‘Gossip with Celebitchy’ podcast #104: We would buy Duchess Meghan’s beauty line

Collage of Duchess Meghan looking gorgeous as usual
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 5
We’ll have another episode out on October 16th and will be off the 23rd. Thank you to all our new and old subscribers! I had a semi-viral tweet about Harry and Meghan’s NYC tour and I posted the podcast there, which helped boost our listeners. I watched Squid Game and loved it. Chandra has been watching Billions, which just ended season five. You can listen below!

Royals: Minutes 5:00 to 20:30
It felt kind of flat in royals news this week since Harry and Meghan’s tour, but we got a lot of stories nitpicking them as usual. The Daily Mail speculated that Meghan must be doing a beauty line since Harry and Meghan took a private plane to New York owned by the infomercial company Guthy-Renker. Chandra assumed that they just rented the plane but it turns out that Harry and Meghan know the head of the company, Bill Guthy, and that they possibly did the Oprah interview on his estate. If Meghan started a beauty line we would definitely buy her stuff. There’s also speculation that they could move to New York. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen, Courtney and Lisa talk about this, including Dan Wootton’s column claiming Harry needs to resign from Netflix due to the Diana musical.

The Cambridges likely asked The Sun to delete the photo of them out at lunch that came out on the Sunday after the Sussexes NY Tour. The Sun seemed to have their permission to post it along with a sugary writeup but the photos were deleted with no fanfare a couple of days later. The story remained available at The Sun. Chandra thinks the Cambridges hated being called out for it and that’s why they wanted the photos taken down. There have been weird embiggening pieces about the Cambridges claiming that they’re down to earth and that they still hang out with their school friends.

Battle of Brothers author, Robert Lacey, claimed that William had “broken the cycle” of marital problems in the royal family by sticking with Kate essentially. This reminds me of Dan Wootton’s quote that Kate and William would stay together as long “as they’re both alive.” Lacey made it sound like the Cambridges are just staying together for the kids.

Kate went to University College London’s Centre for Longitudinal Studies, which has done research on child development for decades. Kate has the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood which she announced in mid June, but we didn’t hear much about it afterwards. After her visit to University College London, there was a piece in People Magazine that made it sound like Kate was responsible for the research from the university. Everything is centered around Kate instead of the research and children.

Katie Couric: Minutes 20:30 to 27:15
We’ve heard excerpts from Katie Couric’s upcoming memoir, Going There, and she sounds like a terrible person. In the first excerpt we heard that Katie refused to mentor other women because she saw them as competition. She also said that Ashleigh Banfield was the next big thing and that she didn’t mentor her on purpose. Ashleigh, who works at News Nation now, responded to that and said she was hurt by it. She later realized that Katie likely sabotaged her career. In other excerpts Katie is sympathetic to Matt Lauer. She also made her nanny out to be awful and claimed the nanny was trying to ruin her marriage to Jay Monahan, who passed away in 1998. In response the nanny talked to The Daily Mail and detailed what a piece of work Katie was.

Here’s a link to the comment I mentioned where a reader witnessed Katie being rude at a play.

Comments: Minutes 27:15 to end
Chandra’s comment of the week is by Amy Bee on the post about how Kate was “supporting research.”

My comment of the week is from Bookie on the post where Meghan Trainor said she had toilets installed side by side so she could pee next to her husband.

Thanks for listening bitches!




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  1. CC2 says:

    Love Meghan, but I wouldn’t buy a skincare line. I tend to go for derma skincare and Meghan is not really an expert (thinks you need to switch up products in case you get used to it) even though she enjoys skincare and the luxury of it, which is fine in itself. A skincare line by any public figure just makes me want to roll my eyes to the highest of heavens.

    If she has a makeup collection…even with an existing line..such as lipsticks or stuff like that. Would totally buy it. No questions asked.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I’d buy whatever she uses, but I have no interest in celebrity skincare lines. The British tabs are just fiction writers anyway, cranking it out every day, re-using what’s worked for them in the past.
      Oh, and I missed that comment about Couric & her daughters at the theater. Yikes!

  2. Theothermia says:

    BM fanfic, but I’d buy her stuff 😄 especially bc she’d probably work with a bunch of extremely competent women.

    Rihanna’s beauty line changed my life *shrug*

  3. Lizzie says:

    To miss-quote When Harry met Sally ‘I’ll wear whatever she’s wearing’. So yes I would eagerly buy make up or skin care.

  4. BothSidesNow says:

    I haven’t listened to this Podcast yet, but I read quite a few articles that people would wear a beauty line that Meghan would develop given the beauty of her skin.

    But Podcasts that we should also listen to is the announcement of “Because of Anita” that is being released today. It’s a discussion between Blasey Ford and Hill, to what they both endured emotionally, publicly and personally. It’s such a wonderful opportunity for us to look back to that moment 30 years ago, with Anita Hill to stand up with only a few days of preparation for her to up and speak out against Thomas. Then we have Blasey Ford, that was a minor that was physically assaulted by Kavanugh in high school. The difference that each women experienced between with and without social media and the change within society. It sounds like a Podcast that is worth listening to.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      It’s fabulous to listen to you guys laugh at the ludicrous statements demand by DW that Harry & Meghan resign as well DB or DF supporting the demands be met.