Olivia Wilde launched a Goop-esque site but is ‘not giving up on the silver screen’

Olivia Wilde

Here are some photos of Olivia Wilde and her tiny baby bump a few days ago in Venice Beach. Let me start this post off by saying that Olivia has steadily grown on me over the past several months. I used to find her slightly obnoxious, but she has a point most of the time. Olivia is also very sarcastic, and that doesn’t always translate well during interviews. Plus (out of context or not) she’ll never live down the insensitive dying vagina about her ex-husband, Tao Ruspoli.

Anyway, Olivia has had a bit of a hard time staking her claim in Hollywood. She’s found consistent work, but Olivia has experienced a bit of the Megan Fox Syndrome. You know, the “hot chick in a dude movie” sort of trap. Sadly and even though Olivia is very sharp, she must have a terrible agent because she’s landed in too many dud movies to count. As a result, she’s box-office poison through no fault of her own. So what’s a girl to do? Goop out — as in launch her own website. But wait! Olivia isn’t selling $30 paper clips. She’s trying to (in Forbes’ words) save the world “one sale at a time.” Unlike with Goop, there’s a philanthropic slant to Livvy’s website. Forbes has the scoop:

Actress Olivia Wilde is a standout member of the 2014 30 Under 30 Hollywood & Entertainment List. While most actresses her age are focusing intently on building their movie careers, Wilde is splitting her time between acting and building a new business: Conscious Commerce.

The website is a unique take on philanthropy. Instead of asking people to donate to a good cause out of guilt or even a sense of obligation, Conscious Commerce asks people to donate to charity simply by buying products they want anyway. Think Toms but on a broader scale. The shoe company donates one pair of shoes for every pair of shoes bought. Conscious Commerce aims to connect brands with charities so that eventually, every purchase made will contain a giving back element.

“It should be shocking when a product isn’t somehow helping the people who made it,” says Wilde.

The company is fairly new. One of the biggest partnerships so far for Wilde, and her partner Barbara Burchfield, has been a deal with Anthropologie pairing the company with New Light India so that a portion of the sales of one of the clothing company’s most popular dresses goes to a girl’s school in India. Conscious Commerce focuses on small, local charities that can be vetted to ensure that as much money as possible is going to the people who need help.

Wilde was inspired to start Conscious Commerce from her work with leaders like Paul Haggis. The director has a charity called Artists for Peace and Justice that does work in Haiti. Wilde made several trips to the country and became heavily involved in helping fund raise for different charities. She also worked with Nicholas Kristof on his documentary Half the Sky.

But she discovered that fund raising can be an exhausting and thankless task. Philanthropies often go to the same group of people over and over to try and get more money for more causes. She began to feel disillusioned with the politics of traditional philanthropy.

At the same time she was inspired by a growing movement from young entrepreneurs encouraging people to think about how they were spending their money and to use their dollars to help good, sustainable causes. She was also encouraged by the election of President Obama. Instead of winning off of the backs of rich donors, Obama collected lots of smaller donations that still had a huge impact.

“By incorporating a giving back structure into small purchases, it can make a huge different,” says Wilde.

Instead of asking companies to give back just out of the goodness of their hearts, she is approaching them from a marketing point of view. Ad budgets are always bigger than philanthropy budgets. So she is pitching her company as a way for brands to bring positive attention to themselves.

The actress is not giving up on the silver screen.

[From Forbes]

The post script seems a little bit sad, doesn’t it? Olivia has made it perfectly clear that she’s very worried about what Jason Sudeikis will think if she’s not as successful in Hollywood. I honestly didn’t set out to bash Olivia in this post. If she’s going the way of Goop, I give Livvy my blessing. The only issue I have is how Goop’s ridiculous “wisdom” lives on as a role model to other female celebrities. I can only hope that these other celebrities will surpass Goop’s materialistic objectives. Jessica Alba has done well. Blake Lively wants a piece of that. Maybe Olivia will beat them all.

Here’s a link to Olivia’s new website, Conscious Commerce. A cutesy mission letter concludes with “Thank you for not being an a-hole.” Hmm.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

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  1. T.fanty says:

    That’s a nice idea, and I really like the idea of ethically aware shopping made easier. I just don’t think she has the pull to really make it work.

    • Erinn says:

      I think so too. It might get bigger in time though; this is the first version and it doesn’t seem like a lot is up there.

      Unlike GOOP, Olivie seems to be a bit more ethically minded, which could actually be pretty successful.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree – I think it’s a great idea and I do hope it catches on, but I don’t know. She does get far more attention than her career should warrant, so maybe.
      I checked out the site – one thing I think they could use is a bit more detail on the way that buying a product will be charitable. Some products clearly state it (buy one give one) but others are a little vague or take a bit of work to get to that info.

      • ol cranky says:

        not exactly the same but in a similar line of letting your shopping do some good, there are companies that already let you donate to your favorite nonprofit by just doing web searches and online shopping. The all have pretty much the same stores signed up but the % of your purchase the store donates to your charity depends on which tool you use: igive.com; shopforyourcause.com & goodsearch.com

  2. Barrett says:

    She seems nice enough, but bores me. She doesn’t pull me in enough to be interested in what she’s in or shills on a website.

