Britney Spears: ‘You never know who to trust, people can be fake’

Britney Spears ticked off a portion of the internet last week when she posted a picture of a pair of $6,000 Louboutins that she’s never worn in the four years that she’s owned them. Maybe that partially fueled her choice to post advice that all of her followers can make use of, even if they can’t afford ridiculously expensive snakeskin heels:

Here’s the caption:

Living in LA is such a trip !!! It can be lonely at times. You never know who to trust, and some people can be fake. I have a very small circle of friends, and simply do what makes me happy !!! It breaks my heart to see the comments on my posts sometimes …. so I simply choose not to look anymore … let the clever haters do what they do best …. hate!!!

My social media feeds are full of 1) pictures of people’s children, 2) nerdy fandom-specific memes, 3) news stories about how the world is coming apart at the seams, 4) photos of quotations from people that are meant to uplift and inspire. I’ve seen umpteen versions of this idea, but at the moment, it’s a good reminder. Maybe a lot of her followers needed to see it, too. The question is, of course, what’s led Britney to share this? Is she referring to someone specific in her own life who didn’t show up when she achieved something important? Someone who’s likely to see this?

In ET’s coverage, they shared a picture of a comment from Britney’s boyfriend so we can probably cross him off the list:


Regardless of whether this is meant to be a dig at a particular individual or a general comment on her life at the moment, Britney is posting this to remind herself, along with her fans, to pay attention to whom she lets in her life. ET has a rundown of her year so far, which has been chaotic: In May, Britney’s conservatorship was up for review. We learned that Jamie Spears filed paperwork to extend it beyond California to include Florida, Hawaii, and Louisiana. Britney also told the court that her father had her committed to a mental health facility against her will and authorized that she be given medication without her consent. Britney requested that her conservatorship be relaxed a bit to give her more freedom. Her mother, Lynne, was also in court and asked that she be informed of changes to the conservatorship. Additionally, doctors were trying to adjust Britney’s medication(s) so that her health would hopefully improve.

Months before all this, late last year, Jamie Spears was hospitalized with what we later learned was a ruptured colon, and in January, Britney canceled her Vegas show to be with him. I felt mildly anxious typing all of that (and that’s only a fraction of the recent stories about Britney that we’ve covered). I can’t imagine what it’s been like for Britney to actually live all of it.

In some good news, earlier this month, she posted photos on Instagram of her sons, Sean, 13, and Jayden, 12, during a trip to Disneyland:

There were reports that Kevin Federline wouldn’t let Britney spend more time with their sons until her health started to improve, so it’s possible that that’s happened. I hope for her sake that that’s the case. Then again, it’s possible that Kevin was along for the trip. Kevin is (rightly) looking out for Sean and Jaden, and he also seems to be looking out for Britney, too.

Like I said, I really hope that Britney’s health has begun to improve. I’d be happy to read more stories about her Target runs. Figuring out which combinations of medications will properly manage one (or more) mental illnesses without causing terrible side effects is like playing a game of Jenga, except all of the blocks are made of incredibly thin glass, and the table that they are stacked on is constantly spinning and rocking back and forth, too.


Britney Spears pictured while out shopping at the Oaks Mall

photos credit:, Backgrid and via Instagram

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  1. Seraphina says:

    Sadly, life is full of evil and malicious people. People who want to hurt to further their agenda. I hope she has a safe circle of friends and family. That is the only way to protect herself, heal herself and move forward.

    And Kevin should be looking out for their sons and Brit who is the mother of their children. That is what a man should do and kudos to him if that’s his motive and what he is doing.

  2. Liz says:

    How does one meet Ms. Spears?

  3. Himmiefan says:

    Sorry, can’t resist. “Whom to trust.”

  4. Pixie says:

    Every time I read about this ‘conservatorship’ I am blown away by how deeply unethical it all seems. The terms of it are SO unorthodox, and have gone on for far longer than any expert says is advisable. She is 37 years old and has next to no control over her life with every purchase being monitored and controlled by her dad and she can’t even get married or move without express approval. Every time the conservatorship is up for review, there are a ton of reports about how she may lose access to her children and have lessened custody, and from an outsider’s perspective it almost looks like they are bargaining and using her children as a means to control her even further. It seems awfully convenient she is too unstable to have any financial control over her own life, but is healthy enough to have residencies and tour back to back for years on end. I just hope she is healthy and happy and I genuinely wish her the best.

    • Shannon says:

      ^^^ This. It’s bothersome to me that so many people seem to think this is an okay arrangement for a breakdown that happened more than a decade ago.

  5. whatWHAT? says:

    not a fan per se, but I am rooting for you, Brit!

    I have such LEG ENVY when I see hers. DAMN.

