‘Gossip with Celebitchy’ podcast #58: Meghan & Harry talked about white supremacy

Intro: Minutes 0 to 4:30
We took last week off due to Fourth of July. We have a new writer, Tanisha, whom you heard on the last podcast! She writes as Oya and runs the Aha Experience Podcast. Chandra went to her car dealership for service work and she was the only customer wearing a mask. The check engine light went on for my car but I’m ignoring it because I think the guys tripped something when they changed the oil. You can listen below!

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Both of us are Discover card users, Chandra got me to sign up for one, and I came up with this idea for a commercial. Discover helped me rebuild my credit after I was the victim of identity theft. We’ve both had Discover cards for years and have had such a great time dealing with them. If you sign up for a Discover card at Celebitchy.com/discover you can get a $50 credit if you make a purchase within the first three months.

Royals: Minutes 6:15 to 25
Meghan and Harry talked to young leaders about Black Lives Matter as part of their work with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust. Harry acknowledged the most basic truths about systemic racism, that white people benefit from it and that The Commonwealth needs to acknowledge the past. The reaction to Harry’s comments was ridiculous. He was criticized by several British outlets for daring to address systemic racism. I play a segment from our Zoom meeting (sign up here, we meet at 4pm EST on Wednesdays) where Zakia, Karen and Sara say that Harry has found his voice but that William and Kate are stuck in the past. The royals haven’t said anything about Black Lives Matter at all. We expected Charles to say something, but he hasn’t. He has that Asian Trust for which he appointed Katy Perry as the ambassador. It feels like Kate and William are a lost cause.

Minute 14:15: There were several stories embiggening Kate as usual. We also got a rehash of the story we’ve heard so many times that Meghan made one of Kate’s staffers cry, years ago, for telling her to do her job. How many different ways are they going to tell this same story? It’s like the story that Meghan made Kate cry for letting the child bridesmaids go without wearing tights. Chandra says that the point of the story is that “Kate knew what to do, Kate was the perfect one and Meghan was the bitch.” Kate is infantalized in the press compared to Meghan. I play a segment from our Zoom meeting where Sara talks about the culture shock of Meghan joining the royal family.

Minute 16:30: Meghan’s legal team filed an injunction against the Daily Mail in her lawsuit against them. This was to keep the DM from publishing the names of her five friends who spoke to People Magazine on her behalf last year. That was the height of the smear campaign against Meghan, when she was pregnant with Archie. One of her friends said that Meghan had written her father a letter with a list of things he would need to do to mend his relationship with her. That was why Thomas Markle claims he had to sell her letter to The Daily Mail, which is the crux of Meghan’s lawsuit. Meghan gave the names to DM’s side in the lawsuit, but confidentially. They’re now trying to make the names public, which would of course make targets our of Meghan’s friends. There are related stories which are coming out of the lawsuit, including that Meghan was actively prevented by the palace from defending herself against untrue stories. This was obvious to us, because the palace treats stories about Prince Andrew and Duchess Kate so much differently than they treated stories about Meghan. Harry and Meghan told us about this, subtly, in their SussexRoyal website revealing the Royal Rota and telegraphing that the palace could have shut those stories down at any time. Chandra says that it’s clear the press was always going to have a problem with Meghan but that the palace could have stopped it.

Minute 22:15: Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew’s good buddy and Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirator in human trafficking, is in custody and is currently in a detention center in Brooklyn, where she’s on suicide watch. Everyone is wondering what kind of dirt she has on Andrew and if she’ll flip on him. Prince Andrew is still wanted for questioning by the US Department of Justice and has canceled plans to go to Spain this summer out of fear that he’ll be extradited.

