Most Popular Celebitchy Stories of 2011

Thank you so much for visiting, reading and commenting! Kaiser, Bedhead and I appreciate it and hope you’re having a great holiday. Let’s all raise our glasses to the year in gossip and best wishes for a happy scandalous 2012. Have an excellent New Year!

Here are our most popular posts of 2011 based on number of comments:
1. Brad Pitt backtracks: “It is not that Jen was dull, but…”

2. Brad Pitt talks about “feeling pathetic” in his marriage to Jennifer Aniston

3. Jennifer Aniston named “the Hottest Woman of All Time” by Men’s Health Mag

4. Angelina Jolie: “I’m still a bad girl, it just… belongs to Brad and our adventures”

5. Halle Berry on Nahla’s race: “I feel like she’s black, I believe in the one-drop theory”

6. Eddie Cibrian cut child support at same time he “bought” $85k ring for LeAnn

7. LeAnn Rimes bought Eddie Cibrian a Porsche for Christmas, and that’s not all

8. Heidi Bivens’ mom confirms Heidi’s “complicated” meeting with Jennifer Aniston

9. The Royal Wedding Open Post: When Baldy Met Glossy

10. Woody Allen’s son disgusted by his dad marrying his sister & won’t talk to him

Update: Here are the most popular stories based on number of pageviews, not comments. Disclaimer: The Goop story had so many hits because some huge newspaper website in the Netherlands linked it.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow goes topless, wears fishnets for Vanity Fair: Goopy or cute?

2. Prince William is worried about Kate Middleton’s dramatic weight loss

3. Jim Parsons’ boyfriend called off their wedding because Jim doesn’t want kids

4. Mila Kunis’s cell phone pics of Justin Timberlake were reportedly hacked

5. More “Blake Lively” naked photos released, is it really Blake?

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  1. heatheradair says:

    Good for all of us — there’s not a Kardashian story on the list – !!!!

    • Emily says:

      Yes! This! Celebitchy + Kaiser, please take note.

    • Bermuda Blues says:

      Hip hip hooray! Let 2011 be the year the fame beasts were starved. I’m ready to say goodbye and good riddance to their moment in pop culture.

    • J O'C says:

      I love you for noticing this and pointing it out.

    • MissyA says:

      Yes, but. . . SEVEN YEARS LATER, the top 5 stories of 2011 are all Circe de AniJo-Pitt. Seriously. Sad.

      And that’s not a putdown to you ladies at Celebitchy in the least. More of a commentary on our current collective societal preoccupations.

      Still. Sad.

      (Especially considering the amount of sh*t I slung at Lohan this year. . . figured she’d at least get an honorable mention. Guess Lohan’s PR isn’t as awesome as previously thought.)

      Still, thank you ladies!

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Three cheers!

    • ooops they did it again says:

      but you had to bring it up didn’t you

  2. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Are these based on most comments or most clicks?

  3. hilda says:

    But at least the Kardashians are relevant. The same can’t be said for the really weird Leann Rimes obsession. This is the only site I visit that ever talks/writes about her.

    • danielle says:

      Lol! Leann Rimes is fun! She’s a nutball who is SWFing her husband’s ex-wife – her crazy is endlessly amusing. Also, she’s desparate to keep this guy, she’s starving herself to try to do it, and he will totally cheat on her. If she wasn’t thoroughly unlikeable, it’d be sad.

      • skuddles says:

        You totally nailed it Danielle – Leann Rimes is lots of fun 😉

        Just a mini note about Eddie cutting child support at the same time he bought 85k ring for Leann – does anyone seriously believe he paid for it himself?? Just can’t see it.

    • Bermuda Blues says:

      Plus lots of us watch Beverly Hills and are interested in Brandi getting shafted by her jerky ex and his insanely jealous, protective, and unhinged wife. Leann and Brandi really bring out the trashiest aspects of each other and Eddie is such a sleeze.

  4. brin says:

    Happy New Year to CB, Kaiser, Bedhead and commenters!
    Here’s to a new year of delicious gossip! *clinks glass*

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I’ll drink to that!

    • lilred says:

      Wishing good health and lots of juicy gossip for 2012 *clink*

    • Original Tiffany says:

      Here is to a salacious New Year, my lovely CB ladies! Champagne cracktails all around. It’s getting there in London, wish me well in the throng to see the fireworks show.
      No, I don’t mean the Cracken:) Real fireworks.

