‘Gossip With Celebitchy’ podcast #45: Gossip mysteries like Natalie Wood & Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux attend Jason Bateman's Walk of Fame ceremony
Intro: Minutes 0 to 3:15
I miss seeing friends but Chandra is getting out walking and talking to her neighbors from a safe distance. A county sheriff had to come euthanize a deer that was injured next to my driveway. My mom is doing better and Chandra’s mom is doing well but she’s lonely as her facility has stopped allowing visitors. You can listen below!

Prince Charles and Rand Paul have coronavirus: Minutes 3:15 to 7:15
Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus and then traveled to Scotland. He says he’s fine but he’s in a vulnerable group. Senator Rand Paul took a test and then went to the gym, an indoor swimming pool and lunch, exposing other people who then had to go into quarantine when his test came back positive. When we heard that Paul had coronavirus we learned that he had lost a lung during a 2017 incident in which his neighbor violently attacked him on his front lawn, requiring Rand to be hospitalized. Back when that happened, Rand’s neighbor insisted the fight was lawncare-related but other neighbors don’t think that was the case. We never learned what they were fighting over, which is how Chandra got the idea for this podcast.

Gossip Mysteries: Did Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have a legal marriage? Minutes 7:15 to 12:00
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux had a backyard wedding in August, 2015, with details given to the celebrity press. They often talked about their marriage and Justin referred to Jennifer as his wife. They announced their split in February, 2018. By that point they had been living on separate coasts for several months and Justin didn’t even visit Aniston on her birthday in early February. No marriage certificate or divorce filing or settlement was discovered by the celebrity press and, given Aniston’s net worth and the difficulty of dividing assets, this should have been big news. (We did not mention this but there was vague news about a prenup but that’s it.) I mention that Justin left his live-in girlfriend of 14 years, Heidi Bivens, for Aniston and that how you get them is how you lose them. Heidi’s mom gave an interview to Radar Online confirming that her daughter was blindsided by the split. Chandra wonders about the financial and business arrangement between Jennifer and Justin. Justin switched to CAA and got more exposure and roles including Girl on A Train and Leftovers. She thinks he must have gotten a settlement from Jennifer.

Gossip Mysteries: Why did Charlize Theron and Sean Penn split? Minutes 12:00 to 15:45
Charlize Theron and Sean Penn were together from roughly late 2013 up until May, 2015. They went to the Cannes film festival together in May and a few weeks after that they were over. We heard that Charlize broke up with Sean by ghosting him, which she later denied. I mention the rumors that he was abusive to Madonna, which she claimed was not the case. A year after they split they had to go back to Cannes to promote the movie Charlize made which Penn directed, The Last Face. They avoided each other and looked like they couldn’t stand each other. Charlize did an interview with The Wall St. Journal around that time saying that people tend to sensationalize things and that she didn’t know what ghosting was.

Gossip Mysteries: What happened on the plane between Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Maddox? Minutes 15:45 to 17:45
We have a good idea about what happened because Brad Pitt’s PR people kept leaking details to People Magazine about this incident. They insisted that he did not hit Maddox in the face but admitted that he “put his hands on him, because the confrontation was nose to nose.” People think Brad was getting in Angelina’s face and that Maddox got in between them and it escalated. Angelina has never confirmed any of this.

Gossip Mysteries: Did Robert Wagner kill Natalie Wood? Minutes 17:45 to 20:45
Natalie Wood’s semi-official biographer, Suzanne Finstad, wrote her first book about Natalie, Natasha, in 2002. She’s since gone over all the evidence in this case and has contacted potential witnesses, several of whom went on the record for her updated biography of Wood which came out earlier this month. Vanity Fair published a fascinating excerpt from the new book, building a case that Wagner killed Wood. She has two different witnesses, including a photographer and coroner’s intern, who went on the record with details of wounds on Wood’s body which are consistent with a violent fight and not with Wood trying to climb back onto the boat. Finstad revealed that Wagner had been abusing Wood for years. This case was reopened by LA County in 2011. Wagner is still alive at 90.

Gossip Mysteries: Why did Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow break up as friends? Minutes 20:45 to 27:00
Madonna, Tracy Anderson and Gwyneth Paltrow had a falling out in 2010 after Madonna dumped Tracy as her trainer. Gwyneth and Tracy opened gyms together and are still thick as thieves. We never found out how or why Madonna and Gwyneth fell out only that they are no longer friends and don’t talk about each other anymore. Tracy has a bad reputation and has been sued over six times after leaving clients and creditors of her gym in Indiana high and dry when she moved to work full time as a celebrity trainer.

