Celebitchy’s top ten most popular stories of 2013

It’s hard to know when or how a story will become popular, and that’s part of what keeps our job interesting. Sometimes a big foreign newspaper will link a story, sometimes a story will be posted on reddit, and once in a while a post will become one of the top results on google for a certain search phrase. A friend of mine was thrilled when she googled “James Franco Girlfriend” and found Celebitchy in the top results. That friend never really followed celebrity gossip, which explains why she was googling that in the first place.

Our top stories by traffic this year center around three themes: feuds, new partners, and plastic surgery. There’s a little T&A and some infidelity thrown in there for good measure, and Brad and Angelina feature prominently. Note that these are the most popular stories by visits, not the most commented.

So with that in mind, here are the top stories from 2013, in reverse order.

10. December 6: Brad Pitt caught with a petite brunette
Star Magazine claimed that Brad Pitt was caught partying and looking cozy with an unknown woman in Telluride – back in August. They used this alleged incident for their cover story, but this begs the question: why did it take three months for the story to come out and where is the evidence?

9. January 18: Stacy Keibler trash talks Angelina Jolie
The story goes that Stacy Keibler tried to befriend Angelina Jolie back when she was with George Clooney. Angelina allegedly rebuffed her, and so Stacy befriended Jennifer Aniston instead and began trash-talking Angelina. The tale originated in Star Magazine, but it had a ring of truth to it, and became our 9th most popular story this year.

8. November 27: Brad Pitt thinks Shia takes himself too seriously
“Laid back” Brad Pitt was said to be annoyed by Shia LaBeouf, who insisted on going full “method” for his WWII character in their film Fury. Given how annoying Shia can be on a regular basis, this wasn’t too hard to believe.

7. March 28: Anne Hathaway pissed off at James Franco
Continuing the theme of feuds is the presumed silent rift between Anne Hathaway and James Franco. Franco of course let Anne carry their disastrous joint Oscar hosting gig in 2011. Anne never had an unkind word to say publicly about Franco, but when Franco dished to Howard Stern about her and brought up the “Hatha-haters”, Anne is said to have found him “unprofessional.”

6. February 18: Emma Watson out with her boyfriend
This story was trending for a while when people wanted to know more about Emma Watson’s boyfriend, an American named Will Adamowicz whom she met while at Brown University. Emma joked in an interview that American men were much more forward than the Englishman she was used to, which she appreciated. Take note potential suitors: Emma doesn’t like it when men wear flip flops.

5. April 16: Angelina’s suggestive photos with a horse up for auction
It’s easy to see how this post got popular. In the early ‘aughts, Angelina posed for some topless photos with a horse for famed photographer David LaChapelle. The photos went up for auction this spring, and we all ogled at the suggestive pics, wishing she would give us a more current glimpse of her wild side.

4. January 9: Courteney Cox is “open” to plastic surgery
Wallis Annenberg Center For The Performing Arts Inaugural Gala
In an interview with the aptly named New You magazine, Courtney Cox said she had done laser treatments and was “very open to trying to prolong the inevitable” when it came to aging. That’s clearly the case, but at least she isn’t trying to deny it.

3. April 13: Did Matt Lauer father Natalie Morales’s 3-year-old son?
The Enquirer reported that Matt Lauer may have fathered his co-anchor, Natalie Morales’s three year-old son. The two were rumored to have had an affair, which prompted Matt to insist that Morales replace his less receptive on-air partner, Ann Curry. Whether that was true or not remains to be seen, but this was in our top three stories this year.

2. October 30: Renee Zellweger looks much different
We were one of the first sites to notice Renee’s new wide-eyed look, thanks to a tip from reader Kit. Renee still hasn’t commented on what she had done exactly or why, but it’s possible she had some medically-warranted surgery. Whatever happened, she looks like a different person.

1. October 3: Tom Hiddleston’s gf “nothing to write home about”
Rejoice, dragonflies, your man is number one! This story skyrocketed to the top when it became the first google result for “Tom Hiddleston girlfriend.” Whoever she is, or if she’s changed since Tom gave that interview, he’s probably not too attached to her. Tom said that “I hope when there’s really something to write home about, then I’ll be able to talk.” I guess that gives dragonflies yet another reason to celebrate.

