‘Gossip with Celebitchy’ podcast #174: Meghan and Harry’s wildly successful tour

Introduction: Minutes 0 to 4:45
We will be off next week due to Memorial Day. I finished watching From on MGM+ and also watched Blown Away on Netflix. Chandra remembers the show Flea Market Flip with Ali Wentworth on HGTV. The documentary she remembers is called Craft in America and was on PBS. You can listen below!

Royals: Minutes 4:45 to 25:30
Last week, as we were recording, the news had just come out that the Sussexes were going to be in Nigeria the next day. There were so many stories, pictures and videos of their visit, but it was mostly limited to Getty and social media. Their visit was announced late, and we think that was to keep British journalists from traveling to Nigeria to cover their tour. It was hard to source stories and photos, but we loved that they weren’t being held up by protocol. They gave a lot of personal time to the causes and people they visited.

Meghan was declared a princess of Nigeria by four kings. That was such a moving gesture and you could tell Meghan was touched. Nigeria pulled out all the stops for the Sussexes. People love the Sussexes because they are so genuine. During their tour they were getting invitations from other countries to visit. I play a segment of Meghan’s speech at the Women in Leadership panel in Nigeria.

There was a lot of racism and toxicity in the British press around that visit. Nigerian Twitter united to call it out. It seemed like Buckingham Palace gave the press the go ahead to attack the Sussexes. We’ve also heard that Charles is trying to block Harry and Meghan from visiting more commonwealth countries, similar to how Charles tried to block the Bidens from being hospitable toward them.

We mentioned in our last episode that Charles had scheduled a handover event to give William the title of colonel in chief of the Army Air Corps, which was Prince Harry’s regiment when he served two tours in Afghanistan. That little event happened, William cosplayed as Harry, dressed like him and took a ride in an Apache helicopter. The optics were terrible, because William wants to be Harry and falls short in every way.

The Sussexes are covering this week’s People and it’s such a contrast to last week’s weird cover story that centered how William was coping with his wife’s illness. There are direct quotes from Harry and Meghan saying how well they’re doing and that they’re going to plan more visits. I play a clip from Zoom with Karen, Zakia and Ameerah, where we talked about the Nigerian tour.

Like Karen mentioned on Zoom, the Sussexes got a lot of gifts. Of course there are calls for them to give them back. The British press is trying to make it sound like they got extravagant gifts. Chandra remembers when Camilla was gifted diamonds by the Saudis.

Archewell was briefly “delinquent” with their registration in the state of California, but that was a simple mixup by the Attorney General’s office which lost a check. The check was sent by certified mail and was delivered. Governor Newsom spoke out on their behalf.

This week we also saw more of William’s alleged one time mistress, Rose Hanbury. She was at the Badminton Horse Trials where she was photographed with Camilla. (Here’s a link to the video where they were called the sidechick Avengers.) Rose and her husband, David Rocksavage, were also at an OBE service where their son was the page for Charles and Camilla. Here’s a link to a tweet comparing Camilla to the Queen at that same event.

Comments of the Week: Minutes 25:30 to end
Chandra’s comment of the week is from Sunday on the post about Rose Hanbury’s reemergence.

My comments of the week are from Harla A Brazen Hussy and StellainNH on the post about King Charles’ new portrait by Jonathan Yeo.

I photoshopped a tampon to his hand on the portrait I put on Twitter and no one noticed. Here’s a link to a Domino’s pizza tweet about Charles. Here’s a link to Jonathan Yeoh’s NSFW portrait of George W. Bush.

Thanks for listening bitches!

Photos credit: Avalon.red, Cover Images and via Instagram and Twitter

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