  6. malina says:

    This conservationship has always made me uneasy.
    There is one bit of information that stuck in my head from a biography on Britney I read years ago. The introduction was by an astrologist who described her birth chart. He wrote that Britney must have been abused as a child, possibly by a family member. I believe this was published long before there were any sings of it, such as we have seen over the years.

    Now, this conservationship makes me sick regardless, and I know it’s not the best source, but putting the two together it does seem very suspicious that it is her father who is so fixated on keeping her in a child-like position in her life and continues to benefit from her. Maybe there is a secret that could get out were she to go through therapy without his control.

  7. Dani says:

    I feel so bad for her. She was the 90s/2000s Kylie Jenner – never stood a chance with a father like that. Poor girl. I hope she turns out okay.

  8. Ravensdaughter says:

    Just a point of view…I have bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. I have been on the same medications for four years (from when I was committed, see below), but I recently had to have one of my meds adjusted because I was showing symptoms of worsening depression over several months.
    In February, I moved from my residence of 11 years to a much smaller, more isolated rental for financial reasons. Initially I had the stress of renovating and selling my house. Now I am having adjustment issues which are manifesting as worsening depression.
    In addition to psychiatric care and medication, I use meditation, exercise, and daily contact with people (I live alone mostly) to keep me sane. I also have a lovely chihuahua who is basically my support dog. Self care is critical-I know there is something wrong with me when that starts to decline (not washing my hair or eating poorly, for example).
    On a day-to-day basis, it’s a matter of maintaining balance (depression vs mania) and stability in my environment, and being compliant with my meds and consistent with my self care.
    Brittany has been through a hellish year, which threatens that state of balance and stability. It’s not surprising that she needed inpatient treatment to adjust her medication. When my father was severely ill and then died, I spent 6 months cycling into episodes of mania or hypomania until I needed hospitalization and medication adjustment for mania.
    Mental illness is chronic and very, very real. I wish her peace and support from people who love and look out for her.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      ugh, that sounds so tough. Wishing peace and support to YOU, too.

    • Sparky says:

      I wish you the best as well!! I fully understand your situation–I’m bipolar, ended up in the psych ward after my mom died, etc. The need for medication management is very real. The term “Prozac poop out” (not making that up) is a cute name for what our bodies do which is build up tolerance to medications. I have treatment resistant depression. I undergo ECT which is the only thing that helps–in conjunction with light treatment. Can you imagine the uproar if Britney did that????

      With respect to Britney’s conservatorship— it drives me crazy (perhaps a bad turn of phrase to use here) to read people claim her dad is stealing from her and forcing her to work so he can steal more. Conservatorships in CA are created in a court–the party has to prove the person needs someone to manage their life, etc. The COURT maintains control and the COURT determines whether the conservatorship needs to continue. The conservator must submit all financial documents to the court. These reviews are done on a regular basis.

      With respect to Britney working–maybe she wants to?

      • Ravensdaughter says:

        I was thinking about Brittany working, too. She has a schedule that is demanding physically and mentally. It must be stressful,; honestly, I don’t know how she does it.
        Hang in there, Sparky. There are new treatments for refractory depression that you may want to discuss with your mental health professional.

  9. Yes Doubtful says:

    I wish she would retire and move away from LA. Maybe she can’t because of her boys, but it seems the Hollywood life is not good for her.

  10. Hellokitty says:

    No Britney, YOU don’t know who to trust. Most normal adults have a pretty good grasp on whom they can or cannot trust.

    Poor girl. Love her though and always will. And she probably doesn’t need my sympathy anyway!

  11. Sparkles says:

    To be honest, a conversatorship is not that easy to get. People have choices to make and are allowed to make bad choices. That’s not a reason to get a conservatorship. We don’t know the full story, but you have to go through assessors which include medical and psychiatric personnel who agree that the person isn’t functionally capable mentally or physically of taking care of their money/medication management, etc. And you have reviews every now and then and you can ask for a review any time. The patient absolutely has rights! I am not qualified to comment on what Britney has gone through, but I suspect there is more to this story, and believe that the professionals involved had to act ethically and if the arrangement keeps getting renewed, there is probably a good reason for that.

    It’s Britney’s life and her choice to speak up about it. We may never really know but it’s not our information to know. It’s a good sign that there hasn’t been a lot publicly said such as why, her diagnosis, and the like. That tells me that there are people who genuinely care and are involved and respect her privacy.

    That being said, it’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes it truly enables people to live their life, without having to worry about something that for whatever reason in that time and space they are incapable of doing. Having a mental illness can be challenging, and I can see for someone like Britney with a lot of vultures around wanting to take advantage, it can be hard to deal with all that without being taken advantage of.