  3. Neelyo says:

    …the silver screen has given up on her.

  4. Talie says:

    She should’ve just invested in Zady — kind of similar concept.

  5. Sisi says:

    Sounds like she’ll be dealing more with commercial brands than the reading public, so it doesn’t sound like it would lead to exhaustive sanctimonious celebrity musings, which is good. Fingers crossed :)

  6. Florc says:

    She picks bad roles either because it’s all she can get or she really thinks they’re good roles. She has had some decent, serious roles, but she just isn’t a good enough actress to pull it off.
    So, yea. It’s through fault of her own her career is floundering.
    And I can’t find her interesting enough or admire her style enough to care what she wants to shill.

  7. Leah says:

    She is just not a very interesting actress. I wanted to like her because she seems bright and funny at least before she started the Jason Sudekis relationship which has been a bit of a turn off what with all the over sharing. But honestly her acting work leaves a lot to be desired, it isn’t just that she isn’t massively talented, not everyone who makes it is, but she lacks onscreen charisma and charm too.
    On the bright side, she seems socially conscious and has a killer vintage t-shirt collection.

  8. bns says:

    I irrationally can’t stand her. She needs to stop trying to make herself happen. I hope she fades away after she has her baby.

    • Erinn says:

      I get what you’re saying, but can you imagine if we said that about regular people? “Hey Joe, stop trying to make yourself happen.” “Anne, you go have that baby and then fade away”

      It’s one of those things that we CAN say though, at least to a degree, because we’re the ones paying the money to keep these people relevant. I like Olivia, for no real reason. I find her kind of amusing, and I think she’s pretty, but a little different looking. I’d rather see her than another Reese Witherspoon who I find soooo incredibly bland.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I suspect you’ll get your wish. She’s not happening, imo.

    • kate s says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Quite frankly I’ve never heard of her until the recent media & pap coverage due to her pregnancy — i.e. not familiar with any of her “work”. Since then, I’ve seen bits & pieces of interviews here and there and IMHO there’s nothing special or impressive there.

  9. Tapioca says:

    Didn’t Megan Fox once say she would wrestle a wildebeest to have sex with Olivia Wilde?

    Potential storyline for a career-saving box office smash for the two of them right there, I would think…

  10. Ag says:

    I don’t think this is like Goop at all… Goop doesn’t even pretend to care about the peasants who make her goods. She just wants to save us all from being the unwashed masses by making us buy crazy expensive crap while starving ourselves on pointless and medically dangerous cleanses. Goop is conspicuous consumption.

    Good look to Olivia with this project!

  11. jlm says:

    Other shopping websites already do this. It’s basically a pretentious version of Amazon Smile.

    I guess I shouldn’t hate but I think she’s annoying and yes, Goopy.

  12. Anna says:

    Holy cow. Her forehead + hairline…

  13. Brittney says:

    Netflix just added Drinking Buddies to their instant selection, and if you haven’t checked it out, you definitely should. It’s almost completely unscripted, and Olivia really stood out for me because of that. The interactions are so genuinely hilarious and/or heartbreaking, and it makes me want to hang out with her. She’s insanely gorgeous the whole time (really, I’ve never seen her this gorgeous) but it’s never the focal point and she’s never objectified; her character is flawed and funny, and her friendships/relationships are pretty realistic.

    Jason’s in it too, and so is Jake Johnson from New Girl and the adorable Anna Kendricks. Really, check it out.

  14. TheOriginalWaffle says:

    Doesn’t sound Goopy to me. It’s an interesting concept.

  15. QQ says:

    But wait.. Isn’t another mocktress (aka Jessica Alba) already doing that?? Website something something, im a mom, good for the earth..affordable??

    Why cant these women stop foisting themselves upon us? like Ok you act so-so to badly… Stay on them B movies or tv Sis, No shame in that! we don’t need your tips, your website, your products, your colon cleanse, your diapers, your jewelry, your wine, your makeup…I’m also looking at you Drew Barrymore – NO MORE SITES!

  16. Sunny says:

    I don’t love Olivia as an actress. I have never found her all that interesting on screen. She was really good in the recent Drinking Buddies and it made me think perhaps she is just choosing AWFUL roles. Almost every other time I have seen her on screen she has been terrible.

    In real life, I find her smart and fascinating. This new endeavour of hers isn’t surprising because she has always shown an interest in development and international issues. She comes off really smart in interviews, and if I am remembering correctly a few years ago I read an interview where she discussed her childhood and both her parents are journalists. She also was involved in the PBS project a few years ago of bringing the book Half the Sky to film. That book is all about gender and development so I don’t doubt her commitment to social issues.

    However I do doubt her taste in men. Sudeikis is cute and funny but something about him screams douche to me.

  17. whocares says:

    I never noticed how far back her hairline is……….. too much botox???