‘Gossip with Celebitchy’ podcast #160: Maybe Kate can’t smile right due to injectables

Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:00
I’ve been watching Encounters on Netflix! Chandra is watching a friend’s cat and it’s being naughty. You can listen below!

Royals: Minutes 6:00 to 19:45
The British press is making excuses for why Kate can’t go to Singapore for the Earthshot Awards. They’re saying that she’s a reluctant traveler, that she is focused on her kids and has to stay back because that’s the week George has some kind of qualifying test for school. Kate made sure to mention this at an event. We think this is just an excuse.

Robert Jobson reported in the Daily Express that Kate will increasingly “step out solo” and that William is “spreading his wings.” The press still writes about them like they’ve just graduated college.

Will and Kate did a couple of events together recently. They met with Apple CEO Tim Cook at Kensington Palace where they likely got free iPhones. They also went to Cardiff to do multiple events for Black History Month where they looked especially awkward. We got stories afterward about how hunky William is.

Kate visited a community center without bringing anything. You can get the top 10 stories about the Waleses showing up empty handed when you sign up for our mailing list. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about Kate’s style. Zakia mentions that Kate may have lost some sensation in her face due to injections and be exaggerating her expressions for that reason. This makes sense because celebrity women have said that they weren’t able to smile after bad Botox. Ashley says how disrespectful it is that Kate repeated an outfit within a couple of days for an event with Black people.

Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift Minutes 19:45 to 28:30
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are divorcing. We talked about that in episode 157. Joe tried to push the narrative that Sophie is partying, which was a crap PR move but more than that he didn’t need that because the children have US residency. A lot of people don’t understand international child custody rules, which is that the children stay where they are habitual residents. The latest news is that they’re going to mediation to determine custody. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about that. We think Sophie is getting bad advice after some of her recent public moves.

Taylor Swift is dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. She’s been attending his football games and Swifties and the NFL are going crazy. She went to a game with his mom in Kansas City on September 24 and on Sunday October 1 she went to a game in New Jersey with Sophie, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

Comments of the Week: Minutes 28:30 to end
Chandra’s comment of the week is from Kreama on the post about Prince William being a royal hunk.

My comments of the week are from Steph and Susan Collins on the post about good boy Commander Biden being sent away.

Thanks for listening bitches!

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