‘Gossip With Celebitchy’ podcast #48: Should you wear a bra at home?

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Introduction and our boobs: Minutes 0 to 4:30
Chandra delivered groceries to her mom but had to drop them off at the front door. She’s not sure her mom grasps how much everything has changed as she’s been in an assisted living facility. One of our big stories was about Padma Lakshmi getting criticized for not wearing a bra in her at-home cooking videos. We talked in episode 16 about our boobs, which is when Chandra schooled me on small breast privilege. She says women like me get cuter bras and can wear more clothing styles. We think Padma has great boobs and want ours to be like hers. I’m surprised that Chandra has to wear both a regular bra with a sports bra over it when she exercises. You can listen below!

Royals: Minutes 4:30 to 14:15
This week felt like a regular gossip week for the first time in a while and that gives us hope. This week Prince William Zoom called two women who run charities which have benefited from grants from his patronage, the National Emergencies Trust. He was prepared and seemed at ease. He did make one slight gaffe but we think it was taken out of context.

There’s news that wealthy donors are donating to Will and Kate’s Royal Foundation and that they’re parceling out the money to other causes. We question why they’re accepting those donations instead of instructing people to donate to the charities directly.

Meghan and Harry donated £90,000 in proceeds from the broadcast of their wedding to Feeding Britain.

Prince Harry did a Zoom chat with parents of children with special needs as part of his patronage with Well Child. He knew so much about the families of the people he talked to. Chandra points out that he’s been working with that charity for a long time.

Meghan and Harry volunteered with food distribution service Project Angel Food in Los Angeles. There were some cute quotes from a man they visited who thought Harry looked familiar.

Princess Anne is covering Vanity Fair, and Chandra wishes they had used a current photo of her instead of a classic one. Anne is so no-nonsense she doesn’t eat or drink when she’s working. Anne talked some smack about the younger royals without naming names, telling them to stick to basics. Some people think she was referring to Meghan and Harry, but Chandra thinks she was talking about Will and Kate, because they spent years talking about how they didn’t want to do the basic royal work.

Michael Bublé: Minutes 14:15 to 18:00
In an Instagram Live video, Michael Bublé elbowed his wife, Argentinian actress Luisana Lopilato, after she talked over him. He then jerked her arm to pull her close to him, putting his arm around her neck. Many people thought it looked controlling, if not abusive. Luisana issued a statement defending Michael but he didn’t respond at all. His rep claimed that people were “cyberbullying” Michael. In other clips he says he’s going to divorce her and has clear disdain for her. He seems like an angry man and not like he’s joking at all. We’re not sure if he’s abusive, but he’s obviously controlling. Emily Blunt, who dated Michael from 2005 to 2008, refused to tell Howard Stern whether or not Michael had cheated on her, saying “I never want to talk about it. I can’t do it.

Reese Witherspoon and Draper James: Minutes 18:00 to 22:30
Reese Witherspoon promised to give teachers a free dress in a giveaway announced April 2nd with an application period until April 5th. It was worded “offer valid while supplies last,” but never specified that they only had 250 dresses available. The offer went viral quickly and they got over a million applications. Now all those women are on the Draper James mailing list, which only sent out a 30% coupon. I wonder how Reese rehabbed her image after her 2013 DUI, and Chandra explains that she did it by leaning into a stereotype of a southern woman.

User Feedback: Minutes 22:30 to 24:45
Our user feedback is about our episode last week on Ancient Aliens. Our friend Becky on Twitter tried to watch the Pleiades episode but we’re not sure how it went. JC, a high school astronomy teacher, issued some corrections to the things we said last week about the Pleiades. Chandra thinks I shouldn’t have tried to fact check any of those claims.

Comments of the Week: Minutes 24:45 to 29
My comment of the week is from CCSays on the post about Bruce Willis quarantining with Demi Moore instead of his wife, Emma Heming. (Note that I said that a story came out in Entertainment Weekly after recording that confirmed what commenters said about Bruce and Demi’s situation. The story was in Entertainment Tonight and is here.) Chandra’s comment of the week is from emmy on the post about Kate Beckinsale dating a 22 year-old emo musician.

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Michael Buble is honoured with Star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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13 Responses to “‘Gossip With Celebitchy’ podcast #48: Should you wear a bra at home?”