As background, Madonna started the charity Raising Malawi to help grease the wheels so she could adopt children from Malawi, which required residency prior to adoption. Madonna founded a school program in Malawi, which taught Kabbalah practices to children. (There were ongoing questions over how closely financially tied Raising Malawi was tied to the Kabbalah Centre, which was under investigation for tax evasion in 2011.) What’s more is that millions of dollars collected at a celebrity fundraiser for Raising Malawi in early 2008 were not accounted for over a year later.

In September, 2009, we heard that Tracy was dating the head of Madonna’s charity, a man named Philippe van den Bossche, who had resigned his position to live with her. Then in October we heard that Madonna had dumped Tracy as her trainer. Right around that time Tracy was sued yet again by another creditor she had scammed, a man who claims he invested $1 million in Tracy’s business and made her custom exercise equipment.

Chandra thinks Madonna dumped Tracy because Tracy was trying to hitch her star to Gwyneth. Also, Madonna may have realized how sketchy Tracy was while Gwyneth appreciates other people who scam people out of their money. Interestingly enough, Gwyneth founded Goop in September, 2008, around the time she met Tracy. Here’s a link to the story I wrote about the Hard Candy gyms that Madonna closed after members had prepaid for services.

User Feedback: Minutes 27:00 to 28:00
Thanks to Anita for your nice text message about last week’s podcast. I also thank Shannon, Kristin, April, Brittany, Alnaaze and Clare for talking to me on Zoom. It’s crazy to talk to people who know as much if not more about celebrity gossip as me! (Since we recorded the podcast I talked to Kitty, Becky, Zakia and Angie!) Also thank you for all the nice messages on our last post, those meant so much to us.

Comments of the Week: Minutes 28:00 to 31:00
My comment of the week is from BaddieB on the post about Daniel Dae Kim. Chandra’s comment of the week is from S808 on the post about Prince William stepping into a statesman role.

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  1. Esmom says:

    This was quite a walk down gossip memory lane, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Crazy and sad to imagine Wagner presumably living his best life all these years.

  2. Sinéad says:

    In the book Madonna: An Intimate Biography
    By J. Randy Taraborrelli. He says all the stuff about SP tying Madonna to a chair is in the official police report from that night…

  3. Jessica says:

    Cannot wait to listen to this on my commute to the hospital this afternoon. THANK YOU FOR DOING YOUR PART, LADIES!

  4. manda says:

    the jennifer aniston marriage thing is so crazy!! She probably gets so sick of magazines, etc, speculating on her relationship status. I feel like she gets it more than most people

    Thank you for the podcast!

    • lucy2 says:

      I’ve never felt like it was that crazy. It was basically a commitment ceremony, and for whatever reason (protect her money, his “I’m too cool” persona) they never made it legal, which ended up working out for the best.

      • manda says:

        But they lied about being married. That is the crazy part. If they actually announced a “divorce” then that is pretty crazy too because they weren’t married

      • Caroline says:

        IDK it seems like a very baller move by Aniston not to have her hard-earned fortune at risk by legally marrying that guy … very Oprah of her! However, I do think it’s funny that there is no other site that cares as much about this “mystery” as this one lol.

      • manda says:

        Again, I only think it’s weird that they lied about it, not that they didn’t do it. They announced a marriage and it was untrue–that is weird. In this world of public records, it was easily found out. There is no “mystery,” although this is the first time I’m hearing of it.

  5. Gil says:

    Loved the podcast. Mysteries of the gossip media, I’m living for it. For me one big mystery is the Solance/jay-z/ Beyoncé episode on the elevator. I know there is a lot of speculation about it but I guess we would never know why Solance kicked Jay-z ass big time

    • Anners says:

      Yes – I really would like to know what down in that elevator. So bizarre!

      I also want to know who the father is of January Jones’ baby. Not because it’s any of my business, or that I care about her, but I thought about it when Celebitchy did that post about her people stew bath. Just curious.

  6. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    I loved the vintage gossip mysteries. Natalie Woods’ mystery always breaks my heart.

