‘Gossip with Celebitchy’ podcast #56: Kristen Stewart will be a sulky Princess Diana

Introduction: Minutes 0 to 5:15
I got a haircut from a new guy, we both wore masks, and he did a great job. We have a mutual enemy whom he told me a lot of dirt about so I’ll definitely go back to him. I got a little hummingbird feeder and the hummingbirds are coming to it but I don’t want to feed the regular birds because they sh-t all over everything. Chandra feels the same way about birds. Her neighbors have feeders and the birds are always crapping on her car. It’s been raining all week and Chandra’s cat Dexter is spending more time indoors, but also wakes her up at 3am! You can listen below!

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Royals: Minutes 5:15 to 25
Jessica Mulroney threatened influencer Sasha Exeter after Sasha made a general callout asking people to support Black Lives Matter. Jessica took it way too personally and told Sasha she had contacted her sponsors. Sasha posted Jessica’s unhinged DMs and as a result Jessica got fired from her reality show on CTV, I Do Redo, she’s no longer an expert on other shows like Good Morning America and a bunch of sponsors dropped her. This wouldn’t be such a big story if Jessica wasn’t a close friend of Duchess Meghan. Jessica’s kids were in Meghan’s wedding and she is known as Meghan’s stylist. We don’t think Jessica worked with Meghan much after Meghan moved to London. Chandra thinks that the huge power dynamic shift from when Meghan first met Jessica to when Meghan married Harry must have changed their friendship. Chandra doesn’t think Meghan will help Jessica through this at all. We’ve all had troublesome friends and don’t think it’s fair to blame Meghan for Jessica’s behavior. I play a segment from our Zoom meeting where we talk about female friendships.

Minute 13:15 Lainey at Lainey Gossip wrote an article about her hesitation to speak out about Jessica Mulroney. Lainey works on CTV’s eTalk with Jessica’s husband, Ben Mulroney. She revealed that the Mulroneys have been threatening people who aren’t taking Jessica’s side in this. Considering the way Jessica treated Sasha, this seems typical of someone who would do that.

Minute 14:35: The Queen had the Trooping the Color parade despite the pandemic and the fact that protests and counter-protests were raging throughout London. The Queen has only given one speech about the pandemic and hasn’t said one thing about Black Lives Matter. The Queen didn’t wear a mask during the parade and none of the British royals have been wearing them. They need to set an example.

Minute 16:45: Prince Andrew is asking the Department of Justice to apologize to him. It seems like he’s only offered a written witness statement and is throwing a fit at the idea that they’re asking him to sit for an interview. Chandra thinks the DOJ must have evidence against Andrew in the Epstein case. There’s a huge difference between the way the British press treats Andrew, who is complicit in crimes, to the way they treat Duchess Meghan for just existing. I play a segment from the Zoom meeting where we talk about the fact that Prince Andrew still lives in a mansion and gets his security fully paid while Harry and Meghan are being made to rent Frogmore for £18,000 a month.

Minute 20:45: Kristen Stewart has been cast as Princess Diana in a biopic by Pablo Larrain, who directed Natalie Portman in Jackie. Chandra doesn’t think Kristen will be awful in the role and that it could be watchable. I thought Jackie was a superficial portrait of Jacqueline Kennedy that didn’t do her justice. I worry that they’re going to make Diana look vapid too. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about Kristen Stewart playing Diana. The consensus is that Kristen will play a sulky version of Diana.

Officer McMuffin: Minutes 25:00 to 29:30
We saw Deputy Karen McMuffin, whose real name is Stacey, crying over the fact that her McMuffin was late. In follow up interviews she doubled down and didn’t apologize, saying she was sick of people being mean. Cops in New York claimed Shake Shack tried to poison them because their milkshakes tasted funny, but it wasn’t deliberate and was just the cleaning solution used on the machine. Here’s a link to the tweet Chandra mentions about people dunking on the cops.

User Feedback: Minutes 29:30 to 30:15
Thank you to duchess of hazard, LaUnicaAngelina and JeJoKo for your kind comments!

Comments of the Week: Minutes 30:15 to 34
My comment of the week is from Darla on the post about people buying 30% more processed food.

Chandra’s comment of the week are from Samc and Miranda on the post about cops getting “poisoned” with milkshakes. They mentioned the Austin police department posting Thank You letters to themselves which were all written with the same handwriting.

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The Queen attends a ceremony to mark her Official Birthday

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Jessica Mulroney arrives at Strahan, Sara & Keke

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  1. Gil says:

    Wouldn’t be Emma Watson a better option to play Diana Spencer? I just don’t see Kristen Stewart as a good option for the part.

    • Snazzy says:

      I honestly don’t either. But she’s one of those actresses that I always hate, so maybe I’m just biased.

    • line says:

      If I should have made a list of potential actresses who could interpret Diana are:

      – Elizabeth Debicki
      – Kirsten Dunst
      – Romola Garai
      – Carey Mulligan
      – Jodie Comer
      – Phoebe Waller-Bridge
      – Claire Foy
      – Mia Wasikowska
      – Lucy Boynton
      – Annabelle Wallis
      – Eleanor Tomlinson

      For a young Diana in the 80s
      – Florence Pugh
      – Saoirse Ronan
      – Sophie Turner

      For a Diana at the end of her life in the 90s:

      – Lena Headey

  2. Darla says:

    I saw my name and couldn’t imagine what comment, since I tend to run on. 🙂

  3. Seraphina says:

    I read that headline and thankfully didn’t have coffee in my mouth.


    I was actually listening to “Pavane For A Dead Princess” when I heard the blasphemous news about Kristin Stewart playing Diana. Terrible representation

  5. BeanieBean says:

    I listened to your podcast yesterday & I wanted to let you know, the addition of clips from your weekly Zoom chats is a nice touch. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy listening to you two ‘shoot the sh*t’, but I like hearing from the CB commentariat as well.

  6. ClaireB says:

    I hate to be shallow, but I’m gonna be for this basic white beeyotch. I love that picture of Jessica Mulroney with her skinny, skinny body and her bloated, filler-puffed face. She’s so out of proportion!

  7. LittlePenguin says:

    I’m late to the podcast party but you guys had me smiling away to myself on my walk. Thank you so much. It has been a shitty weekend and I felt so much better while I listened. (And then reality returned. But I will take whatever few minutes I can these days)

  8. PoliteTia says:

    Who wants to sit through a movie with Kristen doing hard swallows and heavy breathing? 🤔😖😕😵

  9. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    Yay! Thanks for the shoutout! I laughed a lot during my walk while listening to this episode.

  10. Sportlady20 says:

    I really enjoy your podcast, it’s like listening in to a friends conversation. In pandemic times it’s a nice outlet to have.
    Good luck keeping your teenager fed, those boys eat a lot. My grandma said when my dad was 16 he ate 4 pork chops & she worried she’d have to get a job just to feed him.
    Also Jessica is suspect, I hope Meghan is cautious
    Appreciate you guys