      Thanks to the Cracken, Courtney Stodden, the Kartrashians, JA, the JPs and all you other tabloid fodder for giving me an escape! And cheers to The Soup for my TV alternative.
      Love you guys-thanks for keeping us in the know and thanks for HGF!
      Ha[[y New Year!!! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Joy!!!

  5. Jane says:

    Oh I see that Brad’s miserable life and stories about his drugs and alcohol abuse are selling great.

    • lisa says:

      Wow where were those stories. I don’t recall reading those.

    • My NYResolution says:

      I don’t get you re alcohol abuse. Brad’s never been a drinker or known for one. Aniston was the one known in the paps for her alcoholism. Maybe you’re getting him confused with her?

  6. Nanz says:

    The list is surprising and good!! No LL, no KK. All win, win!! Thanks for great writing, hot guy (and girl) photos and making the daily grind more bearable with lots of smut. I look forward to it everyday when I take breaks from being a student/mom/wife/etc. Happy New Year, Celebitches!

  7. KatScorp says:

    Not a Lohan to be seen? I’m shocked!

    • brin says:

      Yeah, that is a surprise! Happy New Year

    • the original bellaluna says:

      KatScorp, good to see ya! Merry New Year! (Or whatever.)

    • Pass me the Lexapro says:

      Thanks for all your work this year, CB, Kaiser and Bedhead. I blame this site for getting me interested in celebrity gossip. 🙂

      • guilty pleasures says:

        Hear, hear!! Celebitchy is my crack habit! Thanks ladies (are you all ladies?)for your fun website, and thanks to ALL OF US for not making the Kard klan- Paris, or Lilo, top 10. There is hope for humanity!

  8. Madpoe says:

    Thanks to all for running this wonderful site! I found you guys thanks to Fassy and come here often! Best wishes for 2012!!!

  9. Nikster says:

    Jesus, Jane, get a life.

  10. Lenna says:

    I love this site!! Happy New Year All!!

  11. anon says:

    Great Stories, Comments 🙂
    Great Site. Thank you
    Happy New Year 2012 to All

  12. Rachel says:

    You guys are great–absolutely my favorite gossip site. I like the wide coverage of events, and especially Kaiser’s bizarre-yet-awesome take on things.

    Happy New Year!

  13. cerulean says:

    Fabulous site. Well done everyone and cheers!

  14. Turtle Dove says:

    I was hoping that you’d do this post. Thanks, CB. Interesting that the triangle that is Brangelina and Aniston is a hot topic.

    I hope that everyone has a great New Year and I’m wishing you the best in 2012.

  15. ahoyhoy says:

    I’m surprised Jen is smirking like that in the jacket photo—You PAID good money for all those lip injections, honey, why hide them?

  16. Reece says:

    5 of 10 about the same three people. That there proves why the Jolie/Pitt/Aniston stories have not gone away in all these years.

  17. gail says:

    My New Year’s resolution – never click on a story about Jolie, Pitt, or Aniston ever again. The sheer insanity & misogyny in those threads makes me want to lie down in a dark room.

  18. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Halle was my favorite topic because it was mostly a grown-up, yet intense, discussion about race and I was glad to see biracial people out there like myself keeping it real.

    Angie and Brad are my second favs. Love those threads because of the double standards that unfairly throw on them and not others.

  19. Firecracker says:

    Cheers to everyone, and thanks for the best gossip site around!

  20. Cathy says:

    Here’s to a great year of smut/gossip in 2012. Can’t wait. Have a safe and Happy New Year all.

  21. JP Fan says:

    WTF Kaiser! Enough of this BS about ragging on Brad b/c he told the truth and his feelings after 7 damn years and after 6 gorgeous kids! He waas being HONEST about how much he loves his Angi & how miserable he was with the UGLY & DULL one. Duh, the bitch still thinks she is in her 20’s, has no brain cells, no talent OR beauty to talk about! Just a 43 year old, ex sitcom chick, with no talent, life or interest other than being a famewhore, So knock it off…Brad told the TRUTH when he said “there has to bee an expiration date” regarding talking about how miserable he was with the “fugly friend” ENOUGH!
    Leave this gorgeous JP family alone, that goes for you Kaiser and Jen hens and Huvane.

    PLEASE MOVE ON int is almost 2012. JP’s are happy and could care less what that stupid, fameho is doing. Leave this family and their gorgeous kids alone!

    • lilred says:

      Sounds like you need to move on that’s A LOT of hate for someone you don’t know.