  7. Jess says:

    Yay! We finally have a sunny day here in Wisconsin and I’m planning to go for a long run this afternoon – that and your podcast will hopefully help tone down the immense anxiety I’m feeling this morning about the pandemic and our horrific orange leader. I love the idea of discussing gossip mysteries! I was also going to put in a request for some podcasts where you two go back and discuss some of the best gossip stories from the 90s and early 2000s. I wish there had been celebrity gossip podcasts when Julia Roberts was single (or married Lyle Lovett) or when Seinfeld dated an 18 year old (who went to my college) or when Goop was dating Ben and Matt Damon broke up with Minnie Driver on Oprah. Just a request from a middle aged Gen Xer if you’re running out of topics because celebs are staying home!

    • Celebitchy says:

      These are great ideas and I remember all these stories!! It takes more work to do these retrospective podcasts so we’ll probably do a normal one next week and see what’s happening as we go.

  8. Lila says:

    It was really fun hearing all the throw-backs. I had forgotten a lot of those!

    My gossip mysteries are what % of these relationships were PR vs. what % they were real: Aniston/Pitt, Tiddles, Cumberbatch/Hunter, Kimye.

    Glad to hear you two are feeling better! Last week it was worrying to hear you both were under the weather. It’s so scary how many people probably are going to get covid19 and are never going to know one way or the other because they weren’t able to get tested.

  9. matahari33 says:

    More vintage gossip, please! I used to love Vintage Scandal Mondays! And hot guy Friday!

  10. Willow says:

    Aniston and Theroux: I think they had the ceremony but deliberate left the legal stuff undone. She’s worth about 8 times he is; that’s the best way to do it to avoid messy divorce a la Brangelina. Plus they’re both super hippie at heart so it’s all just paperwork anyway. Still very good friends.

    Natalie Wood: Manslaughter or negligent homicide is my theory. I read something about the boat captain years ago and I think they had a huge fight and he deliberately left her in the water and got the guy to drive off to “teach her a lesson” or whatever phrase that staff member used. When they turned back, she was gone and Wagner started panicking. This is all just my opinion and if my memory of reading that interview of that staff member is accurate. The thing is, Wood had feared water/drowning at a hyper-phobic level all her life. Very sad and scary way to go.

    GOOP and Madonna: I read an interview where GP was saying she wanted to send Madonna pics of her own abs. This was post-friendship-breakup. I think they’re just competitive fakes and didn’t need a big reason as the friendship was probably fake in the first place. GP seems to have more genuine friendships these days because as she said once she was a “26-year-old with an Oscar and a big threat back in the day.”

  11. Truth hurts says:

    Goop and Tracy are liars and con artists.
    Madonna isn’t far off but is not as Money hungry or narcissistic.
    I see Aniston fans defends the lies and deceit this woman offered to stop the media comments about her not being married, or able to keep a man!
    She wasn’t married and it wasn’t to protect her money. A few months after Brangelina ties the knot she did her hoax, a few months after Angie filed, she uncoupled from Theroux. Lol
    Sad and stupid.
    Brad and Angelina divorce is everything a HW power couple scandal is made of. Their divorce is just as scandalous as their union. I personally think they both love the fight. Brad is spiteful and mad, Angelina gives no f##ks. Angelina is a strong woman with strong opinions which may never work with a husband. The kids aren’t caught in the middle because they know the truth. Which is Pitt was the fake perfect daddy who Angie built up as the father of the decade. His arrogance shown in the pic above and HIS actions during his departure from Aniston and his behavior during this divorce shows who he really is. Although Angie has half the fault she was made the villain. It’s no mystery why it came to blows. Sad that people blame that child though.

    • Pixie says:

      Pitt looked/looks bored, not spiteful and mad. Angelina was the one who seemed super angry, and about what we’ll never really know. (Plane incident hyped up?) Both are boring as people – his career and films are okay – and the brand / power couple thing feels so dated for HW.

  12. wildwaffles says:

    Day late here but wanted to say a sincere thank you for continuing to put out the podcast. I am so overwhelmed at times with all the coronavirus news and it seems like most of my regular podcasts have all switched over to virus reporting. I struggle to find pleasant ways to escape and relax and give my anxiety a break. Your podcast helps so much so thank you!! Glad you are both feeling better, too.

  13. BlondieR says:

    I’m behind a few podcasts, but wanted to thank you for picking my comment in #42! I just heard it as I drove home from work where I’m still dealing with public (selling Alcohol) and it lifted my spirits!
    I’ve been loving the podcast, and have been reading your site since forever!
    Thank you all for making gossip smart and interesting!!!