‘Gossip With Celebitchy’ Podcast #12: Royal cheating scandal, Game of Thrones teasers

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Attend Gala Dinner To Support East Anglia's Children's Hospices' Nook Appeal
We’re back after an emergency week off as I dealt with complications from a minor medical procedure. (More details are here.) In this episode I was on painkillers out of necessity. I don’t think I was as loopy as I was in episode 9, but that’s arguable. We start off by talking about the Tatler story trashing Duchess Meghan and the fact that the Sussex Royal Instagram launch was wildly popular. We discuss the rumored affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury, the Duchess of Cholmondeley. Chandra knew how to pronounce it right and everything. What started out as a rural rivalry seemed to have a lot more behind it when royal sources came out swinging. We discuss whether it seems likely that William would cheat with a neighbor. You can listen below!

As that story was being largely ignored by the British press, more nitpicking stories came out about Duchess Meghan, who is due any day now. Sources claimed that Meghan had asked Prince Charles whether wearing a tiara would be appropriate during her trip to New Zealand, which seemed perfectly reasonable to us. The only story which we thought was legitimate is that Meghan has spent too much on clothing.

We talked about Joe Biden being inappropriate and handsy with women. That story started with Democrat Lucy Flores opening up about an uncomfortable moment with Biden in 2014. It was too familiar to us as women and we talked about how we’ve become accustomed to being pawed and touched. We all know men like that, and people are finally able to set boundaries and talk about it. We don’t think it’s a plot by the Republicans or Biden’s rivals. Biden’s non-apology was inadequate and shows he still lacks awareness of what he’s done.

Our favorite story this week was Nicolas Cage’s quickie Vegas marriage to a sketchy makeup artist. His annulment request cited fraud as the woman was in a relationship and had a DUI she didn’t disclose. We called it a golddigger fail after Cage’s assets were depleted after he failed to pay taxes in 2009. I remembered a crazy profile of Cage in The Daily Beast which detailed his insane parties and unbelievable lifestyle.

Chandra/Kaiser discussed what’s coming up for Game of Thrones. She wants to see Cersei killed in the Battle of Winterfell and everyone is hoping Arya survives. It’s hard to tell what’s coming based on the teasers which have come out, and it’s clear that the actors really want to tell spoilers.

Finally we talked about Us. I saw and loved it and have a spoiler-free review. It did incredibly at the box office and was somehow Lupita Nyong’o’s first starring role after she won the Oscar for 2013’s 12 Years a Slave. We agree that Jordan Peele should continue to make movies starring people of color and make fun of the people crying reverse racism.

Our user question was from Bluesky about how we cover breaking news! Our comments of the week were from Valiantly Varnished on feminists’ favorite Chris and Skylark on the origin of the rural rivalry between Duchesses Kate and Rose.

Thank you to everyone who wished me well on Twitter! I am still recovering and it means a lot to hear.

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Here’s a 30 second preview:

Here’s the Lupita tweet I mentioned!

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are seen outside of Good Morning America

Nicolas Cage at The Hofburg in Vienna, Austria


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  1. Becks1 says:

    Listened this morning on my commute to work. Great way to start off a Monday!

  2. Kit says:

    I’ve heard so many great things about life after ablations, I hope it works for you. Glad you’re on the mend.

    Also, I think Arya will not survive. If GRRM has any input or influence, everyone we care most about is a goner.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think Jon Snow is going to die.

      ETA – we did a rewatch of the last 10 episodes or so (from Battle of the Bastards on to the end of the last season) and after the season finale, the producers were talking about how it was a kind of freedom, since the series established so early on that no one was safe, and they would just kill anyone, that it makes it more fun because you NEVER know and any death is plausible. So that just has me on the edge of my seat for the final season.

    • AryasMum says:

      I’m feeling positive about Arya.* There’s very strong rumors that Tyrion dies, and I don’t see Martin killing off both of his favorites. I also think (hope) the Starks are finished with the majority of their suffering. The Stark family was practically torture porn for years, and their reversal of fortune is almost magical at this point.

      It’s possible that the Starks, Jon, Tyrion, and Dany will all survive, and all the other fan favorites – Davos, The Hound, Brienne, Jaime, Gendry – will die valiantly. That will still meet the “bittersweet” standard.

      *I may be totally off the mark, but I don’t think Maisy would have pulled that stunt of pretending to slip and say Arya died if Arya truly did die.

  3. Lucy says:

    All I know is that I’ll be absolutely devastated if Arya and/or Gendry die. Now that we’re only 6 (!!) days away, I am now both waiting AND dreading this season.

    • Becks1 says:

      I’m really dreading it. I want to know how it all ends, then watch the season, lol.

    • AryasMum says:

      I don’t have a lot of faith in Gendry’s survival unless it’s symbolic as the last Baratheon.

  4. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    And all I know is that my mourning had officially begun as well as my excitement. I’m not ready for an ending lol.

  5. Snazzy says:

    I listened on the train an couldn’t stop laughing at the Nick Cage segment 🤣

  6. manda says:

    I have very long hair and have occasionally, over the years, gone to shoulder length. “Lobs” were pretty popular for a while, and I jumped on the bandwagon. Yes, connie chung. I felt like I should be driving a minivan. I couldn’t put it in a bun. I now try to remember, and have told my stylist to remind me, that I don’t like it when I cut my hair!

  7. BlueSky says:

    Thanks again for using my question guys!

  8. AryasMum says:

    I don’t think Cersei will die in the Winterfell fighting. There’s really no reason for her to be there and she’s not getting anywhere near the White Walkers. Now Jaime on the other hand . . .

    • Becks1 says:

      I think Jaime is a goner, for sure. I’m not sure at what point, but I don’t think he will survive. I can see him killing Cersei (kingslayer becomes queenslayer) and then the mountain killing him?

      Part of the reason I think his death is a given is because he doesn’t serve any purpose to the ultimate answer of who sits on the iron throne. It’s not going to be him, he has no claim to it, although I guess he could take it from Cersei as Tomlin’s father. But to me, his death would be a way to have a “good” death in terms of shock value, without sacrificing that much in the actual story at this point, if that makes sense.

      • AryasMum says:

        It’s long been speculated that Jaime will be the little brother that kills Cersei, not Tyrion as she’s always believed. So maybe he dies after? Or, as some hope, it will be Arya wearing Jaime’s face – which (of course) requires him to be dead.