    • Franny says:

      asking a gossip site not to talk about some of the most major hollywood gossip is like asking the president not to talk about foreign affairs. its comes with the job. its not like the writers here make up these stories, they are merely re-telling someone else’s article and commenting…and putting it all in one handy, neatly laid out page.

      in the end, our endless gossiping and sniping and bitching on this site doesn’t change anything in the world. its for pure amusement. its actually kind of sick that some people are so attached to other human beings they haven’t even interacted with. so enjoy the site and posts for what they are – something to keep us from not being bored out our skulls at work.

      • JP Fan says:

        Well fanny, so please explain to me everytime I come here some Jen fan is asking the JP fans to stop ragging on the fugly 43 old but they continue to diss on Brad & Angie & their kids 24/7/365. Double standard much? I will stop ragging on that bitch when she & Huvane stop their JP coattail riding of 7 years and when the delusional Jen fans move on after 7 damn years.

      • Relli says:

        Word Franny, this is all for fun and escapism, no need to draw lines or make t-shirts. There are way to many trolls on here lately starting stuff for no good reason other than to start stuff. If not for this sight I would have quit my well paying but boring as sh*t job. So thank you CB, kaiser and Bedhead, you get me through it all!

        *Jen Hens!?!?! That’s hilarious I didn’t know people were still so invested!

    • lisa says:

      I agree with the double standard. I see a person on this thread could not wait to spread the hate on the Angie thread.

      Thing is you are letting them get you too mad. They post some things just to get the fans upset. Stop taking the bait. If they post a lie then post the truth. If spout off about fake quotes and such, counter with the truth. It wins out. Brad/Angie seem just fine. Happy together. 7 years with 6 children. Something the naysayers claimed would not happen. There have been how many celebrity break ups and divorces in the last 7 years. And the rags missed 98% of them because they were focused on making up silly stories and fake breakups. Non of which have happened. so let the “haters” (lack of a better word) continue to spew their hate and ugliness. As long as Brad/Angie and family are together.. that is the answer to all the lies.

      As they have both said. they stick together. That makes them the winner.

      so relax and don’t get so worked up. I don’t like the double standard either. Look at the celebrities that get a free pass on whatever they do. Yeah but Brad/Angie are talked about as if they kill babies and puppies.

      But they are together and happy; that to me is enough of a a FU to the naysayers. Let’s hope the next year yields the same results. A happy couple with happy children.

      • LR says:

        Neither Jolie nor Aniston haters can refrain from stirring up crap on posts about either woman, or indeed, on posts that have nothing to do with either of them.

        Neither side has the moral high ground when it comes to being instigators, quite frankly.

    • lisa says:


      I actually agree. Thing is on those other threads someone will make that backdoor comment that is all about them and sorry but people are not stupid. Many of those persons do it because they will be called out on the original thread. This is a backdoor way of getting in the snark. but no there is no moral high ground.

      Just strong opinions on both sides of the debate. I just don’t think anyone should get too emotional and crazy. I am a fan of one and not the other. That is the way it is. But I don’t HATE anyone. That would be personal. So for me that is the line I don’t cross.

  22. SallyJay says:

    Kaiser, CB, and Bedhead – THANK YOU for a great year of gossip! This site is my go-to & the only celebrity gossip site I remain loyal to. Thanks for all your hard work, humour, great writing, insights, and snark 😉
    To all the regular commenters…happy new year! Health & happiness for 2012!

  23. Loralei says:

    Happy new year everyone! looking forward to a new year of interesting and sometimes really funny conversations. Love this gossip site.

  24. the original bellaluna says:

    Happy 2012 to ALL! And when we all blow up/melt/drown due to a tsunami/get blown to smithereens by an asteroid, I will be here, wishing you all love and peace.

    • KatScorp says:

      Don’t worry honey; I’ve been a devoted conspiracy theorist and alternative news nut since the late 1990s and I promise you – 2012 is just the Mayan’s calender version of December.

      Nothing to fear but fear itself… and the usual human greed/stupidity/evil. I’m just sad that we won’t be getting an X-Files 2012 ‘The Invasion’ movie *cries*

      • Original Tiffany says:

        I keep wondering if the Mayan were messing with us. Like, hey, we put enough years on here, let’s quit now and scare those MFer’s Hahaha! Or, the dude whose job it was to carve died and they just shrugged and said, yeah, he did enough.

        Sometimes my mind works in the strangest ways:) Like many of yours, and this is my one and only site. I’ll stop by Dlisted, but never comment. I’m a faithful sort of girl.