Thank you for being a loyal reader and commenter! Here’s to a gossip-filled 2014!


Photo above credit: checka/Photocase.com. Other photos credit: Fameflynet and WENN.com

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  1. littlestar says:

    Happy Holidays and New Year to all the CB writers and to all of the wonderful posters on here who have kept me thoroughly entertained and engaged the past year!!!

    And I’m going to have to say the Renee Zellweger story was my favourite – still can’t get over how different she looks!

    • Monkey Towz says:

      The RZ pic shocks me. I showed that pic to my friend & he claimed not to be able to tell a difference. I’m still wondering just how strong that pot he was smoking affected his judgement.
      Happy Holidays!

      • Kcaia says:

        I can’t tell a difference either, and not too much pot these days, unfortunately. And ditto to the OP on gratitude for the entertainment, and thanks and blessings to all the wonderful people I meet (is that the word?) on here….Happy Holidays everyone!
        P.S. Half of y’all might not believe me, but I swear I don’t remember reading not one of the ttop ten stories.

  2. Anna says:

    Wow, no love for The Batch? I am surprised. At least half of these stories I am noticing for the very first time (whether on CB or in gossip-sphere overall). Hooray for the Dragonfly King!!!

  3. Amelia says:

    Really interesting to see a yearly round-up of CB’s traffic, although I’m quite curious to know what the most popular posts by comments are. No uncool bermuda triangle though. That must be some kind of record.
    Happy Holidays, everyone!
    Wishing a safe journey to all of those still travelling home in time for Christmas, have a lovely turkey (or nut roast)-filled day with family, friends and fun! :) Here’s to an eventful year!
    Any chance of a CB hot guy yearly round-up too? . . . :p

  4. Aussie girl says:

    Thanks for all the great gossip. I really love everyone that comments on these posts. I enjoy reading everyone’s opinions, beliefs, values and stories. I love that as far as sites or blogs go, it never gets really nasty and everyone respects everyone’s else’s opinions. Looking forward to 2014 xxoo

    • Danskins says:

      +1…I really enjoy this blog because other blogs who shall remain nameless can get so nasty and humorless in their celebrity feature write ups, and their comment sections likewise are the same.

      But CB is hilarious, full of great detail and covers a range of interesting and diverse topics (even if they get a little carried away with Hiddles and Cumby stories from time to time lol j/k ;) Plus I now love the new website layout too, and the book club feature.

      Anyone have any favorite stories this year? Mine are the hilarious & spot on write ups about Miley’s disastrous MTV performance with Robin Thicke, and the controversies and fall out from it.

      Anyhoodle, looking forward to what’s in store for 2014! Happy holidays everyone! :D

      • Myrto says:

        Yeah, celebitchy is great for the posts as well as for the comments. I always end up learning a lot on a variety of topics. For a gossip website, who would have thought. Merry Christmas everyone!

      • Lady D says:

        The article about the actress who doesn’t wash her face in the morning sure had a lot of hits. Ditto the articles on racism and eating disorders. I’m sure Falcor will have a place on the list. AJ’s mastectomy and of course she who shall not be named will be prominent.
        Like Myrto said, it’s amazing what I’ve learned on this site.

  5. Maria says:

    I’m going with all Angelina stories: the comments are always a mess and the extremities in both camps after all these years is equally unnerving as they are entertaining.

  6. Audrey says:

    Lol I don’t think I cared about or commented on any of these :(

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  7. Ag says:

    Happy Holidays, ladies and gents! :)

  8. Stephanie says:

    I’m surprised that Paul Walker’s death didn’t make the list. RIP Paul. We miss you.

    • V4Real says:

      Holy crap you are so right. No Paul Walker, no Will and Kate, no Goop and no Cumby. But there was an overload of Brad and Angie. I’m happy I didn’t see Aniston on the list or Miley.

      Have a HAPPY Holiday Season to everyone on C/B. I hope the new year brings even more juicy gossip.

  9. epiphany says:

    Courtney Cox is “open” to plastic surgery? That’s a joke, right? Ha! Hilarious!