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  1. Wilma says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those people who takes their bra off as soon as they get home. I wear a bra almost 24/7, it just hurts without. I do make sure to have well fitting bras though.

  2. Jojo says:

    Same here. I had breast reduction surgery two years ago. I’m trying to wear a sports bra every day. I also sleep with a very comfortable stretchy one. I think it’s your body your choice.
    I do recommend wearing one and doubling down when you work out. Gravity will stretch out your skin. I happen to have skin that is very loose and my boobs will “drop” if I’m not careful.
    But I can’t remember the last time I wore a regular bra being in quarantine. They are terrible on my back and neck.
    My advice (and what my surgeon told me) is to be careful when you work out because it’s high impact on your skin. So wearing two, even three sports bras is a really good idea. And a tight top on top of that! You should breath comfortably without any tightness on your chest, but prevent bouncing.

  3. Jess says:

    I went off in the other thread about wearing bras! I don’t think women should feel forced to wear a bra just to hide their nipples since men can show off their hairy man boobs and nips all they want. If you want to that’s great of course, to each their own, but I have smaller breasts and hate bras so I rarely wear them. I’ve seen women and men give me weird looks of my nipples are hard, but the solution is easy, don’t fkng look where you know my tits are, easy.

    • Joanna says:

      Thanks Jess, I like your take on that. I need to just not gaf. I hate wearing a bra. But I still feel the pressure of the judgement others might inflict on me for not wearing one. My bra was bugging me while I was at work. It was after the original article on this. I took my bra off and stuck it in my purse and went without the rest of the day. Due to the virus, we are not seeing many customers in person. I still felt a hit self conscious. Now at the age of 43, i’m mulling over saying eff it and not wearing a bra. But idk if I am strong enough to weather the judgement of others. I applaud you for not gaf

  4. Hollah says:

    Thank you for releasing episodes on Sundays! Seems like almost all my pods are weekday only and by the time I get to Sunday the queue is empty.

    I also would have loved to see a 70 year old woman on the cover of Vanity Fair.

  5. BendyWindy says:

    Without even listening, no. I don’t even always wear pants. Obviously I wear pants if I’m doing a live video, but I’m at home. Bra optional. GTFO.

  6. Adrianna says:

    I haven’t worn a bra in five weeks. And I’m lop-sided due to having one removed due to cancer. It’s gotten so bad that when we went out to visit a relative yesterday, I didn’t bother to put one on, just threw on a cardigan and called it a day. They were small which helps. The moral of the story is…I don’t care.

  7. Margetta says:

    Yeah, no one gets to tell me what I should or should not do in my own house. ::shrug::

    The audacity of anyone telling a woman she should wear a bra in her own home. So silly and also wrong.

  8. February Pisces says:

    Well I’m very big boobed so I always need some sort of support, plus I live with other people and don’t really feel comfortable having my nips to the wind around others. But I do find bras uncomfortable around the house, so I compromise and wear a soft bra instead, no wire, light soft stretchy fabric, it’s a great in between.

  9. Molly Fulton says:

    Small breast privilege – yeah. Going without is not an option for me.

  10. JByrdKU says:

    The question is not ‘whether you should wear a bra at home’, it’s ‘should you wear a bra when you’re sharing a video online, period.’

    That’s a personal choice, but I was raised to believe that you should wear one whenever you’re engaging with people outside of your home (and certain people inside of your home).

    Do I care if she wears one? No. I truly don’t, I just don’t think anyone should be surprised when they’re tsked for not wearing one. Particularly when there’s even a hint of natural jiggle. Just my opinion.

  11. enike says:

    I dont think the question is if you should wear a bra at home. The question is, should you wear a bra if you record yourself and post it to the world to see? Then it doesnt matter if you are at home or on the street or somewhere public
    So, its up to everyone if they are comfortable to show off without a bra in a public, I guess.
    Not related at all to the question if you should were a bra at home, imho :)

    Edit: on the other hand, on the streets you cant avoid people flaunting, its not a choice. Clicking on a video is a choice, so avoidable.

  12. Margles says:

    Nothing would induce me to go bra-less. I wear one all the time unless I’m actively bathing. It’s just way too uncomfortable/painful not to wear one.