  25. whatevs says:

    yuck gwyneth’s body is so disgusting. i didn’t need to see that again. srsly no boobs-anorexic frame, stupid pose, and panties rly? is there anyone who ever finds her attractive. i am being completely honest when i say that i literally feel sick when i gaze at her body here or in great expectations -vomits all over- you know she’s never had any taste in clothing but for the love of my eyesight pls remain dressed poopie i mean goopie

    edit: scrolled back up and witnessed maniston’s disgusting body (particularly legs but her stomach looked oily and gross in hb too) and leann’s shapeless weird manly body so i guess the celebs are taking the whole exercise and controlled portions thing so far. god knows what else they do because people irl look good and healthy whilst occupied with heavy exercise and activity

    • Cherry Rose says:

      Gwenyth doesn’t have a horrible body. I’m not her biggest fan, but she is not anorexic looking in the least. And to say that because she has a slender body type and no boobs makes you sick, well, sorry to say but there are plenty of girls out there with that shape naturally. Do they make you want to vomit as well? Seriously.

      I’m sick of people snarking on women’s bodies because they don’t fall into their standard. And people wonder why so many women become obsessive over their bodies, getting extreme plastic surgeries or developing an eating disorder.

      Yes, I get that these celebrities like Goop put themselves out there, but to say a certain body type makes you want to vomit is just horrible. Hopefully none of your friends has Goop’s body type, lest they make you vomit everywhere.

      • blouson says:

        I’m with you. Her body is FINE. I personally would love to be tall for a week and see what its like being petite myself. Her body looks toned and healthy NOT anorexic. Is it the most beautiful body in the world.? Dunno. Don’t care. But seriously, stop beating up on body types. The comments about Angies skinny arms and veins (I have arms JUST like that and I don’t take drugs and eat heaps…as did my grandma) and Leanne Rimes broad shoulders and lack of a waist and Kate Middletons lack of hips…they didn’t CHOOSE this. Its just what they ARE. Bitch about their hairstyle?, fine, clothes?, fine, annoying personalities?, FINE. But their bodies? They all look better than 70% of the people at Walmart.

      • whatevs says:

        it’s not her weight actually. it’s the way that her fraud “trainer” tracy something makes the bodies of her clients look. leann, her and madonna before she came to her senses and dumped that fraud. she makes them too dry and their skin looks weird. but with goop her skin still looks somewhat oily too because i guess she’s using sglossy cosmetics that don’t flatter her at all… she went on some talk show couple of years ago, and she had smeared some really gross oily stuff on her legs. they were too glossy it looked gross. tracy anderson and that stuff is not a good combination. if she were any wiser she’d invest in a better and real trainer. bitch is eating disordered let’s face it. she eats way too little then talks about how she spends hundreds of dollars on some herb that would make her goop. oh and i can write anything i want about anybody darling as far as i know i have not broken any of the site’s rules either. stop taking everything so god damn seriously i’m just a random person on the web writing about an overrated celeb who’ll never read this, and needs to get over herself if she does. go to any blog site and you’ll find waay way worse comments than mine and way less inhumane and indecent i guarantee you that

      • Franny says:

        @whatevs: just because you aren’t breaking site rules doesn’t mean what you are saying is alright. The reason many of us read this site over other ones is because the sense of community amongst the readers. You’ll notice real quickly that we don’t let others get out of hand because I feel most of us are educated or real enough not to sit on the Internet and say ridiculous shit to other random posters.

    • JD says:

      I like that picture of Goop, she looks pretty.

      And Woody Allens’ wife is just plain Oooogly!!

    • whatevs says:

      Who is this “we” you’re talking about? you and your little e-posse here? That’s all nice and good for you, but I have not been getting out of hand and I haven’t written anything ridiculous to other users. Your extreme reaction to my post however kinda has been ridiculous. You mind your own business and I’ll mind mine. You have no right to jump my case and attempt to censor me for using my right to express my opinion.

      • Cherry Rose says:

        You have expressed your opinion on the matter, I merely gave you my opinion on your post, which last time I checked, was allowed on this site. If you can’t handle criticism on your comments, then I would suggest not posting here.