  10. GiGi says:

    Aw, this made me all gooey inside! Love a CB Top Ten!

    Happy Holidays to all the Celebitches everywhere & big thanks to CB, Kaiser & Bedhead for keeping us hooked ;)

  11. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    @Celebitchy (Blog) and all my peeps …

    Happy New Year, y’all!! :) Thanks for the memories. :)

  12. j.eyre says:

    I am surprised but not by this list as well – but isn’t that why we read and make lists?

    Happy Holidays and Merry New Year to all the commenters and our fearless Gossip Trio.

    And yes, All Hail the Dragonfly King for certain.

  13. PunkyMomma says:

    Happy Holidays to all! CB – great job this year! Best to you all!

  14. Lori says:

    thanks for the year…..you’ve become my first internet stop of the day!

  15. Mia4S says:

    What an unbelievably lame list! How disappointing (not even an interesting Hiddles story…OK to be fair there aren’t many ;-) . ). Oh well, happy holidays, merry Christmas and lets do better next year! :-)

  16. Nicolette says:

    Wait. No Cracken stories? No Miley? No Kartrashians? Surely some of those had to have made the top ten.

    Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and safe and happy New Year! Looking forward to the gossip these hot mess celebs are going to provide for us. :)

  17. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    This is THE place to come for some good morning giggles & chuckles & hope all have a healthy humorous holiday :) :) :)

  18. Ginger says:

    Happy Holidays! I’m glad to see our Tommy Anne at #1! CeleBitchy is the first thing I look at in the morning even before my e-mail or Facebook. Thanks so much for bringing endless entertainment value to my day everyone. Here’s to an awesome 2014!

  19. TheOriginalKitten says:

    *raises glass*

    A toast to C/B, Kaiser, Bedhead and all my fellow Celebitches! Happy Holidays, ladies and gents.

    This forum is the only gossip website I go to and I continue to be impressed by the level of intelligence evident in my fellow posters. Articulate and considerate, I’m consistently humbled by how much I’ve learned from all of you. Feeling thankful to be a part of the C/B community-I’m certainly in great company ♥

  20. jwoolman says:

    But what about my two absolutely favorite CB pictures?
    – Lindsay Lohan in some godawful fluffy pink coat, blowing a kiss at the camera with uncomfortably inflated lips
    – Justin Bieber being lifted into a van (apparently to be strapped into a kiddie seat) by a bodyguard, while Justin was having a toddler meltdown about something and threatening to clean some grownup’s clock

    Come on, I know I’m not the only one who can’t get enough of those two pics!

  21. xboxsucks says:

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS fellow celebitchers

  22. Tig says:

    Happy holidays to the posters and commenters- have a wonderful 2014!

    And while I enjoy the stories re hookups/break ups- my favs are the fashion posts- bring on awards season!!

  23. bluhare says:

    HO HO HO, everybody!!!

    The only one on that list I remember reading is Reneee Zellweger!

  24. TheCountess says:

    Ugh. The Renee Zellweger one is just depressing. She lost what made her unique and now looks so bland.

  25. klue says:

    Merry Christmas & a happy new year to the entite CB community. Y’all are my internet family& I’ll ride & die for y’all lol…

  26. lady mary. says:

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS ,have a gr8 time everyone !!!! and i wish to add that i love this blog ,it has been my daily staple of celebgossip for a long time ,i doubt i have actually missed a single day”s post and all the hillarious comments . that is one surprising list indeed ,nvr imagined Emma watson generated a huge interest ,well enjoy ur holidays ladies !!!!!!!

  27. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    This is completely OT, but I was just reminded of this when I saw the Anne Hathaway one–why do people think that Anne Hathaway and Christian Bale had an affair on the set of Dark Knight Rises? I’m not understanding where that rumor came from. I know that CB always has his wife and kid on the set, so where would he even have time for that? Anyone know?

    And God–if he was going to have an affair, I would hope that it wouldn’t be with Anne. She annoys me so much. I don’t know if she is or not, but I’d picture her getting real clingy.

