‘Gossip With Celebitchy’ podcast #95: at least the Diana statue isn’t terrible

Princes Harry and William unveil the statue of their mother, the late Princess of Wales
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:00
We missed the episode that was supposed to come out on June 20th because I left my webcam plugged in and the audio didn’t record right. We’ll have episodes for the next two weeks and will be off on July 25th. Our podcast will come out on Saturdays for this episode and episode #96 and then we’ll release on Sundays as usual. You can listen below!

Chandra is watching Wimbledon. Players are falling and getting injured because the conditions on the court are so wet and slippery. Here are links to some videos of players slipping on the court. The organizers are just shrugging as players get injured as there’s not much that can be done.

Royals: Minutes 6:00 to 17:00
We finally got the fakakta statue unveiling. The stories in the lead-up to that showed a huge difference in William and Kate’s PR, as we’ve been seeing for months. The narrative around Kate is that she’s keeping the family together and soothing her angry husband. William’s PR centers around him being the future king and being angry. I read an intro which Chandra wrote to this story, which sums up Harry, William and Kate’s PR strategies. Harry’s PR has been masterful.

We heard over the weekend that Kate wouldn’t be at the statue unveiling and that the royal rota wouldn’t be there either. They tried to blame Harry for Kate not coming, but it was clearly William’s call. There was a crazy story about how Carole Middleton is William’s “second mum”. It was really obnoxious and obvious in the lead-up to the unveiling of the Diana statue. I mention the story about the Cambridges looking for property and schools near her family. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen, Zakia, Sara and Ameerah talk about the lead up to the statue unveiling. Chandra and I think the statue is ok but it’s not great. Prince Harry looked relaxed and confident at the unveiling, and William looked decent, for him. He didn’t look angry for once, maybe because Kate wasn’t there.

Britney Spears: Minutes 17:00 to 24:00
We finally heard directly from Britney Spears after 13 years. She testified in her conservatorship case and her situation is much worse than a lot of us imagined. The worst part is that she said she has an IUD that she’d like to have removed so she can have more children, but her conservators won’t let her. Britney also described being put on lithium and being institutionalized for four months as punishment for leaving her Las Vegas residency. The official story from Britney’s father was that her medication needed to be adjusted. Britney also stated that she had only just learned that she could petition to have her conservatorship lifted, which raises questions about the competency of her court appointed lawyer. A request to have Jamie Spears removed as co-conservator was just denied. Many people have compared Britney’s situation with Kanye’s situation. The differences between how they were treated is striking. Britney hasn’t had autonomy in so long despite not having any issues in years.

Comments of The Week: Minutes 24:00 to end
My comment of the week is from Girl Ninja on the about Kristen Bell saying that she and her husband, Dax Shepard, do therapy separately now.

Chandra’s comment of the week is from Zapp Brannigan on the story that claims Prince Philip would have wanted Countess Sophie to seek the spotlight.

Thanks for listening bitches!

Back of Princess Diana statue

Collage of Harry and William at the statue unveiling

Collage of Kate and William

William and Harry walking

photos credit: Avalon.red

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  1. Nikki* says:

    I agree it’s not terrible. It was great she’s with a boy and girl. But for a woman who so connected with so many people, and whose winsome, warm smile was such a unique part of her, I feel there’s a coldness to the statue’s expression.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yeah, not terrible, but not great. They gave her a linebacker’s shoulders, & while I understand the concept behind depicting her with children, there’s something about the execution that I find a bit creepy. Is it their proportions in relation to hers? Their lack of shoes? The fact that there’s three, when she was usually surrounded by dozens of kids? The similarity to the Christmas photo with Harry & William, but the kids aren’t Harry & William? As others have said, at least it’s not the Lucy statue.

  2. DiegoInSF says:

    That guy in the Uk flag taking pics of the statue looks like the one that passed away, I had to do a double take

  3. Terri J Neff says:

    The kids in the statue look like short adults. Not children. This makes Diana look like a giant vs looking like Diana.

    • BeanieBean says:

      That’s it, that’s what’s wrong. It’s like the early days of art, where people didn’t know how to draw/paint/sculpt children, they simply shrunk them in size when in fact their proportions are different from adults.

  4. SharkFins says:

    What I love is that it’s a statue implying function, rather than a male gaze or audience gaze. That seems very important for our respect of Diana especially.

  5. Hollah says:

    Oh how sweet would it have been if the statue was unveiled and had Diana sitting on a bench.

  6. J.Mo says:

    It just doesn’t look like her figure to me. Someone commented above on linebacker shoulders but she did have broad shoulders, they were balanced by long legs. The proportions are off. I’m sorry the statue’s execution is a distraction.

  7. Anna says:

    Actually, the statue is terrible.

  8. skj says:

    That maudlin statue? It’s over-wrought realism that appeals to the lowest common denominator. So they chose a white middle-aged man to do it, not a great British female contemporary artist of pathos like Tracy Emin. Honestly, the plants are more interesting.