‘Gossip With Celebitchy’ podcast #75: Kate’s pie chart has two things on it

Intro: Minutes 0 to 7:45
I am feeling unsettled but Chandra is having a good week. Chandra did a picnic with her mom for Thanksgiving. I made a turkey breast and a potato casserole. Chandra’s kitten-ish cat has been grooming her and biting her hair off. She noticed a big piece of her hair missing like she had side bangs. My hair has been falling out. I said I was thinking of writing a story about how this is a post-covid complication and did that after our talk. You can listen below!

Royals: Minutes 7:45 to 21:45
I say we need a good scandal and Chandra mentions the Larsa Pippen story, which didn’t get much traction on our site. When we were taking a break, Duchess Meghan published a powerful essay in the New York Times revealing that she’d had a miscarriage in July. It was called The Losses We Share and came out the day before Thanksgiving. She was careful not to give too many details and it was moving. She also didn’t focus on herself much and turned it around to the issue of mental health and asking people if they’re ok. Chandra thinks Meghan got less negative press for revealing her miscarriage because she waited so long to talk about it. Meghan’s miscarriage happened around the time Finding Freedom came out. We don’t think Harry and Meghan told Harry’s family around the time it happened because it would have leaked to the press. I pay a segment from Zoom where Karen, Ameerah, Zakia and Sara talk about this. We agree with everyone that the Sussexes didn’t tell the Windsors until right before Meghan’s op-ed came out. We think Harry might keep in touch with Eugenie and Zara.

Minute 14:00: Duchess Kate announced the results of her really laughable five question online survey of children’s early years, which was conducted in late January before the pandemic. She released what they called “five big insights” from that but they were also drawn from another British survey of over 3,700 people conducted during the pandemic. There were several cutesy videos put out ahead of a five minute video of Kate speaking, which seemed to serve little purpose except to show she cared about this topic and was doing work. I love this line that Chandra wrote: “This is the crux of so many issues centered in Kensington Palace: their Trumpian need to tell instead of show, even when the telling is so plainly false.” The goalposts and nature of this work keep changing.

Here’s a link to Chandra’s tweet on Kate’s busywork photos. They look like photostock pictures. I play a segment from Zoom where Lisa, Sara and a bunch of us clown on Kate for these photos. As Chandra states, everything about Kate’s work emphasizes that she’s never had a job.

I wonder why Kate doesn’t feature more experts in her work or highlight specific organizations like Meghan does, but as Chandra mentions Kate’s work is about embiggening Kate, not focusing on the cause.

Minute 21:45: Prince Charles and Clarence House keep bringing more attention to The Crown by continually complaining about it. We talked about this in our last podcast which was two weeks ago and they’re still doing this! British Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden called for Netflix to put a disclaimer before the show that it’s fiction. Chandra says this is obviously all coming from Charles and that it’s telling how they’re nitpicking the details and not denying the broad strokes. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen, Ashley, Rhiannon and Tanisha talk about this. We all remember how Charles treated Diana. That’s another reason the royals were so mad about The Crown, because they’re getting negative pro-Diana comments on their Instagram and are finally turning off the comments. Which they never did when commenters were being racist to Harry & Meghan. Chandra remembers how the royal commentators first criticized Diana for being an aristocratic throwback waiting for a husband, but in reality she modernized the monarchy and Britain.

Politics: Minutes 27:30 to 33:30
Since we last talked, The Biden transition was finally authorized, but Trump is still clinging to his idea that there was voter fraud, even though his Attorney General Bill Barr has said there wasn’t. They’re having hearings in Michigan which are carried by OANN and are just a bunch of white people making unfounded accusations. We laugh about that crazy drunk woman testifying with Giuliani. It’s thought that Trump is going to fire Barr for daring to state the truth that there wasn’t voter fraud. Chandra looked at Trump’s twitter feed on Tuesday and noticed he’d been tweeting clips from OANN for hours. That didn’t become news that night.

Trump is said to be considering preemptively pardoning his kids and Rudy Giuliani. Chandra thinks that Ivanka and Jared are the most likely to get preemptive pardons.

There’s currently a justice department investigation into a potential bribe for a presidential pardon. The documents were released with the names redacted so it’s unknown who it is. Chandra thinks it could be Ghislaine Maxwell. Some people think it might be Tiger King Joe Exotic due to the money his people spent in Trump hotels. Chandra thinks that Joe Exotic and Paul Manafort aren’t possibilities because they wouldn’t need to use middlemen.

Melania did the final White House Christmas decorations and they look normal. She looks so happy and relieved lately. Chandra thinks Melania might invite Jill Biden once the electoral college votes.

User Feedback: Minutes 33:30 to 35
Loren on Twitter tweeted a photo of her Spotify wrapped showing she’d listened to NINE episodes of us in one day, which is crazy and thank you Loren! Renata in Brazil sent us a nice email. She mentioned when William landed a helicopter on Kate’s family property.

Comments of the Week: Minutes 35 to 38
My comment of the week is from Trillion on the post where Ozzy Osbourne says he’s not going to cheat on Sharon anymore. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Belli on the post about Helena Bonham Carter saying there should be a disclaimer before The Crown.

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