‘Gossip with Celebitchy’ podcast #164: Endgame is everything we expected and more

Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:00
We’ll have episodes out for the next two weeks and we’ll be off for two or more weeks for the holidays. Last week I named the podcast #162 when it was actually #163. I watched the documentaries The Bleeding Edge on Netflix about the medical device industry and Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God on HBO. (Pajiba has more on that. My other favorites are Heaven’s Gate Cult of Cults on HBO and The Source Family on Prime.) Chandra recommends Fair Play on Netflix and she loves the second season of The Gilded Age. You can listen below!

Royals: Minutes 6:00 to 28:15
Chandra tweeted last Saturday that she had signed an NDA to read Omid Scobie’s Endgame and that Scobie lays out how “none of the left-behind Windsors can manage their way out of a paper bag.” The Telegraph ran a story on that claiming that Omid was sending his book to “Sussex Squad influencers.”

We’re floored by how good and thorough Endgame is and by Scobie’s pithy cutting observations. It’s an excellent book, well written and entertaining. It’s a great read for both royal followers and for people with a casual interest. Endgame has so much more of Scobie’s voice than Finding Freedom and it’s so impressive.

The British media is mischaracterizing Scobie’s book and focusing on the wrong things. They called him misogynistic for mildly criticizing Kate’s worth ethic.

One of the big stories out of Endgame is that Meghan mentioned two names of royal racists who inquired about her baby’s skin color when she was corresponding with King Charles after the Oprah interview. If you read the transcript of the Oprah interview, it’s clear that there were “several conversations” about it, both when Harry first started dating Meghan and again when she was pregnant with Archie. We first heard about Meghan’s correspondence with Charles earlier this year. Chandra thinks that this was leaked by Buckingham Palace as a way to explain why Meghan didn’t go to the Coronation.

Scobie was careful and didn’t name the royal racists in Endgame, however the Dutch translation of the book named Charles. Scobie said in an interview that Fleet Street journalists were aware of the names of the two royal racists for some time. He has said it’s not true that his book had the names in it. Piers Morgan claimed that Kate was named in that inaccurate translation too.

William’s press secretary Christian Jones bargained with renowned blackmailer and abuser Don Wootton to bury the story about William’s affair with Rose Hanbury in exchange for negative stories about the Sussexes. Wootton is the one who published the details about the Sussexit in early 2020. When Harry tried to call out Jones for leaking details to Wootton the firm protected Jones over Harry. We heard about this in the Byline Times report in late October and Scobie has more details and a timeline. Jones leaked the news about the Sussexit as the statement was being written.

Harry was threatened in 2020 by The Lord Chamberlain, the most senior officer in the royal household, who said Harry would face severe consequences if he didn’t back down. Harry’s security and financial support was later withdrawn although we wonder about the timeline.

Piers Morgan also wrote in his column in The Sun that “Harry would do well to heed the warning of Dionysius the Tyrant who was left a broken man by his constant warmongering and got finally bumped off by his own fed-up family.” He’s basically threatening that Harry will be murdered! Piers is close with Camilla. Morgan also mentioned Samantha Markle in that column, and we think he’s behind her lawsuit against Meghan.

Comments of the Week: Minute 28:15 to end
Chandra’s comment of the week is from Crowhood on the post about Linda Evangelista not wanting to hear a partner breathing.

My comment of the week is from Concern Fae on Rosie’s post where Jennifer Garner was showing what’s in her backpack.

Thanks for listening bitches!

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    Where else can we listen? I can’t listen on my phone and My company blocks this website (ugh) on our computers so I have to listen elsewhere thanks

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    I loved “Soup Talk: this week! I refer to The Gilded Age as the prettiest show I watch where nothing happens. I work on my sewing/mending while I watch the show as it’s just relaxing.

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    Thanks for another awesome as always podcast and for the people who complain that there isn’t a weekly podcast are a bag of dicks. The writers and the commenters are part of my CCCC morning: coffee/cats/Celebitchy/Cannabis 😀

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