‘Gossip with Celebitchy’ podcast #41: We wear our c-nt crowns proudly

Royal wedding
Intro: Minutes 0 to 6:14
I’m sorry we took such a long break! We had to scramble to cover the awards season, our busiest time of year, and the weekend after the Oscars I moved to a new house. Chandra is glad I have central air conditioning now as we both live in the south and I was still using window air conditioners in my last place. I never really thought about it and just dealt with it for years, but it is a huge upgrade to have whole house air conditioning and heating. Chandra spent the week freaking out about the Coronavirus. I’m trying to think of it like Ebola and the Zika virus in that those didn’t materialize into epidemics, but this seems different. You can listen below!

Royals: Minutes 6:14 to 14:42
We spent all of 2019 talking about how the royal family wanted to push Harry and Meghan out. When they left they got criticized for it endlessly. The big news was the the Queen decided to pull their “Royal” branding so they can no longer call themselves Sussex Royal. They pushed back against the negative coverage by releasing clearly worded statements on their website about how there was precedence for other royals to work and how the palace does not have jurisdiction over the use of the word “royal” overseas. The palace has a 12 month review period in place as Harry and Meghan become independent, but what will the palace do after that? It’s not like they can order them to come back. They can only continue to punish them. Other royal stories include Canada stating that they’re not going to pay for the Sussexes’ security and the news that the Cambridges have been buying bot followers to constantly outpace the Sussex Royal Instagram follower numbers.

The Democratic primary: Minutes 14:42 to 22:16
We’re both rooting for Elizabeth Warren and think she’s the best candidate. It’s unclear who will be the nominee as projections vary. Super Tuesday is coming up fast and it’s going to be intense. Chandra reminds me how everyone wanted Warren to run in 2016 but now that she’s running they’re not taking her seriously as a candidate. We play a segment from the debate where Warren called out Bloomberg for firing a woman when she was pregnant and telling her to abort her baby. There’s actually a witness to this, a former Bloomberg employee, who went on the record with his full name to the Washington Post. We doubt that Bloomberg has a chance, but his ads are good. We’re both concerned that Bernie Sanders will get the nomination. Our choices feel crappy and we miss Kamala Harris.

New version of Emma: Minutes 22:16 to 27:00
There’s a new version of Emma out with Anya Taylor-Joy, whom I know from Thoroughbreds. Chandra reminds me that she was also in Glass and Split, and I’m surprised that Chandra liked Glass! I turned it off during the asylum part. Chandra thought it was a great ending to the trilogy. Anya Taylor-Joy has been “stunt fashioning” where she’s been wearing crazy outfits during her promotional tour. Some of those pictures are in this post! The director of Emma, Autumn de Wilde, said that the lead character, Emma Woodhouse is “a dick.” Chandra is a big Austen fan and questions that interpretation, saying that Emma is just privileged, not mean. The trailer makes it seem like a CW show about mean girls. Bill Nighy is a great actor, but he’s playing Emma’s father and his character does not look true to the book.

User Feedback and our cunt crowns: Minutes 27:00 to 29:30
Thank you to Suzanne for writing us a nice email in appreciation of our royals coverage. We also talk about our cunt crowns! Chandra tweeted that she was called a cunt by someone in the comments and LaUnica Angelina tweeted a gif of Rihanna putting on a crown, telling her to “wear it with pride.” We then claimed our individual cunt crowns. Chandra’s has sapphires and mine has emeralds and diamonds. I really want teardrop emerald pieces down the front, but I didn’t get into that much detail on Twitter.

Comments of the Week: Minutes 29:30 to end
My comment of the week is from Hollah on the post about Prince Harry wanting to be introduced as just “Harry.” (Harry and Meghan’s wedding picture which I mention is the top photo in this post. Here’s a link to that story I mention about the history of white supremacy in the royal family.) Chandra’s comment of the week is from lucy2 on the post about Presley Gerber’s idiotic face tattoo.

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Anya Taylor-Joy takes a step on the wild side at Good Morning America in NYC!

Photos credit: Backgrid and Avalon.red

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  1. BlueSky says:

    Well, I voted in the SC primary and I reluctantly voted for Biden. I really like Warren. She’s the smartest and the most capable and I really wrestled with whether or not to vote for her. But the choices are shitty and I had to be realistic as to who at this point has a better path to the nomination. Biden is well liked and respected by both Dems and Republicans and I feel he has the ability to reach across the aisle and be proactive. Bernie is leaning way too much into the “old angry white man” trope. His supporters are scary and intimidating. If he gets the nomination I will begrudgingly vote for him.
    Seriously, I think Steyer spent a lot of money here. I was literally getting flyers every other day in my mailbox and he bought time on a big digital billboard off the highway here, but he was never getting my vote.

  2. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    Woo hoo! I’m so happy y’all are back and I’m looking forward to listening! Also, hell yeah to the Cunt Crown™️. Wear it proudly. Have a great week!

  3. Becks1 says:

    Yay, glad you are back!!

    Kaiser I especially appreciated your comments about the Sussexes’ security. The discussions about it bother me because there is a sense of “we deserve to know” and honestly…we don’t. Like you said, these are high profile people who are being targeted. The less we know, the better.

  4. Lucy2 says:

    Lol it was really weird to be listening on my way to work and hear my comment! Thanks!

  5. nicegirl says:

    We all wear our crowns!

  6. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    I’ve been wearing my Cunt Crown on the inside for years. Time to invest in a real one and wear it with pride!

  7. Hollah says:

    I was listening to the podcast while getting my teeth cleaned today and about choked when I heard my comment was comment of the week! Hollah!!

    Check one off my bucket list. Next, I need to get to a live taping of Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

    • BeanieBean says:

      Oh! I’ve been to a living taping of Wait Wait once, in South Carolina! It was so much fun! The local chef they interviewed was a jerk, but they edited a lot of his jerkiness from the final show/podcast. Get yourself some tickets!

      • Hollah says:

        Awesome! I’m hoping they make a stop in Ohio sometime but I’ll drive to Chicago if I must! My teenage son and I always listen together on Saturday mornings while driving to tournaments. He loves it now too and so we want to catch a show together. 🙂