    • keep says:

      It came from Lainey’s blind.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Okay–but what makes people believe a blind item? Generally, I can at least think of some little hints of truth—but with this one, I can’t. CB always has his wife and kid w/him on set; Anne is a try hard theater geek–I can’t see her doing something like that, even though she annoys me. Plus I don’t really see him being her type. She tends to go for non industry types anyway.

        I’m just asking because a lot of people, when it first came out, were treating it like it was true/confirmed–when it’s just a blind, to begin with anyway.

  28. glaugh says:

    I love Celebitchy! Just started reading it this year and I have to say I enjoy the bitchiness.
    Have a wonderful, safe and warm holiday everyone.

  29. Janeite says:

    Merriest and happiest of Christmases to my fellow Celebitches! Your witty and hilarious commentary on celeb gossip is always entertaining.

  30. Luna says:

    Happy holidays. Let next year be as funnier on here as this year on celebitchy. Glad I joined :-)

  31. judyjudy says:

    Cheers, friends! clink-clink

  32. Balticprincess says:

    Thanks from Germany for many an entertaining post here on Celebitchy! I am a regular and learned a lot of new words, the best IMO the “Hammaconda”. Happy Christmas and New Year!

  33. TeresaMaria says:

    I have been hooked to Celebitchy for 3 years now and I can truly say that you guys are the best. I do not care much for celebrity gossip in general, but this site with its brilliant writers and witty commentators just makes my day.
    Happy Holidays to you all!

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Half the reason I read this site is because of the interaction between commentators. I enjoy reading them more than the story itself–I don’t like keeping gossip to myself. I like hearing different opinions. And it’s especially nice because we don’t have to worry about trolls (most of the time).

  34. Delilah says:

    CB and CB community in general – you are my salvation. The perfect outlet where I can follow gossip and engage in intelligible debates and discussions. Or just be a bystander taking it all in. Got me through my arduous commutes. Many a time I looked a damn fool there on my IPhone laughing out loud and talking to myself, lol. Made my day gooo faster. Much more fulfilling than FB. Thank you!!! Merry Xmas!!!

  35. ZAN says:

    Thanks for all the great gossip!!

  36. Han says:

    I doubt this is representative in any way.Every time i look at the Hiddles post they always have a group of posters posting over and over. I wonder what the ranking would be if you had ranked it by individual commentators rather than a small group of dedicated fans making up a large portion of the comments.

    • Meandyou says:

      That is why I avoid threads with either one of them. I dont find either one terribly appealing but the few commentators who post seem to have their own jokes and the discussion isnt that interesting for outsiders. Not shading, you ladies keep doing what you like. But I’d also be curious to know the most discussed threads by individual comments. Not sure if this website is sophisticated enough for that.

  37. Sumodo1 says:

    You CAN’T be SERIOUS!!! Moderating me tonight?!! Bah humbug!

  38. Peanut says:

    Leann Rimes will be so disappointed none of her antics are on the list.

  39. Violet says:

    Happy holidays and best wishes for a fabulous 2014, one and all!

  40. Bedge says:

    Hi! Just wanted to say thank you, and merry Christmas! I rarely comment, although I have been a dedicated follower of this blog for 6 years. Every night in bed, I read each and every story. Thank you for the years of entertainment! Beccy, from Sydney.

  41. Faith says:

    My guess on the celebrities(together or seperately) that are going to make the top ten list of the most commented stories are;Angelina,Brad,Duck Dynasty and family,LeAnn,Brandi,Eddie,The kardashians,Miley,Chelsea,that chick that talks a lot about fatness,e.tc.

    A Merry christmas and Happy new year to you all.I won’t be back next year and I’m going to miss you all.

    A special bye to my favourite commenters;EVE,Lenje,V4Real,LCB,TOK,QQ,Maria,Mayamae,TOG,Andrea1,Janet,Andrea,Ginger,Lisa2,Lisa,Serena,Alexandra,Blue Marie,VC,Liv,MrsBpitt,LOL,F,LAK,Nicolette,Ennie,Ernie,Katherine,Liberty,Janie,Camille(TO),Kcaia,kim,Floretta50,Anna,and other funny and entertaining commenters whose names I’ve forgotten.By the way Kaiser,Bedhead and Celebitchy hope you gyz know you run the best blog EVER.

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