      • whatevs says:

        @Cherry Rose that one wasn’t meant for you, but for Franny. Read her reply to me and you’ll understand where I was coming from. Sometimes users write you a reply but disable being replied to, so if you forget to @ their username like I did, it can cause a bit of a confusion. Wish they wouldn’t disable that if they are replying to me. Anyway this thread got way too long. It’s not that serious! Lighten up ppl it’s a new year 🙂

  26. LucyOriginal says:


    Thanks CB, Bedhead, Kaiser and all posters for the fun!

    ps: I cannot help but check this site even now that I am overseas on vaca, 🙂

  27. Poison Ivy says:

    Oh boy, this post should have come with a WARNING – I wasn’t prepared for naked goop!

    *creeps into a corner and swings back and forth

  28. Agnes says:

    I somehow missed the Woody Allen story… A former coworker of mine took an acting class with Soon Ye (sp?) before the thing with her and Allen broke, like 2001-2002. My coworker, not a person prone to exaggeration, said that Soon Ye appears to be somewhat mentally disabled. That made the Allen thing even creepier and more sad and awful for me.

  29. Redd says:

    Happy New Year CB writers! Thanks for a goopy, gossipy, bitchy year! Now for 2012 more HGF please, please?

  30. skuddles says:

    Thanks for a great year of gossip – best site around! Tons of interesting stories and fantastic writing – you guys are funny as hell. Plus lots of super smart, insightful, witty posters. Very fun place to hang out. Happy new year all! 😀

  31. Daisy424 says:

    Thank you to CB for hosting this site and to all of the talented writers who keep us informed and make us laugh.

    .·:*¨¨*:·.HAPPY.·:*¨♥¨*:·.NEW YEAR.·:*¨¨*:·.

  32. The Original Mia says:

    Happy New Year to Celebitchy, Kaiser, Bedhead, and all the posters! You guys are a lot of fun. Can’t wait to snark with you in 2012.

  33. nooooooo... says:

    I can’t believe there’s not a “From the Desk of Clive Owen” story on this list, given the number of times I clicked on them. Er, I mean the number of times *everyone* clicked, of course…cough cough….

    Happy New Year CB, and please keep up the Clive coverage! =)

  34. Shay Kay says:

    Love this site!Hope all of you have a bright, beautiful, and peaceful new year!

  35. sandy#1 says:

    thanks for leading off with my man brad pitt, what a guy,.. happy new year to cb,kaiser..hehe, bedhead, thanks for all the write ups, also the posters, enjoyed a lot of the commenters.

  36. Dana M says:

    I look forward to another year of juicy gossip on this fabulous site! Happy New Year everyone! *clink clink*

  37. Julie says:

    The kitty cat clan (Kim K) and Lohan not on the list. There is a God!

  38. marge says:

    here’s for a year full of fun bitchy gossip! You girls do a great job

  39. blouson says:

    Brad is the most unattractive pretentious man EVER. Shudder. That hair. Those glasses. I can just see him “thinking in shapes” as we speak.

  40. judyjudy says:

    Thanks for the 2911 scoop. Can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring…..Aniston wedding? Cibrian divorce? Lohan baby?

  41. lisa says:

    Brad Pitt is one of the most attractive men ever. Down to earth. Caring and compassionate. Loves his woman and his family. I love his hair, his style and that swagger.

    He had two amazing performances this year and was a joy to see on the screen.

    Brad is forever.. Always.. ICONIC. THERE IS NOT ANOTHER.


  42. sandy#1 says:

    it’s the new year, so i will just say, brad is a genuine, sweet guy, who is very caring, he has never had a bad word said about him until this triangular thingy, his action alone is commendable, louisiana? helping all those countries, being supportive of his mate Angie to do her humanitarian work because he agrees with what she is doing, Angie said herself, brad help change her life, family wise, etc, they make a powerful couple because they are on the same page, they are a good looking pair, but they do not focus on that, it’s shallow, have we not learn anything this year? feel free to correct me anyone, some times my facts are a little off in the gossip world. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY ONE.

  43. Sakyiwaa says:

    Happy New Year all! Awesome site, CB. My fave! 😀

    love Brangie! Love Brad’s lead. Man, was he quartered on that! But he smiles… He’s a real Movie star, great Dad who knows what’s important in his life!
    Love Angie! What a woman! Love the kids! Fave’s Knox! And Shi and Zee!

    Justin Bieber, k-klan and lilo are irksome!

    Kaiser, u r the best! Cheers to the gossip site with the most intelligent commenters i’ve ever come across! Happy 2012!

  44. deltona lakes says:

    Happy New year to Celebitchy, Kaiser, Bedhead and all posters whether we agree or disagree. Love this Site!!!