret it,” but then she and Hannity went off about how she was persecuted for her beliefs and not fired for the fact that she didn’t do her job at all. She said “I guess what they’re trying to say is that Christians are perfect… I never said I was perfect. It’s taken them this long to just dig through my past, beat my parents up, and it’s just because of my answer. People need to be reminded of that.” No, Carrie, it’s because you were super snotty and violated your contract with the Miss California pageant in many, many ways. She agreed with Hannity that conservative women were “absolutely” targeted for their beliefs, and he cited such luminaries as Michelle Malkin, Anne Coulter, and Sarah Palin. If Carrie never sued the Miss California pageant we probably wouldn’t be hearing about her and she would have been able to stop the “attacks” long ago.

Carrie claims that her book “gives Americans hope and shows them that Americans should not be attacked for their beliefs.” Soon Carrie will have yet another lawsuit and “attack” to rally against in the press. Miss California executive director Keith Lewis says he may sue her for defamation after reading the “false, categorically incorrect, derogatory and untrue” claims she makes about him in her book.


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  1. LolaBella says:

    Geez,this woman and the media she continually whores herself out to are so bent on a salacious sexual angle that they are referring to this as a ‘solo sex’ tape. Ughhh. Let’s just call it what it is – a masturbation tape. See that doesn’t sound as salacious or Lewd, right? Right? It’s not like the Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian sex tapes. Then again she has a book to sell so she needs this publicity.

    She’s a holier than thou wannabe who got exposed as a hypocrite and Sean Hannity and her friends at Fox will spin this for her as well.

    Bottom line, it just goes to show that recording yourself doing ANYTHING that you would not be comfortable letting your grandparents see you do IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!!

  2. Neelyo says:

    Biggest mistake of her life…so far.

    I’m sure there’s a lot more stupidity ahead of her.

  3. DD says:

    Hi Carrie, I’m sorry you feel persecuted for your beliefs. I believe you have something in common with the gay community, they are persecuted for their beliefs as well by people like you everyday. But of course have you been denied any rights?

  4. Firestarter says:

    I am so tired of this Carrie Prejean b.s. Who cares? It is hardly worth even talking about anymore. There are more interesting people out there to talk about than her and her b.s.

  5. Andrea says:

    Before you stand up for the faith at least be honest about your past.

  6. Green Is Good says:

    She really is delusional. Not a CLUE that she behaved in an unprofessional manner by not performing her contractually obligated duties. She’s going to keep playing this BS Martyr act.

  7. El Predicto says:

    I’m still reeling that someone believes that “Uber-tolerant Fox show Hannity” exists. Sean Hannity and his show are anything but tolerant. Leering, voyeuristic and smarmy perhaps, but please never use Hannity and tolerant in the same sentence.

  8. princess pea says:

    This is all working out so well for her. The extreme Right idiots on TV will deny that there’s any reason to dislike her other than that answer thing, just like they deny that there’s any logical reason for women to dislike Sarah Palin if not because they’re jealous that she’s “hot” (this is STILL what they say).

    Denial is a powerful mind game.

  9. Green Is Good says:

    Carrie is on the Today show right now. She’s beyond narcissistic. She claims there’s a vendetta being waged against her, because she’s so scary important.

  10. Celebitchy says:

    @El Predicto – I thought that the sarcasm in that statement was obvious. I guess not.

  11. Anastasia says:

    Wow, she looks bad in those pics.

    That’s all I’ve got. Her hypocrisy knows no bounds and she’s not worth any further keystrokes.

  12. atticus says:

    The pictures you get of Prejean are priceless.

  13. lucy2 says:

    Yeah, everyone is out to get her, because she’s so strong and powerful. Puh-lease. She’s a dumb Barbie doll who stumbled into the national spotlight in an antiquated beauty pageant and now won’t go away.
    She’s blaming everyone else for her mistakes. She’s the one who made the tape. She’s the one violated the rules of her contract. She’s the one keeping all this going. No one is out to get this moron, if she’d just shut up everyone would ignore her and she could go on about her business.
    I don’t care about her beliefs or politics anymore than I’d imagine she cares about mine. But it pisses me off when people pull the holier than thou attitude, are exposed as a hypocrite, and continue to blame everyone else for the things THEY did wrong.

  14. Alexa says:

    And since when is focussing your energies on winning a beauty pageant something befitting a “Christian”? I’m sure the Lord really supports her efforts to look better than the rest of the contestants in a formal gown and in a bikini. Yup – that’s what the “good word” is all about.

  15. Jag says:

    DD – bravo!

    Yes, she says she’s being persecuted, yet she is persecuting others as well.

  16. teehee says:

    Wait- if youre against something but you think its done for ‘the one’, its ok anyway?
    Nevermind that you think GOD is against it… if its for your sweetheart.

    Hes more important.

    Not that I find anythign wrong with knowing yourself physically and gratifying yourself, nor do I believe God condemns sexuality as he created it.
    Making a video is not bad but just plain stupid; but again why do that if you are against it/pornography? But this brings the question what is pornography (does solo count or only duo)…
    But what is her reasoning here and why so much self-contradtiction…

  17. wow says:


    I can not defend a hypocrit. Gah this is so annoying. I thought she got such backlash before because she didn’t answer Perez’ question in the way they wanted her too. I commended her for speaking her mind and stating how she felt on the subject.

    But this? To be so adament about something and then to turn around and do the same thing, knowingly, just reeks of being a hypocrit. I just don’t get her stance on anything anymore. I like when people are consistent in whatever they believe…not just when it suits them.

  18. Dingles says:

    Carrie’s version of Christianity:

    topless photos- not okay, unless it’s her in them.
    boob jobs: okay
    sex tapes: okay
    bigotry and ignorance: okay x 2

    Wow, sign me up! *facepalm*

  19. original kate says:

    will her hypocrisy ever end?

  20. Jane says:

    seriously, can this chck just shut up and go away already!?

  21. Well... says:

    She did this when she was a teenager. Therefore, it could be classed as child porn…This is the real reason that TMZ did not air it, in my opinion. I hope that all of the dumbass teens out there see how the internet can come back to bite them in the ass. Never ever ever tape/photograph yourself doing something you wouldn’t do in public.

  22. loldongs says:

    Retroactively calling it a “mistake” because you don’t like the outcome does not dismiss the fact that you did it, you stupid bitch.

    That’s not how the world works.

    You’re still a hypocrite for speaking out against porn when you yourself produced your own.

    Some broads, I tell ya.

  23. xxx says:

    omg will the miss america pageant just sue her again to shut her up?

  24. Jhon says:

    Carrie Prejean just want to get into the propaganda business trying to become a ‘conservative’ commentator following the steps of Ann Coulter driven ratings by being controversial; but with the sex tape out she will never be a Fox News star. Carrie should leak a new video of her affair with Sean Hannity she will make more money that way than with her book.