‘Gossip With Celebitchy’ podcast #50: Did Meghan look pregnant on video?

Introduction: Minutes 0 to 5:30
The power went out in my house and I thought for a minute that the world was ending. Chandra’s panther kitty has recovered from his respiratory illness. Chandra had just seen Thom Yorke from Radiohead perform on The Tonight Show. He’s got mountain man vibes happening but she still finds him attractive because he’s so talented. You can listen below!

Royals: Minutes 5:30 to 12:30
Meghan has been doing video coaching sessions with SmartWorks clients. SmartWorks released a one and a half minute clip on the Cambridges’ ninth anniversary. Chandra thinks that Meghan’s boobs look bigger and that she could be pregnant. She thinks Meghan planned it out so everything would be launching in May and June and that a pregnancy announcement may have been part of that. I can’t tell if she looks pregnant and think the Zoom filter might be throwing us off. Chandra thinks Meghan also looked pregnant in the videos of her volunteering with Harry.

Minute 8:00: Stories came out embiggening Kate and William, including one which said Kate had “matured enchantingly” during her marriage. William and Kate have a pattern where they build up anticipation for their next meager charity effort, do something, and then get endlessly praised for it. Ingrid Seward in The Sun claimed that Kate “wears the pants” in her relationship. I think that’s how William frames it whenever she asks him to do the bare minimum.

Minute 10:00: A new biography of the Sussexes is coming out from one of Meghan’s favorite reporters, Omid Scobie. It was originally supposed to come out in June, which Chandra thinks was part of a planned rollout by the Sussexes. The new release date is in August. No one is saying whether or not it’s authorized and we don’t yet know if Meghan and Harry will be granting interviews. The fact that Meghan was working closely with Omid during her last trip to London makes us think that she worked with him on it. Chandra doesn’t believe that they’ll give official interviews though. We’re really looking forward to reading it.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler’s divorce: Minutes 12:30 to 15:30
We were surprised by the popularity of this story, and think that Kristin is playing PR games by leaking sourced quotes one day and then contradicting them the next. Chandra says Kristin is the one who wants fame and I agree, but think he’s also an a-hole. Chandra remembers when they almost called off their wedding. She thinks we’ll see other corona divorces and wonders whether Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom will ever get married.

The Pentagon released UFO videos: Minutes 15:30 to 21:00
The pentagon released video of navy pilots encountering UFOs in 2004 and 2015. Chandra finds the second video below the most convincing while I think the third video is also evidence of something because the pilot was so excited. Tom DeLonge of Blink 182 first released the videos a couple of years ago. Chandra reminds me of the movement since the 90s to declassify the government’s x-files.

In our debate over whether the third video shows something convincing, Chandra tells me about the crazy conspiracy that birds aren’t real and are all drones run by the government.

User Feedback: Minutes 21:00 to 22
Thanks to GG and Kealeen for their kind feedback about our podcast and site!

Comments of the week: Minutes 22:00 to 27
I have two comments of the week, a tweet by Orange Owl on the post about Don Jr. getting his girlfriend an edible arrangement for her birthday, and a comment by Jess on the post about Denise Richards’ nutjob husband. Chandra’s comments of the week are by Florence and lucy2 on the post about how Kate has matured. Chandra reminds me that Kate and Meghan are older than Sarah Huckabee Sanders and we wonder what her next move will be.

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  1. Carobell says:

    Nobody looks great on Zoom. She just has computer camera face to me.

  2. My3cents says:

    If its not the camera/angle then definitely pregnant!

  3. Erinn says:

    ” Tom DeLonge of Blink 192″ I assume that was a typo but it made me laugh.

    Also he’s FORMERLY of Blink-182. He was essentially kicked out because he’s a shit band member that nobody could rely on and he eventually had his manager tell the guys that he was going to leave because he’s a child and couldn’t do it himself. His To the Stars Academy is a big joke too. Tom’s basically been saying for a decade “big things are coming!” before releasing the odd re-recording of a song or some other embarrassing music video or whatever. He’s hired on a bunch of fancy people to the project, but it’s so ridiculous. He literally has compared himself to Jesus hahaha. He’s a wreck. I think he’s back on pills to be honest.

  4. Jensies says:

    Thom’s voice is just so beautiful. I’m with Chandra, would bang.

  5. Meg says:

    I remember a picture released of jay and kristens wedding they were dancing and the tables of people at their wedding in the picture none of them were smiling or even looked kind of pleasant, they looked like they were stuck in a work meeting or a lecture in a class or something. That stood out to me, after postponing the wedding then your guests look like this at the wedding? It felt like they knew something was off

    Orlando and katy -what stood out to me was someone from their camp running to a tabloid then people magazine about something most couples can relate to:being annoyed with each other as we’re stuck at home due to quarantine. Why go to the press? That to me says this is unacceptable and abnormal as opposed to well join the club were all getting sick of each other rjght now

  6. SomeChick says:

    So, I went to this party. There was a line for the bathroom. I said, “ugh, bathroom line!” to the person standing next to me. Some dude (not who I was speaking to) turned around and asked me why I didn’t just go to the head of the line. I was dumbfounded.

    “That would be rude!” I said.
    “But, you’re pregnant!” he replied.

    No. I’m not pregnant. I’m just fat.

    He slunk off and probably peed on a fire hydrant, IDK.

    Pregnancy speculation is icky and hurtful. At least I don’t have the internet speculating about my body!

    Sorry if this is a double post. I posted it hours ago so it must have been eaten by the spam filter. But this is probably the most discomfiting thing about gossip in general.

    • Bettyrose says:

      There is no excuse ever to mention a stranger’s perceived pregnancy. Hope that guy is still embarrassed.

    • justwastingtime says:

      Some Chick. I am so careful to never speculate on someone’s pregnancy that when my (not very nice) overweight neighbor was looking pregnant, I never said a word until she starting asking about my kids ( which she had never done). I finally asked when she was due and she told me she was offended I hadn’t asked before. Can’t. Win. On. This. Topic.

      • SomeChick says:

        That’s a special case. She’s not entirely a stranger, even tho not a friend. IDK why she just didn’t bring it up herself instead of passively dropping hints. If she wanted you to know it is on her to inform you.

        Someone you don’t know? No. Just no. Please, no. Keep it to yourself.

        I don’t hide in tents so he assumed I was flaunting a baby bump. Newp, just the beer baby. Had I been attempting to get pregnant without success, I probably would have burst into tears and ripped him a new one, and/or run away myself.

        It’s the most personal of topics. We have no right. We’re all sticking up for them controlling access to Archie but we’re going to preg-watch Meghan? Why?

  7. jferber says:

    God, I hope so. I had a feeling they wanted two children, but whether or not, I wish them peace, health, joy and contentment.

  8. Lola_Lola says:

    I thought she looked pregnant too. I thought she had on a great bra. I was like her boobs are sittin!
    I feel like my years of watching The X-Files has prepared me for this moment.

  9. Case says:

    Could just be the angle — no one looks exactly how they do in real life on video chat. I don’t like to speculate about pregnancies, though I do imagine given she is in her late 30s, they’d probably have their kids close together if they choose to have more than one.