Chris Evans and Lily James: Minutes 25:00 to 28
Chris Evans, 39, and Lily James, 31, were spotted out together in London, where they went to a club. There are a lot of questions over when Chris arrived in London and whether or not he quarantined. There’s some speculation that they’ve been happening for a while. After that they were seen eating ice cream together at a park, in photos which were definitely staged. Chandra thinks Chris often hooks up with women and that we just happened to catch him with Lily James. He tried to put a bow on it and act like they’re dating. Lily was with Matt Smith up until late last year. Chandra remembers Lily’s interviews where she sounded very settled with him.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas: Minutes 28:00 to 32:30
Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas got a writeup in the Washington Post’s pop culture section calling them “pandemics only tabloid celebrities.” They haven’t done a pap stroll together since that article came out. We wonder why Ana is so googoo-eyed over Ben and this is where our talk gets explicit!

Blind Item: Minutes 32:30 to 36:45
Journalist Yashar Ali tweeted this blind item about a male celebrity whom most of his female co-stars find gross. We covered this story here. He said in follow-up tweets that the person is in their 40s and it’s not Leonardo DiCaprio. We also heard that the person has the same number of letters in their first and last name. Here’s that tweet.

I think it could be Jeremy Renner. Chandra’s best guess is Bradley Cooper. We remember how creepy he was with Lady Gaga and how he bragged about wiping off her makeup in their first meeting. Her other big guess is Tobey Maguire, but he hasn’t been in much lately. I think it could be Matt Damon because I remember Jessica Chastain’s blind item that a famous male celebrity emailed her and told her to “calm down” during the height of MeToo. Damon also whitesplained diversity to Effie Brown on Project Greenlight. Jared Leto’s name also came up because of the stories about him on the Suicide Squad set, however he’s a Me Too story waiting to happen.

User Feedback: Minutes 36:45 to 37:30
Thanks to Sportlady20 and Little Penguin for your nice comments!

Comments of the Week: Minutes 37:30 to 41:15
My comment of the week is from Belli on the stupid word salad letter that JK Rowling and other authors signed saying they didn’t want to be canceled for being assholes. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Florence, who wrote lyrics to a Killers song about Kate coming out of her shell.

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  1. Florence says:

    Haha, thank you so much Chandra for my COTW!

  2. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    Thank you for another entertaining episode! I’m always stifling laughs on my morning walks.

  3. LittlePenguin says:

    Sorry I had to change my screen name and have caused you gals grief! I found out my in laws sometimes read the sight and because I have used their garbage behaviour as examples in posts, I changed it to something a little less obvious!

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      That’s cool you’re not causing us any grief at all! We just know there’s a “penguin” and that person is a PITA while you are awesome. If you every need help deleting past comments email me at info-at-celebitchy.com

  4. BlueSky says:

    I drove a Nissan Altima for years and got a Nissan Rogue when my Altima gave up the ghost after over 200,000 miles and I love it!

  5. Kco says:

    OT, but everytime I see this image used of her, I see Lady Gaga’s face, I think her early Oscar campaign face?

    Either way, Meg is so beautiful 🙂

  6. Yati says:

    Yeah seems Evans is back stateside which means he flew to London for ice cream and a quick hookup.

  7. Lila says:

    Discover is AMAZING! They were my first card when I entered college and I have them still. I’ve had my identity stolen once, and Discover called me within 10 minutes of the purchases beginning. Plus I love their cash back bonuses. Their gift card partners are a lot better than Visa.

    Putting Kate fake laughing back-to-Back with Ana de Armas fake laughing is a stroke of genius! I can only imagine if those two met. It’d look like feeding time at a hyena preserve.

  8. duchess of hazard says:

    Nice to see you ladies getting your COINS (credit card sponsorship? Amazing).

  9. Vivienne says:

    Hi Ladies

    Just had to thank you ladies, I was in UCI for 2 weeks and you kept me company.
    My house burnt now in the middle of the night, thank god we have a smoke alarm, it’s not compulsory inSouth Africa. But it saved our lives, 3 kids and my husband,So get one, not sure what regulations you have in the states?
    I’ve Felt like I have to say something, been following you you years


  10. Kim Willis says:

    Where do I find the link to the weekly Zoom chats? I would love to participate.